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Chapter Seven – Challenge

“Zhui Yun? Hey, have you heard of this person before? Very strong? Looks like a child!”

“No, Zhui Yun Daren? Is there someone like this near Neversetting Sun? There isn’t someone like this in the big mercenary companies?”

“So young, if this is an expert, there’s no reason people wouldn’t know of him.”

The passerby talked among themselves as they looked in puzzlement at Aofeng.

Two young and handsome men were standing to the left and right of Aofeng. Aofeng was dressed in a long black robe and a snowy white mask. Not being able to see this person’s face did not affect this handsome youth’s aura and even added an elegant mysteriousness. This attire looked extremely handsome. The young females and matrons that passed through the gates stood and looked with heated gazes.

“Luo Fei, since you call me brother, there is no offense to speak of, yes?” Seeing Rong Luo and Luo Fei come in succession, Aofeng was in a good mood. She reached out and lightly punched Luo Fei’s shoulder with a laugh.

“That is what my father said. How can I think that? Zhui Yun, you cannot think of me as a person like that! No matter what statuses we hold in the future, we are good brothers!” Luo Fei scratched his head. He had a sunny and honest smile on his face.

Her heart warmed by his words, Aofeng nodded and said with a laugh, “Yes, no matter our statuses in the future, we will be good brothers, and Big Brother Rong as well.”

Rong Luo heard the words “Big Brother Rong” and his heart shook. Once again, he had that strange feeling of familiarity. He uncontrollably gave a smile, but he was puzzled inside. Do I have any interest in Aofeng? Why do I keep thinking about Aofeng? Brother Zhui Yun cannot be Aofeng. So strange, so strange!

The three conversed happily but two people were smoking in anger.

Li Sha and Lu Lan’s eyes reddened, and their pretty faces twisted as they watched Rong Luo, Luo Fei and Aofeng laughed together. The fires of jealousy roared!

The man they liked, the man of their “dreams” appeared here together but not to receive them but for another “man,” and pushed them to the side.They undoubtedly lost face in front of the public. The two that always thought of themselves as great beauties had never been treated like this before.

This was something that could not be tolerated!

“Brother Luo, Young Castellan! Do not be fooled by this arrogant boy. He is useless! This morning when Wolf Pack was hunting the fog wolves, he hid on the tree and didn’t care to come down. After the event, he stuck with us to get into the city, how can you be friends with this kind of person!” Lu Lan pointed at Aofeng in angry and spoke as though what she said was the truth.

Li Sha galred at Aofeng and said, “Yes, he even said he wanted to fight with Young Captain Rong Luo and see who was stronger, his arrogance is boundless! Yet when he met you, he is extremely friendly. He is two-faced. He only knows to boast behind people’s backs. Young Captain Rong Luo is here, why aren’t you fighting him?”

The two stupid women forgot Qiu Ran’s warning completely in their angry. Qiu Ran didn’t managed to stop them in time. He sighed in exasperation. Misses, why do you make trouble for yourself? Is this a man nice person? You really think that this person wouldn’t attack you because you are female?

Qiu Ran nervously stared at Aofeng and prepared for the worse. Regardless, Lu Lan was the miss of Wolf Pack Mercenary Company. Learning a lesson was fine, but Aofeng clearly was a person who would be ruthless in battle.

Unexpectedly to Qiu Ran, Aofeng did not immediately act. She raised an eyebrow. Her white hand rubbed her chin as though she was thinking.

“You two, stop this!” Even Rong Luo who did not easily get angry couldn’t help but frown. He dropped Lu Lan’s hand when she reached out to pull him and said coolly, “Miss Lu Lan, please conduct yourself well. You and I may have an engagement due to our fathers wishes, but that is not my wish. I, Rong Luo, will decide the woman that I, Rong Luo, will marry. You are not the type I like.”

“So Young Captain Rong Luo has the same predicament as me. Nice to meet you, nice to meet you.” Luo Fei smiled in empathy towards Rong Luo and said loudly, “Li Sha, since I encountered Young Captain Rong Luo today, I also want to clear the air with you. I, Luo Fei, will decide who to marry for myself. I will not marry a lying and spoiled woman like you!

“Your spoiledness needs to be within bounds. Brother Zhui Yun is a nine-sword senior magister. He will not boast, but so what if he’s proud? Does a fifteen year old nine-sword senior magister not qualify to do so?” Glancing disdainfully at the two ashen-faced females, Luo Fei sneered in disdain. He had seen Aofeng’s true appearance and knew her general age. The reality was not too far away.

Nine-sword senior magister? Fifteen years old?

The words created great ripples!

After a short pause, a wave of exclamations and shock rose. People were shocked at a nine-sword senior magister in the City of Neversetting Sun. Adding on that this person was only fifteen, this was a fright!

“How … … how is it possible!” Li Sha and Lu Lan were stunned by the public rejection of the people they admired. Their mouths were wide and their eyes filled with shock.

“How come it isn’t possible? We saw Zhui Yun Daren before. Zhui Yun Daren was the one who saved us in the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun!” Thetan and Vino as they looked with scorn at the two females. When Aofeng’s identity as a nine-sword senior magister came out, their lies were revealed immediately.

Would a nine-sword senior magister hide in a tree and not dare to come down due to eight-star magic beasts? A nine-sword senior magister would stick to them for safety? It was a joke!

“Yes, he saved Crimson Forge members previously so I came to receive him,” Rong Luo said with confidence.

Even Rong Luo, the spirit magister confirmed this. Would this be false?

The two women couldn’t say another word. The strange looks from the crowds made these two pampered misses want to cry. They hadn’t thought that Aofeng was an admired magister expert. In an era where strength was admired, even nobles had to speak with their might! People would scorn them over and over for being weaker than this person or that person and slandering them!

As the crowd looked scornfully at the two females, the gazes on Aofeng grew hotter.

Regardless of whether the name was known before, the name Zhui Yun would be spread far and wide in the City of Neversetting Sun from now on.

At this time, Aofeng who had been thinking for a long time suddenly spoke, “They spoke one truth.” Raising her head, Aofeng’s black eyes suddenly flashed with light as she stared at Rong Luo. “I do want to ask for guidance from Brother Rong.”

The cool tone was firm. The surrounding crowd sank into silence and shock. What, what did he say? He was …. …

“A challenge?” Rong Luo started, a thread of admiration on his handsome face.

He had only sided with this person because this person was similar to the person in his memories. But at this time, Rong Luo was shocked by this person’s daring and spirit. Fifteen years old and already a nine-sword senior magister. This person’s resolve was extraordinary. Even though this person knew they would be a defeat, this person still wanted to fight against him, uncaring of their own reputation to seek higher levels. This was admirable!

In this moment, Rong Luo found this person was even more similar to Aofeng because in his memory, that “youth” was daring, cold and unrestrained like this.

“How about it? Is it convenient for Big Brother Rong to teach right now?” Aofeng asked with slight anticipation. She had been thinking about this since her advancement. Aofeng wanted to know what her strength was after her increase in power. Battle was the best method to test one’s strength. The seven-sword spirit magister Rong Luo was naturally the best opponent.

Therefore, Aofeng was not in a hurry to tell him her identity. She planned to first fight him and then say it.

Rong Luo looked with admiration at her and laughed softly, “There is no inconvenience. If Brother Zhui Yun has the interest, then I, as the big brother, has to keep you company! However, this place is not suitable for a fight. Let’s go outside the city! Tomorrow is the magic beast siege. Today, let’s raise people’s morales!”

Finishing, he gestured. He and Aofeng stepped out the city gates and headed to the mercenary camp outside the city.

“Ahahahahaha!” Luo Fei’s bright laugh sounded behind Aofeng as his healthy arm landed hard on Aofeng’s shoulder. Luo Fei hooked an arm around Aofeng and raised a thumbs-up to her as they walked. “Good boy! Great! Go and give Young Captain Rong Luo a surprise!”

“Yes, yes, go Zhui Yun Daren! We support you to defeat Young Captain!” Thetan, Vino and the group of “traitors” did not support Rong Luo and started to encourage Aofeng.

The people that had been standing by the gates seemed to wake up. They hurriedly followed in order to watch the fight. A battle between two experts was rare. How could they miss it?

The large group of people passed through the gates and only stopped when they came to the large mercenary camp outside the city. Rong Luo intended for this spar between experts to raise the morale for the battle tomorrow. They paused slightly to rest and wait for the mercenaries and adventurers from the city to arrive.

This duel between a seven-sword spirit magister and a nine-sword senior magister spread quickly to all the mercenary camps settled around the city. The mercenaries had heard of Crimson Forge’s young captain, the famed spirit magister Rong Luo, so many small mercenary companies sprinted over in order to get a good spot. Not fifteen minutes later, an enormous circle a thousand meters in diameter formed in the surroundings. People were packed in and there were many people in the rear trying to squeeze in.

Seven-sword spirit magister! This was already rarely seen on the continent. No wonder this created such a great ruckus.

With Luo Fei’s permission, many of the city guard soldiers watched from the side. Even the lion-vulture squads came over and formed a row. Dozens of people stood on each lion-vulture. The lion-vultures complained of their burden with their drooping ears.

In front of the unexpected gathering, Aofeng’s mind was like still water as she closed her eyes and rested in wait. Liao Ya was at her feet and Ben Lei at her shoulder yearned to start in excitement.

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