修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Nine Hundred and Three “In The Name of Eldest Shixiong”

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Chapter Nine Hundred and Three- In the Name of Eldest Shixiong

The entire battalion in front of Lin Qian instantly exploded.

The exploding shen power formed a while sea that swallowed up Lin Qian. One hand holding tightly onto the Immemorial Sword, Lin Qian was protect behind the shield of light. He was filled with regret.

A famed general had died so simply.

Wanting to take him down as well? Pity … …

Suddenly, Lin Qian seemed to detect something. Almost at the same time, a great power collided with his light shield.

The light shield immediately shattered. This was Shuang Yu’s attack before his death.

The moment the shield of light shattered, Lin Qian’s Immemorial shook and formed a round barrier to protect him.

Pop pop pop!

The surging power seemed to find a target and flooded over. Each wave of power was insignificant to Lin Qian, but they came too quickly and there were too many!

The sword circle shattered.

Lin Qian gave a muffled grunt. Using this wave of power, he broke free of the wild ocean of power.

Having gotten free, Lin Qian looked from afar at the ocean of shen power .

He watched as it gradually calmed, and the ripples of power faded in the air.

Such an intense opponent!

Lin Qian sighed inwardly. Gu Liang Dao’s last attack used the entirety of his skill at controlling battle formations. He used the battle formation and astounding technique in control to self-destruct the entire battalion all at once. This kind of thing was never heard of before. Even Lin Qian had to admit that this was an opponent worthy of respect.

It was the first time he was wounded after entering god-level.

The wound was not serious. He would heal after resting for a few days. Lin Qian was not concerned. It was really profitable to pay this small price for destroying a top battle general and a top battalion.

A pity that Yang Yuan Hao was much more cunning and was harder to find. If Gu Liang Dao’s desire for revenge hadn’t been so strong, Kun Lun would not have cornered him so easily.

The impact of Gu Liang Dao’s death would be as a huge one for Mo Cloud Sea. When he thought of this, Lin Qian was satisfied.

At this time, a howling came from afar.

The howling seemed to contain the faint tinge of a dragon’s presence.

Lin Qian looked in the direction of the howl. The horizon seemed to be dyed in red and was unspeakably terrifying. A figure seemed to draw a bloody arc across the sky and was charging over at astonishing speed.

The figure suddenly disappeared from view.

In the next moment, a upright figure carrying a sword appeared in front of Lin Qian.

Lin Qian’s pupils suddenly contracted.

Wei Sheng!

What caused Lin Qian’s heart to sink was that other than the faint presence of dragon, Wei Sheng had the same presence as he did. Lin Qian knew what this meant.


Wei Sheng was god-level!

Waves formed inside his mind. In that battle of the Central Plains, he had seen with his own eyes how Wei Sheng had burnined shen power to fight. He knew what the consequences of burning shen power were. Wei Sheng burning shen power back then at his power level should have died. Even if he managed to survive, he would be crippled.

How … … how could he have entered god-level!

A hint of sorrow flashed through Wei Sheng’s eyes!

He had come a step too late!

The remnants of shen power remnants here revealed what that just happened. But when Wei Sheng’s gaze landed on Lin Qian’s face, it turned to steely determination.

“Long time no see, Brother Wei.” Lin Qian was warm and polite. “I hadn’t thought that Brother Wei had entered god-level as well. Brother Wei has finally found the sword path of your heart, as expected of us sword xiu.”

Wei Sheng shook his head. “The sword I practice is not the same as yours.”

“Yes.” Lin Qian nodded. “It is hard to say who is right or wrong on the path of the sword. However, we can determine who is strong or weak. Wei Sheng, do you dare to fight me in the name of the sword?”

Lin Qian pointed his sword at Wei Sheng, his white robes flying, his presence intimidating.

“If it was anyone else, I would give them the chance for a fair fight. But the fight between you and I is not a study of our paths of the sword, it is a matter of vengeance.” Wei Sheng did not avoid Lin Qian’s gaze and said honestly, “I once swore a sword oath to destroy Kun Lun for Wu Kong. Today, one of us will die!”

Wei Sheng’s tone was like the hum of a sword, decisive and intimidating. The God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand shrieked as it pointed at Lin Qian.

Lin Qian knew that his attempted scheme had failed. He had just been lightly wounded. He would not fear the disadvantage if it was any other person. But he hadn’t expected that Wei Sheng was also god-level. This seemingly insignificant wound could prove to be fatal in a battle between god-level experts.

He had originally wanted to arouse Wei Sheng’s devotion to the sword and take advantage attack his psyche. He had thought that Wei Sheng would fall for it. Even if he didn’t, it would leave behind a shadow in his heard because he had won unfairly.

He hadn’t thought that Wei Sheng was honest and true to himself. A person like this could not be affected by simple words.

The unpredictable consequences of his past machinations had created such a great enemy in Mo Cloud Sea. One could only say that fate was fickle.

Lin Qian threw away his stray thoughts. While he was at a disadvantage, he was not scared. He smiled. “Alright! As Kun Lun’s  Eldest Shixiong and Wu Kong Eldest Shixiong, then in the name of Eldest Shixiong, let’s settle this!”

Peerless Kun Lun and that rural little sect Wu Kong Sword Sect were finally placed on equal ground for the first time by the words from Lin Qian’s mouth.

Wei Sheng’s expression was normal but his heart was affected.

Teachers and Sect, this disciples Wei Sheng finally got this chance!

The God-Killing Blood Sword in Wei Sheng’s hand seem to feel Wei Sheng’s fury, sorrow, and excitement. It vibrated, and the entire sky turned bloody red. The sky roiled, and the rampaging killing intent filled the world.

The grass and trees on the ground quickly withered. The rivers ran red. Fissures opened on the ground, and there seemed to be blood flowing out.

The entire jie seemed to become a hellish world of blood.

The Immemorial Sword trembled violently in Lin Qian’s hand. Sharp peerless sword essences met in the air and exploded.

The threads of bloody energy would be torn apart when they got close to Lin Qian.

Feeling the fighting spirit of the Immemorial Sword in his hand, Lin Qian bowed his head and said with unusual determination, “Master, this disciple will not shame the name of Kun Lun!”

Raising his head, Lin Qian’s pupils turned into a metallic blue. The sharp killing intent became slightly more grave.

The red and the blue shen swords faced off like fated enemies.


Bie Han looked indifferently at the dazzling variations of Mu Xuan Battalion’s formations  as though it did not matter.

He could see the other’s intentions. Mu Xuan wanted to delay him until the reinforcements came.

Pity, if Mu Xuan knew that Xue Dong was being delayed by Gongsun Cha and Mi Nan had suffered heavy fatalities, would she still act this way?

Bie Han’s gaze swept across the bodies of Sin Battalion.

Those faces that were so similar. He thought of the memorial tablets placed neatly on the altars in Resting Island. No tablet was missing. All of the Sin Battalion members were represented there.

The present Sin Battalion was not the Sin Battalion of the past. The new Sin Battalion possessed complete souls. From when they were born, they were mentally connected to Bie Han. They were closer to mo steeds than puppets but they kept the battle instincts of the previous Sin Battalion members. Almost all of Mo Cloud Sea’s shen crystals had been spent on recreating Sin Battalion.

This Sin Battalion was most likely the most expensive battalion in the world.

When the last memorial tablet was place, the last chain on Bie Han’s heart was shattered. The new Sin Battalion caused him to feel joy and hope as though he was a child.

The past Sin Battalion had been weighed down by an aura of death. The present Sin Battalion brimmed with life.

He had stepped through the border of grey and hopelessness to touch the warmth of sunshine.

They had watched him study tactics under the dim lantern light in the lonely and cold days at Xuan Kong Temple. They had listened to him mumble to himself. No matter how difficult or hard, they had never left him.


Please do not worry about me.

A hint of warmth flashed through Bie Han’s eyes.

He raised his head, his eyes turning icy again. Mu Xuan Battalion changed formations at an astounding rate but it didn’t cause a ripple in his mind.

Mu Xuan Battalion was the most varied battalion he had ever seen. They were like a puddle of water that could change formation to fit the situation as they wished.

If an ordinary battalion encountered an enemy like this, they would find it troublesome.

But for Bie Han, he could see their weakness at a glance. Mu Xuan Battalion pursued variation, but they were much less skilled in terms of both defensive and offensive power.

Complex variations that lacked power were just decorative flourishes at his level.

Bie Han took a deep breath. Wisps of flame flew out of every member of Sin Battalion. Thousands of wisps of flame flew, rising into the sky in a beautiful display.

[Arsonist]  lit up. The flames quickly entered Bie Han’s body. The layers of flames flowed along the surface of the shen device and feathers made of fire grew freely.

The icy blue mo matrix at his neck flashed with eerie light.

Mu Xuan’s expression changed slightly.

Mo fighting methods!

She suddenly remembered that Bie Han was a battle general skilled at fighting in both xiuzhe and mo styles. Sin Battalion was also the only battalion that could fight in both styles.

Mu Xuan also knew the strengths and weaknesses of her battalion.

She did not fear the unreasonable attacks of the mo! In her view, the mo fighting tactics were savage, lacked technique, and ultimately were all the same. She did not fear ordinary mo battle generals. While one person with strength could defeat ten with skill, the battle style that focused on variation relied on softness to subdue hardness.

In terms of battle formation transformations, Mu Xuan believed that her battalion was at the top. No battalion was perfect.

While surrounded by fire, Bie Han’s heart was as cold as ice.

His obsessive cold demeanor meant that he was always clear-minded no matter the situation.

The battle formation changed again. Threads of sword energies were like an enormous whirlpool. Any strong attacks would be skinned by these sword energies until they disappeared.

Pity, many enemies would forgot that before the battle with the Mo Marshal Alliance’s Shang Yu Sheng, Bie Han had never relied on mo fighting tactics to become a top battle general.

Battle formation variations were also one of the weapons that Bie Han was skilled in.

Bie Han’s gaze was completely cold, his lips curving icily. Having let go of his burdens, Bie Han was still obsessive, still mad, but was also calmer.

He reached out and pointed in the air at the center of the sword energy whirlpool

The surging power exploded at his fingertip.

A blinding red light fell like a comet towards the center of Mu Xuan’s battalion. It did not stop there. The other fingers on Bie Han’s hand tapped in the air as though he was playing an instrument.

Four even smaller red dots of light flew towards the corners of the whirlpool, positioning themselves in a formation.

Five Star Formation Break!


Translator Ramblings: Can you imagine this story if Wei Sheng and Lin Qian were on the same side? That would have been a one-sided battle.

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