傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S12-C02 “The Ferocious Chi”

Last chapter recap: Chi reveals himself on the battlefield.

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Chapter Two – The Ferocious Chi

That wave of aura cancelled out Chi’s effect on magic beast. Fortunately, the city guard alliance had been on alert. When the magic beasts went berserk again, the fighters became active again and continued to hold the defense line!

That aura only surged but didn’t directly make contact with Chi. The aura’s owner clearly did not want to fight with Chi, and because the owner was far away, unable to fight as well. That beast could only sent a powerful burst of aura to guarantee that the magic beast siege would not be disrupted.

“It’s Oslin Daren!” The Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse’s presence grew and he howled in joy as Chi’s aura stopped affecting him.He glared at Chi and said, “I do not submit to you! Looking at your appearance, you are still an infant-stage magic beast. Even if you are a super-divine beast, you will not be too strong. Oslin Daren is an adult and powerful super-divine beast! Only he has the right to rule me!”

However, the Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse was puzzled at the fact that Chi was in human form because an infant-stage super-divine beast should be in beast form. He didn’t understand what was happening here.

“Oslin? That’s that person’s name?” Chi’s fire red eyes stared hard at the distant Death Ridge. He laughed loftily and arrogantly. “A little super-divine beast dares to obstruct my aura? When I enter the growth stage, I will go to Death Ridge to have a chat with him! As for you, since you do not submit, there is nothing to say.”

Hearing Chi’s words, the Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse and Aofeng felt a cold sweat.

Aofeng couldn’t find any words. In Chi’s eyes, all magic beasts were “little.” Last time, he described Ben Lei as a little sacred beast, this time, it was a little super-divine beast. This guy was too arrogant. He didn’t even think anything of a super-divine beast!

Chi raised a hand with a cold expression. The flames that had been burning around him suddenly expanded several meters away from him. He wrapped himself in a circle of fire. Standing behind Chi, Aofeng felt waves of suffocating heat. His red hair moved despite the lack of wind. The dazzling flames turned this area bright red. An extremely narrow golden ray came out of the scorching red flames and gathered on the upraised right hand.

“Heaven Fire! You … … what kind of magic beast are you?” The Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse felt a wave of shock. His gaze turned slightly afraid as he looked at Chi. He had never seen a magic beast able to summon Heaven Fire in infant stage.

Chi seemed to feel he had spoken enough. He didn’t say even another word and proceed according to his own principle: If you don’t submit, I will beat you until you submit!

His hand tightened, and a weapon made completely of golden fire manifested!

The weapon was three meters in length, and composed of sharp points at both ends joined by a cylinder at the middle. Chi gripped a weapon similar to the lance of western knights. The double-headed lance composed completely of Heaven Fire’s power gave off fearsome and terrifying power.

“Magus beast technique!” The Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse immediately recognized it.

Usually, magic beasts needed the help of magisters and magic in order to cast magus beast techniques. A rare and unique few also had strict conditions such as using life force. However, super-divine beasts did not require those. These powerful beings were born with the knowledge of casting magus beast techniques and were extremely powerful. Of course, if a powerful magister cast these techniques, the technique would be even more powerful.

“Crimson Blood Hegemon Spear!”

Chi finally spoke in a cold tone. His tone as domineering as the name of the magus technique. His voice exuded suffocating pressure.

The golden double-headed spear he had been carrying on his shoulder left his hand!

The lance-spear started to spin in the air and created a small twister. The sparks of Heaven Fire scattered into this gust of wind and flew towards the Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse!

Chi’s movements flowed rapidly. The Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse didn’t have any time to react before the crimson spear had the upper hand.

The Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse paled. He stopped hesitating. His dark red eyes suddenly lit up. The bloody mist around him completely shrouded him until his figure disappeared. A patch of black appeared in the space between his two ram-like horns as he charged towards the Crimson Blood Hegemon Spear that Chi threw out!

As the two collided, the sound shook the world!

The harsh wind caused everyone in the surroundings to narrow their eyes. No one could see what happened.

A tragic wail tore into the sky. “Boom!” The Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse landed on the ground in front of Aofeng, his entire body smoking and blackened and half-dead just like Ben Lei had been in the past.The Crimson Blood Hegemon Spear had penetrated from the Nightmare Warhorse’s neck into his back, and through one of his rear legs. Thick black blood splattered and covered the ground. With dark type magic beasts even their blood was black.

Instant defeat! An absolute instant defeat!

A Dark type divine beast could not even withstand one of Chi’s attacks!

This scene astounded the crowd. The city protectors exploded in shouts and cheers. No one had expected Aofeng’s “super-divine beast” to be so powerful. This Crimson Blood Hegemon Spear defeated the greatest threat of the magic beasts, the Dark type divine beast. This action excited the exhausted mercenaries who had fought for an entire day.

This magic beast siege would be recorded into Neversetting Sun’s history. No one who participated in this siege would forget the name of Zhui Yun!

Many years later, the old mercenaries that came to participate again in the magic beast siege would enthusiastically discuss that black-robed youth and that terrifying super-divine beast.

“Do you submit?” Chi spoke again. He floated in front of the Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse and pulled the Crimson Blood Hegemon Spear from the other’s body. The golden spear point pressed against the Nightmare Warhorse’s forehead. Chi’s cold and emotionless ruby-red eyes with the meaning “if you say no, die!”

“Woo … … submit, Daren, I … I submit … …” The Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse completely lost its ability to fight as it wailed painfully. The part of his body penetrated by the Crimson Blood Hegemon Spear made from the terrifying flames was completely numb. If not for the strength of his divine beast body, he would have been burned to dust.

Even if he had not burned to dust, if Chi hadn’t purposefully aimed the spear to miss his organs it would have been a instantly fatal injury.

Chi’s power was frightening! Able to defeat him in one move as a beast in infant stage, what power would he have after he matured.

The Nightmare Warhorse shuddered. He didn’t dare to imagine. He didn’t dare to treat Chi as a normal super-divine beast. He had not unjustly submitted to Chi. Chi saying that he would go find Oslin Daren for a chat after entering the growth stage did not seem like rashful boasting.

“Aofeng, he has lost the ability to fight, just bond with him later. I am going back now.” Chi nodded coolly. The Crimson Blood Hegemon Spear turned back into Heaven Fire. He said mentally to Chi, “Remember to leave this place as soon as possible, do not use the name Zhui Yun in the future without good reason.”

“Don’t worry, I understand,” Aofeng responded. She attentively detected the thread of exhaustion in Chi’s voice.

Last time, Ben Lei said that Chi’s strength was divine beast rank. Even though he had grown, he could not have effortlessly defeated a Dark type divine beast with one attack. He probably used a battle method that overdrafted on his power for an ultimate attack. While the attack was astounding, he had paid a significant price.

Aofeng had considered the consequences before summoning Chi. She wore a mask and Zhui Yun was a fake name. Other than Rong Luo, no one knew that she was Qin Aofeng. She believed that Rong Luo would not sell her out. After the siege, she would take off the mask and leave the City of Neversetting Sun. Zhui Yun would disappear. Luska Radiance Continent was so large those people searching for Chi would have a hard time finding her.

She and Chi were connected in mind. He trusted her way of action. He smiled slightly, and like last time, turned into a ball of fire to disappear into the air.

“Finally near the end.” Aofeng exhaled. The sacred beast and the divine beast had been defeated. There were still some remnants still facing off with the city defending alliance but without a sacred beast leading the way, victory was just a matter of time.

“So powerful! I hadn’t thought that Young Brother Zhui Yun’s magus beast is so powerful!” Lu Feng exclaimed as he fought against the last parts of the mad magic beast tide.

“Yes, the other magic beasts do not even dare to go near where that magus beast had stood.” Rong Luo laughed. They weren’t able to participate in the battle just now. In order to avoid being a burden, they stayed behind. Only now did he move towards Aofeng. Just as Rong Luo took a step, he saw an even faster shadow out of the corner of his eye that shot out of the crowd. The figure charged towards Aofeng like a snake flicking its tongue!

Rong Luo saw that person and his expression immediately changed. His heart almost jumped out of his chest as he shouted urgently, “Zhui Yun, dodge! It’s Li Qing!”

Aofeng heard Rong Luo’s shout just as she relaxed and desired to bond with the Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse. A feeling of danger rose. She mentally thought, one careless misstep created the greatest danger since the siege started!

The battle just now captured her attention so much she had not followed on Li Qing’s whereabouts. She hadn’t expected Li Qing to sneak into the crowd and waited for a chance to deliver her a fatal blow!

A magister with a super-divine beast, a master beast tamer, this was not a person he could afford to offend. Li Qing’s jealousy and hatred reached a peak, and so did his fear. People could do anything under extreme pressure. Li Qing decided to kill Aofeng. Then this “enemy” would not exist.

He had endured until now by waiting for this moment when Aofeng had put away the super-divine beast and was enjoying the feeling of victory. Aofeng’s wariness would decrease greatly. He had a great chance of success in killing this person when they were seriously injured.

Aofeng saw the partial armor Li Qing had manifested from the Saber-Toothed Tiger King. The tiger claws swiped towards her so quick she could not dodge in time! The furious Rong Luo and Lu Feng were not able to get to her in time. Her heart jumped hard. She felt danger so close to her once again!

“World’s End — Solitary Sword Extermination!”

An aloof but pleasing sound entered Aofeng’s ears at this time.

An intimidating sword energy flew down from the sky and accurately landed on Li Qing who thought he was about to succeed and was filled with pride. Li Qing, a seven-sword spirit magister, didn’t even have the opportunity to turn his head. He felt an indescribable power enter his body, a wave of coldness on his back. His face suddenly kissed the ground, and the bones in his head were completely smashed to pieces!

At this time, he finally felt a sharp pain at his abdomen. Blood spilled out of his body, his life slipping away, the world seemed to grow far from him … …

Just in front of him, Aofeng found to her shock that Li Qing had been pinned to the ground by a flying sword. That black sword which was relatively small compared to the two-handed broadswords of normal swordsman swayed.

This flying sword came suddenly and pierced a seven-sword spirit magister to death, stunning Aofeng and the others. Aofeng couldn’t help but look into the air.

A male had appeared high in the sky above the alliance at some unknown time. He flew at an even higher elevation than the lion-vulture squads.

His shoulder-length hair flew freely in the wind. His unadorned white hemp cloths flapped in the wind. He wore black fingerless gloves on his hands, his feet in wooden clogs. His handsome face could enchant countless women. He appeared to be in his twenties but carried an aged weariness. He looked like the sword immortals of the ancient legends. He stood casually in the air as though he was standing in his own home.

How great was the speed did his flying sword have to be to kill Li Qing from so high up? How much power?

Aofeng inhaled sharply. Inside, she thought, the truly strong of this world were people she could not rival at this time. She even had a feeling that the present Chi may not be a match for this beautiful hemp-robed male.

The beautiful hemp-robed male’s brow moved slightly. He beckoned with his hand. The black sword seemed to feel some force and returned at an even faster speed. The sword reached him in a flash, but he was not in a hurry to put it away.

“What does he want to do?” Aofeng looked with puzzlement at this male who had saved her life. She felt that that his body seemed to be exuding a terrifying presence.

“Split!” The beautiful hemp-robed male shouted. The fingers on his gloved hand lightly flicked on the blade of the black sword. The black sword released a blinding ray of light. Using some unknown theory, it quickly split off multiple copies of the sword in a rapid manner!

In the span of a few breaths, more than ten thousand swords appeared behind the beautiful hemp-robed male. The ten thousand swords covered the sky and the sun, forming an enormous shadow over the people below, and attracting the gaping gazes of more people on the ground.

“Heavens! What is that?”

Gasps and inhales rose. The crowd shifted. The beautiful hemp-robed male didn’t seem to see them as he casually waved a hand.

“World’s End — Ten Thousand Sword Extermination!”

The ten thousand swords moved in unison!

The flying swords shot down and accurately hit the attacking magic beasts as though they were alive!

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