傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S09-C03 “Famed In Neversetting Sun”

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Chapter Three – Famed In Neversetting Sun

The extreme speeds caused howling of the winds. Aofeng’s body seemed to turn into a blurry shadow. The fiery white clouds under her feet covered her calves as she attacked Rong Luo repeatedly.

The enormous presences were like two coiling dragons in the sky, each with their own field of power.

The hearts of the spectators drummed. They were even more nervous than when they fought. Listening to the collisions of the weapons, the faces of the mercenaries and adventurers flushed red. Their spirits were high and they wanted to find some magic beasts to vent the spirits that had been stirred by the combatants.

The figures of the combatants appeared occasionally in flashes. Anyone who wasn’t a senior magister or stronger could not see their movements clearly. People’s eyes could not follow the speedy movements.

“They are evenly matched! They are actually evenly matched! Ah, this Brother Zhui Yun is actually as strong as Young Captain Rong Luo who fights all year round. How much is he hiding?” Luo Fei who was watching Aofeng nervously couldn’t help but inhale repeatedly when the two grappled together. He shook his head helplessly and grimaced.

He told Aofeng to give Young Captain Rong Luo a surprise but that was more to motivate the other. He hadn’t expected this guy to give everyone several great surprises to the point they almost died.

Magisters were the strongest of combatants of all the combat professions. Rong Luo, a seven-sword spirit magister, could rival Lu Feng, a nine-star sacred swordsman. Rong Luo rarely had any opponents among those under heaven rank and he was one of the strongest of earth rank. This youth he had thought was a nine-sword senior magister a few days ago jumped to become an expert like that.

The fierce battle was still continuing. While many people could not see the details of the two’s fight, the sound of weapons colliding and the gusts of wind had not stopped for a moment. They were at a standstill. The unexpected situation once again caused people to interrupt the silence with sighs of astonishment.

“Heavens, Young Captain Rong Luo and Zhui Yun Daren are even … …”

“So powerful, Zhui Yun Daren is so powerful!”

“… …”

The intense battle finally changed. Aofeng suddenly felt a harsh gust of wind next to her ear as she rapidly dodged. Shocked, she hurriedly blocked with the short dagger. She looked over. Rong Luo had thrown the short sword in his hand and successfully caused her ghostly figure to pause for a moment. Rong Luo rapidly stepped to the right of Aofeng, and his fist covered in copper armor smashed towards her chest!

Through Xiao Bing’s perspective, Aofeng detected Rong Luo’s movement, but even so, she could not manage to dodge! There was a difference in power. In some situations, even though one would know the enemy’s attacking path, their body could not keep up.

The powerful feeling of pressure came at her chest like an enormous mountain!

Pressed, Aofeng’s thoughts flashed quickly. She realized that she could only face it head on. She gathered all of her magic, which was akin to inner power, towards her right fist and barely managed to meet the attack!

“Boom!” An enormous sound rang out over the battlefield. The powerful shockwave rippled outwards! The people at the front were blown right and left with cries of “ow.” The two people at the center were thrown back as their breathing sped up.

The dust settled. At the place where they had just clashed, an astounding deep pit had formed! The two people were slightly disheveled with dusty faces and messy hair. However, there was no discouragement on their faces. Their expressions were filled with enthusiasm, spirit, and mutual admiration.

“A pleasure! Brother Zhui Yun, very good! Really good! No just speed, your strength is greater than one-sword spirit magisters, you must be near second-sword?” Rong Luo laughed loudly.

“Even so, Big Brother Rong Luo still had a way to force me to face you head on! I suffered greatly receiving it.” Aofeng did not refute it. She coughed lightly and then laughed in enjoyment. That vicious collision just now caused her energies to churn. She still felt discomforted. However, the sacred beast armor that Liao Ya had turned into was like a turtle shell. it had taken the great majority of the blow and shielded Aofeng. She hadn’t been actually wounded.

At this time, Aofeng rejoiced that she had chosen for Liao Ya to full-body armorize. Without the protect of the magus beast armor, the aftershocks were enough for someone to be cut into pieces by the wind.

Rong Luo didn’t show any smugness. He smiled slightly and said loudly, “Brother Zhui Yun, you are very good to have forced me to such a step. Your speed and the presences of the sacred beasts is a great headache for me. I think that if we continue to fight, we may not gain much. Tomorrow, there is the magic beast siege. It would not be good for anyone to be wounded. How about we call this battle even?”

He had won slightly in the previous collision but Rong Luo did not use that to determine victory and defeat.

The two sacred beast presences that Aofeng’s body gave off was suppressing his Gold Mark Lion. He had to split a part of his magic to help the Gold Mark Lion to muster up the energy to fight. That ghostly and unique footwork and the speed aided by the Thunder Boots meant that he could not find the chance to express the advantages of his greater magic power. Both of them had their unique characteristics in their combat style, and no one would win over the other in a short amount of time.

If they fought a long battle of attrition, he might win due to his greater magic. This person had too many strange things and only the heavens know if there would be any surprises. Also, Rong Luo hadn’t planned on defeating the other at all costs. Even if Aofeng didn’t care, he didn’t want any flaw to be left in other people’s impressions of this person.

Aofeng stilled slightly. A wave of warmth rose inside again. Of a meticulous mind, how could she not know what Rong Luo planned? So when he looked at her with a smile and asked if she “was afraid to lose,” he had planned to end it like this. This man, really … …

Before she nodded, the tens of thousands of mercenaries and adventurers that surrounded them were astounded by Rong Luo’s words.

“Even, Zhui Yun Daren and Young Captain Rong Luo fought to a draw! Gods, there are six sword-levels between them!”

“I’ve decided that Zhui Yun Daren is my idol from now on!”

“Oh, Zhui Yun Daren, forgive my previous disrespect towards you.”

As the men looked on with shock and respect, many females were holding their faces as they admired. “Zhui Yun Daren and Young Captain Rong Luo are so handsome!”

The youngest spirit magister in the history of humans with two sacred beasts and his combat strength was near the peak of earth rank. They believed that in the next few days, the name Zhui Yun would shake the city of Neversetting Sun. People believed that not far in the future, this young person would write a glorious chapter on the stage of the continent. In the future, this person would be famed throughout the world!

Aofeng smacked her lips together in slight fear at the madness of the crowd. She turned back to look at Rong Luo and found him looking at her with gentleness and an admiring smile. He did not care at all that she had divided the respectul gazes that should have been for him.

Aofeng said helplessly, “Big Brother Rong … …”

“These things will belong to you sooner or later. Don’t say that I am letting you have them. The truth is so. And I sincerely admire you.” Rong Luo released his armorization and put the Gold Mark Lion back into the magus beast space. He walked forward and lightly pat Aofeng’s shoulder. “If you are able, then express those abilities during the magus beast siege tomorrow. We will fight against the magic beast army together.”

Rong Luo was in a very good mood. It wasn’t just excitement after having a fight, but a feeling of anticipation, anticipating to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with this person.

Since he said this, Aofeng did not twist herself over the victory and defeat. She returned him a bright smile. “Alright!”

The rare bright smile once again caused Rong Luo’s heart shift strangely. Rong Luo found to his depression that his gaze seemed to be unable to move away from this person. No matter if it was that feeling of familiarity or the shocks that “Zhui Yun” gave him, this person was so attractive.

“Zhui Yun Daren! Congratulations!” Thetan and Vino as well as the others laughed joyfully as they charged over and surrounded Aofeng. Luo Fei also ran over and threw an arm around Aofeng. He said cheerfully, “Brother Zhui Yun, you managed to force a draw with Young Captain Rong Luo. You are really great!”

The group descended into laughter. Castellan Luo Li walked over with the elite of the city defense guard behind him. He smiled at Aofeng and said, “Zhui Yun Daren, you and Young Captain Rong Luo allowed us to view a spectacular battle. I believe that the warriors will be even more courageous in the magic beast siege tomorrow. I invite Zhui Yun Daren, Crimson Forge, Wolf Pace, and Flying Aspara to the Castellan’s Mansion for a visit. I have set up a banquet there, and we will not rest until we are drunk tonight!”

Hearing that there was liquor to drink, Thetan and the others became excited. They pushed Aofeng and were about to leave in a mass of noise.

“Yes yes yes! Zhui Yun Daren, we won’t rest until we are drunk!”

“Haha, drink, this is my love!”

“Careful, don’t frighten Zhui Yun Daren … …”

Some time had passed since the battle. At this time, the sun was setting in the west, and the city was golden. The outside scenery was especially enchanting. Under everyone’s heated and respectful gazes, Aofeng nodded calmly. She released her armorized state, and put on the exquisite long back robe back on to become that aloof and handsome black-robed youth.

“Let’s go.” Aofeng nodded towards Luo Li. Between Rong Luo and Luo Fei, the group crowded them towards the Castellan’s Mansion. There was a string of admiring sounds left behind them. She had become the focal point of tonight!

The young noble females that were about to attend the Castellan’s banquet hurried home to dress and make themselves up. They urgently wanted to show their best side. If they could receive the favor of this handsome young hero, then their future status would be completely different than today. As she walked, Aofeng gave a hard sneeze. She felt a strange wave of coldness. She didn’t know that she had become the “goal” of the noble ladies in the city.

There were spies from the major factions in Neversetting Sun. They passed on the information from this battle. Many factions immediately decided without hesitation to throw olive branches to the youngest spirit magister in history. They moved towards the banquet at the Castellan’s Mansion.

Aofeng was busy taking back the ice mice that she had sent out when she suddenly found Ba Erbo who was staring in fury behind the crowd. Her mind moved, and she sent an ice mouse to attach to his cape.


Translator Ramblings: Does anyone actually read the recap sentence at the beginning of the chapter? For some reason, even through I wrote the title, I still read the chapter title as ‘farmed in Neversetting Sun’ instead.


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