修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Nine Hundred “Fight To The Death”

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Chapter Nine Hundred – Fight To The Death

Mi Nan’s face was black.

He received Xue Dong’s orders asking him to immediately move closer to Mu Xuan to surround Bie Han. If they could destroy Sin Battalion, it would be a heavy blow to Mo Cloud Sea.

Both Yang Yuan Hao and Gu Liang Dao were top battle generals, but in the eyes of Kun Lun, their threat level, and the threat levels of Gongsun Cha and Bie Han were not at the same level.

This difference was like the difference between Mi Nan and Xue Dong.

However, Mi Nan was unable to leave being tied down by Mu Shuang.

A few days ago, he had crippled Mu Shuang Battalion. Only slightly more than a thousand people were left. But this thousand with the support of a few normal battalions were forcing Mi Nan to stay.

The cruelty and harshness of the battle surpassed Mi Nan’s imagination.

The other’s defense line was in shambles but they were steadfast. Mi Nan’s side would bombard them, but once they stopped, the enemy would rush out of somewhere, leapt at them, and dragged them down to die.

Even Mu Shuang was fighting at the front lines. The normal battalions they usually dismissed were fearless.

Everyone was familiar with each other. Mi Nan’s battalion and Mu Shuang’s battalion knew each other well. Some were even relatives.

Mi Nan was also familiar with Mu Shuang. He knew that the old person on the other side had the desire to die with his enemies.

Tian Huan had already died.

Mi Nan knew that this was troublesome.

Mu Shuang was a just person but was deeply respected in Tian Huan. If he decided to sacrifice himself, countless people would follow him to leap like moths to a flame.

As expected, Mi Nan Battalion was scared by the enemy’s furiousness and fearlessness. Their morale was low. Mu Shuang’s side did not have the strength, but they had the will to die so they did not fear death. Mi Nan Battalion actually started to decline back when Mi Nan split up Tian Huan. For a battalion, if they did not have strong core beliefs, they could never become a top battalion.

Usually, it couldn’t be seen, but once it came to a battle like this when they needed to put their lives on the line, it would be exposed.

When he saw the fear in the eyes of the commanders, Mi Nan’s heart turned cold. If Mi Nan did not usually keep strong control on the discipline of the battalion, this battalion would have collapsed already.

A hint of confusion flashed through Mi Nan’s eyes. Sometimes, he would wonder if he was correct in what he did.

But soon, his gaze cleared up.

He took a deep breath. He was also pushed to the precipice as well! If he lost this battle, he would lose everything. All the power and glory would be far from his reach!

Mi Nan’s gaze flashed with vicious light.

He had no choice!

You want to to fight to the death!?

Mu Shuang, I will satisfy you!


Mu Xuan was in a terrible state. She hadn’t expected that she would encounter Bie Han.

She had suffered a small loss against Gongye Xiao Rong. That had been due to carelessness. Carelessness should not occur in a battle general of her level, but fortunately, the loss had not been large.

But when she encountered Bie Han Sin Battalion, the pressure on Mu Shuang suddenly increased.

From a long time ago, Bie Han had entered the ranks of top battle generals but his ranking had always been low. People’s evaluation of Bie Han was never high. Offensively strong and weak defensively, skilled in charges, weak in strategy, however, Bie Han’s Sin Battalion was still one of the few undefeated battalions of the world.

Gongsun Cha’s Vermillion Bird Camp and Bie Han’s Sin Battalion had never lost a fight.

The two were both top battle generals but what they had experienced was completely different. Lil’ Miss Gongsun had been of low birth, but he had what could be considered a smooth path on this road of becoming a battle general. Even as he became a top battle general, almost everyone’s evaluations of Gongsun Cha were strangely similar. This was a great battle general, he had powerful strength, astounding strategic vision, and even more terrifyingly, he had no clear weaknesses.

Bie Han had one been thought of a young genius on the same level as Jiang Zhe but then was buried for many years. He betrayed Xuan Kong Temple, returned to Hundred Savage Realm yet what he encountered was disdain and mockery. He couldn’t even get the jinzhi on his body removed. No one was willing to help him.

These people were probably full of regret now, there had once been a great battle general in front of them … …

Fortunately, he encountered Zuo Mo, and had started to show his great power. But he was still not comparable to Gongsun Cha’s light.

Bie Han only changed people’s impressions of him at the battle of the Mo Marshals Alliance. While the battle had increased people’s opinion of him, Sin Battalion had been heavily injured. People once again had a negative outlook on Bie Han.

An unique genius that endured great hardship was probably the best description of Bie Han.

However, Bie Han still became a famous battle general. Even someone like Mu Xuan felt anxious facing him. Having just suffered a loss, Mu Xuan Battalion had reduced power and their morale was low. Mu Xuan would not care about these things when she was facing other enemies, but this was a terrible matter when she faced Bie Han’s Sin Battalion.

When taking over Xi Xuan, Bie Han had defeated all the factions with the remnants of Sin Battalion until they didn’t know which way was north.

And right now … …


They were complete! Sin Battalion had a way of getting reinforcements.

Mu Xuan’s eyes narrowed and swept across Sin Battalion. She did not find any new member of Sin Battalion. They didn’t look any different than before.

Bie Han did not intend to waste words, and immediately set up an offensive formation.

Mu Xuan’s gaze turned cold, and flush rose on her face.

She was wary of Bie Han but didn’t fear him. Any top battle general would never lack confidence and the trust that they would win. Otherwise, they would not have gotten to where they were!

Her eyes flashing with cold light, Mu Xuan shouted, “Teams, Coiling Wind Sword Formation!”

Before she finished speaking, the formation changed. The troops had been in organized ranks before, but now they were like strands of swaying sea grass.

Each “sea grass” was giving off faint light. They gathered their shen power and waited for the incoming attacks.

Bie Han looked expressionlessly at the formation in front of him that was filled with killing intent. It was not unexpected to him that Mu Xuan had used a battle formation designed to grapple. She was famed for her detailed tactics. Sword formations had many variations and could change quickly. No matter what style the opponent used, they could quickly find a method to subdue them.

While his expression was still cold, there seemed to be a ball of fire burning inside Bie Han. His blood boiled at being able to fight against a powerful opponent.

The [Arsonist] seemed to feel his fighting spirit. It flowed with light as though fire was streaming by.

[Arsonist] had been constantly modified and improved by Gold Crow Camp in these tens years. It was slightly different from when Zuo Mo had forged it.

Not just [Arsonist], even Sin Battalion that surrounded him was filled with fighting spirit. They were connected mentally with Bie Han. Bie Han felt as though he was in a sea of fire.

It was the first time he had encountered this.


Sin Battalion attack!


Sky Wood Jie being lost announced the defeat of the five jie defense line.

There was no meaning in holding the five jie defense line. The soulless Mo Shen Temple and Heroes Alliance retreated in panic almost overnight.

The morale of Nether Realm rose.

All Hail The King!

Unite The Mo!

People finally started to dream of the day that the mo would be united

After defeating the five jie defense line, all of Hundred Savage Realm appeared in front of the Nether King’s great army. Zuo Mo did not hesitate and allowed the army to move in. The factions along the way surrendered as they arrived.

One reason was because the Nether Realm army was truly powerful, and the other was one that Zuo Mo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about, the King’s Horn.

The King’s Horn was something from the legends and these legends all resurfaced now. All the rumors said that the Nether King was likely to be the king to next unite the mo.

It came to the point that whenever they came to a place, An Mo and the others would ask Zuo Mo to blow the King’s Horn.

With Zuo Mo’s shen power, when the King’s Horn was blown, the entire jie would hear it!

Zuo Mo gaped at the effectiveness of this move. If he blew the King’s Horn on the first day, then on the second waves of faction leaders would come in to willingly surrender.

There was nothing more effective than this move!

Zuo Mo used this method to quickly take over the territory of the Mo Marshals Alliance. He had the upper hand, and taking over the territory meant that he was connected to Mo Cloud Sea.

This allowed Zuo Mo to sigh in relief.

What was left was only the Heroes Alliance and the Mo Shen Temple.

The Heroes Alliance was not strong and they were only a loose organization. Zuo Mo placed no importance on it. The one that could be an obstacle to the army was the Mo Shen Temple.

The Mo Shen Temple wasn’t just the largest and the strongest faction, the rule of the Mo Shen Temple was strong.

Zuo Mo’s advance speed was not fast. While he was in a hurry, he did not want any accidents to happen at the rear. Only after taking over all of the Mo Marshals Alliance’s territory did Zuo Mo decided to speed up.

At this time, Liang Wei sent a message back.

An Mo was reliable and had the authority so he was left with Zuo Mo. If he was in charge, it would save great trouble for Zuo Mo. Liang Wei was sensitive and reactive, clever and suitable for being leading the attack.

As expected, Liang Wei’s results were outstanding. Other than leading the King’s Horn, he also led one hundred thousand troops. They were extremely ferocious and headed directly for Heroes Alliance.

At this time, Heroes Alliance had not given up and appeared as though they wanted to fight to the death.

Yet Liang Wei executed a feint maneuver. He left the army camp secretly and led the King’s Horn to move through the night to suddenly appear at the flanks of the enemy’s defense line.

A perfect Liang Wei-style ambush!

The Heroes Alliance was alarmed and panicked. They moved their battalions to surround the King’s Horn.

The astounding capabilities of the King’s Horn were on display in this battle. They fought and moved. They were at ease in front of battalions that outnumbered them by dozens of times. They defeated seven large battalions in succession.

Liang Wei pulling around caused the defense line of the Heroes Alliance to weaken. The one hundred thousand army that had been waiting immediately attacked on all fronts.

The Heroes Alliance defense line immediately crumbled.

Afterwards, Liang Wei seemed to suddenly appear out of the mist heading for the core army of the Heroes Alliance.

The King’s Horn seemed to be untouchable.

Liang Wei captured all the higher ranking members of the Heroes Alliance. Three days later, the Heroes Alliance surrendered.

The battle made Liang Wei famous!


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