傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S07-C05 “A Huge Herd”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng learns Ba Erbo of the Flying Aspara Mercenary Company scheming against her and decides to pay him back the exact same way.

Chapter Five – A Huge Herd

Ba Erbo was extremely excited at the moment. Very very excited. Seeing the Fire Dragon Fruit that glowed on the cliff, and smelling its faint fragrance, he wanted to grow a pair of wings and fly over!

Because they had kept the information locked down, no one except the insiders knew the importance of this mission to Flying Aspara Mercenary Company.

Flying Aspara Mercenary Company was a B-ranked mercenary company. They had reached the required amount of missions. They only had to finish an A-rank mission or three supra-B missions to become a A-ranked mercenary company and to develop further. However, if they chose to do three supra-B-ranked missions, if one of the missions was a failure, the other two were for nothing. They had to start over.

The biggest factor that the Flying Aspara Mercenary Company’s influence fell behind Crimson Forge Mercenary Company and Wolfpack Mercenary Company was because the other two were A-rank while they were B-rank.

The benefits and payment that the Mercenary Union gave A-rank and B-rank were completely different. They believed if they had the benefits and resources of an A-rank mercenary company, they could quickly develop and rival the other two mercenary companies. As a result, Ba Tuke even had his spirit magister son come, and also sent another three-star spirit magister, the old man in the yellow robes, to make sure the mission was successful.

They hadn’t actually completed the A-ranked mission at Qin City. Radiance Magus Church had suffered great losses.. While they had paid the hiring fee, that mission had been judged a failure. Due to this, the Flying Aspra Mercenary Company could only put their sights on the Fire Dragon Fruit which was a supra-B-rank mission.

After several years, they had completed two supra-B-rank missions already. They only had one more to go. Could Ba Erbo not be happy?

“Elder Luo Xi, you were wrong this time! Look, those Crimson Forge mercenaries still haven’t followed us. This means they don’t have the ability to rival us and are retreating. This time, we will be the ones to finish the Fire Dragon Fruit mission. Then we will be an A-rank mercenary company!” Looking around and seeing not even the shadow of the Crimson Forge Mercenary Company, Ba Erbo couldn’t help but snort and smile proudly.

As he spoke, he was still slightly irritated. Just now, he had left immediately because that young boy had been showing off. They had gotten off easy. If he encountered them on the way back, he would definitely show that person his power! Not very old but that person had been cunning. You dare to make a fool of me, Ba Erbo, you dare to be even more arrogant?

“It’s better to be careful. The Soul Breaking Cliff is already close to Death Ridge which doesn’t lack for high rank magic beasts.” The yellow-robed old person frowned. He kept on feeling that something was not right. He had a bad feeling but he could not pinpoint where the problem was.

Ba Erbo snorted in laughter. “Elder, don’t worry. As long as that Rong Luo hasn’t come, that Fire Dragon Fruit is ours. With our strength, we do not have to worry about normal spirit beasts. It would be better if they came. We can get a few more spirit beast corpses and magic crystals.”

“That is true,” the yellow-robed old person said. He was very confident in his own strength and he suppressed that strange feeling of anxiousness.

They climbed up. The Fire Dragon Fruit was just ahead of them. The group from Flying Aspara Mercenary Company managed to ascend the cliff before all the other adventurers. They forced all the other small mercenary companies that were competing against them to the back. Those small mercenary companies were angry but didn’t dare to verbalize it.

“It’s ours!” Looking at the Fire Dragon Fruit, Ba Erbo was happily reaching to pluck it. But when he just took a step, a hard gust of wind suddenly shot for his head!

“Ah, it’s a high star spirit beast! Young Captain, careful!”

The yellow-robed old man’s expression changed. He hurriedly called for amorization. As the silver light flashed, he charged out and saved Ba Erbo from the claws of that eagle. Before he had the chance to take a breath, another golden condor pecked down!

“How come two high star spirit beasts attacked at once?” The yellow-robed old person inhaled in shock. He hurriedly grabbed Ba Erbo and then somersaulted to the side. He passed over the enormous stone wall. From here, he could see the Soul Breaking Cliff and the mountains beyond it. The two looked towards that place. It would have been better if they hadn’t looked. When they did, their souls almost were scared out of their bodies.

“Heavens! They … … they are all spirit beasts?” Ba Erbo’s eyes almost popped out. His hairs stood up on end. He saw a large black patch of smoke. He made a rough estimate. There were at least a hundred spirit beasts!

“Motherf***er! A large group of spirit beasts are coming!”

“Oh, we are going to die, going to die! We are really going to die this time!”

“Quick, quick, flee!”

The mercenaries and the adventurers had terrified expressions as they shouted in panic. They ran down Soul Breaking Cliff even faster than they ascended the cliff. At the edge of life and death, many people had speed that was hard to imagine. However, the spirit beast swarm behind them were even faster. Many people were caught and screams filled the air.

Under the claws of the spirit beasts, ordinary adventurers and mercenaries could not withstand even a blow!

“Damn it! It’s the Sidian Pollen! That fragrance i smelled earlier wasn’t the scent of the Fire Dragon Fruit!” The yellow-robed old person finally found where the problem was but it was too late. He could only grab Ba Erbo and flee. A large group of spirit beasts followed closely after them.

“No! Our A-rank mercenary ranking!” He watched as the Fire Dragon Fruit that had been within his grasp get drowned by this large group of spirit beasts. This meant that their mission and his dream had both failed. Ba Erbo grieved and wanted to die. After thinking, he knew who had done this to him. He couldn’t help but gave out a high and furious howl.

“Crimson Forge mercenaries! That brat! We’re not finished!”

From far away, Aofeng and the group of Crimson Forge mercenaries were hiding in a valley and observing the events coldly. They heard this harsh shout.

“We aren’t finished? You need to be alive first.” Aofeng pushed aside a bush and her lips curved in a beautiful curve. She looked back disdainfully and aid, “Also, if I can trick you once, can’t I trick you a second time?”

“Ahahaha, that pig’s head. Even if you fought ten rounds, he would be the loser!”

“Yes, if he and Zhui Yun Daren have a fair fight, he would suffer an even worse loss. However, it seems more enjoyable to trip him like this. We really got ours back for the past few months! Hahaha … …” Thetan and Vino felt extremely good watching as Ba Erbo was chased by that large group of spirit beasts. They breathed out, and they had smiles on their faces.

They cared about honor but they were not pedantic. Other than their own friends, there were no orthodox parties in the Forest of Neversetting Sun. They were not repelled by Aofeng ‘s actions and actually admired it.

In Thetan and Vino’s eyes, Aofeng became even more mysterious. This person had a sacred beast, a valuable ice mouse common of the nobility. This ice mouse had actually surpassed nine-star to become a spirit beast. Everything was so startling.

“The spirit beast swarm has passed. Let’s go.”

An endless stream of spirit beasts chased Ba Erbo and the yellow-robed old person into the forest. No more spirit beasts appeared. They knew that this was about time. Vino immediately started to cut a path through the undergrowth using his broadsword at the front. There was a little path that was the width of one perseon. They walked deeper, moved around some large cracks in the rock, and walked for almost an hour until a peaceful little valley appeared in front of them.

When they came here, they almost collectively stilled. Each person had an expression of ecstasy on their faces.

In the mountain valley, there was a spring near the corner of the cliff side. Above the spring, there was a verdant green plant that had three bright red fruits!

“Three Fire Dragon Fruits! Zhui Yun Daren, we have such good luck!” many people started to cheer.

Thetan and the others were not the only ones who started breathing heavily when they saw the three Fire Dragon Fruits. Even Aofeng felt some joyful surprise.

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