傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S04-C03 “Competition”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng takes the test to get her magister level certified at the Magister Union.


Chapter Three Competition

“A fifteen year-old nine-sword senior magister. Heavens, how did Seventh Young Master do it? Was he hiding his strength before?”

“Yes, it must be that! No wonder he was always alive and active the day after he was beaten up. So Seventh Young Master must haven’t thought anything of Qin Aoluo and the others. It’s laughable that they decided to take the mile after being given an inch, and finally angered Seventh Young Master. However, why did he hide his strength?”

“I think that Seventh Young Master did it for his big brother. Don’t forget that Qin Aotian is the best genius of the Qin Family right now. If Seventh Young Master displays his power, he would take Qin Aotian’s position. He only stopped disguising himself when he was pushed too far by Qin Aoluo. Oh, they have such fraternal love.”

All kinds of praises and absurd guesses came out. Qin Kui, Qin Fei and the others looked at the handsome youth standing coolly in the large hall. Dazed, they didn’t know what they were feeling.

Who would have thought in the span of a short moment, Aofeng and them became people of two different worlds. Nine-sword senior magister, so high!

The people who came with Qin Wei had ashen complexions and felt waves of fear. They felt fortunate that they had not attacked him with Aofeng with Qin Wei. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even know how they died.

Aofeng ignored what these people thought. She thought, nine-sword? Then if she just worked a bit harder, she could go over the threshold of senior master to reach the rank of spirit magister.

Aofeng had already learned of the wonders of the Magus Divinity Power Source. She was not surprised by her level. However, she did not know what a fifteen-year-old nine-sword senior magister represented on Luska Continent. She calmly raised her face. “May I receive my badge?”

Still flushed red in shock, the middle-aged man hurriedly said after Aofeng’s reminder, “Oh, yes, Seventh Young Master, please wait. I will immediately get it.” The union at Qin City could easily give out magister badges but it was rare for them to give out senior magister badges. The special materials used in them were different and they were all stored in the union.

The male walked away with a rosy face. He probably would be so excited he couldn’t sleep tonight at receiving a nine-sword senior magister in such a remote area.

Surprised at Aofeng’s calm, the guard next to the beautiful blue-eyed male couldn’t help but murmur in admiration, “Strong in mind, not shocked by glory, outstanding in talent without any of the pride that belongs to geniuses. A person like this will be terrifying when they grow. Principal, we must get him, it is alright to expose our identities when we do this. In the future, he will be famous over the continent.”

The beautiful blue-eyed male smiled slightly. “Lan Li, patience. We will take him, but his personality is strange and unpredictable. We will observe and not shoot ourselves in the foot.”

Before he finished talking, the dozen teachers from the magister schools charged out with bright eyes like wolves. They said rapidly, “Greetings, Seventh Young Master of the Qin Family, I am a teacher at Dellin Magister School. I sincerely invite you to study at our school. Your tuition will be free, and you will receive an annual scholarship of five hundred obsidian.”

“Seventh Young Master, come to our New Summer Magister School, we will give you the same benefits.”

“No no no, Seventh Young Master, we of the Witten School … …”

Which school did not want to recruit a genius student? The alma mater of an expert famous on the continent would certainly multiply the value of the entire school. These people did not care about their face, and promised many benefits. They did their best to recruit as though they were fighting over a great treasure. Each of them were flushed.

Staring with wide eyes and mouth when she looked at the group of people who had just been mocking her now fawning over her. Aofeng sweated over their terrifying enthusiasm. This completely three-sixty degree turn in attitude was repulsive. She hurriedly frowned imperceptibly and then took two steps back. She wanted to be a bit further away from these crazy people.

At this time, a loud voice sounded. “Seventh Young Master, I represent Voyager School and sincerely invite you to become our student. I heard that you have just left the Qin Family a few days ago and is in a bit of trouble at the moment. If you come to our school, we will resolve all obstacles for you.:

A white-robed male walked out of a corner with a smile. When he spoke, everyone else closed their mouths.

Voyager School, a famed school of the Kaya Empire. Due to producing a great amount for talent for the empire, they were protected by the empire and had advantages that other schools did not have. The man was not joking when he said that he could smooth out Aofeng’s troubles with the Qin Family.

Each year, Voyager School did not admit more than five hundred people. Each of them were elite among young magisters. Each student that graduated from Voyager School could easily find a intermediate-level job in any country on Luska Continent. Some of the more talented students would be sincerely invited by the strongest country on the continent, the Kaya Empire.

Aofeng hadn’t through that even the famed school Voyager School would find her and stilled.

“If Voyager can, then Wissen School also can.” Seeing Aofeng stilling, the other teacher from the Wissen School who thought that she was persuaded could not resist and walked over urgently. His attitude was very friendly. “Seventh Young Master, our Wissen School can also help you free yourself from the pursuit of the Qin Family. We have a five-sword spirit magister in our school. We can have him teach you.”

“Didn’t that teacher from your school say he’s arrogant, vicious, and doesn’t know the rules. That no matter how great the talent was, you will not accept him?” the white-robed male glanced over and said with a disdainful smile.

Just now, he had been swearing sincerely and now he was like this. Many people threw disdainful looks at Wissen School.

“That’s his personal opinion, not the Wissen School.” This teacher’s face flushed and he glared at the male who had shrank to one said and wanted to find a hole to hide in. He forced out, “Seventh Young Master, I apologize for our rudeness and hope that you will consider coming to our school to study. There are not many schools that have a spirit magister teacher. I believe that you also hope to reach spirit magister as soon as possible?”

For magisters, the guidance and experience of high ranking magisters were a great temptation. The lure thrown out by this teacher was so tempting. Pity that Aofeng did not care at all.

“Apologies, I do not have any intentions of studying at a school.” Aofeng shook her head and said coldly. Everyone in the surroundings became silent. Shock once again came into their eyes.

He … … he had refused all invitations!

Everyone looked wonderingly at her. Many of the Qin Family members that were standing around wanted to go up and strangle the other to death!

Other people tried to get in, you, other people want you and promised you so many benefits yet you didn’t take it seriously!

The teachers thought that they had been hearing things. The teacher from the Voyager School couldn’t help but say with wide eyes, “Seventh Young Master, going to a school is the brightest and fastest route. With the guidance of high ranking teachers, and the discussion of fellow schoolmates, it will be much faster than cultivating alone. You are sure you do not want to enter any school?”

Aofeng glanced at him uncaringly and said, “I think that any school that doesn’t have a teacher sky magister rank or above has any meaning to me. It’s better if I gain experience alone. There is nothing better than battles of life and death to stimulate a person’s potential.”

Hearing her first words, people felt that the youth was too proud, but when they heard the last words, they felt solemn admiration.

There was nothing better than battles of life and death to stimulate a person’s potential!

This made people think of the power that this person possessed right now. He must have certainly obtained it through fighting battles of life and death multiple times. How much hardship had this “youth” endured? No wonder he had such a cold and murderous presence, no wonder he didn’t even bat an eyelid when killing someone just now.

The teachers from the major magister schools had were filled with shock. Most of the students in the school were spoiled. If they were wounded minorly in the spars, they would howl for a long time. They would be led by teachers when they went out to gain experience and would not truly encounter any danger. When they had a bright future, who was willing to risk their lives?

Just as Aofeng said, the school was like a cage. No matter how vicious a tiger that grew up in a cage was, it could not win over a wild wolf.

In this moment, these teachers surrounding Aofeng stared at each other and didn’t know what to say. They did not want to give up on such a talented person like this. But the other’s eyes were so determined and would clearly not agree easily.

“Ooh, sky magisters, little guy, you really have a big appetite.” The beautiful blue-eyed male laughed and thought inside. A hint of admiration flashed through the blue eyes. He slowly walked forward, his heavenly voice sounding again. “Aofeng, while everyone has been refused, your talent is too moving. I want to ask again, are you willing to come to our Diguo Magister School? We can give you the power to travel the continent freely, and I will teach you myself.”

The teachers of the other schools rolled their eyes at him. Was he stupid, a large school like Voyager had been refused with those conditions. What are you, a little unknown school, participation for?

The beautiful blue-eyed male did not care as though he did not see the disdainful looks around him. His smiling blue eyes flashed with determination to succeed.

Unexpectedly, Aofeng saw him walk over and looked deeply at him before nodding and saying, “Alright, I agree.”

Hm? Agreement?

Everyone was surprised. Their lips twitched and they became speechless. They started to suspect that this Seventh Young Master’s head had been damaged by cultivation. The other didn’t enter the schools with good environments but wanted to attend this little school that they had never even heard of and have a boy-toy that appeared as though he could only dance and paint to be the teacher. But what could a good outer appearance do? Did he want to ruin his future?

They were not the only ones. Even the beautiful blue-eyed male that had planned to confess his identity stilled, and blinked his eyes in surprise.

“However, I cannot go with you now. I will go to find you at your place in half a year.” Aofeng agreed but then frowned and said coolly.

Oh, such a little person who was cold on the outside and hot on the inside!

The gentle mirth in the beautiful blue-eyed male’s grew. His mind was clear. THis youth seemed icy but his mind was attentive and he would remember any good done to him.

He had just said a few words on behalf of the other, and the other didn’t care about the “unknown” nature of the school, crisply agreeing. Also, out of worry that the Qin Family enforcers would make trouble, he first coldly emphasized they had no relationship and was willing to face them alone. If this was not a truly intelligent and perceptive person, who would detect the gentleness under his cold appearance? And the meaning of the cold words?

The beautiful blue-eyed male looked at Aofeng’s cold expression and tightly pressed lips. His heart that had not been swayed for a hundred years suddenly rippled. This youth was so stubborn that people couldn’t help but want to protect!

“This is good. The school will start in the summer next year, there is half a year of time left. At that time, you can report to the school to be admitted.” As he spoke, the beautiful blue-eyed male took out a red letter and handed it with a smile to Aofeng. “This is the admission letter to th school. You can find me using the address inside. Starting from today, you are my disciple, my only student.”

Watching as Aofeng nodded and accepted the letter, the recruitment teachers of the big schools couldn’t help but lament. A genius entered an unknown little school like this. They, the observers, were more concerned than the person involved.

At this time, a vicious and smug shout suddenly came from the outside.

“Qin Aofeng, you cannot run! Come out and die!”

Translator Ramblings: All weird names are stapled together from google searches. Since Feng Xinglie sometimes uses “western” names but that do not actually have equivalents, I just try to make the words look good and easy to say.

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