修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Nine Hundred and Fourteen “Pride”

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Chapter Nine Hundred and Fourteen – Pride

The streets were flooded with people. Everyone’s expressions were reluctant as they occasionally turned their heads back.

“Everyone, please hurry!” A xiuzhe floated through the air, their voice passing to every corner through a sound amplification seal formation. “Please pay attention the vessel number of your ship, please notice the safety of your valuables. Parents with children, please pay attention to your child.”

“Everyone, do not worry, we will repay you for all your losses!”

Large numbers of xiuzhe floated in the air. Under their management, the lines were relatively maintained.

“Mama, will we return?” A child looked pleadingly at his mother.

The mother comfortingly patted the head of the little boy and said gently, “We will.”

“Really?” The little boy had a hopeful expression. “Great! Yun Yun said that she will also return. Then we can play together. Mama, when we will come back?”

“We will come back when we win,” the mother said patiently.

“Then we need to win fast!” The boy blurted out. He turned to look at his home.

The same retreat was happening throughout all the jies of Mo Cloud Sea.

The plan from Gongsun Cha and the others was faithfully carried out. All of Mo Cloud Sea started to move. Like an enormous machine, it started to turn.

All of the treasures ships and transportation ships were conscripted. The fleets covered the sky. Almost all the transportation formations were used at maximum capacity. Jingshi was used up as though it didn’t cost anything.

A movement of people of such scale had never happened before in history.

Mo Cloud Sea’s manpower and wealth was used to its limits.

This was the final battle!


Mu Xi received orders. The order was written by the Council of Elders, but she knew that the Nether King had been the one commanding her.

She was not very surprised. The two most outstanding battle generals of the yao were her and Bing Lan Daren. Bing Lan Daren had retired and gone to create a battle general house. She was the only one left.

As the new orders were announced, the yao had quickly stabilized. This meant that the king had taken control of the situation. What surprised Mu Xi was that the chaos she had imagined taking place hadn’t occurred. As the new orders were spread, the yao quickly walked out of the solemnity of the past purges and showed signs of prosperity.

This new king … … was really strong!

Mu Xi was not the only one who saw this. The other elders also saw this. Not every elder and prestigious family only knew greed. Actually, they hoped the yao would be prosperous more than anyone else because only when the yao were prosperous would they receive the greatest benefits.

Their resistance against the king was decreasing.

That Mo King proved that he could bring them more benefits.

Nothing made them obedient towards him more than this.

The Palace Lake Wood Clan was one of them.

The clever Wood Clan leader immediately detected the opportunity. He did not hesitate to show goodwill towards the Mo King. The Palace Lake Wood Clan had an advantage no other clan had. Their greatest trump card, Mu Xi!

Mu Xi knew the intentions of the clan. She had no objections.

Mu Xi became the commander in chief of the yao battalions. An astounding number of yao battalions that were were mobilized. Over three hundred thousand people. This was almost all of the battalions of the yao. Originally, the yao had more than this number, but Ming Yue Ye’s cleansing in years past had caused the number to decrease dramatically.

Mu Xi was not the young unknown girl of the past. She possessed resources and reputation now. As Bing Lan Daren faded from the limelight, she became the only qualified candidate to be commander in chief.

The movements of the Council of Elder attracted the eyes of the people. The movement of the battalions did not attract much attention as a result.

When Mu Xi reached the departure point, she was astounded. An army of over five hundred thousand mo were waiting with their weapons at ready. She immediately realized it would be a major mission.

An Mo politely received Mu Xi. In terms of position, the two were equal.

For the people below, they only thought this was a normal alliance of mo and yao. But among the higher ups of the mo, everyone was given a fright by the actions of the King. Uniting the yaomo, such an accomplishment had never occurred with the past mo kings.

An Mo, Liang Wei and the others who knew Zuo Mo’s identity were even more shocked and also extremely excited. Uniting the yaomo, leading Mo Cloud Sea- Without a doubt, King was about to unite the world.

Mu Xi’s gaze landed on Liang Wei.

This yao lead the first battalion of the four great mo battalions, the King’s Horn.

She looked at the mo side that was full of famed generals, and her own side with only her. Mu Xi grimaced. If the mo really attacked the yao, the yao most likely would not have held.

Had Ming Yue Ye Daren’s actions been wrong?

An absurd thought flashed through her mind.

She quickly came back.

Liang Wei detected Mu Xi’s gaze but he was not affected.

An Mo nodded in acknowledgement to Liang Wei. “We can start.” An Mo admired Liang Wei greatly. He didn’t know how King had managed to recruit Liang Wei. Once while talking to Liang Wei, they had discussed his experiences, and An Mo found it hard to understand. Such an outstanding battle general couldn’t find a place among the yao. Did the yao have so many outstanding battle generals?

The mo were skilled in attacking, skilled in fighting intensely. Among the four battle generals, no one was better than Liang Wei. Due to this, Liang Wei was in charge of the strategy and the other three his assistants.

Liang Wei understood. He didn’t waste words and said directly, “This time, our plan is to attack from here.”

His hand pointed towards a jie of Kun Lun.


“All battalions have finished gathering!” Xue Dong’s voice was filled with excitement. Excitement appeared on the faces of all the battle generals present.

This was a final battle unprecedented in its size. The number of people Kun Lun had conscripted reached two million and four hundred thousand!

A number that induced hopelessness!

Even they felt themselves shaking at the endless sea of people.

This was a power that could destroy everything!

Everyone stopped breathing and waited for the final order to attack.

Lin Qian stood up and said with a calm expression, “Then let us attack!”


The order passed through the ranks and into the army!

The army of two million and four hundred thousand was like a vast ocean that slowly moved forward. Nothing could halt their march.

Advance! Advance! Advance!

In the name of Kun Lun!


Bright Wood Jie!

Meteor Shower Jie!

Fifth Sky Jie!

Kun Lun’s army seemed to be unstoppable. They did not encounter any resistance. Empty jie, after empty jie, after empty jie!

Such an enormous battalion meant that they were unstoppable but it also meant they lost speed. The transportation formations along the way had been destroyed. They had to travel the jie rivers using transportation ships and they could not speed up.

Kun Lun quickly learned Mo Cloud Sea’s intentions.

“They want to delay us to death.” Chao Xin’s expression was slightly ugly. “A scorched earth strategy! This move is very effective!”

The other people had ugly expressions. They hadn’t encountered any fighting along the way as though the other was gifting them the territory. And in every jie, everything was destroyed. They could not scavenge any supplies.

Without realizing it, the morale of the main troops was being ground down. Victory would cause the morale to rise, but the enemy’s proactive surrender of land and scorched earth strategy made people feel as though they were punching into cotton. They couldn’t be happy.

Mo Cloud Sea’s intentions were clear. This was an open scheme.

But they didn’t have the option of retreat left to them.

“We need to speed up. We cannot give them time to retreat. We need to protect the supply lines.” Xue Dong looked at Lin Qian.

Lin Qian shook his head. “We surrender the supply lines.”

“Surrender the supply lines?” Everyone was frightened by Lin Qian’s idea.

The other’s scorched earth strategy meant they could not scavenge supplies. If they surrendered the supply lines… …

“This is the last battle for Kun Lun,” Lin Qian said coldly. “We do not have the ability to fight for long. I have already ordered the rear to transport supplies for three months as quickly as possible. They will be sent over in the next few days. After that, the supplies will move with the troops. The longer it takes, the more detrimental it is for us.”

Xue Dong and the others immediately understood. Their eyes lit up. “This is a good solution!”

Surrendering the supply lies meant that they didn’t need to worry that the enemy would attack their supplies.

“Three months!” Lin Qian’s eyes were sharp and his voice were frosty. “If we do not win, then we die!”

Everyone’s heart shook!

The sect leader’s determination was so strong.

“What methods do we have to increase our speed?” Lin Qian asked Chao Xin.

Chao Xin gritted out, “There is no solution for the larger force. If it is an army less than three hundred thousand, there is a possibility! However, without a god-level for protection, the three hundred thousand is in great danger!”

The other people were silent. A battalion without the protection of a god-level was extremely fragile.

This battalion looked terrifying because it had Lin Qian, the god-level, present. Without the protection of the god-level, this terrifying army would become a piece of fat meat.

In front of a god-level that could destroy a jie, numbers were meaningless.

Any kind of strength was relative.

If they split their forces, it would give the enemy chances.

Lin Qian understood. Only when the enemy god-level was occupied would Kun Lun’s strategy of numbers become truly effective.

Wei Sheng!

He had to occupy Wei Sheng!

“I’ll do it.” Lin Qian stood with a calm expression.

He did not refuse and didn’t even think, as though he was speaking of an ordinary matter.

His gaze swept across the  group and he said calmly, “If I die, the next sect leader is A Xin.”

The youth shook. He suddenly raised his head. But no one looked at him. Everyone looked in disbelief at Lin Qian.

Xue Dong felt as though something was stuck in his throat. He tried to make himself smile. He didn’t know that his smile was uglier than crying. “Do not say such inauspicious things… …”

Lin Qian smiled and then said seriously, “I can die, but Kun Lun can only win.”

Finishing, he turned and walked towards the door to the tent.

The bright sunshine came from the doorway. Lin Qian’s tall figure was silhouetted by the light and people could not see him clearly. Suddenly, his steps paused slightly.

“Starting today, you will not need to worry about Wei Sheng.”

The voice that came from the light was just as proud as usual.


Translator Ramblings: Looking back at all this, Pu Yao’s race ended up the worst. Poor guy.

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