傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S08-C05 “Return To The City”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng is accused of being a thief by members of Wolf Pack, the second-ranked mercenary company.

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Chapter Five – Return to the City

Two black eyes coolly swept over the group of mercenaries. Aofeng did not respond because she felt that there was nothing to say. If one wanted to condemn someone, they could always find an excuse. These two misses were set in their opinion she was a thief. Everything she said would be wasted of effort.

Lu Lan saw her lack of words and her rage grew. She raised her head in assumed victory. “Since you have admitted it, hand them over to this miss … …”

Before she finished speaking, she suddenly heard Qiu Ran shout, “Miss, Careful!” which interrupted her words!

A sharp and cold wind headed towards her!

In an instant, Lu Lan and Li Sha who were both rank two professionals felt a feeling as though this was unstoppable. Their minds blanked. Feeling the sharp killing intent, they shuddered in unison. Goosebumps formed all over their skin.

The large man held his broadsword horizontally with a guarded expression. However, the shadow of Aofeng that flashed by and did not head for the two females.

Qiu Ran looked in surprise as the youth flashed behind him. The youth was so fast he couldn’t respond in time. He heard several “scrrizt” sounds and three cries of alarm. Three males at the rear of the squad were kicked out of the crowd on the ground and rolled. Two were Wolfpack mercenaries, and the last was one of Li Sha’s guards.

The black-robed youth’s figure which should have been at the front was no in front of the three with a long black sword in hand as the youth stared at the three men.

“Scoundrel! You dare to attack the Wolf Pack Mercenary Company. I think you do not want to live!” Lu Lan’s face flushed red in anger as she stamped her feet. She even forgot her fear.

Aofeng ignored her, and moved the long sword in her hand to flick at the check and pockets of the three people groaning on the ground. Three glowing white crystals landed on the ground. They were a foggy white, a color unique to fog wolves crystal cores.

“The things you wanted!”

As Aofeng’s disdainful gaze landed on them, the two females felt extremely embarrassed. Their faces flushed like cooked shrimp. They had righteously accused this person of being a thief but the thieves were actually from their own group. The taste of being slapped loudly on their face was extremely discomforting!

Li Sha bit her lips and forced herself to continue. “No, our guards wouldn’t do something like this. It must have been you! You must have shoved these into their clothing … …”

“Enough! Miss Li Sha, please pay attention to your reputation. You are a noble, you need to have the mannerisms of nobility. You are refusing to admit a fact which is clear to everyone else? If the Duke or that young castellan learns of this, how will they look at you?” Qiu Ran shouted from the side with a frozen expression. Then he glared at Lu Lan who was about to say something, “Miss Lu Lan, us mercenaries care about honor. If you do not want to make trouble for Big Brother, do not twist the truth.”

Li Sha and Lu Lan shook and became silent.

After reprimanding the two females into silence, Qiu Ran looked at the three ashen-faced people on the ground, “The two from the mercenary company, leave the badges of Wolf Pack and leave.”

The two didn’t dare to breathe loudly. With lowered heads and low spirits, they took off the wolf head insignias on their shoulder and then left. For people who dared to steal spoils and frame others, it was a light punishment to not take their lives. Li Sha turned her head and reprimanded the guard, “You leave as well! This miss does not want to ever see you!”

That guard hurriedly crawled into the frost. In the future, he would not be able to make a living around Neversetting Sun.

“This young brother, we made trouble for you.” After taking care of matter, Qiu Ran smiled with friendliness at Aofeng. “Are you also going to the City of Neversetting Sun to participate the magic beast siege? You seem to be alone. To express our apologies, how about entering the city with us?”

“Many thanks, it is not necessary.” Aofeng nodded minutely at him in a thanks for his good intentions. However, she didn’t want to travel together with these two spoiled females. She pulled her collar up and wanted to leave alone.

“Young brother, consider it. The City of Neversetting Sun is heavily guarded now and the inspections are strict. No accidents are allowed to happen before the magic beast siege. I don’t know why you wear a mask, but if you do not take it off, the guards will not let you into the city. It will be different with our Wolf Pack Mercenary Company. The castellan will give some face to the three big mercenaries companies.” Ignoring Aofeng’s coldness, Qiu Ran reminded her with good intentions. They had been at fault just now and he also wanted to build ties with this young expert.

Lu Lan and the others couldn’t see it but Qiu Ran was an experienced eight-sword senior magister. He knew from what Aofeng had shown previously that this youth was powerful and might even be as strong as he was. The long soft sword in her hand was black, dim and ordinary in appearance, but it was extremely resilient. The sword may possibly be made out of the rare ferrotungsten. This person’s status was not an ordinary adventurer and might be one of the young masters of the direct line of some great family out to gain experience.

Giving a favor to a young genius possibly with a prestigious family background was better than having them leave with a grudge.

“Oh? Gate inspection?” Aofeng’s brow creased under the mask. The gates were the most populated place. Many of the mercenaries from Qin City had come and she might be recognized. This Qiu Ran had a meticulous mind, the offer would resolve their dispute and build ties. He realized that she wasn’t willing to show her face, didn’t ask any questions, and instead offered to help her enter the city while hiding her identity.

“Yes, Young Brother, another benefit to entering with us is attending the Castellan’s evening banquet. Wolf Pack Mercenary Company is invited and you can come with us and converse with some experts.” Qiu Ran chucked, his clever eyes flashing. “Young Captain Rong Luo of the first-ranked mercenary company on the continent is a seven-sword spirit magister. Maybe you can met with him. That would be of benefit to your cultivation.”

At the other side, Lu Lan opened her mouth in anger, “Uncle Ran, why do we have to invite him! He puts on such a cold air, he thinks that Wolf Pack really wants him? How can he compare to Brother Luo? Brother Luo is accomplished at such a young age but not proud at all. Nothing like this person. Isn’t even a senior magister and putting such airs as though he’s something. He doesn’t even qualify to hold Brother Luo’s shoes!”

“You only qualify to hold shoes for other people.” Aofeng swept her with a look, her expression glacially cold.

“You! … …”

“Miss, we accused him first, we should make amends. If this young master talks about what happened today, what do you think will happen to the honor of our second-ranked mercenary company?” Qiu Ran spoke casually and stopped Lu Lan from speaking further.

Lu Lan’s status in the mercenary company was not low. She didn’t dare to think how her father would scold her if something like that happened.

“Then we will take you to the Castellan’s banquet. You have to promise you will not mention what happened today to anyone! You are also not allowed to keep bothering us. Don’t think that we don’t know. Some people like pretending to be cold to attract our attention. If you have thoughts like that, end them now!” Li Sha was also afraid of her father and said as she looked disdainfully at Aofeng.

Aofeng’s mouth jerked. She was completely defeated by this miss’ laughably thick skin. She really thought all the men in the world revolved around her? Anyone that married this woman would be unfortunate!

She didn’t want to waste her time with people like this. She responded, “Alright, I promise not to speak of it. Uncle Qiu Ran, let’s go.” Then she dashed to the side as though she was avoiding a snake, dodged around the two females, and then mixed with the people at the edge of the mercenary company squad.

Qiu Ran saw this. He shook his head and grimaced. These two great misses didn’t know anything of the world. Fortunately, this person did not bother with them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t know how they died!

Qiu Ran knew that Aofeng’s personality was cold and proud so he did not disturb her. The squad of almost a hundred people started to move again. They reached the City of Neversetting Sun at noon. At this time, the outside of the City of Neversetting Sun was filled with the camps of mercenaries and adventurers below the enormous walls. They completely surrounded the city gates. More people were here than had been at Qin City. Ranks of soldiers lined up below the walls, and the lion-vulture squads moved in and out above their heads.

At the city gates, two teams of soldiers conducted strict inspection as expected. When they saw the Wolf Pack Mercenary Company, they bowed in greeting and let the group walk past.

When they entered the city, Aofeng’s eyes were attracted to the handsome male at the front. He stood at the corner of the street with a group of people. He had shoulder-length hair, a tall and healthy body dressed in light armor, a short sword hanging at his waist. His expression was open and his lips were smiling. He gave off an indescribable friendliness as he stared with bright eyes towards them.

The entire group suddenly stopped. Lu Lan moved forward in joy. “Brother Luo! You came to receive me?

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