傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S04-C05 “Eat Him”

Last chapter recap: Qin Aofeng lures QIn Aoluo into a covenant to fight to the death and then reveals Liao Ya.


Chapter Five Eat Him!

Such a young nine-sword senior magister, sacred beast.

Any of the two would be enough for the elders in the family to pay attention but right now, he didn’t have even one of the two! Qin Lian felt his vision darken and almost fainted. He felt great regret. If the news passed back to the main family, he would definitely be sent to the Northland of Exile to live and die by himself!

“Principal … … s-s-sacred … … sacred beast!” Lan Li’s mouth was wide as he stammered through a secret sound transmission. He was evidently extremely shocked.

“No wonder I kept on feeling that the wolf had a presence hard to disguise. So it was in a mimicry state. I feel that I cannot get the measure of this little guy, I don’t know how much more he hasn’t shown yet.” The beautiful blue-eyed male rubbed his smooth chin. His gaze on Aofeng was gentle yet focused. “It seemed that I was right to accept this disciple.”

People sighed in shock and admiration at Aofeng’s true strength yet for Qin Aoluo within the covenant formation, it was a calamity!

Was there a need to fight? The Forest Grey Wolf next to Qin Aoluo collapsed to the ground and trembled. It didn’t have the ability to stand up and fight. The reason that sacred and spirit beasts were valuable was because they had a power pressure “aura.” Low level magus beasts would not be even able to form any thoughts of fighting back. Even the strongest nine-star spirit beast would not have any advantages against a one-star sacred beast.

Qin Aoluo stood there dazedly. He felt that the wind was especially cold as though it was about to blow away his soul, as though the entire world was moving away from him.

“Father! Father! Save me, Father! Enforcer Daren, save me!” Qin Aoluo called urgently through the barrier. Qin Wu saw his son strapped, and he charged out. However, he was thrown back by the covenant formation and he fell hard to the ground.

That barrier could not be broken through any means.

Long sleeves dancing in the wind, the aloof and handsome youth slowly walked over and looked at Qin Aoluo with a scornful gaze. It was like the other was looking at an ant. The voice that came seemed to be robbing him of life. “Let me tell you, I, Qin Aofeng, do not need anyone’s protection. I can protect myself! In this world, strength is important, but there is something else that cannot be missing.”

“That is intelligence.” She smiled as she raised her white hand and pointed at her head. She glanced over the Qin Family members with their grey faces and raised an eyebrow coolly. “A person incurably stupid, no matter how strong they are, cannot save anyone!”

The cold and dismissive tone, the great disdain, she dared to say something like this even surrounded by the Qin Family.

Too arrogant!

“You bastard!” Qin Lian’s hair stood up. He knew that the other was challenging him but he could only just glower. Truth won over rhetoric. He could not save Qin Aoluo, even if that sacred beast had just reached that rank and was not a match for him, even thought that boy that should be filleted was close to him.

No one could break the covenant formation of a battle to the death. He clearly had power greater than Aofeng but he could only stare as Qin Aoluo died. This feeling as though he ate a fly made Qin Lian want to vomit until he died.

“Spare me, spare me! I will change for the better. I will never make trouble for you.” Qin Aoluo saw the helplessness on Qin Lian’s face and turned his head. He felt even more afraid and begged Aofeng.

“Spare you? You think that the covenant of a battle to the death is just play? If you want me to spare you, you have to ask if the covenant formation under your feet will agree.” , Aofeng glanced at him and pointed at the silver covenant formation on the ground

Qin Aoluo’s eyes were filled with terror. He finally realized the severity of the situation. A battle to the death could not be stopped. Things like the Rules of the Universe did not have any emotions. The covenant formation would not disappear until one participant died!

His last hope extinguished. Qin Aoluo felt back to sit on the ground, his eyes empty.

“I gave you chances. If you were not in such a hurry to take my life, not in such a hurry to make the covenant for a battle to the death with me, how would this present situation have occurred? You created all this, you cannot blame other people. Those that kill others will be killed.” Aofeng’s eyes flashed with cold light, her lips curved slightly, and her handsomeness was pressuring yet eerie. Her long black robe lightly swayed.

“Liao Ya, eat him!”

This cold order scared many females to turn their heads away. Those that were less brave fell to the ground.

Liao Ya opened his great maw. His sharp teeth bit the top half of Qin Aoluo’s body with one bite. QIn Aoluo kicked from within Liao Ya’s mouth as he instinctively gave out great wails. But he was rapidly swallowed whole. Liao Ya didn’t even spit out a bone.

Even the teachers of the schools felt their fingers tremble. A person with strong potential was not terrifying, but a person with potential, scheming, and was vicious in action was terrifying!

As Qin Aoluo died, the silver formation for the covenant gradually dissipated. Aofeng proactively jumped onto Liao Ya’s back and said to him mentally. “Fly, do not linger and fight with that Qin Lian.”

The strength of the enforcer was undoubtable. A sky magister was equivalent to a sacred beast. Lin Qian’s sword level was higher than Liao Ya’s star level. Liao Ya was not a match for him. Otherwise, Aofeng would not have need to scheme to kill Qin Aoluo. Now that she had fooled these people once, she was uncertain if Qin Lian would be so angry that he would disregard the reputation of the family to attack her.

Liao Ya spread his enormous wings and flapped gently. His enormous body gracefully rose up. The silver light of the covenant exploded and disappeared. Liao Ya’s silver wings flapped and it rapidly charged out of the city!

“Don’t think of escaping!” Qin Lian shouted. His expression was vicious. Silver patterns moved under his feat, and the figure of an enormous Blood-Sucking Primal Bull appeared behind him. The two enormous horns flew out towards Aofeng and Liao Ya as though they had eyes. The wind they created made Aofeng feel suffocated. This was something that she could not match right now!

“So strong! This is the power of a sky magister and a high ranking magus beast working together!” Aofeng’s heart shook. She watched the two horns fly towards her. She flattened herself to Liao Ya’s back and prepared to face the blow face on. However, when the two sharp horns made from magic shot in front of her, they suddenly disappeared.

What happened? Had that Qin Lian found his virtues?

Aofeng was puzzled. While suspicious, Aofeng was more worried that Qin Lian would chase them. Before she could think closely, Liao Ya had charged out of the borders of Qin CIty. The person and the wolf turned into a small black dot and disappeared.

Of course, Qin Lian would not have been merciful. It was just as he was about to cast his sky magic spell that a ringing voice exploded by his ear, “Halt!”

This was a gentle voice but it was filled with explosive intimidation. It was a kind of mental attack. Qin Lian was a sky magister. Theoretically, the shamanic power in his body protected him from sneak attacks but this shout caused him to cry out. His head hurt as though it was being stabbed with dozens of needles at once. He felt down from the sky.

A sky magic technique needed a sky magister to lock onto a target in order to work. The horns chasing Aofeng disappeared after this interruption.

“You really shame the Qin Family, you are not just blind and took a pearl to be fish eyes. You did not abide by your promise. You bully and attempt to kill my disciple. A mere Qin Family enforcer has such daring!” An elegant voice sounded. The beautiful blue-eyed male dressed in blue robes slowly walked to Qin Lian’s side and then looked down at the man on the ground.

The surrounding people did not receive the beautiful blue-eyed male’s mental attack. They only saw Qin Lian wail and then fall to the ground with no apparent cause. Only when the beautiful blue-eyed male walked out did they turn in surprise.

It was him? He was able to shock a sky magister out of the air, who was he?

“You … … you are … … Lan Xiu Daren!”

The teachers from Wissen and Voyager School immediately changed expression. Heavens! It was Lan Xiu Daren!

The principal of the best school on Luska Radiance Continent, the Imperial School, the peerlessly powerful magus scholar Lan Xiu Daren!

Not a small school! Wasn’t Di Guo1 School the homonym for Imperial School? The teachers that had come from the schools to recruit students felt their faces flush purple at having thought of the best school on Radiance Continent as a little school. They were so embarrassed they wanted to find a hole to hide in. As to the person who had called Lan Xiu as an unskilled boy-toy, he was madly jealous of Aofeng . The strongest of the empire, a person that even the old man of the Qin Family had to respect. With such a teacher, who on the continent would dare to offend Aofeng?

“Lan … … Lan Xiu Daren, I … …” Qin Lian spoke fearfully. He wanted to die. He had heard the words just now.

Disciple! The disciple of a magus scholar! The disciple of the strongest of the empire, Lan Xiu Daren! He really was blind to poke the hornet’s nest that was Qin Aofeng.

No wonder Qin Aofeng was so strong, so arrogant. So Aofeng was the disciple of Lan Xiu Daren. The reason that Qin Aofeng had never stated his status as Lan Xiu’s student was most likely because he had not wanted to publicize this. Today, he had caused this to be exposed. Would he have any good outcome? Qin Lian did not know that he had made a misunderstanding and was scaring himself.

“Alright, do not be nervous, I can spare your life. However, this matter stops here. Pretend that you have never seen Qin Aofeng. Do not mention this name when you return to the empire, understand?” Lan Xiu said coolly. If the old man of the Qin Family learned of Aofeng ‘s talent, no matter if he was willing or not, Qin Aofeng would be caught and taken back to the family. Lan Xiu did not hope to lose such a good disciple. Also, Aofeng ‘s personality was one that did not like others interfering in his matters. It would be better of Aofeng to come and take care of this Qin Lian in the future. Lan Xiu believed that not long in the future, Aofeng would surpass him.

Daren, I understand!” Qin Lian hurriedly agreed, and sighed in relief on the inside. He could understand that Lan Xiu did not want to make a big fuss. But if Aofeng, that vicious calamity, found him, he would not end up well.

There were many dangers on the continent. Not far from here was the Forest of the Neversetting Sun. To get to the Imperial School, one must pass through the Forest of the Neversetting Sun. The center of the enormous Forest of the Neversetting Sun was a place that even sky magisters would not enter rashly. If the other encountered some powerful magic beast, it would be a certain death.

Qin Lian cursed inside, QIn Aofeng , just die outside!

“Master, where do we go now?” Liao Ya was clearly happy as he flew in the blue sky.

Aofeng stood on Liao Ya’s back and allowed the soft and free wind to brush past her body. She looked down and under the thin cloud, there was only endless green. The Qin City where that Qin Aofeng had lived for more than a decade had disappeared from view.

Taking a deep breath, Aofeng knew that she must explore this vast world alone. While she was slightly nervous, she was more excited.

She thought and then decided her route. Raising her handsome face, she had a determined gaze as she pointed into the distance with a pale finger.

“We’re going to the City of the Neversetting Sun!”

Translator Ramblings: And the death count inches up by one.

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