傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S04-C01 “I Will Remember You”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng arrives back in Qin City.

Section Four The Returning Genius

Chapter One I Will Remember You

“Who dares to attack our big brother!”

Just as these people were about to move, an even louder shout suddenly erupted in everyone’s ears. Liao Ya whose eyes had flashed received Aofeng’s command and lazily laid back down.

Aofeng’s brow raised and she looked over in surprise. Qin Kui with his numerous subordinates that furiously broke through the circle surrounding Aofeng. They squeezed their way behind Aofeng, each of them with their heads raised and their faces arranged as though they were facing a great enemy.

Qin Kui was heavily muscled. He wore a short robe, bandages still covering parts of his face, especially his nose which had been broken. Wrapped up, he looked comedic, but he stood spiritedly beside Aofeng with a determined look.

“Who dares to attack my Big Brother? Go through me first!”

His vicious gaze swept through the group, his protectiveness visible. Qin Kui’s group faced off against the people surrounding Aofeng. The Qin Family members that had been attending the examination inside poked out their heads in curiosity. After seeing Aofeng, they immediately started to talk. As more and more people came out, the gates of the Magister Union was filled.

The males who had come immediately changed expression. Qin Kui was a talented four-sword magister and the strongest other than Qin Aoluo and the others in Qin City. Also, there were many cadet members that looked to him as the leader. It would be hard to say who would win if they really fought.

The slant-eyed male stilled and said angrily, “Qin Kui, what are your intentions? Do you have the wrong person? This is the good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master. If you are wise, leave!”

“Shut your mouth! Screw your good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master, you dare to humiliate my big brother, do you want to feel my punch?” Qin Kui glared and cursed angrily. He shielded Aofeng with his body like a mountain.

The slant-eyed male hadn’t thought that he would help Aofeng. He almost choked on his breath after being talked back to. He said in disbelief, “Is something wrong with your head? Who in the Qin Family doesn’t know you like to bully Qin Aofeng the most. Now you are coming to help him when the enforcer is about to come, and call him Big Brother? Is something wrong with your mind?”

He was not the only one. Even Aofeng herself was puzzled. That day, she had defeated Qin Kui and the others. She hadn’t thought anything of them calling her Big Brother. She hadn’t thought that they would accept  her, the “good-for-nothing” as Big Brother in public, and protect her so.

“Pah! I didn’t see Mount. Tai before and didn’t know Big Brother’s skill. I, Qin Kui, hate pretty boys without any skill the most, so I made trouble for Big Brother … …” Qin Kui seemed slightly embarrassed and glanced awkwardly at Aofeng. Seeing the latter not show any change in expression, he continued, “However, now I know Big Brother isn’t someone like that. After being defeated by Big Brother, we have decided to honor him as Big Brother. A true man will hold to his word. Today, Qin Wei, if you dare to touch my big brother, I’ll twist your head off!”

One would dislike what they disliked. Qin Kui disliked the previous Aofeng’s timidity. He disliked it so he was terrible to her. After Aofeng changed, he admired Aofeng. Even if such a man was crude, this was caused by his personality, he was not a bad person.

Qin Wei was the slant-eyed male. Hearing this, he jumped in fury. He could not resist and shot up as though his behind was on fire. “QIn Kui, don’t think that I’ll fear you because of your brute strength. I’m also a four-sword magister!”

When he finished, he charged forward furiously with the people behind him.

“Hmph, will I be afraid of you? Come!” Qin Kui laughed dismissively and balled his fists. The group of people behind him also charged out and the two sides fell into battle. Qin Kui looked at the man that was walking rapidly towards them and said rapidly and urgently to Aofeng, “Big Brother, the Qin Family enforcer is about to come. Go now, leave this to us.”

Aofeng looked with even more surprise at him. Even knowing that he was about to face the great pressure from the family, he was still able to stand in front of her to protect her?

Qin Kui was about to move forward when a white hand suddenly reached out and accurately patted his shoulder. Qin Kui’s body shook and seemed to be tied up with a rope. He couldn’t move at all and looked over in shock.

“Big Brother, you … …”

“Qin Kui, I will remember you.”

Aofeng who hadn’t spoken all this time started with such a nonsensical sentence that confused Qin Kui. When he was about to say something, he saw Aofeng snort dismissively towards Qin Wei who was charging towards them with a cold light flashing through her eyes.

A white bolt of lightning suddenly shot from Aofeng’s neck. It was so fast people were unable to react before it ran in front of QIn Wei!

Qin Wei felt a burst of cold energy above his head, and waves of cold rising up his back. He instinctively wanted to dodge, but he saw that little ball spit out a mouthful of white mist with a “pst!” He immediately felt cold from his foot to his head, and his mind was frozen at that moment.

A life-like statue appeared in people’s view. Because he had been frozen in mid-air, his body still had momentum and he smashed towards Aofeng.

A leg under the black robe quickly rose and Aofeng kicked at Qin Wei’s frozen body without any hesitation. With tooth-aching cracks, Qin Wei’s body shattered into pieces with a boom! The spray of ice shards caused everyone to gasp and retreat. An empty circle immediately formed around Aofeng.

The white lightning was like a gust of wind that leapt back to Aofeng’s shoulder after freezing Qin Lie. It happily waved its little tail as it squeaked. It seemed to be asking for praise. Everyone finally saw the true appearance of the white mist. It was the ice mouse that had just finished levelling up, Xiao Bing.

With one grand and clean kick, Qin Wei was dead!

“Someone … … someone’s killed!”

“Nine-star magus beast! It’s the nine-star magus beast ice mouse! Seventh Young Master actually possesses a nine-star magus beast!”

“Nine-star magus beast, heavens, then what sword level magister is he?”

Because the person had been frozen into ice, he did not bleed, but the crimson red ice still caused people to feel nauseous. Several of the females who were hit with half of Qin Wei’s shattered head immediately bent down and started to hurl. Even Qin Kui, Qin Jiu and the other members of the Qin Family felt their scalps prickle. They had seen blood before, but this kind of terrifying and decisive move scared them.

Aofeng was the opposite. Her beautiful features were still cold as she stood in the cold wind. Her brow didn’t even furrow as though she hadn’t been the one to kick Qin Wei just now.


Everyone thought of the term at the same time.

“Will you still block me?” Aofeng asked coolly. Her cold gaze shot towards the people who had become wooden. Her dominant presence seemed to be silently announcing, those that block me will die!

Terror came onto everyone’s faces in unison. Those that were blocking the way fled in chaos. The gates to the Magister Union that had been tightly blocked now showed an open path with two rows of people standing by the side.

Qin City was just a remote little city on Luska Continent. Most of the Qin Family members here were average in talent. The talent that was considered acceptable here was not worth a mention on the continent so it was rare in Qin City to see magisters that had a nine-star magus beast.

When there was no tiger in the mountains, the monkeys ruled. Even a nine-star magus beast was enough to make people jealous. No one here would dare to easily provoke someone who possessed a nine-star magus beast.

Aofeng released her hand that held Qin Kui back. She looked deeply at him and then, with a swirl of her robes, she turned and walked into the front hall of the Magister Union.

“Hm, Big Brother! Wait, you cannot go in, leave quickly!” Qin Kui stilled and then hurriedly followed in Aofeng’s footsteps. He said urgently, “The enforcers will quickly receive news and come. Even if you have a nine-star magus beast, you probably … …”

Qin Fei and the others nodded repeatedly. The enforcer was a sky magister. How could a nine-star magus beast fight back?

“So what if it’s the enforcer?” Aofeng smirked coldly. Liao Ya at her feet seemed to feel something and breathed out viciously.

“If they want to seek death, let them come!” Shocking confidence showed in Aofeng’s back eyes. A sharp edge flashed arrogantly!

Qin Kui and the others that saw this felt their breathing become slightly difficult. They seemed to go back to the time a few days ago when the other had beaten them all into the ground. That gaze made people’s hearts shake.

Aofeng unhesitatingly walked into the Magister Union. Under the gazes of many Qin Family members, she walked to the middle-aged male that was responsible for the magister exam. “I have come to be assessed for my level.”

Level? Hearing this, everyone’s eyes lit up and became curious. The other was able to subdue a nine-star magus beast, and easily defeat Qin Wei, what was this Seventh Young Master’s ranking? Had it reached nine-sword?

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