傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S11-C04 “Reap What One’s Sown”

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Chapter Four – Reap What One’s Sown

One-star Giant Mammoth , two-star Titan Ape, three-star Clawed Dragon-Lizard, four-star Giant Apponyi Bird, and four-star Caden Tiercel. The five enormous beasts led the charge towards the alliance protecting the city. Many of the mercenaries and soldiers at the front felt great panic. No one doubted the consequences of a sacred beast like the Giant Mammoth charging into the camp.

The hundreds of spirit beasts were also terrifying Also, behind them, an army of nine-star magus beasts streamed out of the forest.

These five sacred beasts and the hundreds of spirit beasts were just the vanguard!

“This lineup is motherf**king insane! So many sacred beasts and spirit beasts coming out together has never occurred in the history of Neversetting Sun before. In previous sieges, there would just be two sacred beasts and about a dozen or so spirit beasts. What kind of divine beast is leading them? The heavens are playing with us!” Lu Feng said as his mouth twitched.

“We cannot let the sacred beasts charge in. Otherwise, we will have high fatalities even with the strength of our mercenaries,” Rong Luo said gravely.

Aofeng, Rong Luo, and Lu Feng, the three people that were able to match sacred beasts nodded to each other. They jumped onto Ben Lei’s back and flashed out!

Aofeng and Rong Luo channeled their magic and used full-body armorization. The bronze magus beast armor covered their bodies completely. Sacred beast attacks were extremely strong. They were not fighters like Lu Feng who had cultivated his body to its limits. When one’s magister level was lower than the sacred beast, a magister would be done in one blow if they didn’t have the protection of the magus beast armor. Aofeng also let out thirty two small ice mice. A number of them remained on the ground, and a portion stood on Ben Lei’s back to look down on the battlefield.

“I will go over there to fight the mammoth. Just let me land on his back,” Lu Feng said to Aofeng and Rong Luo.

“I will go fight that Clawed Dragon-Lizard, my lion has a natural advantage against lizard-type magic beasts. Its sacred beast aura does not affect me as much. I will definitely capture it.” Rong Luo pointed in the direction of the Clawed Dragon-Lizard and smiled.

“Alright, be careful, safety first. If you cannot capture them, then kill them. No matter how valuable sacred beasts are, they cannot compare to your life.” Aofeng did not hesitate. She ordered Ben Lei to charge at the Giant Mammoth. The best case would be to injure them in the opening attack and lessen the difficulty for Rong Luo and Lu Feng. She also ordered for Rong Luo and Lu Feng to have an ice mice each so that she could come help them when the situation was not going well.

In terms of speed, Ben Lei was among the best of sacred beasts. He quickly reached the Giant Mammoth who was the fastest of the group. Ben Lei’s sharp claws tore a few wounds on the mammoth. At the same time, Lu Feng jumped onto the mammoth’s back.

Magic beasts could be powerful or ordinary. These sacred beasts were not high star level sacred beasts. Human experts at earth rank could defeat them. Lu Feng was close to the rank of sword master. It was only a matter of time for him to defeat this mammoth.

Ben Lei didn’t hesitate after the attack on the Giant Mammoth. He turned towards the Dragon-Lizard. The three-star dragon-lizard looked at the ferocious Ben Lei with terror in its eyes. It spat out a stream of something akin to dragon breath but Ben Lei dodged it in a flash. Ben Lei shot next to the dragon-lizard and bit at its tail. The dragon-lizard roared in pain. A piece of flesh and hide was torn off, and blood sprayed out.

“Zhui Yun, wait for good news from me!” Rong Luo smiled handsomely at Aofeng, took a few steps and leapt down.

Aofeng and Ben Lei charted towards the Caden Tiercel, the four-star sacred beast and the strongest of the group. She and Ben Lei working together could take down this beast quickly. If Aofeng wasn’t worried that this beast’s attacks could threaten her life, Aofeng would use Liao Ya and Ben Lei’s partial armorization to increase her attack power.

The trio intercepted three sacred beasts in the air. Li Qing, Ba Tuke and his son Ba Erbo stopped the Giant Apponyi Bird and the Titan Ape. Ba Erbo and Ba Tuke worked together against the Titan Ape. Li Qing’s seven-star sacred beast had an absolute advantage which made up for their shortcomings. It would not take long until they obtained victory. However, they would immediately kill the sacred beasts.

As the battle between the strongest started, the mercenary companies below gathered their strength and waited for the attack from the spirit beast wave.

At this time, two black tails of smoke sudden rose from Crimson Forge and Wolf Pack’s merged camp as well as Flying Aspara Mercenary Company’s camp. This event caused a wave of panic.

Hm, the rear was on fire? What had happened?

“Which bastard set a fire!”

“What smell is this, it’s special?”

People on both sides were puzzled. Flying Aspara Mercenary Company had many people. Other than his closest confidants, Ba Tuke had not told his plan to anyone else. Due to this, these mercenaries were also in discussion.

“Such a fragrant smell.” One old and relatively experienced mercenary from Flying Aspara Mercenary Company sniffed. Then his face paled as he shouted in shock, “Oh, my God! This … … this is Sidian Pollen!”

“Damn it, it is Sidian Pollen! Heavens! Which animal did this!”

Flying Aspara Mercenary Company immediately descended into chaos! Because they saw that the spirit beast wave in front of them suddenly paused. The spirit beasts smelt the scent of the Sidian Pollen and their eyes lit up. They altered the direction of their movement and charged towards Flying Aspara Mercenary Company’s camp!

“Ah! Save us! “Heavens!”

The hundred spirit beasts were originally in a loose formation. While they would charge, the wave would not create a terrifying amount of death. But as they were attracted by the Sidian Pollen, all of the pressure landed on Flying Aspara Mercenary Company. The spirit beasts moved rapidly, and the defense line was wide. Everyone else could only watch and couldn’t reinforce them in time!

This was the first time large-scale fatalities appeared on this magic beast siege. The magisters at the front ranks of Flying Aspara Mercenary Company all died under the attack. Some were even consumed by the spirit beasts, and didn’t even leave a corpse behind. The scent of blood spread from Flying Aspara Mercenary Company’s camp and was even denser than on the battlefield.

Ba Tuke and Ba Erbo in the distance had just cut off the head of the Titan Ape when they heard the screams come from the camps behind them. They thought their plan had succeeded and turned their heads back smugly to look. But when they looked, their small smiles froze on their faces. In this instant, the two wanted to die!

“No! This is impossible!” Someone seemed to be squeezing Ba Erbo’s throat as he shouted in terror.

“Damn it, Ba Erbo, what did you do! I told you over and over, you mixed up the two boxes!” Ba Tuke’s eyes were flushed red as he wailed. His vision darkened and he felt as though the end of the world had come.

Flying Aspara Mercenary Company was finished!

“This was your guarantee? This is the big trouble for Crimson Forge? This is our victory?” Li Qing had just managed to cut off the head of the Giant Apponyi Bird when he saw this scene. It angered him so much he almost fainted.

“Damned Ba Tuke, you reap what you sow! I will not be fooled by you again. Die!”

“Ah! Li Qing Daren, no!”

Before Ba Tuke and his son finished speaking, Li Qing kicked them off the Saber-Toothed Tiger King’s back with a black expression. They fell from more than a thousand meters in the air. Ba Tuke and Ba Erbo could not fly. A seven-star sacred swordsman and a one-sword spirit magister fell to their deaths like this!

But the battlefield was in chaos. Other than Aofeng who had been observing this scene through the small ice mice, no one noticed the inglorious deaths of these two.

“Sidian Pollen? Then what is behind our camp?” Hearing the wails of the mercenaries from Flying Aspara Mercenary Company, Crimson Forge and Wolf Pack’s mercenaries gaped with wide eyes. They scented the air with focus and confirmed that this scent was not a flowery scent, but a slightly noxious scent. Many of the scattered spirit beasts were avoiding them. Someone finally remembered.

“It is Giant dragon excrement! Only the scent of giant dragon excrement will evoke fear in these spirit beasts!”

“Sidian Pollen on one side, giant dragon excrement on the other?”

People were stunned. No one would be so stupid to think that this was a coincidence. The bet between the two large mercenary companies and two young experts occurred previously, and now this matter had occurred. It was clear this was a conspiracy!

Thetan and the others immediately went back after finding that their rear was on fire. They coincidentally caught a group of people that was panickedly trying to extinguish the burning box.

But just as Ba Tuke had said, the scent of this thing would keep for a long time once it was burned. Even if the excrement was extinguished, it was useless.

“Damn it, who are you! Why did you come to the rear of our camp to burn giant dragon excrement? You want to make Crimson Forge mercenaries seem dishonorable?” Vino pulled out his broadsword and cut down a person’s head as he shouted angrily.

Thetan and the others naturally believed that Rong Luo and Lu Feng would not do something like this. Those two were always honest. This was clearly a conspiracy to implicate them and Thetan and the others were angry.

“Ah! Don’t kill me, I … …I’ll tell you everything! It’s Captain Ba Tuke, Captain Ba Tuke told us to do this!” The leader knew that their plan had failed. If they returned, Ba Tuke would kill them. In his panic, he spillled everything. “Captain Ba Tuke arranged for us to burn the Sidian Pollen. However, for some reason, he two boxes were mixed up … …”

“What!” The surrounding Crimson Forge mercenaries collectively inhaled in shock. One entire box of Sidian Pollen and giant dragon excrement! If this had occurred to plan and the box of Sidian Pollen was burned, what would be the result when they managed to arrive?

A calamity! It would be an unparalleled calamity! Even one as strong as Crimson Forge could not accept such a terrifying attack, just like Flying Aspara Mercenary Company at present!

After learning of this matter, the mercenaries became furious.

“That bastard Ba Tuke used this kind of wretched actions. He is not fit to be a company captain!’ Thank the Heavens for having eyes that he reaped what he sown. Everyone, tie them up and sent them to Castellan Daren, and let all the soldiers see Ba Tuke’s true face!” Thetan shouted in anger. With a wave of his hand, dozens of Crimson Forge mercenaries moved forward and grabbed the group to move to the front lines.

Thetan and Vino called along Qiu Ran to walk to the camp of the city defense guard. They explained the situation in detail to Castellan Luo Li. Luo Li heard this, and expressed his great anger at this matter. He immediately sent a squad to tell the other mercenary companies and steady people’s hearts.

Ba Tuke’s scheme quickly spread through the city-protecting alliance and everyone’s years. Flying Aspara Mercenary Company’s mercenaries were already expressing unparalleled pressure. When they heard that their own captain had been the one to do this, many people swore in anger and dispiritedness. They tore the winged insignia on their sleeves to pieces, and announced they were leaving Flying Aspara Mercenary Company.

As to the yellow-robed old person who had lit the fire behind Flying Aspara Mercenary Company, he saw the situation turning for the worse and immediately fled.

In just a few moments, the main force of the third largest mercenary company on the continent collapsed. While there were cadet branches all over the continent, they would not be able to form a cohesive force. Ba Tuke’s reputation fell. He became someone that everyone would spit upon. Even in death, this pitiful person would be spat upon.

At this time, Aofeng and the other people each beat the sacred beast they were responsible for until the beast was motionless. Then they dragged the big beasts back to the camp. it might not be difficult to kill a sacred beast, but it took time to defeat one without killing it. Also, Li Qing had killed the Giant Apponyi Bird and was now somewhere unknown.

Aofeng looked around from Ben Lei back and didn’t find any sign of Li Qing. However, through a small ice mouse, she found that a dark red shadow was flying out of the Forest of Neversetting Sun at a rapid speed! Her eyes were unable to keep up. This red light sprinted towards Crimson Forge and Wolf Pack’s camp!

“Watch out, Big Brother Rong!” Aofeng sensed the terrifying nature of the dark red shadow and panicked inside. “Ben Lei, quick! Get over!”

She would not be wrong. That was definitely a divine beast!

At this time, the fighting on the battlefield had reached a white-hot state. The nine-star magic beast herd were in a standstill against the soldiers from the alliance. Spirit beasts gathered together to attack Flying Aspara Mercenary Company’s area, and the other mercenary companies sent out elite squads to help out and barely managed to withstand the attack of the magic beasts.

When Rong Luo and Lu Feng dragged half-dead sacred beasts back to the camp, they asked about the black smoke. They finally learned of Ba Tuke’s scheme, and felt their hearts quiver.

But they knew the situation better. They thought of Aofeng’s meaningful look and knew that Aofeng must have done something in this matter. However, with Ba Tuke’s cleverness and wariness, how could the two boxes been mixed up?

The two signed in amazement over Aofeng’s cunning. The mercenaries around them also found the dark red shadow that was rapidly flying towards them.

“What is that? Ah, so fast!”

“Young Captain! Young Captain, careful!”

That dark red shadow searched and then locked onto Rong Luo who was at the front row. It charged over like a bolt of red lightning!

This was a divine beast! Rong Luo who was locked onto by the divine beast immediately felt as though his body was flooded with lead. It was difficult to even raise a hand! The natural aura of the divine beast caused the Gold Mark Lion on his body to leave behind its armorized state and fall to the ground. Rong Luo was immediately exposed to the full-frontal attack of the red shadow!

“Bam!” Just as Rong Luo thought that he was finished, a figure suddenly flew down from the sky. The figure blocked between Rong Luo and the red shadow. The person was forced back by the collision and spat out a mouthful of blood as the figure fell into Rong Luo’s arms.

“No! Zhui Yun!” Rong Luo saw Aofeng was wounded to take the blow for him. He felt moved but also as though a blade had cut into his heart. He would rather be the one wounded!

Rong Luo hugged Aofeng and hurriedly wanted to inspect the injury. But when he bent down to look, he completely stilled.

He saw the snowy-white mask slowly dissipate, and turn into a little ice mouse that pitifully curled up in Aofeng’s collar. An extremely handsome face appeared in front of him. The familiar elegant face caused Rong Luo to blank. He asked in a trembling voice, “You … … you’re … …Aofeng?”

It was Aofeng! It was actually Aofeng!

The two figures in his mind merged together into one person. Rong Ji felt complicated. Their one meeting at Qin City in the past, and their interactions over the past few days as well as their mutual admiration turned into excitement and joy as well as some slight anger over the concealment. However, the dominant emotion was shock.

Rong Luo whose mind was not slow immediately understood. No wonder he kept on feeling that Zhui Yun was so familiar and he thought of Zhui Yun as Aofeng multiple times. Who could blame him? Zhui Yun and Aofeng were the same person!

No wonder! No wonder Aofeng felt so close to him and so special to him. With “Zhui Yun’s” cold personality, this person should not have had an exceptional opinion of him when they met for the first time. Aofeng had also given him some hints, but was always interrupted by other things. This was why he had never thought of it.

“Cough cough … …”Aofeng felt as though her skeleton was about to shake apart. When she saw the divine beast shoot towards Rong Luo, she could only have Ben Lei and Liao Ya do partial armorization to increase her speed to its maximum. She managed to reach Rong Luo in time to block the blow. But because she didn’t have the protection of the magus beast armor, she was seriously wounded by this attack. She was unable to maintain the partial armorization as a result.

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