修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Ninety Three “Action”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Ninety Three – Action

The leaders of the factions of Nether Realm had gathered together in this hall. This was the first time that the Nether King had called a meeting after taking the throne. The ones who came were all the strongest of their region and held important statuses.

This was the largest meeting in the history of Nether Realm. In the era of the old Nether King, there had been no central governance, and a meeting of such scale had never been called.

This was the first time many people attended the king’s meeting.

The large hall of Nether King Palace was completely silent. Everyone sat properly and the Nether King was seated high upon the throne.

They were slightly shocked at being summoned. At the coronation for the Nether King, they had taken turns to swear fealty towards the new king. Everyone was secretly speculating about the content of this meeting.

The most plausible conclusion they reached was that it was time to settle the debts. King was likely going to sentence the rebels of Eastern Nether Mansion and Northern Plains Ice Mansion.

The mood inside the hall was slightly depressed. People’s hearts were in the air. The great majority of them had not publicly supported the new king. If the new king remembered this, then they would not have good days in the future.

At this time, each of them were anxious and afraid for themselves.

Seeing on the throne, Zuo Mo looked down at his subordinates. He could clearly see the panic and fear in their eyes.

Behind the mask, Zuo Mo laughed. He had no intentions of carrying out a great purge of his political enemies. This was a once in a thousand year chance sitting in front of him. How would he waste it on instituting a new political order? The price of a great cleanse would be a long period of instability and internal conflict, resulting in a decrease in power.

He slowly spoke, his voice deep and aloof, “I have summoned everyone for one matter.”

Everyone’s expressions immediately became nervous. Some people unconsciously straightened.

“I’m preparing to invade Hundred Savage Realm.”

After Zuo Mo said this, it was completely silent. Everyone thought that they had heard it incorrectly.

Moments later, the hall exploded.

Everyone was stunned by the topic that King had raised. No one had expected that King would plan to attack Hundred Savage Realm only a few days after ascending to the throne.

This this this … … was so great!

Zuo Mo looked at the people below. Their panicked expression had disappeared and was replaced by joy and excitement.

As expected, the mo liked fighting!

Zuo Mo was slightly startled inside. If this was any other place and he had just ascended to the throne, advisors would urge him to first stabilize his power. However, these people seemed to be even more interested in attacking Hundred Savage Realm than Zuo Mo was. [1]

Actually, this was because Zuo Mo did not understand the previous political situation.

After Shi united Nether Realm, all of Nether Realm had hoped to march on Hundred Savage Realm. However, Shi had refused their petitions. The reason that Shi had united Nether Realm was because this was his homeland. He had no ambitions towards Hundred Savage Realm’s territory.

But the Nether Realm was filled with excitement and hope towards conquest. They thought that Nether Realm was overwhelmingly strong compared to their opponent, and Hundred Savage Realm could not stop them. The time to unite the mo had arrived. But under Shi’s unquestioned authority their ambitions and hopes were suppressed.

So when Zuo Mo threw out the topic, the people exploded.

“King! The Ghost Nether Clan is willing to be the vanguard!” The clan leader of the Ghost Nether clan stood up and said excitedly.

This seemed to poke the hornet’s nest.

“The Daxi Nether Horse Clan is most suitable for being the vanguard!” A tall and thin middle-aged person stood up.

“Please, your Daxi Nether Horse Clan is best used as spies. We, the Vajra Rhino Clan, are the best to be the vanguard!” A large man that was broad-boned and sturdily built came out with a proud expression. The horn on his head flashed with fierce light.

No one would concede to the others, and the fighting did not stop.

In Zuo Mo’s eyes, this group reminded him of a busy scene from the morning market. A beat later, he recovered. He had originally thought that people would be cautious towards such a serious decision, if not outright opposing it. He hadn’t thought it would be a situation like this.

This group of people were fighting to be first as though there was a prize to be earned.

People shouted, their faces flushed, spit flying. Some people pointed at others noses and swore. Others appeared as though they were about to push up their sleeves and start to fight.

An Mo frowned, and then shouted, “You are in front of King!”

His voice was not loud but the entire hall immediately quieted.

An Mo’s status had been high before, and right now, he was both loyal to and deeply trusted by King. His authority was second only to King.

“It seems that people are interested.”

On the throne, Zuo Mo looked at the people below. He nodded and then said, “An Mo, I will let you arrange this. Liang Wei, you will assist An Mo.”

An Mo had the ability, the authority, and the experience moreover  he was extremely loyal. He was the best choice.

“Yes!” An Mo responded.

“Yes!” Liang Wei also responded.

Zuo Mo did not give out direct orders. He didn’t know any of these people and wasn’t familiar with any of the factions. It would be better to leave this to An Mo. In terms of strength, Nether Realm was much stronger than Hundred Savage Realm. As long as they didn’t make a fatal mistake, they would win.

A honest and open attack was the right path of war.

An Mo was an astounding battle general. Maybe he was not as adaptable as Gongsun Cha and Bie Han, but he was reliable and would not make rash decisions. Also, there was Liang Wei. While Zuo Mo had not seen astounding any performances from Liang Wei on their journey, he was the only one other than Gongsun Cha Shidi that had won Pu Yao’s praise.

Zuo Mo was filled with anticipation towards Liang Wei’s abilities.

If Liang Wei had Lil’ Miss’ skill, no, even Bie Han’s skill, Zuo Mo could die happy. Three top level battle generals, they could rival Kun Lun!

Soon, the news that King had decided to invade Hundred Savage Realm spread.

All of Nether Realm boiled.

An Mo did not fail Zuo Mo’s hopes. He quickly finished organizing and gathering supplies and troops at an astounding speed. The army of three hundred thousand that had surrendered to Zuo Mo had been in his control all this time.

These three hundred thousand people were the main force for invading Hundred Savage Realm this time. An Mo announced that this war was how they would atone for their crimes. They needed to use service to trade for the futures of their clansmen.

An army of three hundred thousand.

In An Mo’s view, this army of three hundred thousand elites was enough. No one in Hundred Savage Realm would be able to stop such a large army.

But would the other factions tolerate passing over such a good chance to expand? Their actions would create opportunities for others.

All of Nether Realm believed that this battle would be likely to be the one to unite the mo. This would be a great battle that would leave a great mark on history!

Anyone that missed participating in this would regret it for the rest of their lives.

These people almost broke the gates of An Mo’s resistance. An Mo was bothered by their requests but he knew what these people thought. He immediately spread the word that only the elite of each clan qualified to attend this campaign.

Large clans picked the elite members from inside their clan and formed elite battalions to participate. Those little clans didn’t have so many elites but each clan would have a few experts. These experts left their clan grounds and participated as individuals.

Zuo Mo never thought that his decision would end up like this. His personal reputation had been of great effect.

Such a great movement could not be concealed.

Hundred Savage Realm and all of the world learned that Nether Realm was about to invade Hundred Savage Realm.

Almost all the elite of Nether Realm had gathered under the Nether King’s command. An army of five hundred thousand!

It was the largest battalion to appeared in in thousands of years. All of Hundred Savage Realm shook in fear. All the factions were so shocked by this unprecedented battalion that they lost the ability to speak.

Even Kun Lun received a shock.

The entire world feared the Nether King that made such major moves just after ascending to the throne.


Kun Lun.

After entering god-level, Lin Qian’s presence was even more controlled. At this time, he looked the same as an ordinary person. In front of him, Chao Xin, Xue Dong, Mu Xuan, Mi Nan, and the other higher-ups of Kun Lun were gathered together.

“This Nether King is skilled! An army of five hundred thousand! Hundred Savage Realm is in danger!’ Xue Dong tsked in wonder.

Everyone agreed with this.

Lin Qian said, “What does everyone feel about the Nether King’s chances of winning?”

“A certain win!” Xue Dong did not hesitate. He and Lin Qian were extremely close and so he had no restraints.

Xue Dong was the head battle general of Kun Lun. His words carried great weight.

Lin Qian’s gaze turned towards other people.

Mu Xuan nodded in agreement.

Mi Nan had just joined Kun Lun and wanted to demonstrate his abilities. Seeing Lin Qian’s gaze turn to him, he said in detail, “An army of five hundred thousand. The first faction will attack are the Mo Marshal Alliance and the Heroes Alliance which are both declining. They may even surrender immediately. The only one that is a threat to the Nether King will be the Mo Shen Temple. However, the difference in power between the two is too great. The Mo Shen Temple will be able to hold out for a while, but definitely not for long. The power of a god-level is not for show. The Nether King will not just win, but most likely win quickly!”

Lin Qian’s expression was grave as he sighed, “It seems the mo uniting cannot be avoided. This is not good news for our Kun Lun.”

Chao Xin also had a smiliarly serious expression as he said, “This new Nether King is a great enemy to Kun Lun. It is likely that our final enemy will be them. Right now, we need time. If the Nether King, unites the mo, he won’t just have a territory of two realms, he will be the king of all mo. The mo race is very strange. Once a king appears among them, they will become extremely united.”

Everyone nodded.

Chao Xin continued, “The Nether King that will possess two realms will become the strongest faction alongside with Kun Lun. Right now, we need to consider what will the Nether King do after uniting the mo?”

Xue Dong pondered this. “There are two possible paths. One is attacking Mo Cloud Sea or Gu Liang Dao. While our territories also border the mo territories, the possibility that they attack us is not high. The Nether King might not be prepared to fight to the death against us just yet. The other path is to attack the yao.”

“Yes.” Mi Nan nodded. “Mo Cloud Sea or Gu Liang Dan cannot stop the Nether King. They will be the most likely targets and he will conquer both of them. If this occurs, it will be detrimental to us. The best outcome is if he attacks the yao. Ming Yue Ye is not a easy person to deal with. The best for us is if the two are both wounded.”

“Time!” Chao Xin’s eyes flashed with cold light. “We need to strengthen ourselves during the time the Nether King is uniting the mo. We need to keep our advantage against the Nether king. If we can unite the Four Realm before he completely takes over the Hundred Savage Realm, he can only attack the yao.”

“Then who will we attack first?” Lin Qian said.

“North Tian Huan!” Chao Xin said coldly.

“North Tian Huan!” Xue Dong said gravely.

“North Tian Huan is weak, and is like a bone in our throats that must be plucked first!” Mu Xuan said.

“North Tian Huan!” Mi Nan was in a complex mood.

“Then let us move!” Lin Qian said briskly.


Translator Ramblings: Fang Xiang’s lost the power rankings somewhere along the way, but this might be the equivalent of five hundred thousand jindan. Quite a bit greater than Zuo Mo’s first Vermillion Bird Camp.

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