傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S12-C01 “Ascension of the Monarch”

Last chapter recap: Ba Tuke’s plan goes into action, after being diverted by Aofeng. Aofeng blocks an attack from a magic beast for Rong Luo.

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Section Twelve – Ascension of the Monarch

Chapter One Ascension of the Monarch

“Big Brother Rong, sorry, I didn’t lie to you on purpose.” Aofeng smiled helplessly. “It is actually good to let you find out this way. At least you won’t beat me up.”

“Aofeng, you are so stupid. Even if I was hit, I might not die. Your strength is not as high as mine, why did you help me block. Do you think I will be happy if you died?” Rong Luo looked at the traces of blood by Aofeng’s lips. His heart was trembling. He blamed himself, hated himself for not being stronger until he could protect Aofeng! In this moment, his desire to become strong was strangely fierce!

Rong Luo’s arms tightened around Aofeng. He used his body to block her slightly ashen face as best as he could so no one else could see. He knew why Aofeng had wore a mask all this time.

Feeling Rong Luo’s consideration and knowing that Rong Luo was not offended, Aofeng jerked the corner of her lips and said coolly, “Something happening to me is better than having it happen to you. If this happens again, I would still do it.”

Rong Luo didn’t know what to say. He grimaced and shook his head. “You are just the same as before, so stubborn.” However, Aofeng’s stubbornness was the thing that pulled at his heart.

“Young Brother Zhui Yun, are you alright?” Lu Feng leaped in front of the pair with a stride. He held his enormous sword horizontal and turned back to look at the black-haired “youth” that was weakly learning in Rong Luo’s embrace with half-lidded eyes. He stilled slightly and sighed in shock.

So this person appeared not even sixteen years old, so young, and with a handsome appearance.

“I’m fine, that divine beast stopped,” Aofeng said softly. She looked towards the dark red figure she had stopped. The gazes of most people on the battlefield had already gathered there.

A pitch black horse the size of a normal horse but an elegant and healthy body and a nimble posture. Its four hooves had burning black balls of cloud like Ben Lei’s did. Two horns curved behind its head like those of a ram. Its dark red pair of eyes looked unusually pressuring, but were so magnificent people felt their souls shake.

“Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse! Dark type divine beast!” Rong Luo and Lu Feng exclaimed in shock with wide eyes.

The Nightmare Warhorse had a shroud of dark red bloody mist. This was a small-scale divine beast domain of a divine beast which could be released outside the body when fighting. The beings that entered this realm would decrease greatly in speed. Just now, Aofeng had suffered in his domain.

“Dark type divine beast?” Aofeng stilled in shock. Dark type magus beasts were extremely rare and famed for their great offensive power. High rank magus beasts were slightly weaker than celestial magisters or magus scholars of the same rank but Dark type magus beasts were comparable to human counterparts.

“No wonder so many sacred beasts appeared in the magic beast siege this time. The Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse is strong. It is not a wonder that it has such a large magic beast army.” Lu Feng held the sword in front of him. He saw the Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse stare towards where the three of them were with its dark red eyes. His scalp prickled but he did not shy away.

“Horrid human, you have successfully aroused the anger of a divine beast! I will kill you!” The Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse said angrily in human speech as it glared at Aofeng.

He had just come out of the forest and wanted to eliminate the humans that had captured his sacred beast “subordinates.” He thought he would be able to kill Rong Luo in one attack. Then someone interfered.

Divine beasts were peerlessly proud. The Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse felt it wasn’t just any ordinary humiliation to be blocked by some unknown boy who wasn’t even in sky rank.

Adult divine beasts possessed intelligence equivalent to that of humans. Being able to speak the human language was not a strange matter. Aofeng and the other two people were standing at the front of Crimson Forge’s group. The mercenaries who were fighting with nine-star magic beasts in the surroundings erupted with great power to cut at the surrounding magic beasts when they saw what was happening. They wanted to help Aofeng. But after the divine beast appeared, the other magic beasts went mad. Even though the mercenaries were using all their power, they couldn’t take a step forward.

“Young Brother Zhui Yun, Young Captain Ro, retreat first. I will stop him!” Lu Feng glared with enmity at the Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse. He felt helpless. That was a Dark type divine beast! Even sky rank experts may not be able to win. They had encountered great trouble this time.

“Hm, you cannot stop me, Meng Yan? If you want to die, I will fulfill you!” The Nightmare Warhorse snorted disdainfully. The blood mist around him immediately thickened exponentially. His figure blurred

As Lu Feng’s nervousness reached a peak, he heard a clear voice behind him.

“Captain Lu Feng, come back, lets met!”

When the words wounded, even the Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse stilled.

Lu Feng turned around and saw Aofeng had recovered. She managed to gather magic to force Xiao Bing to turn into a mask. She stubbornly broke free of Rong Luo’s embrace and walked forward.

“Young Brother Zhui Yun, do not show off. Go back!” Lu Feng said urgently. Rong Luo grabbed Aofeng’s shoulder and said angrily, “Ao … … Zhui Yun, you cannot fight in your state! I will now allow you to try to be brave!”

“I have confidence I can defeat him. Believe me.” Aofeng turned her head and looked calmly at the two with with her black eyes. Her eyes sparkled with light and determination. People couldn’t help but feel great trust towards her.

“Alright. However, be careful.” Rong Luo knew her stubbornness and relaxed his hand with a sigh. He and Lu Feng silently watched the back of the black-robed youth and suddenly felt that figure was so magnificent.

When Aofeng went forward, nervous gazes immediately gathered from the rear. People gasped and the Crimson Forge and Wolf Pack camp panicked.

“Heavens! What does Zhui Yun Daren want to do?”

“Fighting a Nightmare Warhorse alone, is Zhui Yun Daren crazy!”

“Zhui Yun, don’t do it!”

The stunned Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse finally woke up. He thought that Aofeng was humiliating him and erupted in fury. “Horrid human, just your heavily wounded body can stop me? You dare to say you will defeat a powerful Dark type divine beast. I want to see what skill you have!”

“I cannot but someone can.” Aofeng narrowed her eyes and said coolly. She took a deep breath and thought mentally at the same time she called out, “Come out, my friend, Chi!”

Accompanying this clear call was an enormous pillar of fire that abruptly rose into the sky! A crimson red four point spirit star appeared under Aofeng’s feet. The sky was burned red by the crimson pillar of fire as though hell had arrived. Both humans and magic beasts were stunned. They looked in shock at the pillar of fire. The fighting suddenly stopped.

An extremely beautiful youth of eleven or twelve years old appeared in the sky. His cold face gave off suffocating indifference. His long fire red hair flew freely. The crimson red crescent earrings swayed and flashed with an eerie fiery red light. His eyes were like glittering rubies that looked down imperiously at the world.

The ascension of the monarch! All beasts submit!

The magic beasts attacking the city could not maintain their calm. After Chi appeared, they fell to the ground, trembling as they bowed their heads in Chi’s direction. They trembled like children who had done something wrong and were waiting for a punishment from their elder. Their great work of attacking the city was put aside and they couldn’t muster up any resistance.

“Ah! What … … what is this? … …” The Double-HOrned Nightmare Warhorse’s legs collapsed in terror and he knelt down under that peerlessly cold aura. This was the base instinct of a magic beast, and couldn’t be controlled by intelligence.

The thousands of people at the rear gaped. They had never seen such a strange phenomenon before and didn’t know how to respond. Nothing like this had ever occurred in the history of magic beast sieges before!

“It’s that old elder?” Thetan and Vino exclaimed in union. But then they rejected it. “Wait, how can he make these magic beasts submit? No matter how strong he is, humans can only subdue a single magic beast.”

“What old elder, that is a magic beast!” Rong Luo had heard Thetan speak of Chi before. He grimaced. “Only magic beasts can make other magic beasts submit. A divine beast cannot raise his head under this one’s aura, he can also manifest in human form, he can only be … … a super-divine beast! Zhui Yun has hid this card really deeply!”

Many people guessed this stunning fact through this situation.

“A human-shaped magic beast, a super-divine beast!”

“Zhui Yun Daren has a super-divine beast? F**k, let me die, I don’t even have a nine-star magic beast … …”

“Is this right, a super-divine beast? Is he still human!

Two sacred beasts, one super-divine beast, and he’s also a senior beast tamer. How dare the Heavens let this kind of freak into the world?”

“Aofeng, you are injured again, please, can you not take care of yourself?” Chi looked around and his blood-red eyebrows imperceptibly twitched. He looked at Aofeng’s pale face and said mentally. “Last time, didn’t I say to summon me when there is danger?”

“I know that the people pursuing you are still searching for you. Unless absolutely necessary, I will not disturb your recovery and growth.” Aofeng laughed softly. Aofeng was happy on Chi’s behalf seeing that he was visibly a few years older in appearance than when Chi appeared last time in human form.

Due to the lifebond covenant, she and Chi would innately feel close to each other. They knew some things without even verbalizing them. For example, the summons this time. While the summons occurred under the eyes of tens of thousands, Chi would not think that her action was incorrect. Chi and Aofeng were similar in personality, aloof and proud. Chi was even more domineering than Aofeng and never hesitated when acting.

“You called me out for that two-star Dark type divine beast? Yes, much better than that kitten. With him, you will not be in any more danger in the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun.” Chi glanced at the trembling Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse and said coolly, “Will you submit, or will I have to beat you until you submit?”

“I … …” The Nightmare Warhorse was about to speak when an unusually terrifying cold wind containing a powerful aura came from the depth of the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun. The magic beasts who had stopped attacking under Chi’s aura went berserk once again. The Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse rose up!

“Hm? The aura of a super-divine beast?” Chi’s brow rose and his expression darkened.

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