傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S06-C01 “First Show of Ability(1)”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng travels into the forest with a new group of people including Roth, a protector of the Imperial Court after Mistress Su Ya adopts her.

Chapter One First Show of Ability

The three horned horses moved forward steadily in front of the carriage. In order to guarantee speed, Roth had specially bought two horned horses for riding.

After formally entering the Forest of Neversetting Sun, Aofeng and the others got off the carriage. Mistress Su Ya and Liao Ya stayed inside the carriage to rest. Mo Ling and the other three youths looked around the forest interestedly at the rich flora, the moonlight falling through the leaves like stars, and the flickering lights of fireflies.

“Whoa! Big Brother Zhui Yun, look, so beautiful!” Mo Ling pointed at a nearby swarm of fireflies and called out joyfully.

Aofeng look in that direction and narrowed her eyes slightly. She warned, “There are far more beautiful things in the forest than this, the color of nature will occasionally enchant you. Sometimes, the more beautiful something is, the more poisonous it is, it is better to be careful.”

Mo Zhu saw Aofeng give a meaningful smile and thought that she liked things like this. He hurriedly asked, “Zhui Yun, you like these? Don’t be afraid, how about I catch a few for you?”

Yu Fan was already glaring disdainfully at Aofeng as Mo Zhu spoke. Yu Fan walked forward to capture them as he sneered. “A coward is a coward, you don’t even dare to catch some fireflies. I think you should go back when its early! Mo Ling, you like these, I will catch them for you!”

“Really? Then I will wish our great Young Master Yu of the Snowstorm Mercenary Company to come back successfully … …” Aofeng pulled Mo Zhu’s warm hand. She raised an eyebrow and looked on as Yu Fan walked without any caution towards the ball of light.

Roth saw this and shook his head helplessly from the side. Seventh Young Master, can you not just watch as the world turns to chaos. Pitiful Yu Fan, just a few words and you are “motivated” by this devious person into a trap. This person kills without blood! This Seventh Young Master really had comprehended the highest state of being shameless and devious!

But Roth did not expose Aofeng. He didn’t like young people like Yu Fan whose eyes were on top of their head. It would be good to give Yu Fan a lesson and have other people become mentally prepared.

Yu Fan was satisfied that he had gotten there first. This time, he would obtain Mo Ling’s affections. He reached out to seize the fireflies. However, he suddenly felt the black area in front of him wasn’t quite right.

Dark! Extreme darkness so that not even one thread of moonlight reflected off.

The surrounding vines shuddered lightly, and a large and cold thorn-filled mouth suddenly opened from the darkness.

“Ah!” Yu Fan jumped in fright at the enormous mouth that abruptly appeared and gave a high scream. He tried to crawl out of the bush in a panic but he tripped and fell down with a “thump.” Vines had wrapped around his feet at some unknown time like metal chains. A great force came from above, and Yu Fan was pulled towards that enormous mouth.

Three exclamations of surprise sounded. The young people didn’t react in time, freezing there and not knowing what to do. Yu Fan looked at the great mouth growing closer and almost peed his pants.

At this moment, a long broadsword pierced the enormous mouth behind him with a “pew!” Dark green fluid spilled from that strangely shaped vine, and the vine quickly withered.

Of course Aofeng was not so goodhearted to save Yu Fan. Roth finally acted at the last moment.

“Uncle Roth, it’s so fortunate you are here.” Mo Ling patted his chest and sighed with lingering fear. “What is that? So scary?”

“Maneating Vine, it is not a magic beast, but is no less dangerous. It will attract butterflies in the day, and fireflies in the night, creating beautiful illusions to lure other beings. Then it will use its tentacles to pull the prey in and swallow them.” Roth walked forward and pulled his broadsword back out. He cut off the vines that were wrapped around Yu Fan and picked the pale boy out. He said coolly, “The Forest of Neversetting Sun is full of things like this. Just like Zhui Yun said, if you do not pay attention, even I may not be able to save your lives. You have come here with me to get stronger, put away your playful attitudes!”

After the fright just now, the trio didn’t dare to enter the darkness. They felt as though every blade of grass and tree were terrifying. They nodded anxiously.

“Don’t be afraid. Actually, you just didn’t detect it in the chaos. An adult Maneating Vine is something that someone with the strength of a five-star swordsman can protect themselves from. A normal vine wouldn’t even be a threat to a three-star swordsman. When they wrap around you, cut its tentacles in time, and then cut down its crown.” Aofeng smiled serenely, and patted Mo Zhu and his sister’s shoulders comfortingly. She walked forward and then cut down the pouch at the center of the dead Maneating Vine. The green liquid inside had already bled out.

“Zhui Yun, what are you doing?” Su Jian asked curiously.

“The pouch of the Maneating Vine is filled with extremely corrosive liquid but is also a hard to come by herb. After cleaning, it can be used to make longevity-lengthening wine. Of course, it is rare for vines to grow pouches this big and useful. The majority will shatter with a touch. This thing is worth a few hundred obsidians.” Aofeng casually tossed the wrinkled little pouch in her hand up and down before giving it to Mo Zhu to look.

Mo Zhu held it in his hand, his face slightly hot. He thought happily, the first person he gave it to was me! Not even Ling’er!

“Zhui Yun, can you give this to me?” Mo Zhu looked over in anticipation.

“Of course, if you like it, take it.” It wasn’t worth a lot, and with the sword master Roth here, the good stuff was up ahead. Aofeng did not care.

Mo Zhu was very happy and hurriedly put the item in his spatial ring. These people were of high status and every one of them had a spatial ring.

“Zhui Yun, you know so much,” Su Jian smiled and said with surprise. The three’s admiration of Aofeng grew. While Aofeng was “weak,” he knew a lot, especially about exploring the forest. He knew much more than they did.

Yu Fan finally managed to calm down and his face was darker than the night. At this time, he realized that Aofeng had deliberately set him up. This person had clearly known that there might be a maneating vine there, but did not tell him! More irritating was that the other showing off afterwards! When he thought of this, Yu Fan felt his teeth itch.

“Alright. We should depart.” Roth, the person responsible for training, was not polite at all. He snapped the whip in his hand, urged the horned horses to run. “Both swordsmen and magisters are combat professions. You all have good endurance, try to keep up with my horse on your feet. Notice everything in the surroundings. There will be dangers of all kinds appearing at any time. We have just entered the forest. Experience the environment, do not fall behind, the first person will get a good reward.”

The carriage moved forward at a slow pace. When Mo Zhu and the other four heard “reward,” they became alert and hurriedly started running. This speed was not hard for them, even the weakest, Mo Ling, could keep up.

Of course, this was only when there were no disruptions.

There were many maneating vines at the border of the forest. They could not compare to the large maneating vine that had attacked Yu Fan, but they were nuisances that occasionally reached out to trip people. Other than Aofeng, the remaining four each had a sharp knife to cut off those detestable tentacles. Even so, after a while, each person had a few tears and holes in their clothing, and they were in unbearable suffering.

Mo Zhu and the others started to understand why Aofeng’s clothing upon arrival at the Hyde Corporation was so damaged. This was just a little while. If they walked for a day, wouldn’t they be naked?

On the other hand, Aofeng did not use any weapons at all. She seemed to be prescient and was not just unusually lucky. There almost weren’t any maneating vines where she passed. Even if there were, she could easily avoid them with her light yet strange footwork. After walking for a while, Aofeng, the “weakest of them all” was the least disheveled. Her long black robe was still perfect, and everyone wondered at the lack of damage.

However, the Imperial School only admitted geniuses. These people were outstanding talented, and not weak in power. They adapted quickly and only lacked experience. Soon, it became difficult for the maneating vines to trip them, and they would be able to chop their way free quickly if they were caught.

What surprised Mo Zhu and the others was that no matter how they increased their speed, they could not overtake Aofeng far ahead of them. Aofeng’s speed that was like a ghost seemed, changing with the speed of their pace. If they were fast, the other was fast. If they were slow, the other would slow down.

“Damn it! How come I cannot catch up with the useless country bumpkin! I’m stronger than him!” Yu Fan wanted to die when he found he could not catch up to Aofeng no matter how hard he tried.

“Big Brother Zhui Yun is so strong. Up until now, his body has not left the cloak!” Mo Ling found something else astounding and exclaimed softly. She wondered inside, was Big Brother Zhui Yun really just a seven-sword magister?

“Yes! Still so elegant and enchanting. Mo Zhu, if he comes to Karroll, your title as the first young master of the imperial captital will go to someone else.” Su Jian laughed and said as he ran.

Mo Zhu looked at Aofeng. The forest wind brushed back the other’s hair, the exquisite face was pressingly handsome, the red lips tightly pressed, there was a fatal seductiveness peeking through the aloofness. The long black robe moved in the wind and outlined the body. The silver light shone down on the other’s body. Unconsciously, Mo Zhu went into a daze. When he managed to refocus, he bent his head down with a red face, his voice as small as a mosquito’s buzz.

“I … … I cannot compare to him, he … …”

Before he finished speaking, Aofeng suddenly stopped up ahead. Everyone else paused and then came next to Aofeng. Roth also frowned slightly and stopped the carriage.

“Zhui Yun, is there a problem?” Su Jian walked forward and asked. Without realizing it, Aofeng, who knew the dangers of the forest, took over the commanding role in their minds, even though she was only a “seven-sword magister.”

“Magic beasts are coming!” Aofeng listened for a while and her expression grew slightly more serious. “Also, it’s a herd!”

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