傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S05-C01 “Neversetting Sun”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng leaves Qin CIty.

Section Five “City of Neversetting Sun”

Chapter One Neversetting Sun

This was the largest fortress town in the south of the Kaya Empire — called the Neversetting Sun.

Neversetting Sun. This described the enormity of this area. It would take a whole day to cross from the east to the west. When it was in the wee hours on the east side, the sun had not yet set on the west side

Luska’s Radiance Continent was divided into the north and the south by the Great Forest of the Neversettting Sun. The forest bisected the entire continent. It was hundreds of thousands of miles long, and ten thousand miles wide which formed a natural barrier between the north and the south. If one travelled by foot, it would take half a year to pass through. Also, there were numerous dangers in the forest. Even many spirit magisters and sacred swordsmen did not dare to cross it alone. This caused the communication between north and south to be difficult and caused a state where the north was prosperous and the south was behind.

In the north was the Kaya Empire, Tisse Republic, the Kingdom of Padoric, and the Kingdom of Hezekistan.  These were the four great countries. In the south, there were only some relatively small countries. None of the southern countries to compare to the four countries in the north. The Kaya Empire’s borders reached the south, but only a small part.

Due to this, it was not strange at all that a small city like Qin City would rarely see a senior magister.

The City of the Neversetting Sun was the biggest fortress on the south side of the Forest of the Neversetting Sun for the Kaya Empire. It relied on the abundant resources of the Forest of the Neversetting Sun. Explorers, businessmen, and mercenary companies constantly came to this city. This was the hub for heading to the four big countries in the north. It could rival the famed northern city Liscia in scale and was twenty times the size of a normal city.

Near the evening, as the sun came down, a youth wearing a tattered long black robe stared with a shocked expression at everything at the gates of the Fortress of the Neversetting Sun.

City walls over a hundred meters tall that reached into the sky. They were more than seven meters in thickness. There was a green layer of pitch painted over the city walls. The city was ancient and vast. At the top of the city walls were more than a dozen towers, some with staging areas for magus crystal cannons. Standing guard at the two sides of the fortress were soldiers on alert dressed in heavy armor. Lion-vulture squads flew in the air in teams. They occasionally patrolled the ground. Everything was so solemn, grand and vast.

The black-robed youth couldn’t help but murmur in shock, “I hadn’t thought that I would encounter such a magnificent city here.”

This youth had a head of long black hair, strong and handsome brows. While not tall, the youth gave off a reliable presence. Everyone passing by couldn’t help but take a few more seconds to look at the elegant and handsome silver wolf that was half a person tall next to the youth. But when they saw the youth’s expression and ragged clothing, they all showed disdainful expressions.

The classic country bumpkin coming to the city, never had seen anything before, even if the other was a magus beast and probably a magister!

In the City of the Neversetting Sun, it was not rare to see magisters above seven-sword or higher. It was even possible to see many strong nine-sword magisters, and senior magisters with their magus beasts. Wind wolves, sabretooth tigers, patterned panthers, snow monsters, mountain spirit cats, and many magus beasts that people could not name.

“Liao Ya, let’s go.” After a short pause, the black-robed youth stepped out and was going to enter this vast fortress city.

“Stop! Suspicious person are not allowed to enter the Fortress of Neversetting Sun!” A soldier dressed in heavy armor who had been observing the other for a long time suddenly raised his sharp spear and blocked the youth. His cold gaze carried some threads of disdain.

Other than being a famous city, the City of Neversetting Sun was also the largest military base in the south. It was heavily guarded to prevent spies from other countries to make their way in and didn’t usually accept refugees. This youth’s appearance was handsome and had a steady presence but was dressed in rags, walked around with a magus beast and was looking around rapidly. This fit the appearance of those spies that tried to pretend to be people in need and tried to avoid being inspected.

The guard snorted at the youth and thought, don’t think that I won’t recognize you if you dress like this. Pass into the city by me in your next life!

“Suspicious persons?” The black-robed youth seemed to find it funny. The youth seemed to understand something and then a slender hand came out of the sleeve. The white fingers carried three ancient and simple rings. The youth waved the hand in the wind, and then hanged a silver badge that appeared out of thin air on the front of the robe. The youth asked the soldier, “How about this?”

“Ugh … …” The guard’s eyes widened and he jumped in fright. Under the silver badge was a three-point star. The nine silver swords at the top formed a fan shape with the swordtips. The silver light was very bright under the reflection of the sun, and caused many people to stop walking and look over.

Nine-sword senior magister!

The soldier guarding the gate felt his throat dry up. He swallowed before he hurriedly moved his long spear away and bowed respectfully. “Honored Magister Daren, please forgive me for my rudeness.”

There were many magisters in the City of Neversetting Sun. The city did not lack senior magisters but senior magisters above seven-sword were very rare. This person in front of him was so young yet had reached nine-sword, plus had spatial rings that was worth tens of thousands of obsidians. They must be a member of a prestigious family with high status. This kind of person could not be a spy.

Many of the geniuses of the prestigious families would frequently travel to gain experience. The Forest of the Neversetting Sun was a good destination. Those that dare to explore the Great Forest of the Neversetting Sun were at least senior magister in rank and were daring because one would easily lose their life in the forest if they were not careful. The black-robed youth looked too young, and couldn’t have been a senior magister. This was why the soldier had not thought of the possibility the youth was out to gain experience.

Everyone immediately looked at the beautiful black-robed youth with different eyes. Respect, admiration. Some people even humbly bowed their heads and respectfully bowed.

Respect to those strong was at a terrifying level of obsession on the continent! This was a rule that had been created after tens of thousands of years of development and was unquestioned! The status of magisters were high to being with, and nothing more had to be said of those that were strong as magisters. Even though she was a relatively young youth, this did not stop others from pursuing her.

“Where is the nearest clothing store from here?” The black robed youth did not blame him and asked directly. The clothing was really worn out. She did not care abut beauty but she did not want people to continue to stare at her.

Daren, please keep going forward on this road into the city. There will be a store from the Hyde Business Association. That place sells everything and also purchases magic beast crystals, hide and other things that the adventurers obtain from the forest. They even include residences. If Daren needs it, we can also send someone to guide you.” The soldier was experienced. Someone as dusty as the youth must have come out of the forest, and the first thing they would do was to replenish supplies, sell merchandise, and finding a place to stay.

“There is no need for a guard, many thanks.” Nodding, the black-robed youth slowly walked in the direction the guard pointed in. The other seemed to be walking slowly but actually went out several dozen meters in a blink. The packed crowd didn’t even touch the hem of her robe. That silver wolf nimbly caught up. The gazes of the passerby were gathered on the badge at the youth’s chest with surprise on their faces. No one care about the tattered clothing any longer.

The soldier guarding the city seemed to be in a dream. He lamented emotionally, “Is this world so crazy, such a young nine sword senior magister, heavens, which family’s young master is this daren?”

This was Aofeng who had come out of Qin City a month ago.

Before leaving on the journey, Aofeng had never thought that Radiance Continent was so enormous. The Forest of the Neversetting Sun was filled with danger everywhere. From Qin City to the City of the Neversetting Sun, it was just travelling on the borders of the forest. There were powerful beasts in the cetner.

Ever since they had to flee as they were chased by a group of Thunderbolt Thunderbirds, Aofeng didn’t dare to ride Liao Ya and recklessly fly everywhere above the forest. That was like seeking her own death.

Liao Ya could use the aura of a sacred beast to deal with a normal group of magic beasts, but the majority of these magic beasts had a moarch. Among the THunderbolt Thunderbolts from last time, there had been a mutant seven-star spirit beast. It had managed to hold up under Liao Ya’s pressure and led the thousands of its subordinates to attack.

If there were enough ants, they could kill an elephant. Liao Ya and Aofeng had been unable to withstand them and hurriedly fled back where they came from. It had been difficult to throw that group off their trail. Only at that time did Aofeng understand that the terror of the Forest of Neversetting Sun was not just a rumor. Not just single magic beasts were terrifying, if herds of magic beasts went crazy, it would be fatal to people like her who were alone.

After that, Aofeng carefully travelled on foot in the forest. She hunted and killed magic beasts to strengthen her rank which had risen too fast. Liao Ya would only act at the most dangerous time. After this month, Aofeng could control the magic power inside her body. Her already exceptional fighting techniques went up another level. With her own method of movement, she could kill nine-star magus beasts.

The human and the wolf would occasionally encounter one or two low-star spirit beasts that had fallen behind. Under Liao Ya’s attacks, their crystal cores and corpses all entered Aofeng’s spatial ring. At present, Aofeng’ Magus Divinity Spell was not enough to form covenants with too many magus beasts. Aofeng did not want to tame and bond with magus beasts that were below sacred rank. One Liao Ya was strong enough. There was no meaning in more spirit beasts.

After walking through the forest for a month, her clothing was almost destroyed by the plants. Today, Aofeng finally reached the City of Neversetting Sun. She had great gains on her journey here and only needed to find a place to sell them. After purchasing enough resources, she could travel through the Forest of Neversetting Sun towards the capital of the Kaya Empire to find Big Brother and Little Uncle.

Aofeng was thinking about what she needed to by when she heard a panted call from behind her, “Honored Magister Daren, please wait!”

Aofeng stopped and turned back. She saw a young swordsman dressed in elegant light armor with a broadsword on his back hurrying over. This male had short hair cut cleaning, and was full of vigor. The badge he wore at his chest had a three point silver pattern as a base and seven stars on top. His steps were fast and light as he quickly reached Aofeng.

Seven-star senior swordsman. What did he want with her? Aofeng blinked in puzzlement. At her feet, Liao Ya tilted his head. Xiao Bing at her neck also poked out half of its head to star at this man.


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