傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S08-C01 “Chi”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng finds the Fire Dragon Fruit, and encounters the beast guardian, a Thunder Leopard.

Section Eight “The Youngest Spirit Magister”

Chapter One Chi

That voice was not loud, and it seemed to carry a tinge of disdain. However, the voice could be heard clearly. It was imposing like an emperor glaring at an ant beside his foot.

Flame red color filled the field of view of Aofeng and her group.

A enormous wall of blinding fire shot into the sky in front of Aofeng! The entire mountain valley was immediately dyed red by the fierce flames. Even the sky turned dark red in reflection. Under Aofeng’s feet, the pattern of a nine-star senior magister suddenly rose but it was not the normal silver color but a strange crimson red.

Nothing like this had ever been seen mentioned from books in her memory before. The mercenaries behind Aofeng were startled, and so was Aofeng herself. After the attack just now, all of her magic had been used up. Theoretically, she did not have the power to summon a magus beast but Chi was able to come out of her magus beast space by himself!

Yes, that cold, clear and pleasing voice. Aofeng remembered it well. That was Chi!

Chi was awake!

The fiery wall of flames retreated and revealed the crimson red figure within.

Aofeng stilled again. Her eyes were wide in wonder. This Chi was just as his name sake suggested. He was covered in a layer of Heaven Fire. Other than his jade-like skin, he was crimson red. Red eyes, red hair, red refined battle armor. Even his eyebrows were fiery red. Even more shocking to Aofeng was that while his voice was mature like that of a young male in his twenties, but his body was like that of an eight or nine year old.

A pair of large circular red earrings flashed with eerie light. The extremely beautiful Chi gave off a cold shiver-inducing presence. His expression was like the ice frost in the winter month. His long fire red hair flew freely among the scattered flames.

Glancing forward, Chi’s lower half didn’t move as he waved his hand towards the Thunder Leopard. He created a fiery red gust of wind that sliced through the air. Its speed was so fast that even the Thunder Leopard who was using a magus beast technique couldn’t dodge it!

“Zzzt!” With a sound like something being seared, the enormous leopard smashed hard onto the rock wall of the little mountain valley like a kite with its strings cut. The roar of the leopard suddenly became a lament.

The Thunder Leopard landed on the ground heavily. Gusts of black smoke came off its body. The fur which had been oiled and bright was completely burnt. The leopard was breathing shallowly where it laid.

Defeated with one blow!

The bystanders inhaled in shock as they watched. They suddenly wondered if there was a problem with their eyes.

One move that could cause a sacred beast to lose all fighting capability, and so easily, who … … who was he? Or what?

Only Aofeng knew that Chi was definitely a kind of magic beast.. She still remembered wha Liao Ya had said. Only adult super-divine beasts would manifest into human form. Was Chi a super-divine beast? But he still looked like a child. He did not seem to be an adult. At the time, Jun Luoyu and the others had said that Chi was still in his infant stage. As a result, Aofeng didn’t know what level of magus beast Chi was.

“Submission or death?” The child completely shrouded in fierce flames looked with ruby-like eyes at the Thunder Leopard and asked coldly. The pressure of a king descended into the world.

Aofeng and the others could not see, but in this moment, all of the magic beasts in the nearby forest suddenly trembled. They held their heads as they prostrated themselves in this direction, including sacred beasts and some of the divine beasts in the Death Ridge. At this time of a magic beast tide when a single presence would be drowned out, the adventurers that moved in the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun were puzzled by the phenomenon that suddenly occurred.

Nearby, Liao Ya bowed his head respectfully to Chi. The limbs of the Thunder Leopard trembled under Chi’s terrifying presence. It moaned lowly, its pitch black eyes showing a pleading expression. It clearly submitted.

After taking care of the Thunder Leopard, Chi turned his head back slightly. His icy face gentled slightly and he said mentally, “Covenantor, your name.”

“Aofeng, Qin Aofeng.” Aofeng knew that Chi had secrets that should not heard by others. She said in her mind, “You are?”

“Chi, Chi Xue.” Chi nodded and then informed simply, “Aofeng, I managed to wake up when I felt your body in danger of being drained of magic power. Truthfully, my wounds are far from healed. I will soon enter a deep slumber once again. This guy’s strength is acceptable on this continent. Take him as a guard. I cannot stay outside for too long. I will likely attract pursuers. Right now, I am in my infant stage and not a match for them.”

The lifebond covenant made the two feel close to each other. Even their lives were closely connected. If one died, the other would pass away as well. Consequently, Aofeng knew that Chi would not try to harm her. She just had a great misgiving.

“Chi, what species of magic beast are you? Who is pursuing you?”

Chi shook his head lightly. “I cannot answer your questions right now. The answers are too dangerous for you at present. If you want to know, become stronger quickly. When you truly encounter danger, just call my name. I will appear and help you.”

Knowing that Chi would not harm her, Aofeng did not press. She said back with a determined expression, “Alright, when the day comes that it is possible, I will help you take care of those people chasing you.”

Chi stilled. A rare smile appeared on his beautiful face. He nodded minutely. A fiery red pattern appeared under his feet. He turned into a ball of flame and sank into it. Then that pattern disappeared into the air.

The surroundings recovered back to their normal state. If it wasn’t for that burnt Thunder Leopard just barely breathing, everyone would have thought it was a dream.

Aofeng was flummoxed as to how to explain to Thetan and the others when she heard Thetan ask with wide eyes, “Zhui … … Zhui Yun Daren … … that old elder is your protector?”

When the noble young masters of large families came out to gain experience, they would always have guardians that followed them. However, some protectors would walk about in the open, and some preferred to stay in the shadows. The latter would only appear in times of danger to guarantee the safety of their master. Just now, Chi looked like magisters wearing divine beast armor. There were also old people on the continent that liked to look young and make themselves appear to be in their teens. However, making themselves looked eight or nine was still too freakish.

Aofeng couldn’t help but laugh. She knew that he misunderstood so she naturally followed Thetan’s words. She wriggled her eyebrows and said, “Careful, if he hears you say he is old, that bad-tempered person will go into a rage!”

Thetan jumped in fright and hurriedly covered his mouth. He was afraid of asking something else in his curiosity. Someone that could defeat a sacred beast with one blow. Anyone that offended that person would not end up well. He really wondered, what kind of ancient and powerful family Zhui Yun Daren came from to have such a powerful guardian!

“Alright, do not worry about it. He usually will not appear.” Aofeng saw that she had frightened him and smiled slightly. She took out a Fire Dragon Fruit from her spatial ring and handed it to Thetan. “Go back first to hand in your mission. I’m going to rest and then find a quiet place to eat the Fire Dragon Fruit.”

“Zhui Yun Daren, how about we stand guard for you in the surroundings?” Vino asked. They had not been with Aofeng for long, but they admired this youth from the bottom of their hearts and didn’t want anything to happen.

“Don’t worry.” Aofeng’s heart warmed. She patted Thetan’s shoulder and said, “With Liao Ya here, nothing will happen to me. If you are around, it will divide my attention. We will meet again during the Neversetting Sun Magic Beast Siege.”

Thetan and Vino knew that Aofeng was right and did not insist. After accepting the Fire Dragon Fruit, they gave a full bow that was used between mercenaries and then took the group to return to the city.

After they left, Aofeng came in front of the Thunder Leopard and chanted the Magus Divinity Spell to form a covenant.

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