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Last chapter recap: Aofeng gets certified as a senior magister, receives invitations from the school recruiters, and accepts one invitation.


Chapter Four Scheme

Hearing this voice, Aofeng knew who it was. Her red lips curved elegantly, and her black eyes flashed with cold light.

The hatred of so many years should be settled. It was time to avenge Qin Aofeng being beaten to death!

“Ugh, Seventh Young Master, your badge and magister manual … …” Coincidentally, the middle-aged male who had gone to do the magister paperwork finished. He walked out with a silver badge with a triangle shape with nine silver swords arranged in a fan shape. Aofeng immediately took it and shoved it under her black robe. She put them along with the beautiful blue-eyed male’s invitation into the spatial ring.

“Liao Ya, let’s go and meet them.”

Aofeng’s black robe billowed and she walked with an exquisite stride past the teachers that were blocking the way. Under the surprised gazes of the crowd, she walked outside. Liao Ya who had been snoring on the ground became alert. Infected with the murderousness in Aofeng’s tone, he bared his sharp fangs and closely followed the handsome youth.

The beautiful blue-eyed male’s pupils contracted, and he couldn’t help but shake his head as he laughed. How many surprises would the youth bring him? Who had taught this perseon such an exquisite way of moving? Curious, he was not in a hurry to confess his identity. Along with the crowd, he moved to the entrance to watch how Aofeng planned on facing the sky magister enforcer of the Qin Family.

Aofeng walked to the door and coolly glanced over the row of people ahead.

Qin Lian was floating in the sky. Seeing Aofeng come out, his already ugly expression became more twisted.

Qin Wu and his son were standing together and glaring hatefully at her. They appeared as though they wanted to charge immediately. More than a dozen senior magisters formed a large circle to block her from the gates of the Magister Union. They were probably the strongest force in Qin City. Everyone had summoned their magus beast. The pairing of human and beast was magnificent to see. The variety of magus beasts dazzled people’s eyes. It appeared that they did not want to give Aofeng any avenues to escape/

Aofeng smirked inside. A team of senior magisters, they really think highly of me. However, do you really think that a senior magister team and one sky magister can keep me?

A hint of light flashed through her black eyes and then dissipated.

“Qin Aofeng, you wounded main branch members of the Qin Family, and spread rumors as you departed the Qin Family. You purposefully humiliated the Qin Family, this cannot be tolerated. Today, we will kill you, and this will be eliminating a calamity for the Qin Family!” Qin Aoluo stood at the center of the crowd nearby. He pointed straight at Qin Aofeng righteously.

“Why didn’t you eliminate this calamity when Jun Luoyu was still here?” Aofeng was exceptionally calm, and disdainfully looked around as she swept her sleeves. “You are about to show your talent of ganging up again? Enforcer Qin Lian, will you lead them?”

Qin Lian and Qin Aoluo saw Aofeng’s expression and felt a strong wave of embarrassment. She was clearly laughing at them for being afraid of the strong and bullying the weak. They did not dare to fight Jun Luoyu, and waited until he left to make trouble for Aofeng.

In this time where people admired strength, people looked down on those that bullied others using numbers. Qin Aoluo taking a group of people to beat up Aofeng previously became a joke. After she revealed this in public today, out of consideration for the face of the great Qin Family, they could not all attack at once.

They had come a step late, and the corpse on the ground had been cleaned away. They didn’t know what had happened before. So, in their eyes, Aofeng was still a good-for-nothing. Any of them could kill her. They did not care too much. While a silver wolf had appeared out of nowhere by her side, this wolf looked normal. And once it came, it lazily sprawled out on the ground and closed its eyes. How strong could such a boneless beast be?

“Aoluo, go show him your power. Let him know the difference between him and a magister!” Qin Lian snorted and ordered Qin Aoluo. He could not fight due to his status. Then he said with a dark face to Aofeng, “It is useless no matter who protects you. On this land , what is most important is strength!”

“Yes, I’m enough to deal with you!” Qin Aoluo proudly puffed out his chest and went forward a few steps. Inside he thought, he was a seven-sword magister. No matter how good the other’s fighting was, the other was not a magister, and did not practice the battle energy of swordsmen. The other could not be a match for him.

As he spoke, the magus beast next to Qin Aluo, the seven-star Forest Grey Wolf raised its head and looked just as proud as Qin Aoluo.

Liao Ya, on the ground, seemed to be displeased with the flamboyance of the animal opposite him. A thread of disdain appeared in the golden eyes. The silver nimble body elegantly stepped forward like a king looking down on the Forest Grey Wolf.

The Forest Grey Wolf suddenly shuddered, its forelimbs collapsing, and it almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Aofeng mentally told Liao Ya to restrain himself. That was why the Forest Grey Wolf managed to escape. Even so, the wolf’s originally fierce expression faded slightly. Terror couldn’t help but rise in the eyes of the Forest Grey Wolf.

The two youths in the second decade of their life faced off with cold stares. Each of them had a magus beast from the Tungsten Wolf family. The scene was interesting.

Qin Lian looked with some surprise at Liao Ya. He felt something was not right.

Aofeng’s gaze flickered across the suspicious Qin Lian and uncaringly made an “oh” sound. Then she put on a disdainful smile again. “After ganging up, will it be fighting in turns? Or do I have to start from the weakest and work my way up? This is really the Qin Family’s tradition!”

Her sharp gaze swept across Qin Aoluo, Qin Wu and the guards before landing on Qin Lian. Her great disdain angered the Qin Family members on this side and their blood rushed to their heads.

“Nonsense! The Qin Family will never do something like that!” Qin Lian saw that the teachers who were watching about to be influenced and couldn’t help but panic. He had no attention to spare for his suspicions and immediately refuted loudly, “If you can defeat Aoluo today, we will not stop you from leaving Qin City!”

“Really?” Aofeng suddenly smiled meaningfully. She suddenly took out a long sword from under the black robe and pointed it at the sky. She looked at Qin Aoluo challengingly. “With the heavens as witness, I, QIn Aofeng, request a battle to the death against Qin Aoluo. Qin Aoluo, do you dare accept?”

How could a young and rash person flee after encountering such scorn?

“Battle to the death? Haha, Qin Aofeng, is something wrong with your head. You said this! I, Qin Aoluo, accept your challenge!” Qin Aoluo was overjoyed. He hurriedly borrowed a sword from someone behind him in fear he would lose the opportunity. After making the oath, the two swords crossed in the air, and the ceremony was finished.

The ceremony for a battle to the death was a high-level covenant. The origins were unknown. People only knew that once it formed, it could not be broken. Even sky rank experts would not be able to interfere. People usually would not suggest a battle to the death.

Seeing a complex silver pattern appear from where the two were to form a round field that repelled everyone else, Qin Aoluo laughed. His gaze was vicious. “Little Cousin, do not worry, I will not let you die easily! I will avenge Aoxin from your body!”

Qin Aoluo was smug but suddenly found that the surrounding people were looking at him with strange gazes. The gazes were scornful as though they were looking at a clown. He couldn’t help but feel a wave of anxiousness.

The conversation between Aofeng and the group had been just a span of moments. The great majority of people hadn’t even been outside for long before they saw Aofeng easily create this situation with a few words. Even the formation of the battle to the death had formed. They couldn’t help but gape.

A bold scheme!

The Qin Family had so many people but, at this time, they were nothing. A nine-sword senior magister, she could defeat a little seven sword magister with her eyes closed. The Qin Family lost today!

Such a comedic scene made people want to laugh until their teeth fell out!

The beautiful blue-eyed male, who had been worried just now that Aofeng’s personality was too strong and was inflexible, laughed out loud lightly. He had worried for nothing. This youth possessed gentleness under the coldness. With such a detail-oriented mind, how could the other only know to kill? That aloof outer appearance, those deep, black, and cold eyes, they were all disguise for that clever heart. He didn’t need to worry that Aofeng would land in trouble travelling the continent.

Just like now. Even if he did not act, the other could resolve danger and still be so proud.

When Aofeng suggested the fight to the death, Qin Lian who was always immersed in schemes and conspiracies immediately felt something was afoot. However, Qin Aoluo had been too quick, so quick he could not stop Qin Aoluo. Now the circle for the battle to the death had formed. Aofeng suddenly gave off a cold and hard presence!

Verdant green dots of light covered her body. Magic formed outside her body. Aofeng’s black eyes were as bright as the sun, her black hair fluttering, her long black robe spreading out behind her. Under her feet, an exquisite three-pointed star suddenly appeared with a flash!

“Liao Ya, show your true form!”

“Yes, my master!’

Accompanying this explosion of magic and Aofeng’s order, Liao Ya finally stopped hiding his presence. With a long resonant howl to the sky, his silver fur rippled like waves. His body expanded rapidly, and he turned ten times larger under the shocked and fearful gazes of the Qin Family.

His scared beast presence was released without any reserve. All the magus beasts in the surroundings could not help but whine and bow to the ground. They trembled and did not dare to raise their heads. Even Qin Lian, a sky magister, had to use more magic to communicate with his magus beast who was in armor form to not revert back. Even so, he could feel weak waves of trembling coming from the magus beast armor he was wearing.

The silver energy faded, and a ferocious four-winged silver wolf with a pair of golden eyes slowly walked out. Its enormous and nimble body caused people’s heart to shake. The crowd immediately became noisy.

“Heavens, what is that!”

“Such a big silver wolf! Such a terrifying presence!”

“Not a nine-star magus beast, what star level is this silver wolf?”

No one knew but Qin Lian up in the sky knew.

His heart drumming, Qin Lian’s pupils contracted. He managed to swallow. “The presence of a sacred beast! It’s a sacred beast! Where did it come from? Also, when … … when did he become a nine-sword senior magister?”

Translator Ramblings: Being late to a fight is deadly … …

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