修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Sixty Seven “Person In The Cloak”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Sixty Seven Person In The Cloak

Old Wang shouted and to charge at the other, his form turning into a grey shadow.

The other did not dodge as though they had not detected anything worthy of notice.

Old Wang became slightly angry. He snorted, “You want to die!”

The [Nether Snake Shen Methodology] that he cultivated was unlike other people. Other people used it to be unpredictable, but he was on a path of brute force. Threads of grey energy gathered on his right arm. Hiss hiss hiss, the little snakes on his grey shen equipment made from the spikes quickly moved towards his arm.

A grey shadow of a snake appeared behind Old Wang. It coiled with its head upright as it hissed.

Old Wang’s presence reached a peak. Pushing off the ground, he jumped into the air. His body was twisted up strangely like that of an enormous constrictor.


The shout was like thunder.

Old Wang’s right fist was like a whip!


A heart-shaking tremble spread in ripples.

Old Wang’s figure disappeared in the air.


A clear sound of collision. A snowy white hand grabbed Old Wang’s fist. The other’s figure did not move a sliver.

A hint of grey appeared on Old Wang’s face. He snickered, his twisted body suddenly producing a powerful force. His fist that was captured by the other suddenly broke free, and he attacked again.

The other had not expected Old Wang to break free of his hold. But the enemy reacted quickly, the grab turning into a slap that headed for Old Wang’s fist.

Old Wang’s expression became even more savage.

In the span of a blink, he punched out twelve times!

The twelve punches were like lightning. Those that were weak were only able to see a blurry figure of a fist.

The other’s attack matched Old Wang.


The twelve punches sounded just like one. The sound of the collision was deep and muffled.

The other moved three steps back!

Old Wang’s figure shook. His face was grey and pale. This [Twelve Echos] was his strongest move. Each of the lightning fast twelve punches was stronger than the previous one. He had never failed to injure his opponent with this move. This was able to easily destroy a mountain. Right now, he was wearing shen equipment, and was in the death energy pool, he was at his optimal condition. This [Twelve Echos] was the strongest attack he ever produced!

Such a strong [Twelve Echos] was only able to force the other back three paces!

Old Wang’s expression changed. He was an experienced fighter. Almost instantaneously, he judged that the other was much more powerful than he was!

An expert!

The other’s gaze landed on Old Wang and he praised, “This shen equipment isn’t bad.”

Everyone finally saw the appearance of the intruder. This person was thin and tall. He wore a cloak and his entire body seemed to be enveloped in darkness. This person’s face was almost completely covered by the shadow of the cloak.

The guard’s heart sank.

He knew Old Wang well, and he had experienced Old Wang’s killing move for himself before. He had a hard time withstanding Old Wang’s [Twelve Echos] even at a usual time. That [Twelve Echos] just now was almost three-tenths stronger than what Old Wang could usually produce. He would not be able to withstand it himself.

But this person had done so unharmed and was only forced three steps back.

This kind of power was not one that they could match!

The guard did not panic. This was the territory of the Yin Tomb Guards. The other’s plan would not succeed so easily. The other didn’t have any death energy on him and clearly had not been in the Ten Thousand Tombs of the Underworld for long.

This person definitely did not know why the Sea of Ten Thousand Boiling Pools did not forbid battle but no big fight had ever occurred here.

The guard smile coldly inside.

“This one admires Grandmaster’s skill.” An ethereal voice came out of the cloak. “This one sincerely invites Grandmaster to be a guest at our mansion for a few days. Grandmaster, please do us the honor.”

Zuo Mo said coolly, “I do not like interacting with people that do not show their face.”

“Keke, Grandmaster should not just look at the appearance.” The other laughed softly. “Grandmaster, do not worry. As long as Grandmaster is willing to cooperate, anything can be given to you. Beauties, treasure, Grandmaster can have whatever you want. When you come to our place, Grandmaster will know what is heaven. It is much better than this stupid place.”

His tone was enticing.

Zuo Mo looked sarcastically at the other. “Why don’t you ask the opinion of the owner here?”

The other said with the smile, “This one will accomplish this today.”

“Your tone is so great.” A dissonant and muffled voice suddenly sounded.

A figure completely covered in cloth floated slowly out of the death energy. It was one of the Yin Tomb Fire Ghosts, Bu Ru Mian.

The other’s figure suddenly froze.

When Bu Ru Mian appeared, the surrounding death energy seemed to come alive.

Seeing Bu Ru Mian appear, the guard sighed in relief. Gu Wu Shuang Daren lived along at Billion Bone Peak, while Bu Ru Mian Daren usually stayed in the Sea of Ten Thousand Boiling Pools. Anyone that frequented these two places new that the reason there were never big fights in the enormous Sea of Ten Thousand Boiling Pools was because of Bu Ru Mian Daren.

Bu Ru Mian Daren had a savage temper, he was cruel and emotionless. Angering him was a fate worse than death.

“Bu Daren!” The guard hurriedly bowed.

“Little Huo, take Grandmaster to see some other places, doesn’t have to be long. It has been so long since I encountered a fresh body. So exciting!” Bu Ru Mian’s voice was still displeasing to hear but his tone could be considered polite. The guard was one of the ghost lord’s attendants after all.

“Yes!” Little Huo hurriedly retreated with Zuo Mo and disappeared into the death energy.

Yin Tomb Ghost, Bu Ru Mian?” the cloaked person suddenly spoke.

“Want to ask for mercy? Heh heh, too late!” Bu Ru Mian’s dissonant voice echoed in the air.

“Ask for mercy?” A bloody red curve lit up in the shadow covering the face that was filled with amusement.

“En.” Bu Ru Mian stilled. The other’s reaction wasn’t quite right.


Daren, just wait for a while, Bu Daren will quickly finished the battle,” Little Huo said to Zuo Mo. He was filled with confidence in Bu Ru Mian.

“No worries, I’m not in a hurry.” Zuo Mo smiled. However, he did not think this inside. His shen power had not recovered but his cultivation was stronger than all those here. In his view, the person in the cloak was at the same power level as Bu Ru Mian.

Also, his perception was more sensitive than everyone else. He noticed that the cloaked person had appeared panicked when Bu Ru Mian appeared but his presence hadn’t been affected at all.

This showed that the other had been pretending to panic.

That meant that there were other plans, Zuo Mo thought amusedly.

Little Huo turned his face and asked Old Wang in concern. “Old Wang, are you alright?”

Old Wang forced a smile and said, “Fine, I just haven’t recovered. That guy is really strong. I am wearing shen equipment and used my ultimate move, but I only forced him back three paces, so embarrassing!”

“Haha, it must be that Old Wang worked too hard last night and your legs are soft today!”

Someone shouted and caused a wave of laughter. The pressure the cloaked person had given them was too strong, and having relaxing now, everyone felt a wave of weakness.

No one noticed a ball of grey mist silently spreading beneath their feet.

“Hm?” Zuo Mo was the first to detect it.

The Sea of Ten Thousand Boiling Pools was grey throughout, and it was extremely difficult to detect the grey mist in the death energy. If Zuo Mo was not already on his guard, he probably would have fallen for it as well.

The grey mist came extremely quickly. Almost in the blink of an eye, it surrounded everyone.

Little Huo seemed to detect something but before he could make a sound, he fell down like a plank of wood.

Bam bam!

The other people fell over on their faces like planks of wood. Their faces were ashen, their bodies as rigid as metal and tense.

Such a strong Bewitching Fragrance!

Even though Zuo Mo had sealed his nose and mouth, his body still felt slightly numb. The grey mist was trying to permeate into his skin. At this time, the golden bead that he had formed detected the invasion of an outside. The sun shen glyph on the surface of the golden bead lit up and a thread of burning sun flow shot through Zuo Mo’s body.

Everywhere it passed, the grey mist was ignited and burned away.

Zuo Mo pretended to also be afflicted and fell down as well. Secretly, he woke up those guys in his ring. Zuo Mo’s ring had been re-forged and many of the materials that they had found in the endless voice had been added. The space inside was now enormous. Also, Zuo Mo had put the scraps of the wood used to make the shen wood coffins in as well. The vitality inside the ring was abundant and suitable for resting and recovery.

Everyone liked to rest inside.

Black Gold dazedly woke up from his sleep. He opened his loose eyes and muttered blearily. “Eeg Burh, ‘m ‘wake. ‘stime to eat?”

Of all the words, the only one that Black Gold said clearly was ‘eat’.

The Ghost Mist Child floated out of the Mist Eye Tablet. He yawned and produced a white mist bubble. He rubbed his eyes as he said, “Master!”

Tenth Grade and Sunshine also flew out. Tenth Grade forever looked murderous and Sunshine always looked bashful and embarrassed.

“Prepare to fight!” Zuo Mo told them mentally.

Tenth Grade immediately became excited. His little eyes were wide as he caressed his blade and was yearning to go.

The Ghost Mist Child also woke up. Sunshine started to prepare.

Only Black Gold didn’t even open his eyes as he muttered, “So sleepy … … you go first … …”

Zuo Mo said coldly, “Then only you three will share the spoils.”

The Black Gold Seal Soldier who had been unable to open his eyes just now immediately jumped up. There was no drowsiness on his face as he beat his chest. He said righteously, “Big Brother, what are you saying! Born to battle! Battle, that is the meaning of my existence! Big Brother, just you watch, watch as I beat them like dogs!”

His face twisted and became savage as he said hatefully, “Disturbing the sleep of the great Black Gold Daren, their outcome will be to be burned to ashes by the fire of Black Gold … …”

The people inside the ring immediately prepared for battle.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier beat his chest and stomped his feet as he howled upwards. The ring was filled with sound of metallic clanging.

The crescent blade jumped back and forth between Tenth Grade’s hands as it gleamed with cold light. It reflected the murderousness of Tenth Grade’s face.

The Ghost Mist Child turned into the mist giant. Boom boom, the enormous body paced through the ring’s space.

A ball of light floated at every one of Sunshine’s fingers. Each ball was of a different color. Ten different colors. He licked his lips.

Their eyes were bloodshot as they waited for Zuo Mo’s orders.

It had been so long since they fought!

Our great axe is hungry!


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