傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S06-C02 “First Show of Ability(2)”

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Last chapter recap: Aofeng and the group goes into the forest and encounters some dangers.

Chapter Two First Show of Ability

Hearing the rumbling in the distance, it was evident they were not flying magic beasts. Their steps were heavy, and could not be the fleet-footed wolf packs. Aofeng’s heart shook and she guessed it was most likely the ones that were called the killers of the Forest of Neversetting Sun, the Forest Boars that were the most common in this region.

After enduring hardship in the forest on the way here, the young people did not have the arrogant demeanor any longer. They recognized the dangers of the Forest of Neversetting Sun. Each person’s nerves tensed, even the proud Yu Fan was not an exception.

Roth glanced with praise at Aofeng. He had seen everything up until now, and he had been shocked. He hadn’t expected this Seventh Young Master to be so competent. Even he didn’t have a true measure of the other’s strength. At the very least, the other was not any weaker than Mo Zhu, the best of this young genius team. The other had sensitive senses and had noticed the danger at the same time as him.

“It’s the Forest Boars, these dangerous magic beasts are not as gentle as the maneating vines. You have to be careful.” Roth drew his broadsword. “Boom.” It stabbed into the ground in front of him. A thick burst of sword energy flowed from his hand into the body of the sword. Using the sword as the medium, a battle energy barrier appeared, and wrapped around the entire carriage.

Not as “gentle” as the man-eating vines?

Hearing this, they faced each other and wanted to cry. Uncle, are you trying to scare us? Even such gentle things were so scary, then what were the dangerous magic beasts like?

The group members had terrified expressions but Roth was relaxed. “While it is the first time you are fighting magic beasts, don’t be so nervous. Forest Boars are usually six-star magic beasts, if you cannot endure, you can retreat behind my battle energy barrier. Do not force yourself. Zhui Yun, you were the first to arrive just now, this is your reward!”

A black light flashed and something was tossed towards Aofeng. Aofeng reached out to receive and her fingers came into contract with what seemed to be a piece of ice. She gripped it and looked. It was a black and simple curved dagger that did not shine with light.


“This ferrotungsten dagger, is named the “Vanquisher of Armies,” Roth nodded and said with a faint smile.

“Teacher, you are so biased. Last time, when I asked you for a ferrotungsten weapon, you didn’t give one to me.” Su Jian complained depressedly. A ferrotungsten short blade was something that could not be found on the market, obtaining one was not a matter of cost. Even Mo Zhu and his sister felt slight envy.

“It’s not that I didn’t give you the chance, who was not able to catch up to Zhui Yun? How about another try, I have something else good here.” Roth chuckled. His hand flashed and he took out another blade from the spatial ring. It was a long black sword that was both thin and light.

“This is also made from ferrotungsten, and masterfully crafted. It is thin and flexible, and can be worn around the waist like a belt. It is sharp as a sword, nimble as a whip, and effective when used appropriately. It is called “Cicada Wing.” If you want this, bring out your skill. Are you not geniuses of this younger generation?” Roth said to the group as he winked at Aofeng.

Detecting Roth’s bias and intention to help her, Aofeng’s gaze moved and he threw a grateful look towards the other. Roth smiled slightly and imperceptibly nodded. He knew this Seventh Young Master was of few words. It was already rare for someone as aloof as the other to give such an expression to him.

A famed swords should be given to a hero. As a sword master, Roth admired those who were strong. After interacting with Aofeng a few times, he could see that this little guy had unlimited potential in terms of mentality and strength. He did not object to helping such a diamond in the rough on their path to growth, and also whip his unaccomplished disciples along the way.

This group of young people did not know that His Excellency Roth that they respected had sold them a lie. Stimulated by the thoughts of obtaining a great weapon, each of them were alert, and prepared to fight. While they were of different star levels, their actual fighting strength was about the same. Each person was confident in themselves.

“Cicada Wing, it is mine!” Yu Fan said confidently as he summoned his magus beast. Under his feet, the silver pattern of a one-star senior magister flashed and a nine-star magus beast Forest Combat Bear suddenly appeared.

“No, it’s mine!” Su Jian drew the two-handed sword from his back and waved it.

Mo Zhu summoned the two-star spirit beast Marked Panther, Mo Lin summoned the nine-star magus beast Mountain Civet. Aofeng gripped the Vanquisher of Armies she had just gained. The rumbling had almost reached them. Soon, the enormous tusks of the Forest Boars that were the height of a man appeared in view.

Large group of forest boars rushed out of the forest in all directions, forming a dense circle. There were so many that they inhaled in shock as they charged at the group!

The tusks of the boars were full of power. If one was hit head-on, most people would be split apart where they stood and could only die.

“Kill!” A soft and cold shout. A few threads of killing energy came off Aofeng. The black shadow flashed and shot forward before the others like a ghost!

“Zhui Yun! Don’t be rash!” Mo Zhu called in shock. He hadn’t through that Aofeng didn’t even think of defense and charged directly into the stampede of boars. His handsome face flushed in urgency, he stamped his feet. A seven-sword magister going into a herd of six-star magic beasts without even their own magus beast, wasn’t that seeking death?

“Dumbass without any team spirit!” Yu Fan swore in fury. His eyes searched all over for Aofeng’s figure but he had no time before the enormous tusks of the boars were already stabbing towards him!

“Careful!” Su Jian’s two-handed sword managed to make it in time, chopping down the head of that forest boar. The blood drenched the two of them!

“Guard yourself, you don’t need to worry about him!” Roth’s voice sounded by their ears. The four paused slightly. Thinking that Roth would definitely perform a rescue, they did not worry. They moved back-to-back to form a small circle and started to fend off the forest boars around them.

These four were really geniuses of this generation. Each person’s cautiousness during the fight fight had increased after experiencing the man-eating vines.

At the start of the attack, they only just managed to hold on against the mass of boars. However, not fifteen minutes later, the four had learned how to work together. The three magus beasts and the for fighters managed to kill and hold a small perimeter. The more they fought, the better they became, and they finally managed to get a chance to breathe.

“This is great, only true battle can test us!” Mo Ling shouted excitedly. The sharp blade in her hand that was mixed with magus power repeatedly stopped the charges of the forest boars. Beside her, the cute mountain civet it swiped with its sharp claws. With a few swipes, it could blind a boar. Then after Mo Ling gave a few more strikes, this boar fell down.

“Ha, look, I’ve already killed so many boars. I’m the one that won the contest this time” Su Jian cut off the head of a boar and shouted.

“No, it’s clearly me.” Yu Fan also shouted, “The ones that my bear killed also belong to me, I have more than you.”

“It shouldn’t count like that!” Su Jian shouted with a dejected face.

“Stop arguing, it’s useless how many you kill, look over there!” Mu Zhu’s shocked tone attracted the attention of the other three people. The three raised their head despite being occupied and the three pairs of eyes bulged at almost the same time!

In the distance, under the light of the moon the bodies of the forest boars were scattered on the ground. It almost formed a large circle around the four of them. No wonder the four of them felt less pressured. The surrounding boars had been held off by these corpses and could not charge in.

At the end of these corpses, a ghostly figure like that of an asura held a short black dagger as it moved in a near impossible path. Everywhere it passed, there were the wails of the boars. Each time the blade flashed, a boar fell. The long black cloak floated as the figure jumped, and revealed tight black fighter garb. Under the moonlight, the exquisite face was cold and cruel, the nimble figure was enough to enchant millions of females!

“Co… … country bumpkin … …” Yu Fan’s voice trembled as he gaped. He looked forward. He didn’t seem to see Aofeng killing a group of boars, but an ant destroying a group of dragons … ….


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