修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Nine Hundred and Twelve “Youqin’s Ten Years of Preparation”

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Chapter Nine Hundred and Twelve – Youqin Lie’s Ten Years of Preparation

The top brass of the yao races were fighting intensely.

Lin Qian’s counterattack had shocked the yao. Thinking about an ocean of several hundred thousand people flooding over caused everyone to feel powerless.

Except for fighting back using the same method, no one had any other solution.

In the final battle between Kun Lun and Mo Cloud Sea, the yao favored Kun Lun. Kun Lun’s great unity was of great effect here. The consequences of Zuo Mo having gone missing for ten years usually couldn’t be seen, but no one could avoid it at this time.

And the mo, the former natural allies of the yao.

They were pressuring the yao at this time.

The intense arguments filled the meeting room. Ming Yue Ye sat at the head of the room, her eyes closed as though she was resting. Feng Xin Zi and Youqin Lie were standing to her left and right.

The yao were on the weaker side. Even worse was that they did not have a god-level expert.

Mu Xi and Bing Lan could not solve this problem. At this present stage, a god-level was undefeatable.

Suddenly, a voice spoke over everyone without any warning.

“Everyone, please do not waste anymore time.”

The voice was not loud but it could be heard over the entire room. All of the arguments and conversations were cut off.

The one who spoke was an unfamiliar male. The male was wearing a copper mask.

“Who are you? Why do I not recognize you?” An elder’s face changed slightly. He glared angrily and shouted, “Who are you! You dare to sneak in … …”

The mask-wearing male completely dismissed the elder’s scolding. He stood up elegantly and bowed towards the crowd. He said softly, “Good day everyone, I am Nether King.”

The room was completely silent. Everyone was stunned by the words. No one spoke.

“Hah, oh, that’s not right.” The mask-wearing male laughed softly and said, “I am the Mo King now.”

Zuo Mo’s unfathomable presence descended on the meeting room like that of a god. Everyone felt as though they were gripped by an invisible hand. The strong feeling of suffocation caused their minds to turn blank.

Feng Xin Zi suddenly gave off strong light as shen power surged inside his body. He didn’t know how the Nether King had gotten into the meeting. But the compound was surrounded by experts. If they made a disturbance, the guards outside would flood in.

Yet a cold gaze penetrated his defense like an arrow. His shen power froze!

Not good!

Feng Xin Zi’s expression changed dramatically.

Was this the power of god-level?

Feng Xin Zi was the strongest expert under Ming Yue Ye’s command. As a pseudo god-level, he had few equals. However, just a gaze from the other had … …

Terror overcame his mind. He had thought he understood the strength of god-level, but the difference in was greater than he had predicted.

This was a gap that could not be crossed!

Feng Xin Zi sank into a short daze. He did not notice a blurry figure appear behind his back.

A purple light flashed.

Feng Xin Zi finally seemed to wake up. The strong feeling of danger made him turn into a berserk beast.

At this time, he felt the restraints around him tighten. He was unable to struggle.

In his wide eyes, that terrifying person wearing the mask moved to grab at him.

God-level … ..

This was the last words in his mind.

How could a pseudo god-level have the chance to fight back against a god-level and a pseudo god-level expert?

Killed in one attack!

Feng Xin ZI’s head flew up, the blood spraying onto the ceiling and dying it red.

Screams sounded inside the meeting room. The face of many elders went pale. They were frightened by this bloody scene. However, the sound in the meeting room was blocked off from the outside. The room was designed so people outside couldn’t hear the conversations inside. Even Feng Xin Zi had been killed in one move. The people who had wanted to attack shuddered.

Even Feng Xin Zi Daren … …

Ming Yue Ye’s gaze turned to Youqin Li and turned icy. “Good! Very good! Youqin Lie! You dare to collude with the Nether King!”

Ming Yue Ye was not stupid. Youqin Lie had been in charge of security for the entire venue. Only Youqin Lie had the ability to sneak a person inside so easily.

Youqin Lie bowed respectfully. “I am doing this for everyone’s good.”

The people present had ashen faces.

They knew the power that Youqin Lie held. The betrayal of such an important person meant that the enemy had already set up plans to deal with them.

Ming Yue Ye did not pay attention to Youqin Lie. She turned and said coldly, “Nether King is really skilled, such scheming.”

Zuo Mo smiled. Inside, he was completely won over by Pu Yao and Wei’s planning. Zuo Mo hadn’t thought much of Pu Yao and Wei’s plan all those years ago when they had told him about the blood summons and the seeds. Yet what he hadn’t expected was that all three seeds had been of momumental importance.

If Youqin Lie hadn’t guided him, he would not be able to find Ming Yue Ye if he came here.

Zuo Mo found a place to sit as though he was the host here.

“Alright, everyone, I believe I don’t need to say any harsh words. Let us now discuss the future of the yao.”

Zuo Mo’s words easily passed into everyone’s ears.

“Do not be delusional!” Ming Yue Ye’s face was frosted over and her tone unusually determined. “Even if everyone dies here today, we will not pass your decisions. If you want to conquer the yao, send your army!”

Ming Yue Ye’s words aroused many people’s agreement. They glared with fury at Zuo Mo.

“Yes! If you want to conquer the yao, send your army!”

“Hmph, you want to use conspiracies that cannot be seen in public to take down the yao, naïve!”

Zuo Mo looked with surprise at Ming Yue Ye. He was not shocked at Ming Yue Ye’s determination but the other’s insight. Under such detrimental conditions, she was able to clearly see his intentions. It could be said that she originally had no chips in her hand but she had found some chips. While they were not many, there was some to bargain with.

She determined that Zuo Mo wanted to quickly and peacefully take care of the yao. Otherwise, he could just kill the people here, and then the army could invade. That would be the easiest method.

The loss of these leads would leave the yao in chaos, preventing a coordinated resistance against the mo army.

Zuo Mo did not do that. Ming Yue Ye immediately realized the crux.

Light laughter came behind the mask.

If he got pressured in such advantageous conditions, then Zuo Mo was not the Scalping Zombie!

Snap, Zuo Mo snapped his fingers and motioned to Youqin Lie.

Youqin Lie understood and stepped forward. He looked calmly at Mu XI.

Mu Xi suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Mu Xi Daren, the development of the Palace Lake Wood Clan is praiseworthy. However, under the prosperous appearance, there are always some fatal dangers. We have investigated all the youths of Palace Lake Wood Clan under the age of thirty. There are only twenty five that have reached silver battle general rank. The Dry Mark Yu Clan and the Mile Sea Xian Clan have more than four youths that are almost gold battle generals. If Mu Xi Daren is not present … …”

Youqin Lie did not continue and Mu Xi’s expression already changed.

She hadn’t thought that Youqin Lie had been investigating the Palace Lake Wood Clan in secret! Under the outward prosperity of the Palace Lake Wood Clan was a hidden weakness. The Dry Mark Yu Clan and the Mile Sea Xian Clan were the archenemies of the Palace Lake Wood Clan. In these past years, due to Mu Xi’s status, these two clans had been suppressed and constantly weakened.

If she died … …

She knew if Youqin Lie just curled his pinky, the two clans would not hesitate to swear loyalty. The fate of the Palace Lake Wood Clan could be imagined.

“Bing Lan Daren!” Youqin Lie bowed respectfully to Bing Lan as usual.

Bing Lan smiled coldly. “What? I want to hear how you will deal with me!”

Bing Lan had been an orphan from childhood and did not have the burden of a clan.

“Bing Lan Daren is not burdened by a clan. In other words, other than your own value as a battle general, Bing Lan Daren’s other value is insignificant.” Youqin Lie said easily, “As to Bing Lan Daren’s corps, you have twelve core commanders that have the same backgrounds as Daren. Of the twelve, nine of them have married. Their husbands, the clan leaders of the nine families, are currently guests of the Shadow Guard. Bing Lan Daren, do not worry, we will take good care of them.”

Bing Lan’s expression finally changed.

If she was not present, the fate of the corps … …

Youqin Lie’s gaze did not stop at Bing Lan. He turned his face and his gaze landed on an elder that was looking on calmly.

“Elder Xu is the one in the best situation of all the families. Elder Xu has managed his clan well, the clan is united, there are no enemies in the surroundings. You have battalions, and they are also exceptional.”

Elder Xu narrowed his eyes and couldn’t help but feel slight pride. What Youqin Lie said what he was most proud of. He was a person with power in the Council of Elders and his reputation was just below Bing Lan, Mu Xi and the others.

“Pity.” Youqin Lie suddenly shook his head and sighed. “In the past, Elder Xu schemed against the Ten Thousand Mile Gang, and had almost destroyed them.The Ten Thousand Mile Gang still alive and still remember Elder Xu’s generosity.”

The words Ten Thousand Mile Gang caused all the elders to change expression. They had heard of this organization before. The Ten Thousand Mile Gang had been vicious and stealthy in their actions. They had ruled with terror. Several decades ago, the Ten Thousand Mile Gang suddenly disappeared. No one had thought that Elder Xu was connected to the mysterious organization.

Elder Xu who had been calm from the start suddenly stood up as though his behind was on fire. He exclaimed in shock, “Impossible!”

Youqin Lie smiled at him. “Elder Xu, do not be in a hurry. We can discuss this in detail later.”

Then he dismissed Elder Xu. He went on discussing secret after secret as he made his way around the room. Youqin Lie recited the information and secrets of almost everyone present as though it was his own.

Suffocating terror and hopelessness spread through the meeting room.

Ming Yue Ye’s eyes were wide, and her face was white. She looked in disbelief at Youqin Lie.

Such detailed information, such careful preparation. She didn’t know how long this had been planned. This was not possible without years of investigation. She had not known at all! She had thought that Youqin Lie had betrayed her to the Nether King . Now, an even more absurd speculation uncontrollably appeared in her mind.

Youqin Lie was a spy of the Nether King!

Her heart continued to sink.

Youqin Lie’s move was vicious. These yao that held power would fall. These people, and the families behind them were the true core of the yao, and were the true ruling class of the yao.

All of her chips disappeared.

Translator Ramblings: All of Pu Yao and Wei’s seeds are such big trees.

Editor’s note:

Given the ending of a 10 year relationship between Ming Yue Ye and Youqin Lie, this felt appropriate.

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