傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S07-C02 “Crimson Forge”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng bids goodbye to Roth, and the members of the Imperial Family to set out on her own.


Chapter Two Crimson Forge

After travelling for five days, Aofeng and Liao Ya gradually came close to the Soul Breaking Cliff. There was an enormous mountain range in the Forest of Neversetting Sun people called the Death Mountain Range. This was where the Forest of Neversetting Sun was truly dangerous. While the Soul Breaking Cliff was only a small out cropping along the perimeter of the forest, it was still where high level magic beasts resided.

In a little place like Qin City, a sacred beast was valuable because the rumor was that the sacred beast was in its infant stage and it was rare for one to be alone. However, in the Forest of Neversetting Sun, high star magic beasts were not rare, and there were even divine beasts. But even if one was able to kill divine beasts, they would be unable to tame them unless they were some of the best beast tamers, a grandmaster tamer came. Average beast tamers could not even tame adult spirit beasts.

As to the emperor beast tamers that could tame super-divine beasts, no one knew if the continent even had any.

“We’ve found many high star magic beasts. I don’t know if there is anything in here.” Avoiding a large group of ice lake flies, Aofeng and Liao Ya walked out from behind some hidden bushes. She looked towards the peak of Soul Breaking Cliff that was in the distance.

“Master, I feel the presence of several high star spirit beasts from that cliff. There could even be sacred beasts. It most likely will not be easy to get that Fire Dragon Fruit,” Liao Ya warned Aofeng. “Spirit beasts above seven-stars will usually not gather in large numbers unless there is a sacred beast that dominates and controls them.”

“Sacred beast?” Aofeng frowned and made a decision. “Then we will not be the first ones to test this! I saw many mercenaries coming this way along our way here. There are also many explorer groups. Their goal is most likely that fire dragon fruit. We should not be impatient. Let’s wait for a few days at the base of the mountain. When there are many people, it will be easier to sneak in.”

Liao Ya could deal with normal spirit beasts, but if a group came, he could not kill them all. Also, he had just become a one-star sacred beast. If there really was a sacred beast up on the cliff, he might not even be a match for the other beast.

No wonder they had sent court protector-warriors to come harvest the fire dragon fruit. Without someone as strong as Roth, it would be difficult to achieve the goal.

“Ah!” A wave of screams came from the distance. The odor of large amounts of corpse-eating ghouls wafted far.

Aofeng turned back for a glance. Another group of unfortunate people had appeared. The Forest of Neversetting Sun was a ruthless world where the strong ate the weak. Things like this would happen multiple times every day. Anyone faced the danger of dying at any time. In this kind of environment, one’s desire to grow strong would strengthen.

Originally, Aofeng did not plan to meddle. However, when she saw a flame insignia on a mercenary that was running over in terror, her eye twitched.

Crimson Forge Mercenary Company!

Rong Luo’s handsome and reliable face flashed across her eyes. Aofeng did not hesitate to take out “Vanquisher of Armies.” Jumping lightly on the balls of her feet, she descended from the tree.

“Ahhhh! Save me!” The mercenary that was running was tripped by his fellow. The odor of the berserk corpse-eating ghoul came down on his. The sharp teeth were clear to see, and he screamed in a panic.

Just as he thought that he would die, a black shadow flashed over his head and a blade severed the neck of the berserk corpse-eating ghoul!

This mercenary watched as the berserk corpse-eating ghoul fell down in front of him, the noxious blood spraying over his body. He lifted his head slightly and saw a youth dressed in long and exquisite black robes wearing a cold expression. His eyes widened in disbelief as though he was more terrified than when he had been being chased by a corpse-eating ghoul.

Heavens, what kind of person was this! The other only seemed to be fifteen or so, and was able to kill the nine-star magic beast corpse-eating ghoul in one blow!

Just as he was thinking, he heard the aloof black-robed youth ask, “Which direction is your main group in.”

Many mercenaries had scattered as they fled. Following the sound, she might not find the right place, so she asked the question.

“Ah, Daren! That way! Captain and the others are over there!” The mercenary hurriedly pointed in a direction. He warmed, “Daren, be careful! There are about fifty corpse-eating ghouls there. If Daren cannot manage, do not force yourself and cause trouble to come to you!”

The great majority of people in the Forest of Neversetting Sun would not help save other people. He was very grateful that Aofeng had saved his life. The mercenaries had their own rules. Even Captain would not hope that the one who saved him would risk their life trying to save others.

“Liao Ya, go!” Aofeng nodded when she heard this and called for Liao Ya to come down the tree. Silver light flashed under her feet and Liao Ya turned back into his true form of a four-winged silver wolf. Aofeng jumped up. The human and the wolf flew in the direction of battle.

That mercenary had been worried originally but when he saw the silver pattern under the “young man’s” feet, he was struck dumb.

“Nine-star senior magister? The hell!”

Fighting was intense in the nearby forest.

“Captain Thetan! The members on the perimeter is not strong enough, the defense line will collapse! Even if we kill this group of corpse eating ghouls, we will have heavy loses!” a five-star senior magister cut off the head of a corpse eating ghoul and said urgently as he wiped his face of blood and sweat.

The other young male that was on a Hurricane Eagle that was a six-sword senior magister said as he fought, “Vino, tighten the ranks, we are part of Crimson Forge, we cannot fall here! Brother Luo is still waiting at Neversetting Sun City for us to meet up together to fight against the magic beast tide. If we cannot complete this mission, we have no honor left with which to see him!”

The other mercenaries nodded and raised their weapons. Just as the battle was intensifying, an enormous shadow suddenly came over their heads in the sky!

“Heavens! Such a large wolf!” The mercenaries shouted in shock. Just the physique of this magic beast was powerful. The four-winged silver wolf was an extremely rare spirit-rank magic beast. They could barely manage against a nine-star magus beast. But if it was a spirit beast, unless the young captain was here, they could not defeat it.

The group of mercenaries thought that a calamity was about to descend when they saw the silver wolf’s enormous wings flap and blow away that group of corpse eating ghouls. The wolf showed no intentions of attacking them and they gaped.

Before they managed to digest the shock, a black and thin shadow landed from the back of the silver wolf and entered the battle. As the person moved their hand, the heads of the surrounding corpse eating ghouls fell to the ground. The ghostly figure immediately swept in another direction. Everywhere the person passed, the bodies of the corpse eating ghouls fell to the ground!

“Heavens! Who is that!” Thetan inhaled deeply and said in shock, “So that silver wolf is his!”

“Captain! That person is so strong! He probably can match Young Captain!” The five-star senior swordsman Vino shouted excitedly.

“They are on our side! Kill!” The mercenaries immediately reacted, their presence increasing as they furiously fought back. After the addition of Aofeng and Liao Ya, the situation immediately reverse. Not even fifteen minutes later, more than fifty nine-star magic beast corpse-eating ghoul corpses fell to the ground. The mercenaries cheered after their hard battle.


Translator Ramblings: I imagine Aofeng was at least in her twenties before she died. So she’s more of a fake teenager.


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