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Chapter Two – Regent Beast Tamer

When beast tamers were mentioned, reverent and longing expressions appeared on each person’s face.

Beast tamer, that was the rarest and most honored profession on the continent!

Each beast tamer was a powerful magister to begin with. Just like a crafter, a beast tamer needed to be born with talent. The beast tamer must be able to connect with magic beasts and their mental power must be strong. They would use the specialized spells of beast tamers and mental power to tame magic beasts so that humans could form covenants with these magic beasts.

The beast tamers were like a transfer station. They would collar the wild magic beasts and then turn them over to magisters to form covenants.

How many magisters were there on the continent? Other than raising an infant magus beast, magisters that wanted a magus beast could only buy from beast tamers. Because of the great demand of magus beasts from magisters, and the rarity of beast tamers due to the difficult requirements, any beast tamer, even the most ordinary beast tamer was someone that factions competed to recruit. Possessing a beast tamer meant that this faction would not have to worry about the supply of magus beasts

Aofeng shook the Flying Crow in her hand and continued to give people shocks. “I can be considered so. In any case, I can tame magus beasts. This eight-star mutant Flying Crow can form a covenant. Big Brother Rong, who in your group needs this magus beast. Distribute according to their service.”

What? It was already tamed?

The eyes of Lu Feng and the others bulged out. Was this right? Why did he have the time to sit down to tame the magic beast?

Even if he was a senior beast tamer, it was dangerous to manipulate mental power when beast taming. If one wasn’t careful, they would become mentally damaged. But since the end of the battle, this person had been flying the whole time. His shoes never even touched the ground. When was there time to tame the beast? Don’t tell them that he was a master beast tamer! They could not bear such a shock!

The people were still, their eyes filled with disbelief. Rong Luo looked in amazement at Aofeng. After thinking for a while, he waved his hand and called, “Lin Jia, come here and try to form a covenant with this magus beast.”

A youth who wore the badge of a nine-star magister but carried a broadsword on his back stilled when he heard Rong Luo call his name. Then he walked over excitedly. This was an adult eight-star mutant magus beast! Everyone knew that mutant magus beasts were much stronger than normal magus beast. If this was true, then he really struck it rich!

Those in big families such as the Qin Family of the four great magister families would be able to have their own magus beast when they were at seven-sword level. But for the mercenaries that made a living at the edge of life and death, a good magus beast was extremely expensive and difficult to afford. Some that even reached the level of a nine-sword magister did not have a magus beast. They acted as swordsmen. For example, this Lin Jia.

Possessing a magus beast was the dream of each magister. Not every person was as lucky as Aofeng. The Crimson Forge Mercenary Company’s resources and conditions were pretty good but they had been unable to recruit a beast tamer. Many people did not have magus beast, not to mention the other adventurers.

“You can just form the covenant.” Seeing Lin Jia looked inquiringly at her, Aofeng nodded to indicate for him to star. She held the Flying Crow that showed no resistance in front of Lin Jia.

The youth Lin Jia took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and channeled the magic in his body to wrap around the mutant Flying Crow. Under everyone’ shocked gazes, the silver Rules of the Universe wrapped around the person and the beast. The people who saw this gave gasped in shock.

“Heavens, it’s true! This magic beast is already tamed!”

“So Zhui Yun Daren is an honorable beast tamer?”

Once Aofeng’s status as a beast tamer was confirmed, people’s gazes heated up until they were burning. They seemed to see a moving mountain of gold!

Yes, a mountain of gold!

Adult magus beasts meant people were spared from having to raise an infant beast for several years. They would have offensive power from the moment they were in possession, and they were always expensive. Due to this, every beast tamer was a gold production machine. They could obtain great amounts of gold at any time and place. Supposedly, many magister houses were made from obsidian. While it was an exaggeration, it was not far from the truth.

“Ah, Zhui Yun Daren, were you the one to tame the Thunder Leopard?” Thetan seemed to think of something and exclaimed with a slap to his head.

Thetan and Vino realized long ago that Aofeng’s Thunder Leopard was the one they saw at the Soul Breaking Cliff. However, they had thought that the “elder” had been the one to tame it. For people like Aofeng with mysterious backgrounds, it was not strange for them to be protected by an old monstrous senior beast tamer. They hadn’t through that Aofeng was a beast tamer. They were bewildered.

“Yes, I tamed Ben Lei.” Aofeng did not think that there was any need to conceal this matter and said the truth.

Actually, Aofeng was not like true beast tamers. She used the Magus Divinity Spell to tame the magus beasts and then gave up her right to form a covenant with the magus beast. This way, other people could form a covenant with the magus beast. She had thought of this method because of the grand bet from yesterday where Ba Tuke wanted her to give up the covenant with the sacred beasts.

Aofeng was usually attentive to details. She immediately found the crux of the matter. She then thought about it after the incident. She could use the Magus Divinity Spell to form covenants with magus beast. Then could she use this method to become an unusual beast tamer?

Using the Magus Divinity Power Source to tame magus beasts was rapid, convenient, and without any danger. It was much better than those beast tamers using their mental power and becoming mentally damaged from the backlash. However, she had to control the power of the Magus Divinity Power Source turing the taming process to prevent those magic beasts from levelling up. Aofeng did not want to reveal the secret of the Magus Divinity Power Source.

Giving up the covenant right after taming meant the beast did not connect with Aofeng and could not be considered as one of Aofeng’s recognized fellows. It did not conflict with her oath.

“Taming a sacred beast? Then … … then you are a master beast tamer!” Rong, Lu Feng and the others inhaled in shock. They felt their minds were not enough to comprehend this. If this young people kept on shocking them, they might go mad at any moment.

“F**k, where did you freak come from, you are a great freak! But you are a good freak. Haha!” All the shocks that Lu Feng had experienced in the past years added together did not match how many shocks Aofeng had given him. He swore in laughter. He increasing felt his wisdom in forming ties with Aofeng. A master beast tamer! The position of a visiting official. He felt as though it was an unfair exchange!

Labelled a “freak,” Aofeng couldn’t help but roll her eyes. She though inside, I was able to form a covenant with a divine beast like Chi with the Magus Divinity Spell. It can also make magus beasts level up. How can I just be a master beast tamer? If there were no accidents, that term should be “regent beast tamer.”

Regent beast tamer could tame magic beasts that were seven-star divine rank or higher. There were only a few of those on the continent.

But to prevent being called a “old freak” by Lu Feng, Aofeng wisely chose silence.

Among the heated discussion, Lin Jia and the magus beast finished forming their covenant. The youth felt in disbelief a connection to the mutant Flying Crow and almost cheered out loud! He knelt down on one knee in front of Aofeng with a face full of joy and made a full bow. He said excitedly, “I thank Zhui Yun Daren‘s benevolence. If Daren has any orders in the future, Lin Jia will do his best to accomplish them for you!”

Looking at Lin Jia’s emotional state, Aofeng did not doubt that if she commanded this youth to do something where he could lose his life, he would not hesitate in doing so.

This was why the strong beast tamers on the continent were people that one could not afford to offend. They had great power from their own strength and the favors strong people owed them from taming beasts. One beast tamer wasn’t scary, what was scary was the people who they helped. Offending a master beast tamer was even more troublesome than offending a magus scholar!

“Alright, you can leave. I need to tame this mutant Forest Wind Wolf. The next wave of magic beasts should arrive soon. This time, you need to remember to bring some more back. If there aren’t any, then go steal from other places. This magic beast siege is a good chance to increase the average strength of Crimson Forge and Wolf Pack. As long as you bring back alive magic beasts, I can tame them.” Aofeng still spoke in her flat tone, but the contents of her words caused the two big mercenary companies to cheer!

The promise of a master beast tamer caused each magister to be indescribably excited.

Someone shouted, “Long Live Zhui Yun Daren!”

Then the crowd seemed to wake up. The Crimson Forge Mercenary Company and Wolf Pack Mercenary Company camps collectively gave out sky-shaking roars that made the mercenaries at the other places jump in fright.

“Long Live Zhui Yun Daren!”

Aofeng turned a deaf ear and walked in front of the nine-star wind wolf to tame it. Rong Luo looked heatedly at the aloof back-clothed youth and felt extremely fortunate.

No beast tamer would do something like this for free for any faction. One mutant magus beast was worth tens of thousands obsidian. From beginning to end, this person didn’t even mention money or benefits.

“Really a good little guy.” Lu Feng rubbed his nose. He was comforted that he had not been wrong in his opinion.

The second wave of magic beasts quickly came. This time, it was a magic beast swarm made from eight-star and nine-star magic beasts. The soldiers outside the city walls once again engaged in battle. However, Ba Tuke found that the Crimson Forge and Wolf Pack mercenaries seemed to be mad. They sent out elite squads to steal the nine-star mutant magus beast leaders and spirit beasts. Several times, Crimson Forge stole the magic beast they were in the middle of killing. Ba Tuke who was fighting in the sky felt his teeth itch in anger.

“Do those bastards have any class! They should guard their own camp, what are they doing in our camp! They think that they don’t have enough magic beasts on their side? Right now, I’m enduring it. When evening comes, I will satisfy you.” Ba Tuke swore. He swung his sword and chopped off the head of a nine-star thunderbird. He turned back, and suddenly found that Crimson Forge’s magister camp now had the addition of several extremely large magus beasts.

“Hm … …” Ba Tuke was on the back of the Saber-Toothed Tiger King. He could clearly see the entire battlefield. When he glanced over, he just felt that they were familiar. When he looked closely, his eyes almost popped out of his head!

“Heavens, isn’t … … isn’t that the mutant turtle head that Crimson Forge had just stolen?”

After seeing the mutant turtle, Ba Tuke’s eyes sharpened. He slowly swept his gaze across Crimson Forge and Wolf Pack’s camps. After he scanned the entire battlefield, his lips were almost trembling.


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