傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S05-C06 “Setting Off On A Journey”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng meets Roth once again, and joins a new group to search for the Fire Dragon Fruit.

Chapter Six Setting Off on the Journey

The moment she saw Aofeng, the beautiful mistress stilled when she looked at this youth who was wearing torn clothing yet gave off pride. This seemed to be a fated encounter.

“You are very welcome. I’ve been worried that Ling’er and Zhu’er do not have any friends. Child, I am Su Ya, you can call me Auntie Su Ya.” Mistress Su Ya imperceptibly moved her gaze away as she said with a light smile. Her warm and harmonious voice, the hand that she reached out to touch Aofeng’s forehead, and her gentle gaze caused Aofeng to feel as through she was soaking in the hot springs.

That calm and peaceful comfort was something she had not experience in decades. In this moment, Aofeng lost focus and murmured, “Mama … …”

Time seemed to stop at this moment. When Aofeng refocused, she found that the people in the surroundings were looking at her with weird gazes. She couldn’t help but feel speechless. She, who was usually calm, had lost focus. This really was … … a great embarrassment … …

Yu Fan was the first to react and said angrily, “What did you call Mistress? You dare … …”

“Alright, so what if I’m called Mama?” Mistress Su Ya glared at Yu Fan but seemed very happy. Her eyes flashed, and she turned to smile at Aofeng. “Child, you miss your mama, did your mama leave you?”

The words touched Aofeng’s mind. She lowered her head, and sighed softly with a dejected expression, “My parents are dead.”

From the last life to this life, she had been an orphan. Aofeng’s coldness was not without cause. This was also why she cared about that big brother that she had never seen before and desired to meet him so badly.

This handsome youth dressed in black robes was in a slight depression as though he had passed through many changes. That mature noble presence was extremely attractive. It didn’t just stir the maternal instincts of all the females in the bar, it also caused many men to show sympathetic expressions.

Mistress Su Ya looked at the “young man” and suddenly had a great urge. She couldn’t help but take a step forward to lightly enclose Aofeng into her embrace. She comforted softly, “Child, if you are willing, then let me be your mother. I will take care of you for your mama for the rest of your life.”

This time, not just Yu Fan, even Su Jian and Roth were shocked and could not stop themselves. “Mistress … …”

“Mama Su Ya, thank you for your good intentions. I am very happy to call you so. However, each person must make their own path. I will create my own way on the continent. At that time, I will find Mama Su Ya to chat and drink tea.” Aofeng had recovered her calm. Knowing Mistress Su Ya’s identity, she hugged back and then said at an appropriate time.

Roth and the others sighed in relief. Yu Fan said disdainfully in a small voice, “Just keep boasting!”

Mistress Su Ya gazed at Aofeng’s pitch black eyes as though she felt something, but as though she found nothing at all. She gently touched Aofeng’s forehead and said with a smile, “That’s good, when your matters, then we will be on our way.”

Aofeng raised an eyebrow. “Travelling at night? We will encounter many magic beasts … …”

“Afraid of a few magic beasts, what’s the use in going to gain experience? We are going to hunt and kill magic beasts to strengthen ourselves, if you are afraid, then don’t come.” Yu Fan interrupted her in an unfriendly tone. He looked down on Aofeng’s “cowardice.”

“I’m not. In any case, Uncle Roth is here.” Aofeng smiled faintly but laughed inside. Idiot, you are the true country bumpkin, you never actually investigated the true situation of the Forest of the Neversetting Sun. Soon, you will know how terrifying the forest at night is. She though about how she didn’t dare to move through the outskirts of the Forest of Neversetting Sun even with Liao Ya. Right now, they were going to the true Forest of Neversetting Sun. Even the aura of sacred and spirit beasts was ineffective during the magic beasts’ agitation period. Traps were everywhere, and the wild boars that lived in group in the forest everywhere was a great danger.

“So what if you are a nine-star magic beast or a spirit beast? Are you strong? I’ll gore you to death anyways!” The wild boars of the Forest of Neversetting Sun were so strong!

With intentions for Yu Fan to experience some hardship, Aofeng did not discuss the dangers with them. She wanted to see how these greenhorns would react at the time. In any case, with the sword master Roth here, they would have one last lifesaver. Su Ya Mama had taken them out for them to gain experience.

“Just now, you said you would strike out on your own, now you only know to rely on other people. You are someone who will only be able to rely on others in your entire life!” Yu Fan smirked disdainfully at Aofeng. Aofeng had an aloof expression on her face and pretended that Yu Fan was empty air. This made Yu Fan feel more irritated.

“Let’s go, the Mercenary Union is just up ahead. We can take a few mercenary missions along the way and increase our mercenary rank. Zhui Yun, we will wait at the entrance to the bar.” Roth, who had a lot of experience, said with a small smile. Mo Lin and the others became excited when they heard the words “mercenary mission.” They were clearly young masters and misses out in the world for the first time. Roth saw this and, for the nth time, shook his head inwardly.

Aofeng also felt that this was funny. If these people had to be spies, one would go, and a hundred would die.

Soon, Haley took out the crystal card with the final sum and an exquisite black magister robe. There was also a small bag filled with five sets of clean clothing that were mostly short martial robes.

“Young Master Zhui Yun, here are four thousand six hundred and thirty five obsidians. You can withdraw this at any money house at any time.”

Aofeng nodded in acknowledgment and opened a room on the second floor. She quickly changed her clothing. Inside, she wore short martial robes that were tight around her body, and then covered with a long robe hemmed in silver and silver tassels hanging off the shoulders. She did not seem so travel-worn now. She put everything away into her spatial ring to meet up with the group that had went to Mercenary Union to get a few missions and caused everyone to sigh in shock.

“Brother Zhui Yun, you look more like a doll than my brother, so beautiful.” Mo Ling’s eyes were sparkling, and she jumped next to Aofeng to pulled towers the carriage. Liao Yao also followed in jumping up and then laying down by Aofeng’s feet. Mo Zhu sat down on Aofeng’s other side with a red face. He didn’t know where to put his hands. He would occasionally peak at Aofeng, appearing as though he wanted to speak with Aofeng but also afraid to do so.

Roth was driving the carriage, Su Jian and Yu Fan sitting on one side while Mo Zhu, Aofeng and Mo Ling sat on the other. Mistress Su Ya sat by herself at the center. The carriage started to shake and move.

“Zhui Yun, can your magus beast not be put in the magus beast space?” Su Jian glanced at Aofeng and asked in puzzlement. The carriage was not narrow, but Liao Ya’s large body did take up a considerable amount of space.

Aofeng shook her head. “Not right now, there will not be a problem soon!”

“Ah!” Mo Zhu suddenly raised his head, his white and warm hands suddenly grabbing Aofeng’s hand at the side. He said in shock, “You are still a seven-sword magister? You … … how can you be so reckless!”

“Yes! Brother Zhui Yun, you are so brave to come to Neversetting Sun as a seven-sword magister!” Mo Ling also said in shock.

Seven-sword magister? Aofeng stilled and then realized. It seemed that they had misunderstood. Magus beasts were usually put away in the magus beast space, and only seven-sword magisters who had just obtained magus beasts would not be able to master the magus beast space. They needed time to stabilize. However, Aofeng was too lazy to explain and only smiled at him.

Mo Zhu saw Aofeng giving him a rare smile and felt a wave of happiness. His handsome face flushed yet his grip tightened. “Then … … don’t leave my side, I … …I’ll protect you!”

Even though she wasn’t strong, he didn’t look down at her? The youth’s innocent and adorable promise warmed Aofeng’s heart. It seemed that it was a good decision to get on the road with them.

Yu Fan snorted disdainfully and had an even lower opinion of Aofeng. A magister that had just reached seven-sword that didn’t understand how to control the magus beast space! Country bumpkin! An ignorant and useless country bumpkin! Let’s see what you do when you encounter danger in the forest!

The carriage quickly went out of the city gates and entered the dark and endless Forest of Neversetting Sun in the dark night.


Translator Ramblings: Aofeng gains an adopted parent.

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