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Last chapter recap: Aofeng arrives at the Fortress of Neversetting Sun.


Chapter Two Invitation from the Castellan

Being stared at by one person and two beasts, the cheerful young swordsman couldn’t help but be embarrassed and his face flushed. He scratched his head and asked curiously, “Are you really a magister? You walk faster than a swordsman like me can run. If you didn’t stop to wait for me, I most likely would not have caught up.”

Magisters were strong in fighting, but when they did not have the support of magus beasts, their physical endurance could not match swordsmen who trained for many years. Aofeng was tall and thin, but walked faster than the swordsman at a running pace. This was why this young seven-star senior swordsman marveled.

Senior swordsmen and senior magisters were at the same rank, and the power of a seven-star swordsman and a seven-sword magister did not differ greatly.

“You are?”

Hearing Aofeng’s question, the youth finally recovered from his shock and smiled with friendliness at Aofeng. “Hello, I am Luo Fei, the guard captain of the city defense for the Fortress of the Neversetting Sun. I just heard at the gates that there is a young nine-sword senior magister so I came to find you. Fortunately, you have not walked far.”

The youth’s sunny and handsome face would cause people to feel at ease. At this time, Aofeng could not muster up the urge to shoo him away. She asked teasingly, “And then? You aren’t just chasing me because you saw such a young senior magister like me?”

“Haha, that is part of the reason. I ‘m very curious what kind of monster such a young nine-sword senior magister is like, who knew that it is a handsome youth.” Luo Fei spoke as he stared at Aofeng , giving an admiring smile. In a blink of the eye, he turned back to his topic. “Actually, I can to deliver an invitation.”

Luo Fei’s openness caused Aofeng to laugh, a tinge of warmth rising on her cool face. She said curiously, “Invitation? Brother, are you sure? I just came to this city, I don’t know anyone, and have no relatives here, who would send an invitation to me?”

“Yes, this invitation is for you, and it is personally from the castellan daren.” Luo Fei patted Aofeng ‘s shoulder and then took out a bright red invitation from a leather bag inside his light armor and handed it to her. He then said, “In a fortnight, it will be the annual attack of the magic beasts on the fortress. The castellan will invite everyone strong in the FOrtress of Neversetting Sun to help. A nine-sword senior magister is naturally among those ranks. Brother, if you have nothing else to do, do not miss this large annual activity. For the experts that are invited, the castellan will give great rewards.”

Looking at Luo Fei’s excited expression, Aofeng felt slight interest. Something that a seven-star senior swordsman was enthusiastic about would not be ordinary.

Rubbing her nose, she asked a few questions. Aofeng quickly understood what the monster’s attack on the fortress was.

The magic beasts’ attack on the fortress was a magic beast tide, an extremely large scale magic beast tide. It was led by all kinds of magic beast kings within the Forest of the Neversetting Sun. Every year, they would attack the Fortress of Neversetting Sun. While the reason was unknown, this event had not changed for thousands of years. The biggest reason that the military presence was so strong at the Fortress of Neversetting Sun was because they had to face the magic beasts attacking the city every year.

At this time ever year, the Fortress of Neversetting Sun would invite the strongest magisters and swordsmen within the fortress to participate in defense. Luo Fei was responsible for searching for these experts and delivering invitations. The invited experts were primarily to deal with those magic beast leaders. These leaders were mostly nine-star magus beasts, some of them even spirit magus beast. Only experts could defeat them.

Before the monsters’ attack on the city came, the magic beasts in the Forest of Neversetting Sun would have a month of frantic activity. During this time, the magic beasts were unusually active, all kinds of high star magic beasts appearing frequently. Many explorers and mercenary groups would come from all over to hunt during the restless period of the magic beasts. Then they would band together into a loose army to participate in the magic beasts’ attack on the city.

Significant benefits came with great danger. High star magic beasts didn’t just have crystal cores, their entire body was wealth that could be sold. Of course, you had to be able to kill them.

Aofeng agreed after some thought. “Alright, a fortnight is not long, my travel is not urgent. What rich rewards does the castellan have?”

There were rarely any chances to experience fighting among thousands of others, and there was a possibility of meeting high star magus beasts. If there were sacred level magic beasts among those magic beast leaders, she might be able to take advantage of the opportunity to form a covenant. With Aofeng ‘s present strength, she could not win if she was facing a sacred beast alone. However, it was not the same when everyone was fighting together.

“Ha, Brother, if you can attend the fight, then we can fight side by side.” Luo Fei heard Aofeng agree and his smile became even happier. “Castellan Daren‘s reward will definitely satisfy you. It will be announced at the evening banquet before the attack. At  that time, you just have to use the invitation to attend the banquet.”

“Does it have to be so secretive? Does the castellan want to marry his daughter to the bravest and most worthy fighter?” Aofeng heard the other’s tone and knew she would not be able to get any answers so she shook her head and teased.

“The castellan doesn’t have any daughters, only a son … …” Luo Fei’s gaze became slightly strange when he said this. He rubbed his chin and gazed at Aofeng ‘s exquisite face. Then he smiled and said, “Brother, if you are a female, you might be able to marry him. I believe he will definitely like it.”

“You aren’t him, how would you know if he will like it.” Aofeng shrugged her shoulders slightly and did not think much of this. “Alright, I’ve accepted the invitation, I have other matters and will go first.”

Luo Fei stilled. “Ugh, I don’t even know your name. Brother, what are you called?”

“I am … … Zhui Yun.” After some thought, Aofeng did not use her true name. She didn’t know if Qin Lian was using the Qin Family’s network to search for her and exact vengeance. The Fortress of Neversetting Sun was large and it would be normal for the Qin Family to have a base here. She did not want to cause trouble.

“Zhui Yun, such a good name. Brother, we will meet later.” Luo Fei gave Aofeng a sunny smile again and batted his eyes. “Also, I want to remind you, if you don’t want to be targeted by the nobility of the city and be invited everywhere, take down your magister badge. Such a young nine-star senior magister is too eye-catching.”

Aofeng suddenly realized after being reminded by the other. Yes, she had snow her strength as a nine-star senior magister at the Qin Family. People of this level were already rare. Adding on her age, someone would just have to think slightly in order to recognize her. Thinking about this, some drops of cold sweat formed on her back. It seemed that she had not thought of everything.

“Thank you.” Aofeng took off the badge and put it back into the spatial ring. She looked deeply at Luo Fen and gave a sincere smile.

After speaking, the black-robed youth maintained her usual aloof image as she turned and left in large steps. She left behind Luo Fei standing with a dazed expression, staring at where she had been standing. The handsome youth’s small but devastating smile could not be erased from his mind … …


Translator Ramblings: The classical fairy tale of the lord’s daughter and the knight … …

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