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Last chapter recap: Aofeng eats the Fire Dragon Fruit, levels up, and so does her magus beasts.

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Chapter Three – Battle Armor

After the descent of the Rules of the Universe, silver four spirit-star patterns suddenly appeared under the feet of the three magus beasts. Magus beasts benefited after forming contracts with magisters. Whenever their master ascended in rank, the Rules of the Universe would also descend onto the magus beasts that were contracted with Aofeng and their power would also increase.

The power vibrations faded, and the levelup process finally finished. Aofeng who had sat for a long time in the valley opened her eyes. She lightly threw back her long black hair and stood up.

Taking a few deep breaths of the refreshing air unique to forests, Aofeng felt extremely refreshed. While she had not moved for seven days,no dust touched her body and she seemed to have been washed over by the purest of spring water. That pair of black eyes were crystals now deeper than before which flashing occasionally with bright light. Dressed in the exquisite long black robe, Aofeng’s aura became even more mysterious and elegant.

“One-sword spirit magister.” Aofeng clenched and released her hands a few times and felt that the power in her body had increased a level. She said with slight shock, “And close to being a two-sword spirit magister. As expected, the medicinal power of the Fire Dragon Fruit was of great help with the aid of the Magus Divinity Power Source.”

“Congratulations, Master, for your successful level up. Haha, I also increased by a star. I am a five-star sacred beast! Master, oh, you are my god! I swear to never leave you!” Ben Lei jumped up and down as though he had eaten a stimulant. His head moved around as he looked reverently at Aofeng. The excitement of increasing by four stars in succession was too great.

“What are you so proud of? This time, I’m better than you. I rose by two stars. I’m a three-star sacred beast, heh heh,” Liao Ya said with his head upright in happiness.

Xiao Bing jumped back into Aofeng’s collar from afar. It only left its little head out and burped twice. Its eyes were narrowed in contentment. Ben Lei and Liao Ya looked over and the two sweated again.

“This little thing is even stronger than us, it became a seven-star spirit beast, Heavens!”

However the power that spirit beasts and sacred beasts needed to level up could not be compared. Liao Ya and Ben Lei did not mind so much. The joy of levelling up surrounded the three beasts and the human. Liao Ya reminded, “Master, you can order us to armorize. How about trying out our power?”

“Armorize? Yes, spirit magister’s could order magus beasts to armorize!” Aofeng’s eyes lit up. She smiled slightly, closing her eyes to think back to the spells related to armorization in the Magus Divinity Spell and some of the knowledge in her memories.

The magus beast armorization was the most powerful trait of magisters compared to other combat professions, like swordsmen. The armorization of each magus beasts had different abilities. As a result, they said that only a spirit magister could count as a true magister. Magisters without magus beast armorization were second-class magisters.

The magus beast armorization of spirit beasts and those stronger were divided into partial armorization and full-body armorization. Full-body armorization only differed in details between magus beasts. While the patterns and the shapes of the battle armor were different, they were usually all bronze in color and covered the entire body. The full-body armorization of divine beasts and those stronger had various colors. The defense abilities of the armor also depended on the rank of the magus beasts. Partial armorization was based on the traits of each magus beast. The beast would manifest as a piece of armor which had the unique traits of each magus beast.

If one had many magus beasts, they could have one magus beast in full-body armorization, and the others in partial armorization to form battle armor. The person’s strength would increase by an entire level. However, the number of people who had two magus beasts were rare. Only freaks like Aofeng could try something like assemble battle armor in pieces.

Aofeng wondered for a time. The effects of full-body armorization was not variable. She would first try the power of partial armorization. She put away the long robe she wore to reveal the short tight clothes she wore underneath. She activated her inky green magic and silently recited the Magus Divinity Spell, “Xiao Bing, Liao Ya, Ben Lei, partial armorization!”

The silver pattern of a spirit magister appeared under her feet. The three magus beast were shrouded in magic and turned into three flashes of white light that leapt towards Aofeng’s body.

Among the dots of silver energy, a snowy-white mask manifested in front of Aofeng’s face. It was a strange pair of goggles that covered her face from her nose up. The appearance was refined and didn’t affect her beauty. She looked extremely handsome.

This was the partial battle armor that Xiao Bing manifested into. It had a doppelganger and perspective ability. The ice mouse doppelgangers that formed had the ability to become invisible. The tiny invisible ice mice had the ability to burrow into all kinds of places. All they saw would be in Aofeng’s view. This meant that Aofeng would have eyes and ears everywhere when she was fighting!

Aofeng’s mind moved. She released an invisible ice mouse in front of her and immediately saw herself. She felt this was a novel experience.

There was a pair of long black boots that covered up to her knee that had simple patterns on them. Just like the Thunder Leopard, she had two clouds that burned like white flames under her feet as though she was flying on clouds. These were manifested by Ben Lei and they could greatly increase her speed.

Liao Ya had turned into four grand silver wings on Aofeng’s back. With a thought, she could move the wings and fly at a fast speed. Aofeng was overjoyed at the rare flight type magus beast armor. Usually only celestial magisters could fly into the sky. She didn’t know how many people would admire her ability to fly freely in the air.

Through the perspective of the invisible ice mouse, Aofeng found that she really was a bit handsome right now. The Thunder Boots, the Silver Wolf Wings and the Ice Mouse Mask all were shrouded in a layer of light. The silver and the black colors shone brightly. When the dusk light shone, it glittered, and was unusually dazzling like the armor of a deity.

“So this is how it is. In partial armorization, the armor is also colored, but it cannot affect the person. When a divine beast armorizes, even the eyes, eyebrows and hair will change color so these two will not be mistaken for each other.” Aofeng got a general understanding of the patterns of armorization. She spread the wings and flew into the sky. she channeled magic into the Thunder Boots on her feet. Thet two flame-like clouds suddenly expanded and covered her calves. She shot out over a thousand meters in the air. Her speed could almost match that of a celestial magister.

In the air, Aofeng released eight ice mice to stay on her shoulders. She could see in three hundred and sixty degrees all around and below her!

Aofeng released a howl of pleasure into the air at the improvement in her strength and abilities.She moved the silver wings and flew rapidly. With two sacred beasts protecting her, and such speed, the flying beast herd in this area were not able to catch up to her. Even if she could not win against them, she could flee. She was not afraid of being surrounded. She flew in the open like a meteor.

“It’s already the twelfth day. The magic beast siege is about to begin. Let’s return to the City of Neversetting Sun now. Big Brother Rong will have definitely arrived. This time, I will be able to see him.” When she thought of Rong Luo, Aofeng’s defined lips curved up slightly. She had not interacted with that man for long, but whenever she thought of him, she would always be filled with a warmth and steady feeling.

After flying for a day and night, when it was dusk once again, she saw the enormous Neversetting Sun Fortress in the distance. To avoid being shot at by the lion-vulture guard troops in the sky, Aofeng descended back to the ground in the forest. If she walked for half a day, she would arrive at the city. She planned to rest at this place for the night.

It was the perimeter of the forest, and also the eve before the magic beast siege. There were adventurers teams and mercenary companies that had responded to the summons in the forest. The sound of fighting and killing magic beasts rose occasionally from the forest. Aofeng did not pay attention to them. She climbed onto a large tree, yawned, and went to play a game of chess with the god of sleep.


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