傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S06-C05 “Look Under My Feet”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng encounters a group led by the nephew of the Neversetting Sun castellan and is threatened by … … herself?

Chapter Five – Look Under My Feet

“Nephew of the castellan? I’m the nephew of the present empress! Not just Neversetting Sun, there aren’t many people I cannot offend in the Kaya Empire.” Su Jian laughed coldly in disdain and said mockingly.

When Luo Fu heard this, he only thought that Su Jian was trying to attack him with those arrogant words. He roared with laughter. “Where did this madman come from, why don’t you look at yourself, nephew of the empress? You qualify? You dare to fool this young master, why don’t you see if this young master will let you see the sun tomorrow or not?”

Mo Zhu and the others did not have any pride in front of Aofeng but in the past decades, which of them hadn’t been respected by all in the capitol? When someone as lowly as Luo Fu dared to jump around, everyone felt a wave of rage.

“Company leader, what to do?” All four of them were angry and had unfriendly expressions. They all looked towards Aofeng in search of an opinion.

“What to do? Ha, very simple!” Aofeng displayed a strange smile. She moved forward two paces and casually said to Luo Fu. “You, look under my feet.”

Feet? Everyone stared at each other with puzzlement.

Her black eyes flashed with a wondrous light. Luo Fu and the soldiers in front of Aofeng seemed to be enchanted and truly did look down at her feet in curiosity. The faces in the surroundings immediately froze.

Because they saw an exquisite silver pattern suddenly appeared under the long black robes.

A three-point star filled with twenty seven little silver swords. Within the glowing light, this handsome black-robed youth was like a deity that looked down at them with a mocking smirk.

Shock spread in people’s eyes. The surroundings were silenced by the silver light. Everyone gaped with wide eyes, their mouths so wide that a watermelon could be shoved in, but they couldn’t make a sound. Even Mo Zhu and the others now gaped for the n-th time.

“Nine-nine-nine-sword senior magister!” Su Jian’s tongue was tied up. He looked at Aofeng as though he was seeing a living dinosaur.

“I … … I am definitely dreaming … …” Yu Fan had an expression of numbness. He had received too many blows today. He could only numb himself to break free of the shadow created by this freak.

Mo Zhu and Mo Ling had expressions of disbelief. While they knew that Aofeng was strong, but was the other so terrifying? Such a young nine-star senior magister could be called a great genius even among all of the Kaya Empire. It had been a person like this who had been fighting alongside them! It was incomprehensible!

No wonder the other was so strong,a nine-sword senior magister! They had thought of a nine-sword senior magister as a lowly seven-sword magister, and competed with a nine-sword senior magister who would kill the most magic beasts … …

Yu Fan and the others were in chaos.

Aofeng stood with a cold expression as she stared at Luo Fu’s group. She did not like to show off her strength but it did not mean that she would tolerate this. If you wanted to die, I will satisfy you!

After the shock wore off, Mo Zhu and the other three were overjoyed. For Luo Fu’s side, it was definitely a nightmare. Everyone held their breathing and didn’t dare to breathe.

“Do you see clearly?”Aofeng asked coldly.

“Cl-clearly … …” Luo Fu said in a trembling voice. He wanted to find a rock to smash his head against. Motherf***er, which bastard had reported the information and said that there was only one three-sword senior magister, one one-star senior swordsman, and one one-sword senior magister? Where did this black-robed monster come from?

Realizing Aofeng’s level, Luo Fu trembled again. Damn it, a young nine-sword senior magister! This was definitely the one that Luo Fei had recruited! If Luo Fei learned that he used the people that the castellan had recruited to deal with magic beasts again, he would definitely be put under house arrest.

Just as Luo Fu was thinking, he suddenly heard some unexpected words.

“Then I won’t be polite.”

Verdant green light suddenly appeared around Aofeng. The magus power gathered and a white lightning suddenly jumped out of her chest and split into eight white shadows that jumped in all directions. Each copy released a breath of patch of dark and cold energy. The guards beside Luo Fu immediately became beautiful frozen statues.

After becoming a spirit beast, Xiao Bing had gained an ability, illusory copies. At this time, they displayed their terrifying attack power as a group!

Aofeng turned into a black shadow. Her feet flashed and she shot in front of the 2 three-sword senior magisters. The pair of three-sword senior magisters felt a great pressure. Before they could react, each person’s face received a heavy punch. They flew out with wails and left behind a path of blood.

They were all senior magisters but being above seven-sword and below seven-sword were two different things. Unless one possessed wondrous magus mediums or high level magus beasts, they could only wait to be beaten up. Originally, they would not have suffered so much, but they had not thought that Aofeng would suddenly attack in such a strange way. Therefore, the two fell to the ground without even moving a finger.

“Bastard! You … … you are an expert, you dare to do a sneak attack!” Luo Fu watched as the soldiers around him were turned to statues by Xiao Bing, and the two guards he had invited were defeated by Aofeng in one blow. He almost went crazy!

Originally, he thought when listening to Aofeng’s tone that this expert just wanted to scare them and then would let them leave. He had not expected this devious person to have none of the mannerisms of an expert! Facing a group of people that were weaker, the other still used schemes!

“An idiot is still an idiot, using the least amount of effort to defeat the most number of enemies, this is the way of living in this world. You are attempting to rob us, there is no need for fairness to begin with. Now you are discussing fairness with me?” Aofeng methodically neatened her robes and said coldly.

Because of Luo Fei, she would not kill this Luo Fu. However, if she did not give someone like him a memorable lesson, he would continue to make trouble for her in the future. Aofeng guessed that Luo Fu’s actions were his own. The punishment he would receive for using the two senior magisters recruited for the magic beasts hunts would not be light, as to retribution … …

As long as his mind was right, he should understand the consequences of a nine-sword senior magister’s retribution!

Luo Fu looked at Aofeng’s cold expression and assumed that Aofeng wanted to kill him. His legs collapsed and he fell to the ground. He held his head in terror. “Do not kill me! I, I’ll give you lots of obsidian! Don’t kill me!”

“Kill you? It would only dirty my hand. Take your obsidian and leave!” Disdainfully glancing at him, Aofeng waved her hand. “Xiao Bing, come back.”

Xiao Bing who had been happily freezing people reluctantly put away her copies and jump back into Aofeng’s collar. The remaining soldiers picked up Luo Fu and fled on shaking legs. But before they moved a few steps, another well-dressed troop of horned horses suddenly came out of the forest.

The one at the head was a middle-aged man dressed in grand robes. Seeing the ice statues in the surroundings, he thought that the battle had not yet finished. He called out urgently, “Do not panic! Stop! Stop fighting!”

“Uncle! Uncle! They want to kill me, they, they want to kill me!” From the back of a soldier, Luo Fu seemed to see his saving grace. He seemed to have energy again. He urgently jumped off the soldier and sprinted out, shouting as he pointed at Aofeng and the group.

“Damned bastard! What did you do!” The middle-aged man on the horned horse was so angry his beard was almost standing on end. He kicked Luo Fu to the ground in anger. He got off the horse and had the surrounding soldiers make a path. He walked in front of the carriage and knelt down.

“Your Highness Third Prince, Your Highness Fourth Princess, Your Highness Empress, Your Excellency Roth, please forgive Luo Li for arriving late and giving you a shock. I, representing the City of Neversetting Sun, give my great apologies to everyone of the Kaya Empire.”


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