傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S06-C03 “First Show of Ability(3)”

Last chapter recap: The Snowstorm Mercenary Company encounters a herd of boars.

Chapter Three

“How is this possible! He … … he’s only a seven-sword magister!” Su Jian covered his mouth in terror. Even with the Vanquisher of Armies in hand, it still was a great shock for someone to easily kill a boar with a single blow.

His Excellency Roth was alright, he was a sword master, an existence that was extremely high up in the continent. They, a younger generation, could not be spoken off in the same sentence as him. But compared this youth that was about the same age as them, and even a few years younger, they, who had been praised as geniuses, were so much weaker than this youth, where … … where did this demon come from?

They were not the only ones to feel shocked. Even Roth felt a wave of amazement. Aofeng’s sharp and precise movements and cold expression did not seem like that of a youth in their second decade. This was a warrior that was used to killing, and frequently moved through danger until they were numb to it! How old was he? Where did the other’s battle experience come from?

“Stupid! Even like this, you still think that Big Brother Zhui Yun is a seven-sword magister, your stupidity is incurable! Big Brother Zhui Yun is just not willing to show off his strength!” Mo Ling rolled her eyes as she spoke. Her gaze could not move away from Aofeng’s body. The flying long black hair, the black robes that rose with the wind, the body that was not large but nimble, those crisp movements when striking with the black dagger formed a strong shadow that imprinted on the young girl’s heart.

If a girl was able to marry him, wouldn’t they feel safe? Mo Ling narrowed her eye as she thought.

Yu Fan stared depressedly at Aofeng. For the first time, he had a strong feeling of failure. Looking at Mo Ling’s expression he knew he had lost completely.

Mo Zhu showed a joyful smile, he was just happy that Aofeng possessed great power.

“Aah … … my ferrotungsten weapon … …” Su Jian sobbed.

The four had stopped fighting and were almost pushed over by the boars.  They refocused and continued to cut down the boars near them. The magic beasts that were like tofu in Aofeng’s hands were opponents they struggled with. The more the four fought, the more they felt that Aofeng was a freak.

Aofeng didn’t have any time to pay attention to their thoughts. At this time, she was in a strange state. Through the moon, her Moonlight Footwork was performed smoothly like water.

When she was with Liao Ya, she rarely went to provoke herd-type magic beasts. Today, she really enjoyed herself in melee combat. Her Moonlight Footwork that she hadn’t used since she came to this world was performed three times. Adding on the magic power unique to this world, she had made a small but significant progress on modifying this close-combat footwork.

With a dart, she flashed next to a forest boar and she moved her hand back in a slice. Without even looking back, she spun in another direction, elegant as though she was dancing. Aofeng’s body was as light as a sparrow. She easily passed through the packed singular of forest boars. The clumsy boars could not stop here steps.

“Such unique footwork, who did this little guy learn from?” Everyone else was busy but Roth was idly watching from the carriage. The broadsword in front of him formed a barrier as hard as steel. All of the forest boars that slammed into the barrier would wail and retreat.

Looking at Aofeng’s nimble and ethereal steps, Roth was shocked again. He felt that Aofeng was full of riddles that people could not see through.

Passing through the singular of forest boars, Aofeng was not in a hurry to kill as many boars as possible. She was not a bloodthirsty person. Her black and bright eyes quickly scanned through the great number of forest boars to search for the leader of the herd. If she could kill the boar leader, than this group of six-star rabble would scatter.

Yu Fan and Su Jian who were panting from fighting saw Aofeng’s idle figure that moved back and forth through the boars and almost spat blood in anger. They were almost unable to move, the other was stepping on the boars … …

After a time, the four young people finally understood why the herd-type magic beasts of the Forest of Neversetting Sun were so powerful. People were not made of steel, they would get tired. Facing the seemingly endless tide of forest boars, Mo Zhu and the three others felt exhausted.

“We cannot continue like this, go back to Uncle Roth first. This is not a school competition. These magic beasts will not be restrained against us.” Su Jian gritted. He once again swung the two-handed sword and said to the three beside him.

Mo Zhu and the others nodded. Their goal of familiarizing themselves with battle had been achieved. They had no reason to keep expending energy. The four decided to open a path but did not notice a boar that had a different color of fur compared to other forest boars and had very long and sharp tusks sneaking closer.

At this time, the two-star spirit beast Marked Panther next to Mo Zhu seemed to feel something and roared at the spot beside Yu Fan as it charged out.

“Yu Fan, careful! It’s a mutant king, that is a nine-star magus beast!” Mo Zhu immediately guessed the reason. When he looked, a cold sweat rose. That mutant boar had reached Yu Fan already!

The power of a spirit beast was almost equivalent to a spirit magister, and a nine-star magus beast was just a thread away from being a spirit beast. Therefore, many nine-star magic beasts were of different strengths, the strongest equivalent to a nine-sword senior magister, the weakest only comparable to a nine-sword magister. However, mutant magic beasts were usually more powerful. This mutant boar had at least the power of a seven-sword senior magister.

“Ah!” Before the marked panther could reach them, Yu Fan’s Forest Combat Bear was pushed aside, the two sharp tusks moving down forcefully throw Yu Fan into the air. A feeling of sharpness came from his abdomen. Terror exploded in Yu Fan’s mind. The shadow of death came over his mind. He knew many people were speared to death by the tusks of a forest boar like this!

“Oh no!” In the distance, Roth also found the suddenly change and shot out like lightning. But this an event that occurred in a flash. When Roth saw something was not right, Yu Fan was already thrown into the air, and there was no time for a rescue!

The Forest of Neversetting Sun was like this. It was hard to predict the different situations and dangers. Coming out to gain experience, even with a sword master, one could lose their life if they were careless!

“Ah! No!” Mo Zhu screamed as she covered her eyes in fear of seeing a person speared to death.

“Yu Fan!” Mo Zhu and Su Jian shouted in shock.

At this time, a white hand suddenly reached out from the side to grab the tip of the forest boar’s enormous tusk. Yu fan felt something soft cover his abdomen and his body slid to the side. He was not injured as he had imagined. At the same time, that black and short dagger cut down with a thread of verdant green energy and cut into the thick skin of the mutant boar at almost the same moment as Roth’s broadsword!

Roth’s broadsword split open the mutant boar’s stomach, and Aofeng’s Vanquisher of Armies severed the head of the mutant boar! Under the duo’s attacks, the mutant boar died in a flash. The surrounding boars stopped and then scattered.

“Are you all right?” Roth landed in front of them and looked around. After making sure that everyone was fine, he sighed in relief.

“Zhui Yun!” “Big Brother Zhui Yun!” Mo Zhu and the other two sprinted forward. Mo Zhu grabbed Aofeng’s hand that was cut bloody by the enormous tusk of the forest boar. He had a nervous expression. “Heavens, you … … you’re wounded! Let’s go find Mama!”

“It’s fine, what is a little wound like this in the Forest of Neversetting Sun?” Aofeng shook her head with a calm expression and glanced at Yu Fan that was looking at her in shock.

“Come with me. Mama is an expert at healing, and you will be healed in a little bit.” Mo Ling said as she pulled Aofeng and pushed towards the carriage. She left behind Mo Zhu standing in a daze.

“Why … … why did he save me?” Having escaped from death, Yu Fan’s soul was still not back in his body. He swallowed and asked in puzzlement, “Didn’t he dislike me?”

Yu Fan would not believe that Aofeng was a good person with a great deal of sympathy. He did not forget what the bastard did when they had just entered the forest! The other had fooled him into walking into the mouth of the man-eating vine and watched as he was going to be eaten without any intentions of helping. Aofeng was a cold person and should not care about his life and death.

Mo Zhu tilted his head and thought. He said in a small voice, “I think it was because you were worried about him moving through the forest boars alone. Back then, didn’t you look around in panic? I saw that he was watching us from nearby.”

“Just for that? How … … how is that possible?” Yu Fan gaped again.

“Why not?” Mo Zhu twisted his mouth and looked in the direction of the carriage. His clear eyes filled with softness and mirth that drove away the hesitation. “Actually, Zhui Yun is a very smart and gentle person. He will remember even the small details. While you are slightly arrogant, you are not bad at the core. You only argue with him because of Ling’er but you worried about him at a moment of life and death. So he remembered. However, he looks cold and doesn’t want to verbalize it. But if something happens, he would be the first one to act.”

It was … … like that? Gentle? That youth with a stiff face all day?

Listening to Mo Zhu’s words, Yu Fan couldn’t resist looking in surprise at the carriage. It felt as though a certain place in his heart was struck with a hammer, something glowing coming uncontrollably into his eyes.

Su Jian and Roth were silent with slight shock in their expression. Roth sighed inside. Maybe the part of this Seventh Young Master that was most worthy of respect was not his outstanding talent, but that unique personal charisma.

Translator Ramblings: I feel all the viewpoints are mushed together. POV changes so fast.



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