4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution Volume Two Chapter Six “The Clogged Immune System”

Last chapter recap: Lin fights the multicellular oval worm and invades the worm through the mouth.

Chapter Six The Clogged Immune System


The battle of the esophagus continued. Lin had the cone-shaped cells gather together and form an enormous ball covered in spike to roll among the enemies. Then Lin had the acid ejectors and the diggers deal with the remaining enemies. Using this method, Lin gained a slight advantage.


But the advantage quickly ended. New types of the oval worm’s defense cells appeared. Other than the white cells that used tentacles to wrap around cells, a kind of round and flat cell appeared. These cells were very small, but they would stick to Lin’s cells like suckers, secret toxins destroying the outer membrane of the cell, killing the cell in the end.


Lin could not efficiently kill these round and flat cells that were only one-fifth the cells of basic cells. The enemy gradually gained the upper hand.


Lin’s army was surrounded in the middle of the esophagus. The defence cells of the oval worm were all around them. The invasion appeared as though it was going to fail. However, Lin did not panic because its reinforcements had arrived.


The oval worm was motionless. It seemed to stop unnecessary activity and expenditure so that its energy could be used to defend against Lin’s invading cells.


Due to this, the oval worm did not notice that some bright red cells had swam in through its mouth.


Because of the fear that something dangerous would occur, Lin had always maintained the number of infectors at ten. This time, Lin had five infectors enter the oval worm’s esophagus.


The infectors looked like red basic cells without any defenses. When they entered, they were surrounded by the white cells of the oval worm and then immediately torn into pieces. Even their nucleus was destroyed.


However, the viruses that was inside the infectors were released as a result. These terrifying bright red things burrowed into the white cells and then destroyed cell nuclei. Then the outer burst and thousands of viruses were released.


These viruses continued to burrow into the surrounding cells and repeat the process. The bright red nightmare immediately spread inside the oval worm’s esophagus.


Originally, Lin’s troops had been heavily surrounded, and the defense cells of the oval worm, that had almost achieved victory, collapsed in this moment. They had no way of dealing with the viruses that had suddenly appeared. In order to avoid becoming producers of the viruses, they could only scatter and flee. At the same time, they stopped surrounding Lin’s troops.


The bright red virus started to spread from where they first entered the esophagus. After meeting up with Lin’s troops in the middle of the esophagus, Lin planned to take these viruses and give chase deeper into the oval worm’s body.


The bright red viruses would infect Lin’s cells, but just like before, other than becoming red, nothing happened to Lin’s cells.


Lin deliberately had some cells carry the virus had chase down the esophagus after the oval worm’s fleeing defence cells.


The remaining viruses continued to destroy the oval worm’s already damaged esophagus. The viruses did not just attack the scattered cells. They could even burrow into the wall of the esophagus created by the blue cells, and then started to furiously spread from inside.


From the outside, the oval worm once again twisted in pain. It abruptly threw its head, and threw out a large volume of blue flecks that also contained large numbers of viruses.


Then it laid back on the ice wall and once again became motionless.


Lin’s cell army chased after the fleeing cells deep into the esophagus. Lin found that they suddenly turned into a small hole in the esophagus and then had the army chase after them.


The little hole’s passageway twisted and bended. Lin’s cell army swam in it for a while but it didn’t see any of the fleeing cells. Suddenly, a wall made out of blue cells appeared in front of Lin’s army.


Was this a dead end? Should it turn back? No … …




Lin’s cells immediately charged. The cone-shaped cells and the diggers create hole after hole in this blockade made out of blue cells, and wound after wound. Then the acid ejectors sprayed large volumes of dissolving fluid on the surface. Lin decided to destroy this wall!


Under Lin’s attack, the wall started to twist as though it was in great pain.


Lin did not plan on stopping. It continued to attack and create damage on this wall of cells. The acid ejectors even managed to corrode an enormous hole that almost penetrated through the wall.


At this time, countless tiny holes suddenly opened on the wall. Large numbers of cells charged out. These were the defense army of the oval worm which had retreated previous. Lin had thought before they had gone to hide somewhere. It hadn’t expected the defense cells to suddenly come out of the wall, and in such great numbers.


The viruses in the esophagus had not spread to this location, but many of Lin’s cells were red. This meant they carried viruses. Lin had the red cells charge towards the enemy. If the cells were killed, the viruses they carried would be released.


The round and flat cells immediately surrounded the red cells. Then the round and flat cells’ toxic fluid corroded the membranes of the red cells. The viruses flooded out and invaded the round and flat cells


The round and flat cells twisted their bodies in pain. After the viruses invaded their nucleus, they became producers of viruses. In the next moment, they released numerous viruses.


But this time, the defence cells of the oval worm did not seem to fear this. They only avoided the viruses. Lin saw some unique cells appear. These cells were unlike the round and flat cell or the white cell. It was a third kind of cell. It seemed to have a spout. The cells sprayed a strange grey fluid from that spout.


The viruses lost their ability to infect upon contact with the fluid. They could not burrow into the membrane of the cells and could only roam aimlessly.


They seemed to be called “immune cells?” This term appeared in Lin’s thoughts. However, who cared if they were immune or not as long as they were killed.


As Lin thought this, Lin had the devourers charge towards the cells that were spraying fluid and chew them to pieces.


The fluid that had been sprayed did not affect most of the viruses as the immune cells were large and few. These viruses started to spread freely here, burrowing into all the cells in their surroundings and then spread even faster.


The remaining defence cells immediately shrank back into the little holes in the wall. A while later, they swam out with a few immune cells.


Then Lin killed them.


There were not many of the immune cells. It was extremely easy for Lin to kill them. The other cells seemed to be extremely wary of Lin’s red cells Even when Lin was killing the immune cells, the other defence cells did not try to help.


Lin’s cells stayed in front of this wall that produced immune cells to stop any immune cell from appearing and attacking the virus. The remaining work was left to the viruses.


The oval worm that had lost the immune cells could not stop the viruses. The viruses didn’t just destroy the esophagus, they spread deeper. Lin didn’t know how long it would take the virus to kill the entire oval worm, but it would be easy to guess from looking at the oval worm’s response from the outside.


At the beginning, the oval worm had been calmly leaning against the ice wall. Then it slowly became restless. It started to smash itself, scratching with its segmented limbs as though it was going mad from pain.


“Going mad” seemed to be an interesting term. It seemed to mean that one could not control themselves?


But this did not end there. Large volumes of fluid started to come out of many other places in the oval worm. It continued to spray the cells out of its body as it smashed itself on the surroundings in pain. The phenomenon continued for a long while before the oval worm finally stopped moving and sank to the bottom of the water.


This seemed to be called “Dying from bleeding from the seven orifices.”


Lin obtained several new terms and felt that they were interesting, even though it only understood part of the meaning.


The viruses were terrifying. Its ability to kill cells and unlimited ability to reproduce allowed it to kill such an enormous organism


But if Lin hadn’t blocked the immune cells, the viruses most likely would not have succeeded.


Most importantly, Lin won.


While it had been a difficult battle, Lin won.


Lin desired to immediately disassemble this oval worm and see how this organism was constructed.


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