傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S05-C03 “Rob”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng reaches the City of Neversetting Sun and receives an invitation from the Castellan.

Chapter Three Rob

As the sun set, the lamps were lit. The Fortress of Neversetting Sun was covered in a purple mist like a scene from a painting.

The Hyde Corporation was one of the largest businesses in the Kaya Empire with their presence all over the continent. The gold carriage was their trademark. Laughter and sound came from the Hyde Corporation’s full store in the northern part of the city at the busiest time of day.

The store acted as a bar and had an additional counter for buying, selling and welcoming guests from all over. Even the mercenaries that were in residence would come to the bar to drink a cup at this golden time and to learn about the news around the Fortress of Neversetting Sun. Some even recruited new members from the bar.

“Creak!” The wood door to the bar made a sound, and the voices inside strangely became quieter.

Some males sitting in the corner were puzzled by the suddenly quiet in the surroundings. When they turned their heads, they instinctively closed their mouths. All eyes gathered on the person who had just come in the door.

Dressed in black robes, with a handsome appearance was a beautiful youth that didn’t seem to be even sixteen years of age. The youth held a thick and heavy cloth bag and walked in. Silver light flashed behind the youth, and a silver wolf half the height of a person shot in after. The person and the wolf formed a handsome and attractive scene.

What attracted the attention of the people in the bar was not the handsome appearance but the large black bag.

The black sturdy bag couldn’t conceal the light inside. The  eyes of these experienced mercenaries quickly discerned what the contents were from the multicolored lights—magic crystals! The magic crystals of magic beasts! Light that only magic crystals above seven stars would give off!

The people stopped their breathing, their hearts drumming rapidly.

Aofeng looked at the luxurious decoration of the store and admired it before walking through the crowd to the counter of the store. She put the large bag she held onto the table. The mouth of the bag opened, and the blinding light of the magic crystals immediately shone onto the ceiling of the store. It also reflected on the shocked pretty face of the female greeter.

The store started to rumble. Sounds of discussion rose, even hotter than before.

“Oh, heavens, so many crystals, did this young magister just robea dragon?” A young male youth that seemed to be a swordsman gaped and said with a stiff face.

Someone close immediately followed. “Did he steal this from some large mercenary company that was out? How can one person kill so many magic beasts!”

A middle-aged mercenary sighed in shock. “And they are all high star magic beast crystals. How many gem coins would it be if they were sold? No no no, this can only be counted in obsidians. Ah, we work for decades, yet it cannot compare to a person’s single trip. Comparing myself to others is so depressing one wants to die.”

It was not easy for a normal explorer group to go out and kill one or two seven-star magic beasts. The dangers in the depths of the forest were innumerable. Normal people didn’t even dare to go lose. Only a freak like Aofeng who had a sacred beast protecting her dared to go into the forest to get money.

While the discussion was loud, Aofeng ignored the gazes of the crowd and pointed at the cloth bag, saying, “Help me calculate this, I’m selling. Also, I want some good quality magister robes.”

The female server paused and then hurriedly nodded. She gave a professional smile. “All right. However, Young Master, so many high star level magic crystals are an enormous sum, possibly a few thousand obsidians. We need to inventory it before giving you a specific number. Do you wish to drink anything in the meantime?”

“A cerulean mist.”

Cerulean mist was an unique kind of liquor. In Aofeng’s memory, this was the favorite drink of her youngest uncle who favored her. The cerulean mist was a bright blue and fragrant liquor the nobility liked. One cup cost ten obsidians.

“Young Master, please wait. I will do inventory immediately.” The female server presented a cup of cerulean mist, and was about to pick up the bag when she suddenly heard a shout.

“Wait! The transaction cannot occur! The bag of magic crystal isn’t his, he’s a thief! This is the property of the Wild Wolf Mercenary Company, this damned little magister stole the fruits of our months of hard work!”

With this angry shout, more than a dozen brawny swordsmen charged in from outside, led by a tough-looking bald swordsman with a vicious appearance. More than a dozen pairs of eyes focused on Aofeng as the group came in as though what they said had actually happened.

“It’s those damned WIld Wolf Bandits, this young magister is in trouble!”

“Luo Bu, all that guy knows is to steal from those who are alone. He abuses his status as a one-star senior swordsman. One day, he will get his comeuppance.”

Many people in the hotel recognized him. From the discussions, Aofeng learned the intentions of this group. She smirked and twisted her mouth. She had taken out the magic crystals outside in a hidden place because she hadn’t wanted people to see the spatial ring and cause trouble. She hadn’t thought that even with hiding the spatial ring, a bag of magic crystals still caused trouble.

Robbing a nine sword senior magister, they really had daring!

“Brat, give back the magic crystals, and we will let you live!” The bald man pointed at Aofeng  as he shouted imperiously.

“You say that these are yours, then when did you lose them and where? Mercenary companies usually pooled the wealth before dividing them. Since this is what you supposedly accumulated over a few months, tell me, how many seven-star, eight-star, and nine-star magic crystals are in this bag?” Aofeng didn’t even look at them. She raised her wine glass, took a sip of Cerulean Mist, and said coolly.

While the black robes were tattered, the youth seemed to have a mature and steady charisma. That unique coolness entranced all the females in the bar.

“You … …” Having his lie exposed in front of the public, the bald man flushed in fury. He grabbed his broadsword and swung down!

“Don’t waste words, this bag of magic crystals today is ours. Pretty boy, you really think that the Wild Wolf Mercenary Company can be stepped on?”

“Wild wolf?” Aofeng smiled coldly and disdainfully waved her hand. “Liao Ya, tell them what is a true wild wolf.”

Calling themselves wild wolves in front of a four-winged silver wolf that was a sacred beast, they didn’t have to be in such a rush to find death!

Liao Ya, who had been very displeased with the name of the mercenary company long ago, shot out like lightning and bit at the bald man. Xiao Bing who had been curled at Aofeng ‘s neck popped out, half of its body on the outside as it chittered and waved its tail to cheer. It seemed to want to participate in the fight.

“Don’t fuss! Liao Ya is enough.” Aofeng patted the little thing. The other was a one-star swordsman. She didn’t want Xiao Bing who had just levelled up to be harmed. She especially treasured this little thing that Jun Luoyu had given her.

Yet at this time, another yellow figure suddenly shot out from the stairs to the second floor to slam the large man to the ground before Liao Ya. Then the yellow light seemed to flash, and wails sounded!

Aofeng was shocked. Even in his mimicry state, Liao Ya was still strong. Something that could surpass him in speed must not be weaker than a spirit beast, what was it?

Liao Ya immediately returned after his attack missed before Aofeng gave an order. His golden eyes caught the yellow figure and he conversed with Aofeng mentally, “Master, it is the Marked Panther famed for speed, this is a two star spirit beast.”

“Good good good! Brother Zhu is right to do this! A baddie like this needs to be taught a lesson. They dare to commit robbery in the Hyde Corporation store, do they think we re air? Bite him to death! Bite them to death!” Then a lively and adorable little girl jumped down from the second floor with a lively voice. She shot forward next to Aofeng and smiled, showing two dimples. “Don’t be afraid, with Brother Zhu here, we can beat a one-star senior swordsman!”

Aofeng was speechless. I wasn’t afraid, it’s you who came out, alright?

“Ling’er, do not make trouble for others. They have ran away, this young man still needs to buy things.” A gentle clear voice came and a young male of sixteen or seventeen dressed in blue-hemmed white robes and with the adornments of nobility walked down the stairs to the second floor. Black hair was tied up casually with a silver hair-tie at the back of his head. He looked clean and honest, handsome and elegant. There was a small badge hanging from his clothing with a three-point star and three silver swords.

The white-robed youth walked down. Seeing Aofeng looked at him with a burning gaze, he stilled slightly. He bowed his head and a small flush appeared on his handsome face. He asked in a small voice, “This young master, are … … are you alright?”

Aah, a beautiful young three-sword senior magister would be embarrassed?

Aofeng raised an eyebrow. She looked at the spirit animal Marked Panther that was walking back to the young male’s side in surprise.

Translator Ramblings: No legal age for drinking here.

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