傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S07-C01 “Searching For The Fire Dragon Fruit”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng intimidates Luo Fu and meets the castellan of Neversetting Sun.

Section Seven – Searching For The Fire Dragon Fruit

Chapter One – Travelling Alone

This handsome middle-aged man  with a small moustache was the castellan of the City of Neversetting Sun, Luo Li Daren.

Luo Li spoke so quickly that Mo Ling and the others were unable to stop him in time. When they reacted, Luo Li had finished speaking.

The soldiers who had been making trouble just now collectively inhaled in shock. They felt as through a blade cut through their necks and their heads were about to drop at any time. So Su Jian saying he was the nephew of the empress was the truth! And not just him. Even the empress and some members of the imperial house were here. This matter was big!

Luo Fu’s expression was ashen. He could not withstand the blow and fainted.

“Official Luo Li, there is no need for such courtesy. You have guarded the Fortress of Neversetting Sun for so many years, and developed this place so well that it could defend against the magic beast tides. As to your nephew, he has already received a lesson. Punish him lightly and do not let him do as he has in the future.” Roth finally spoke at this time with a small smile. He lifted with his hand and Luo Li stood up.

Luo Li exhaled in trepidation. It was fortunate their highnesses were unharmed. If something happened to any of them, he would not be spared.

Focusing, he said solemnly to Roth. “Your Excellency Roth, I have come to receive everyone because the Kaya Imperial Court has sent a secret message that I needed to personally deliver to Her Highness the Empress.”

“Secret message?” Roth stilled and suddenly had a bad feeling. He nodded and pointed to the carriage. “Empress Su Ya is inside the carriage. Official Luo Li, please.”

Luo Li did not stand on courtesy. He walked towards the carriage. At this time, Mo Ling’s curious voice sounded.

“Hm, Big Brother Zhui Yun, why aren’t you surprised at our identities at all?”

Aofeng moved her gaze back and smiled faintly. “Something that I was already sure about is not a surprise. Do not worry, I will not distance myself from you due to this.”

“What? You … … you guessed our identities?” Su Jian shouted as he rubbed his head.

Roth could not bear to keep watching. He shook his head and laughed. “You guys, Zhui Yun saw through you a long time ago yet you were all so smug and wanted to keep it a secret. Zhui Yun knew who you were when he saw me. From you to Mistress, all of you. You just didn’t find out until now.”

Aofeng had known from the start? The four looked at Aofeng with amazement. They didn’t know what to say. The amount of shock they had received in their life added up together was not as much as what they had experienced today.

Yu Fan jumped up suddenly and shouted, “Then the things you said about nobility at Hyde Corporation was on purpose?”

Aofeng shamelessly glared at him and said, “I know you wanted to taste what it felt like to having your identity revealed and showing off, wasn’t I trying to satisfy your desire?”

You were clearly toying with this young master! You made me feel happy for nothing for so long! Yu Fan’s face and ears were flushed in embarrassment. But after this, he had to admit his defeat to Aofeng. In terms of intelligence and ability, Aofeng was above them. He had to admit defeat.

The five young people became more chatty after the obstacle between them disappeared. They chatted and laughed easily, and even talked about inviting Aofeng to the imperial palace to visit when the other got to the imperial capital. Just as they were in the thick of conversation, the door to the carriage was suddenly opened. Mistress Su Ya dressed in her long dress came out of the carriage with a grave expression.

“Your Excellency Roth, Zhu’er, Ling’er, we must make an early return to the imperial capital. We are leaving now.” Mistress Su Ya said as she walked towards Aofeng and hugged the other. She gave an apologetic look. “Child, sorry, we have to separate.”

“What?” Everyone shouted. This was too sudden!

Mo Zhu’s clear eyes were locked onto Aofeng with great reluctance. He asked, “Mama, aren’t we going to find the Fire Dragon Fruit?”

Going to find the Fire Dragon Fruit was just an excuse. Mo Zhu’s hope was to stay a while longer with Aofeng. Even though there had not been many words exchanged between them, he felt strangely happy if he could just see the other.

Mistress Su Ya sighed. She shook her head with a frown. “No, we must get going immediately. We are returning to the city with Official Luo right now and will be riding the lion vultures immediately to return. Your Father-Emperor is ill, seriously ill. He needs me to return to his side.”

The nine-star magus beast lion vulture was among the best of the flying magus beasts. In order to cross the Forest of Neversetting Sun, the Kaya Empire chose places with few magic beasts to set up lion vulture stations. Riding the lion vultures, it would only take a fortnight to cross the Forest of Neversetting Sun that would take several months on foot. However, the number of lion vultures was low, and one had to spend great amounts of obsidian in order to ride them once. Also, their use was limited to the nobility and those above second level in their professions.

“What!” Everyone shouted and had expressions of urgency at hearing the news.

His Majesty the Emperor was ill!

This was a great matter. In political terms, this matter was about the stability of the Kaya Empire’s court, and in private, this man was her husband and the father of the children. No wonder Mistress Su Ya was in such a hurry.

“Since that’s the case, you should leave with Mama Su Ya. After a while, I will go to Karroll. We can meet up then.” Aofeng saw them looking back with reluctance and shook her head. She knew that they wanted her to go with them but she had decided to gain experience in Neversetting Sun. In the future, she could go find them when she went to the empire.

Even with a cold expression, the group who had an understanding of her personality still could hear her intentions of comforting them in her words.

“That … … Zhui Yun, you said you will not distance yourself from us. When the time comes, you have to find us.” Mo Zhu bit his lips. Ignoring everyone’s gazes, he daringly took out a faint blue jade pendant and shoved it into Aofeng’s hand. “When you come to the imperial palace, show this to the guards and they will know. I’ll … …I’ll wait for your arrival!”

The mutton-fat warm jade was warm when it entered her hand. With a touch, she knew the quality was not ordinary. There was also a small “zhu” character carved on it. Aofeng turned it around to look and then looked up in astonishment. She was unable to refuse Mo Zhu’s clear yet determined gaze.

While the others felt that Mo Zhu’s action was slightly inappropriate, they could not say more when they heard his words.

Roth’s gaze flashed and he took out the thin Cicada Wing. He gave it to Aofeng. “Little Guy, I promised to give this to you. Take care of yourself. When we meet next time, I anticipate you would have become even stronger.”

Aofeng’s eyes glittered. She recognized this sword master Roth’s help. She took the Cicada Wing and then made a rare shallow bow to him before given him a respectful gaze.

Under Mistress Su Ya’s urging, the young people climbed back into the carriage. Liao Ya jumped back to Aofeng’s side. The group followed Castellan Luo Li’s troops. The back door to the carriage was open, and from afar, she could still hear the shouts of Mo Zhu and the others.

“Zhui Yun! I’ll wait for your arrival!”

“Big Brother Zhui Yun, I’m also waiting for you!”

“Company Leader, you are forever our company leader, we will explore the world together in the future!”

“You are the first person that this young master admires, you cannot break your promise to find us!”

Friends were actually very simple. Even Yu Fan who had been at odds with her at the beginning could be called a friend now.

In the forest that had become quiet again, Aofeng looked at the warm jade pendant. Her eyes flashed and she suddenly gripped it tightly. She did not put it away into the spatial ring but hung it around her neck.

After seeing off Mistress Su Ya’s group, Aofeng and Liao Ya rested for a night where they were. On the next day, they headed back into the forest. On their way here, they had learned the general location of where the fire dragon fruit grew from Mistress Su Ya. This was too great a temptation for her at her present level. No matter whether she succeeded or not, she had to try to find it.

Only when one became a spirit magister would they truly be considered beast masters who could use magus beasts to assist them, could they order magus beasts into an armor transformation to form the useful and beautiful magus beast armor to protect their bodies. Their offensive power would increase greatly. There was a tangible difference between spirit magisters and senior magisters. Aofeng wanted to become strong as fast as possible.

Liao Ya and Aofeng were fast on their feet. After leaving Mistress Su Ya’s group, they were even faster. Using their outstanding perception, they avoided the large magic beast herds. The human and the wolf quickly got closer to the Soul Breaking Cliff where the Fire Dragon Fruit was maturing.

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