傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S05-C05 “A Personage”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng is “saved” by two people from the Wild Wolf mercenaries who accused her of stealing. Mo Ling, Mo Zhu and Yu Fan are introduced.

Chapter Five  A Personage

“Mama!” Mo Ling saw the female walk down and rushed into the other’s arms like a happy little sparrow. The beautiful youth Mo Zhu also walked to the female and stood with a small smile. With such a beautiful mother, no wonder the two were also beautiful.

“Mother, we have finished preparing and can immediately.” The warm and elegant Mo Zhu said as he carefully stole a glance towards Aofeng . His face flushed again. He seemed to have very positive feelings towards this cold yet witty “young man.”

At this time, the middle-aged man with a broadsword on his back also saw Aofeng who was staring at him. His eyebrow twitched and he couldn’t help but blurt out in surprise, “Ah! It’s you!”

With this exclamation, the younger people stilled and even the beautiful female looked over.

“Teacher, you know this person?’ The young two-star senior swordsman Su Jian asked in shock.

The middle-aged man was about to say something when Aofeng , whose expression changed rapidly, put down the wineglass and walked over. She bowed her head lightly in a greeting and said with “joyful surprise,” “Uncle Roth, it has been so long since I saw you. Zhui Yun has missed you. I remember that you liked me the best when I was a child. How come you don’t come to see me anymore?”

Her head tilted slightly, a light shot out of her eyes as she swept a gaze across Mo Zhu, his sister, and the beautiful female before she looked directly at the middle-aged man’s eyes warningly.

This middle-aged man with the broadsword was the sword master that she had met once in Qin City. The Kaya Empire’s Court Protector-Warrior, called one of the Royal Seven Sword Masters, the sword master Roth.

Aofeng was confident as her crimson lips curving up in a beautiful curve. The Royal Seven Sword Masters were not people just anyone could order around. The Court Protector-Warriors were only loyal to the court of the Kaya Empire. Roth’s power rank was equivalent to that of a sky magister, so high in status even the emperor had to be respectful. Who would he be protecting?

No wonder these young people had a tinge of a noble aura. Adding on the female’s stunning beauty, their identities were obvious.

Noble personages!

“Oh, Zhui Yun, I hadn’t thought that I would encounter you here, you are out to gain experience? You have grown so much, come here and let Uncle have a good look at you.” After some surprise, Roth laughed. His eyes flashed and he thought inside, he knew before that this boy’s mind was extraordinary. Just through one look, he was able to know the identities of Mistress, Young Master and Miss and used this to warning him not to spill the secret. This person did not seem like a youth in his second decade that was innocent in the world. This was really an interesting guy.

Aofeng saw that Roth had not exposed her lie and sighed in relief. She did not have to worry that he would tell the Qin Family. She “complained,” “Uncle, you said that you would teach me the sword before, but you were gone for so many years, you are a super liar!”

“Ah, Zhui Yun you still remember that.” Roth embarrassedly rubbed his head and smiled awkwardly as though something like this had really occurred. Then he patted Aofeng ‘s shoulder and said convincingly, “Don’t worry, if you come to the Kaya Empire’s capital, Uncle will take care of you and teach you everything.”

The young and the old started to converse warmly “in happiness after a long separation.” Other than Yu Fan whose face was black, the other people were happy about encountering “one of their own” that was about the same age as them.

“See that, Brother Zhui Yun and Uncle Roth know each other, how can he be a thief, you, you really have no discernment. Learn from Brother Zhui Yun, look at how steady, mature, cool and handsome he is.” Mo Ling said exasperatedly to Yu Fan. Then she raised her face to giggle at Aofeng, her crescent eyes flashing with light.

To be able to call His Excellency Roth of the Royal Seven Sword Masters uncle, the other was either rich or noble. Even if he was not nobility, he definitely had a background. Mo Ling didn’t need to worry about Aofeng ‘s background.

Mo Ling’s disdain and the increase in her good opinion of Aofeng caused Yu Fan to want to hit his head on a wall.

The handsome Mo Zhu continued to steal looks at Aofeng ‘s face. He suggested in a small voice, “Uncle Roth, since it is a friend you know, then you have to spend more effort. How about Young Master Zhui Yun entering our Snowstorm Mercenary Company? This time, it is Uncle taking us out to gain experience, it is a rare opportunity.”

Mo Ling’s large eyes lit up and she clapped in agreement. She cheerfully jumped next to Aofeng and grabbed one of her arm. “Yes, yes, if you follow Uncle Roth, you can easily get large bunches of good stuff. This time, we are going to find the famed herb Fire Dragon Fruit to increase our cultivation. At that time, you will have a share. It is rare for us to meet up. Brother Zhui Yun, come!”

For people of their status, things that were good in their eyes had to be worth cities. Aofeng did not care about gold, but for her who desired to become strong, medicine that could make her stronger were very attractive.

“Fire Dragon Fruit?” Aofeng threw over an interested look.

The one that responded to Aofeng was the beautiful lady dressed in the floor-length dress. Ever since she saw Aofeng , she kept on staring at Aofeng . Her gaze seemed slightly strange. SEeing Aofeng look over, she gave a friendly smile and said, “Fire Dragon Fruit is a wondrous fruit that grows deep in the Forest of Neversetting Sun. It is rare and only effective for magisters. It can increase the magic of a magister by two to three sword levels, senior magisters by one to two sword levels. For nine-sword senior magisters, it is a great medicine for try to reach spirit magister rank. Supposedly, after consuming the Fire Dragon Fruit, nine-sword senior magisters will have a great chance of becoming a spirit magister. Even if they cannot level up, it will increase their magic.”

“Fire Dragon Fruit will only mature in this time between winter and spring. Our mercenary company is going to look for it. Our goal is to prepare for Brother Zhu to get to seven swords, and when he is to become a spirit magister. This summer, we going to study at the Imperial Academy. The school does not accept any students nine-sword magister level and under. They will not make any accommodations. So Mo Ling has to work hard!” Mo Ling raised a small fist, the smile on her beautiful face full of youthfulness.

To help a nine-sword reach spirit magister level? Aofeng was moved. This was something that she needed in this stage!

However, she did not show this. She made an “oh” sound and nodded meaningfully. She said, “Yes, the Imperial School is the most famous school of Luska, if one is not the highest of nobility, there cannot be any accommodations. A person like me that comes from a minor place probably will not enter the Imperial School in this lifetime.”

Yu Fan heard this and immediately had a disdainful expression. “Hmph, so you are a country bumpkin. Let me tell you, we are … …”

“Brother Zhui Yun, of course not, we aren’t any great nobility, we are just normal rich business people. However, we know Uncle Roth so we have this chance.” Mo Ling hurriedly stepped on Yu Fan who had a proud expression. She didn’t want to expose her identity, much less Mother who was here. Otherwise, they might not be able to make friends with Zhui Yun.

“Yes yes yes, we aren’t any nobility.” Mo Zhu beside Yu Fan hurriedly cooperated and said and pinched Yu Fan.

“That’s good. I’m afraid of nobility the most. When I’m with them, I feel fear. The difference in status is too great.” Aofeng shook her head as though she was earnest and seemed to say to herself, “Of course, those delicate nobles cannot make a mercenary company to go adventuring, and have such a magnificent name as the Snowstorm Mercenary Company.”

Hearing this, Mo Ling, Mo Zhu, and Su Jian could not resist smiling proudly. The other was praising their name! They had such a sense of accomplishment!

Yu Fan wanted to bite his tongue. He thought inside, there would be a day when he would say it and scare this country bumpkin to death! This young master will endure for now and will show you before returning to the empire!

Roth who saw all this grimaced helplessly. This was really a group of people without any thinking. Their identities had already been seen through, yet they were still proud of themselves. Compared to this Qin Family Seventh Young Master that seemed aloof and indifferent but was actually cunning, they were nothing.

Aofeng had teased enough so she smiled. “Alright, I will join your Snowstorm Mercenary Company to find the Fire Dragon Fruit. Is Mistress and Uncle Roth willing?”

Roth smile. “I’m fine, just one more person. Mistress … …”

He looked at the elegant, noble and beautiful female in search of her opinion. Clearly, the true decision-maker of this group was not Roth but her.


Translator Ramblings: Aofeng is a troll.


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