傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S09-C02 Show of One’s Ability

Last chapter recap: Aofeng and Rong Luo start their fight outside of the City of Neversetting Sun.

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Chapter Two- Show of One’s Ability

The star pattern of the Rules of the Universe appeared. The silver energy was clear and dazzling. The sunlight of the winter could not cover the beautiful light. The gazes that had been watching idly at the start gradually turned dazed, and then shocked and astounded. The spectators stared so hard their eyes almost popped out as they glared at the ground under the black-clothed youth’s feet. They were afraid that they were having a delusion.

However, no matter how they glared, that beautiful silver pattern did not change. While there was only one small silver sword in the last point of the four point spirit star pattern, it was still a rhombus shape!

Then more people gaped uncontrollably but they were unable to talk. Their smiles froze on their faces and they looked like zombies that climbed out of their graves.

A strong storm brewed in the short silence. The gasps of many people rang out and spread through the crowd!

“Four point spirit star! That’s a four point spirit star!”

“He … … he’s not a nine-sword senior magister, he’s a spirit magister! That silver wolf was a mimicry sacred beast!

“Mamma Mia, spirit magister? Sacred beast? How old is this little guy? Everyone is human, why is the difference so great!”

This time, the exclamations were even greater than when Rong Luo had armorized. Ba Tuke, Lu Feng, and Castellan Luo Li lost their composure and instinctively took a few steps forward to see more clearly. The people who knew Aofeng felt as though they were dreaming. Even Rong Luo who was usually calm widened his eyes.

Within the silver energy, Liao Ya’s body expanded and stopped when it reached two stories tall. His four silver wings that were more than ten meters long spread out and covered the sky. The white fangs and sharp claws were intimidating, and he looked more violent than the brawny Gold Mark Lion.

The silver wolf flew up and stopped next to Aofeng who was standing upright. The bravery and heroic nature of the youth was astounding!

“The Fire Dragon Fruit! Zhui Yun Daren must have consumed the Fire Dragon Fruit and successfully levelled up!” Vino was the first to excitedly shout and jump up. Vino was at his side, patting his head and saying in realization and happiness, “No wonder Zhui Yun Daren dares to challenge Young Captain. So he’s already a spirit magister! A spirit magister with a sacred beast might not be much less than Young Captain!”

Spirit magister could be considered magister experts, strong people that the major factions on the continent competed to recruit!

When the four point spirit star pattern under Aofeng’s feet formed, the mercenary companies that had some strength started to become restless. Their gazes as they looked at her completely changed. A nine-sword senior magister was one that they would respect and try to gain ties with. A spirit magister was one that people would compete hard to gain ties with.

“Wait! Qiu Ran, you are sure this person is fifteen or sixteen?” Lu Feng seemed to think of something among his shock, and shouted.

“Yes, Captain, those people were very confident. It shouldn’t be wrong.” Qiu Ran seemed to know what Lu Feng had thought of and inhaled in shock. “Even the greatest genius at present, Holy Emperor Jun Luoyu entered the rank of spirit magister when he was sixteen and about to turn seventeen. The young genius from the Qin Family that recently rose is powerful but older. My heavens, if this is true, he will break Jun Luoyu’s record!”

Lu Feng’s eyes grew brighter and sparkled. “Yes, the youngest spirit magister in the history of human magisters! I hadn’t thought that we would see it with our own eyes here!”

The rumor passed like a hard wind through the spectating crowd. “Zhui Yun Daren” “Youngest spirit magister on the continent” “Greatest genius” and other appellations passed into everyone’s years and was remembered in their minds.

Just as everyone received a shock and were discussing it, Aofeng’s next move caused people that were not mentally strong to want to throw themselves against a wall.

Aofeng lightly stroke the head of little black kitten Ben Lei on her shoulder. Inky green magic wrapped around. The cold voice sounded again, “Ben Lei, show your true form too!”

The four point spirit star pattern lit up again. Among the blinding light, Ben Lei’s small voice jumped and grew exponentially in a blink like Liao Ya had. The Thunder Leopard’s howl charged into the sky. It floated elegantly on Aofeng’s right. Like a dragon rising out of the water, it gave off a heavy and powerful presence.

The two sacred beast flanked Aofeng. The sacred beast’s presence caused the great majority of magus beasts in the surrounds to become terrified. They laid on the ground and didn’t dare to raise their heads. They submitted to the presence of the sacred beasts!

“This is too fake!” The frightened spectators started to chatter.

“Mimicry? Mother mimic. This … … this is another sacred beast?”

“Is this right? This doesn’t happen! When did sacred beast become so common that one person can have two? Is he still human!

Alright, I accept that he’s a fifteen year old spirit magister, and a young expert that possess a sacred beast. But a young spirit magister that possesses two sacred beasts. This is such a great below. This freak was born to frighten other people!”

This time, even Lu Feng couldn’t help but stammer and swear, “F**k!”

Ba Tuke looked at Lu Feng and snickered meaningfully. “It seems that Young Captain Rong is not the only genius. Captain Lu Feng does not have to die on this one tree.”

“I don’t know which person that this old man’s mind was addled.” Lu Feng rolled his eyes and responded.

“Zhui Yun, you are astounding. It seems that I do not need to hold back.” Rong Luo did not panic when he saw this and laughed instead.

A spirit magister that possessed two sacred beasts made up for the enormous difference in sword level. Rong Luo did not think about the embarrassment in winning or losing. He just wanted to have a good fight.

Excitement at seeing prey appeared in that pair of pitch black eyes and almost started to burn. For so many years, there hadn’t been many of his generation that could match him. Rong Luo felt extremely good at having such a powerful opponent appear and that he could fight against without restraint.

“Since we are fighting, of course I will do my best, otherwise, how will I improve?” Aofeng still had that cold and aloof mannerism, but she gave off undisguised sharpness like a treasure sword unsheathed!

She quickly calculataed Rong Luo’s attacking power and shouted, “Liao Ya, full-body armorization, Ben Lei, partial armorization!”

Aofeng admitted that she could not withstand the attack of a seven-sword spirit magister without sacred beast armor. No matter how strong one was in their attack, they could die at any time if they were weak in defense. Only when one had both offense and defense could their true power show. Therefore, Aofeng chose a full-body armor and then used Ben Lei’s speed to assist in her attacks. This was the best combination to fight Rong Luo.

The two sacred beasts immediately turned to white energy to wrap around Aofeng. Like the Gold Mark Lion, Liao Ya turned into battle armor to cover all of Aofeng. The copper armor’s lines were beautiful. Sacred beast armor was more detailed than spirit beasts. The Thunder Boots that Ben Lei manifested as had two burning white clouds under them that were extremely beautiful. In terms of visual effect, Aofeng was the winner.

The effect of that magic medium ring was perfectly disguised after armorization. Aofeng looked at her chest and only saw flat copper armor.She didn’t look like a woman. Some of the women around the battlefield threw flirty looks at her … ..

Holding their weapons in hand, the two people slightly crouched and prepared to fight. Battle-thirsty excited smiles hung on their lips and the atmosphere suddenly tensed! The people around the battlefield stopped their discussion. They didn’t dare to breathe as they stared at the two’s every action.

At this time, Aofeng calmly released thirty two invisible ice mice. This was the greatest number that Xiao Bing could release in a battle of this level. These ice mice immediately spread out. Aofeng had complete vision of everything in the battlefield like this!

“Attack!” With a cold shout, Aofeng who was the challenger attacked first. She stepped in her strange flash step. Rong Luo’s eyebrows raised up in surprise as his eyes were dazzled.

Just as Rong Luo looked warily at Aofeng coming closer, the air in front of him suddenly rippled. Aofeng disappeared from where she was with a “woosh!”

A sharp and short black blade suddenly appeared at Rong Luo’s side and swung viciously towards his neck!

“Clang!” Reacting in time, the corner of Rong Luo’s lips raised up. He tilted to the side slightly, the short sword in his hand coming out of its sheather as the two weapons created a spray of sparks in the air! A wave of power suddenly came from the edge of the cold blade. Aofeng was slightly shocked. She stopped committing to a second attack, the fiery clouds of the Thunder Boots accelerating her speed as she retreated.

In a flash, Rong Luo’s knee striking out hit empty space. If she had been a moment late, this strike might have finished her off. The seven-sword levels worth of difference was not small. In terms of power, Aofeng knew she wasn’t a match for Rong Luo.

The first round ended. The two learned more of each other’s strength. Their expressions grew sterner and they knew that they encountered a strong opponent.

“Good move!” Rong Luo said in praise as he looked at a thread of his hair that had cut off and fell to the ground. He was startled by Aofeng’s strange movement method and the Thunder Boots’s special accelerating ability. She had chosen an extremely difficult angle to dodge. If Rong Luo had been slightly slower, blood might have flew.

From this attack, he could see that this youth had experienced many battles! This was a true fighter!

“Big Brother Rong is also very powerful.” Aofeng also smiled in admiration. She rubbed her chest where her breath had caught. She was shocked by Rong Luo’s reaction ability. His combat experience rivalled hers and when fighting, none of them had the advantage. Rong Luo had the advantage in power. In just this light brush, he possessed such power. If she didn’t have the sacred beast armor, she would have been wounded.

“Continue!” The two shouted together. Their eyes burned with excited spirit. The two figures were like gusts of wind that collided again!


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