傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S11-C01 “Magic Beast Siege”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng sneaks in her female form to switch the boxes crucial to Ba Erbo’s plan.

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Section Eleven – Magic Beast Siege

Chapter One – Magic Beast Siege

There was a stretch of flat plains between the Forest of Neversetting Sun and the city. The flat plains in front of the city formed a natural battlefield. The faraway rumbling entered their ears. Dust rose in the forest, and even the ground under their feet trembled.

Aofeng suddenly felt the air tense. She took a deep breath and looked into the distance. There were countless black dots that were like an enormous wave among the endless forest between the grasses and the branches of the large trees. The wave headed towards them at an astounding speed! When they looked over, the black clouds obscured the sun in the sky. It appeared as though countless locusts had flown out of the fields. The magic beast tide at Qin City was nothing compared to this!

The first wave of magic beast was composed of the three-star Forest Poison Spiders, Six-star Forest Boars, five-star Flying Crows, seven-star Forest Wind Wolves and seven-star Forest Oxen which were common in the forest. The names of these magic beasts all came from the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun.

The dust rose, and the roars of high level magic beasts deep in the forest clearly entered everyone’s ears.

These magic beast seemed to be receiving direction from somewhere. They formed into groups like troops to make up uniform magic beast armies. Just from the presence of the magic beasts, they could feel that the magic beast army had great power.

“Is there someone directing the magic beasts?” Seeing this, Aofeng thought and then asked mentally, “Liao Ya, were you the one that created the magic beast tide we encountered in Xiangnan Forest?”

“Master, while us sacred beasts can frighten away magic beast using the presence of a sacred beast, we cannot order magic beast. It’s not him.” Ben Lei answered first. “Divine beasts can order ownerless magic beasts in a small range. Adult super-divine beasts can manifest in human form. The magic beast armies they lead are unstoppable. There definitely is an adult super-divine beast inside the Death Ridge of the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun. When I was living at Soul Breaking Cliff, I once felt that presence. He is definitely the one in charge of the magic beast siege but he is just not showing himself.”

Liao Ya nodded and continue, “Yes, Master. I was not the one that created the magic beast tide last time, it was Boss Chi. But he was wounded. He only wanted to create a magic beast tide for me to get you. He didn’t divide up the magic beasts.”

Aofeng was surprised when she heard this. She felt another wave of puzzlement. “What kind of magic beast is Chi? So strong even in the infant stage, able to manifest in human shape. Looking at his present strength, wouldn’t he be stronger than a super-divine beast when he grows up?”

“I’m not sure of the specifics but I guarantee that Boss Chi will only be stronger than that super-divine beast.” Ben Lei said confidently, “His presence is on a completely different level than the divine beasts in Death Ridge. That ball of fire that almost turned me into roasted panther is stronger than divine beasts. Infant-stage magus beasts should not have such strong offensive power, super-divine beasts are not exceptions. But Boss Chi completely breaks this rule.”

Aofeng nodded in understanding. She thought, no wonder Chi did not tell her his background. At that level, even celestial magisters would be very weak? There were super-divine beasts inside Death Ridge? After this siege ended, she would go take a look on her way to the empire!

The surrounding mercenaries had grave and nervous expressions. Blinding silver light formed an ocean. The first row of magisters summoned their magus beasts and spread outwards in a flanking formation. At the center of the formation, Rong Luo, Lu Feng, Qiu Ran, Aofeng and the others stood against the wind. Aofeng, and Rong Luo, the two spirit magisters, summoned their magus beasts in their true forms. The enormous and magnificent sacred beasts and spirit beast once again caused a wave of astounded sighs.

“Zhui Yun, do not be nervous, while the magic beast army is loud, they do not have the refined training and intelligence of humans. They only know to charge. If there are no problems, this wave of magic beasts will be eliminated in an hour.” Rong Luo drew the short sword from his waist and waved it lightly but he did not use magus beast armorization. He would not need to expend much energy to deal with these one-rank magus beasts.

This time, Crimson Forge had gathered many mercenaries. Rong Luo was confident.

Flying Aspara Mercenary Company’s camp was also using a flanking formation to face the enemy. The wings were long and wide. The thickness of the human wall at the middle was relatively narrow so that it could the people their could fully exercise their power when they received the attacks of the magic beasts.

Ba Tuke and Li Qing were at an eye-catching position. When they saw Aofeng release her magus beasts, Li Qing immediately released his Saber-Toothed Tiger King. He stood on the back of the Saber-Toothed Tiger King, and flew into the sky.

“Ah! Saber-Toothed Tiger King. It is Li Qing Daren from Radiance Magus Church!”

“With Li Qing Daren‘s Saber-Toothed Tiger King present, the pressure on us is much lighter!”

Receiving the reverent gazes of the people below, Li Qing felt extremely smug. He threw a challenging look at Aofeng.

“Young Brother Zhui Yun, let’s also go up on your sacred beast! I really dislike that Li Qing. What is he proud of? Does he think that he’s the only one with a magnificent sacred beast?” Lu Feng snorted, displeased. He sneered at Li Qing’s pride. “If a sword master is here, they can fly into the sky directly. I want to see how pleased he will be then?”

Fly into the sky?

Aofeng seemed to think of something. She smiled slightly and pointed at Ben Lei’s enormous back. “Big Brother Rong, go up first, I will follow immediately after.”

Rong Luo had intended to fight together with Aofeng. Hearing her say this, he couldn’t help but feel slight disappointment. He nodded, and got onto Ben Lei’s back with Lu Feng and Qiu Ran. They rose into the sky.

After moving for a while up in the air, they heard an even greater wave of astounded gasps.

“Oh, heavens! What is that?”

“Such beautiful wings! It is a flight-type magus beast amour!”

“F**k, Li Qing Daren flies using a magus beast. Zhui Yun Daren flying on his own. This is so cool!”

The shock spread through the camp. Another wave of excitement rose in the crowd. Rong Luo and the others looked down in puzzlement. They saw a black-robed youth with four enormous silver wings on his back shooting up in the air. In a blink, the youth reached them and smiled at them.

The black-robed youth held the short Vanquisher of Armies in one hand and had an exquisite white mask on his face. His long hair floated. Four enormous silver wings grew out of his back that almost completely shrouded him. This image would be imprinted deeply on the minds of anyone who took a look and become unforgettable. This image was an extremely handsdome one!

Rong Luo and the other two people gaped. A long time later, Qiu Ran who was greatly affected coughed. He shook his head and said, “As expected of a young genius from Central Cloud City. You even have magus beasts that can turn into aerial battle armor. Ah, I will not compare myself to a freak like you. You are born to anger and frighten people!”

Aofeng really gave them a fright, and the one angered was Li Qing on the other side.

When he saw Aofeng appeared with a better entrance than his, Li Qing’s face turned black. Right now, Aofeng stole the gazes of those below on the ground. He felt frustrated.

“Scoundrel! I will let you see!” Li Qing stamped his foot and said angrily.

“Alright, alright, Li Qing Daren, do not worry, the victory will be ours in the end. Being glorious now is useless. If he cannot get any divine beasts, wouldn’t the aerial magus beast armor be yours?” Ba Tuke who had gotten onto the Saber-Toothed Tiger King with Li Qing comforted. He did not tell his plan to Li Qing. Radiance Magus Church always passed themselves off as just. Ba Tuke was afraid they would have something to use against him.

The Castellan Luo Li high up on top of the city walls shouted, “Fi—ght! Protect our home!”

The people below felt a wave of hot blood rise in their chests. They raised the weapons in their hands and roared, “Fi–ght! Protect our home!”

The magic beast army that charged towards them immediately engaged in combat with the groups!

The ear-deafening sounds of fighting rose in all directions. “Kill magic beasts to protect the city.” There were none of the complex situations that existed on a human battlefield. People’s resolve was stronger. The shouts of hundreds of thousands of people formed a flood that pushed down the roars of the magic beasts!

Shock! The scene created a terrifying shock! This kind of scene could rouse the emotions of all those that participated!

“So powerful!” Aofeng sighed in astonishment. She could not control the blood rising in her chest. Facing the enormous murder of Flying Crows in coming towards them in the sky, she smiled at Rong Luo and the others and said, “Let us try.”

After speaking, she moved her four silver wings and charged forward. Screams immediately rang out among the crows.

“F**k, you little freak! At least leave some for us!” Lu Feng depressedly waved his broadsword at empty air. He was pretty dispirited that no Flying Crow made it to him.

“Zhui Yun’s wings are so beautiful, I admire them.” Rong Luo couldn’t help but say with a smile as he looked at Aofeng flying freely in the air and cut down a crow that slipped by.

The song of battle sounded, and a burst of fighting quickly passed. Just as Rong Luo had said, the first wave of magic beasts did not have any high rank magic beasts. They were all first rank. There was only a few at the highest level. Aofeng caught an eight-star mutant Flying Crow. The Crimson Forge mercenaries managed to cripple a nine-star mutant Forest Wind Wolf. Luo Fei’s City Guard killed a nine-star mutant Forest Boar.

The Flying Aspara Mercenary Company also had similar results. They killed many of the oxen herd that had charged towards them. Ba Erbo had cut the nine-star Forest Ox in half and dug out the magic crystal.

Many of the mercenaries that came to participate in the magic beast siege were the elite. There were not many casualties or fatalities. They quickly cleaned up the battlefield. Soon, a second wave of magic beasts would arrive.

Aofeng flew back holding the drooping Flying Crow in her hand. She shouted towards the people who were about to kill the nine-star Forest Wind Wolf, “Wait! Don’t do anything!”

Rong Luo who had landed back on ground and was helping clean up stilled. “Why? Zhui Yun, you want this wind wolf’s magic crystal? This is not of use to you … …”

Aofeng smiled slightly and asked, “Big Brother Rong, I do not want it, but these two magic beasts are pretty good to ordinary magisters. Do you have any magisters here that need magus beasts?”

“Need magus beasts?” The surrounding people were stunned. At the side, Lu Feng asked in disbelief, “Zhui Yun, are you a beast tamer?”


Translator Ramblings: My very first thought with “beast tamer” is really just the digimon and pokemon anime. Hello cute mythical/fantasy creatures we are going to use to fight.


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