傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S12-C03 “Party”

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Chapter Three – Party

The swords filled the sky, powerful and wild, as they shot towards the ground like a storm!

Strangely, each sword seemed to have eyes. They could avoid the mercenaries and adventurers. The people that shouted in fear in the rain of swords found that the swords would only attack magic beasts. They sighed in relief.

The magic beasts wailed, hugging their heads and wanting to escape. However, they could not flee the range of the male’s flying swords. The thousands of flying swords behind him would replenish themselves after they shot down. The swords were endless and their power was astounding. Even spirit beasts were not able to survive his flying swords.

Everyone in the city defending alliance stopped what they were doing and looked into the sky. Shock, reverence, and excitement were written on their faces.

Aofeng looked in shock at this memorable scene.

None of the ten thousand swords missed. They did not injure humans but accurately killed every magic beast. The male stood casually in the air with a confidence and relaxed posture. His presence was clean and cool like a pine tree after the frost. Special and memorable.

In a short few minutes, he eliminated all of the magic beasts attacking the city. The battlefield which should have been cheering was completely silent. Each person was stunned by this beautiful hemp-robed male. The crowd of thousands was silent. People could only hear the sound of the cold wind blowing from the forest.

The beautiful hemp-robed male sheathed the black sword behind his back. He did not have any expression on his handsome face as though he had just done a simple and easy thing. He looked casually towards Aofeng from high in the sky. A light flashed through his eyes but he did not say a thing. He calmly turned and walked towards the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun.

His loose hair and hemp robes flew in the rind. He appeared to walk as though he was on the ground at a rapid speed. His figure flashed a few times and he disappeared at the end of the sunset.

He came suddenly and left suddenly, like a startled swan that flashed and disappeared.

At this time, the long-waited cheers finally came.

“World’s End Ten Thousand Sword Extinction! It’s the legendary Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya! 1

“Hemp robes, black gloves, wooden clogs, flying swords, yes, it is Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya.”

“I have no regrets in this life after seeing Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya!”

Listening to people’s shocked discussions, Aofeng’s eyes flashed as she looked where the man’s back had disappeared. She murmured, “Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya? His name?”

“Yes, Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya. He is a legendary person on Luska. His reputation and strength has reached the peak of humanity, and he is extremely handsome. A hundred years ago, he was famed over the entire Radiance Continent. Even now, no one can surpass the legend he created. Originally, the Kaya Empire’s Emperor’s Three Venerable Swordsman were four in number. He was the strongest. For some reason, Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya gave up his noble status in the empire and he roamed the world. In these years, he has gone to all kinds of places on the continent, the Endless Desert, the Sea of Daggered Clouds and Mists, the Astral Plateau, he can freely enter and leave those famed lands of danger.”

Lu Feng’s eyes flashed with light. As a swordsman, he respected strong people like Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya the most. He would be happy for a long time at seeing Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya once. Lu Feng knew the other’s history well. “Some say that his heart was wounded by love so he threw his mind and heart into the path of the sword. Some say that he has seen through the world, and is not willing to be restrained by power. Others say that he is searching for a treasure trove so he travels the entire world. However, these are just other people’s guesses.”

He must have coincidentally encountered our magic beast siege as he travelled. We are so lucky this time. One Zhui Yun, one Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya. It would be impossible to not cause a sensation.” Rong Luo walked over with a laugh. He asked Aofeng concernedly, “Are you alright? It was so dangerous just now. It is fortunate that Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya acted. Maybe he couldn’t bear to see a person with the potential to become one of the strongest on the continent die like this.”

Aofeng noted down Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya. She smiled with joy at having escaped. “It’s fine. We finally finished!”

The words reminded the surrounding mercenaries. After the day of fighting, the tired soldiers finally could rest. Everyone cheered as they threw their weapons into the air.

“Finished! It finally finished!”


“Hahaha … …”

They joyful atmosphere spread to every corner of the camps. As the sun moved behind the mountains, the enormous City of Neversetting Sun was enveloped in beautiful golden light.

Castellan Luo Li sat on the lion-vulture and shouted, stirring people’s emotions, “I thank you, brave soldiers, for your help. You are all heroes of Neversetting Sun! I praise you worthy fighters. The entire city will party tonight!:


“Party in the city!”

The cheers shook the ground. People in the city were told of the battle. They heard of the astounding progression of events and gave sincere praises. The two that were discussed the most were Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya who appeared at the end, and a newly risen star, the youngest spirit magister on the continent, Zhui Yun.

Countless soldiers bowed deeply towards Aofeng. Both the appearance of the super-divine beast and her bravery when facing the divine beast were worthy of respect.

“Clean up the battlefield, let us return to the city, great heroes of Neversetting Sun!” Rong Luo laughed and teased as he patted Aofeng’s shoulder.

He teased a laugh out of Aofeng. She did not care about her reputation, but she had to admit that each person had some vanity. The feeling of being stared at like this wasa good.

The mercenaries from Crimson Forge and Wolf Pack raced to carry the enormous sacred beasts and divine beast back to the camp for Aofeng to bond with. Other people had no intentions of fighting. Without a person at a master beast tamer level, they had no use if they stole these magic beasts. Magic crystals were valuable, but it would not be profitable to offend Zhui Yun who was a newly rising star.

Suddenly, Aofeng felt something on her leg as though something had taken hold of her leg. She looked down curiously and saw a hand-sized adorable yellow kitten waving its tail at her.

“Uh, Master, this is Li Qing’s seven-star Saber-Toothed Tiger King!” Ben Lei who was on Aofeng’s shoulder said in amazement. “So strange, Li Qing is dead, his magus beast should have died. This Saber-Toothed Tiger King isn’t a divine beast, how was it able to remain?”

When the master died, the magus beast would die as well. When a magus beast died, the master would be slightly mentally affected. This was an unfair covenant. However, after magus beast reached divine beast, when their master died, they could lower their rank in order to increase their longevity.

“I know. Master and Li Qing made a bet so the Rules of the Universe left him. He also knows how he managed to survive, that’s why he came to Master.” Liao Ya leaned tiredly against Aofeng’s legs as he spoke. In the clash earlier, they had both been wounded by the Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse. Even now, he hadn’t recovered.

The little yellow kitten stared closely at Aofeng with its teary eyes like an abandoned child. Aofeng felt helpless at being stared at by this little things. She could only reached out a hand. The little yellow kitten joyfully jumped up and used its head to nudge and lick Aofeng’s fingertip.

“Hey hey! Master has not formed a covenant with you yet, stop fawning!” Ben Lei said discontentedly.

Li Qing said sensibly, “Due to the bet and the Rules of the Universe, other than Master, he cannot form a covenant with anyone else. If Master doesn’t want him, in a few days, he will pass away when his soul imprint on Li Qing’s body fades. Ba Tuke’s Three-Tailed Charm Fox has never formed a covenant. That one is hard to predict.”

“So that’s how it is.” Aofeng had wanted to give this Saber-Toothed Tiger King to Rong Luo. Now it seemed that that could not occur. She patted the little thing’s head and said, “Follow me for now. Forming a covenant with a sacred beast takes a relatively long time, I will form a covenant with you tonight.” Aofeng did not bear to waste the resource of a sacred beast. When forming the covenant with a sacred beast, she would use the Magus Divinity Power Source to have the sacred beast evolve. This process would take a long time, and other people could not see this.

The little yellow kitten jumped onto Aofeng’s other shoulder and rubbed affectionately against Aofeng’s face. This angered Ben Lei.

“Female cat! This definitely is a female cat! Just knows to ‘curry favor.’ Once she formed a covenant with master and learns Master is female, let’s see how happy your are.”

“Zhui Yun, come. The party is about to begin!” Rong Luo who had finished arranging the matters of the mercenary company walked over with a smile on his handsome face. He pulled Aofeng towards the camp.

Escorted by the crowd, Aofeng returned to the camp. Castellan Luo Li had ordered the gates opened. Luo Fei and the captains of the city guard were leading small medical teams and some money to comfort people. The people of the CIty of Neversetting Sun had transported all kinds of exquisite foods and champagne. The girls wore long dresses and carried bamboo baskets on their hips which swayed as they cordially passed out their homemade food. Many males drooled at the sight of their beautiful bodies.

The sun disappeared into the west, the moon hung high in the sky, campfires rose in the camps and songs sounded into the air. It was really busy!

As a hero of the siege, Aofeng was naturally the target of attention. Large pieces of roast meat were laid in front of her, and people lined up to drink to her. Rong Luo helped block the majority of those as she was still wounded and couldn’t drink.

In the cheerful atmosphere, someone shouted, “Zhui Yun Daren, it’s alright you cannot drink, sing a song to make up for it!”

“Yes yes! Zhui Yun Daren, sing!” Thetan raised a winecup and shouted loudly.

“Zhui Yun Daren, it’s rare we are all so happy, do not refuse! I even sang with my terrible voice, now can the great hero of Neversetting Sun be so silent?” Vino waved a lamb leg in his hand. He had just sang a demonic section. Many people had thrown food at him, and he couldn’t resist but tease Aofeng.

“Alright, stop. You are all in such a hurry to ruin Zhui Yun’s image,” Rong Luo smiled helplessly. When this mercenaries really got started, even he couldn’t control them.

“Actually, it’s nothing. Just a song, how difficult is that?” Aofeng was rarely this happy. Today was almost the happiest day she had lived since she came to Luska. She didn’t refuse.

Rong Luo’s eyes lit up and he said in amazement, “Oh? Zhui Yun, you can sing?”

Lu Feng gulped down a mouthful of wine and said with a laugh, “Young Brother Zhui Yun, don’t be mysterious. If you’re a man, stop dawdling, and sing!”

The mercenaries in the surroundings looked over in anticipation and interest.

Aofeng smiled slightly. She looked into the sky, took a deep breath, and sang in a clear voice (Blue Rain “The Tower of Eternity”)

“The cold night is too sad and beautiful, the blood thirsty fort

the decree of God has been broken. The grief of the clansmen

Facing the Tower of Eternity burning and shattering. Who is being punished

Spread your wings and embrace the light of the sun and moon, the right and wrongs of honoring the prophecy

Until pained to the point the waters wash away the numbness, using a few reincarnations

to understand the value of love before atonement. Lamentable humans

even if their hearts are broken, they love fearlessly, even if they are destroyed

This time, even when the helmet is bloodied, I feel no regret

To fly for love, fly high above.

The grief and pain sealed by the Holy War, the tears of lovers

the rose of love are withering and taken back by the heavens.

Facing the destruction of Atreia, who is still defending

Spread your light and wake all those sleeping, relive life with no regrets

In the end, pain washes away the numbness, using a few reincarnations

to understand the value of love before atonement. Like the lamentable humans

even if their hearts are broken, they love fearlessly, even if they are destroyed

This time, even when the helmet is bloodied, I feel no regret

To fly for love

fly high above … …”

The crowd gradually quieted. This elegant and clear voice wounded in the silent light, pleasing to the ear, and carrying a kind of infectious yearning.

Illuminated by the campfires, people thought of many many things, thought of risking their lives day and night on the continent, thought of one dangerous battle after another, thought of their relatives faraway, the lovers waiting for them at home. Their thousand turned to their faraway homes as their emotions were stirred … …

The females in the camp looked with infatuation at Aofeng, this “youth” dressed in an exquisite black robe. The singing figure became an eternal picture imprinted on the minds of countless people.

Aofeng’s voice suddenly stopped. She looked silently into the night sky with her flashing eyes. She seemed to think of shopping with that close friend, going to karaoke, and fighting next to each other.

Shitian, did you come to this world? Zhui Yun’s name and this song will spread. If you are truly on this continent, you should hear it? I believe you are here. I wait for your reply.

In the silence, Thetan, Vino and others looked with astonishment at her. They finally couldn’t help but clap and cheer.

The thunderous clapping rang over the entire camp!

“Zhui Yun, you sing so well. I’ve never heard of such a pleasing song. I’ve never heard this from the mouths of the wandering minstrels! Now you have to drink. Come, cheers!” Rong Luo hooked an arm around Aofeng’s shoulder and said with a laugh. Aofeng gave a smile to him. The two’s cups clinked together, bubbles from the champagne flew as the joy spread.

Aofeng liked days like this, one that were free and unburdened. She believed that her future life in this world of Luska would be as spectacular as this.

The campfires burned for the entire night as they partied the entire night.


Translator Ramblings: As people may know from my turtle translation of Zhui Xu, I am not good at translating poetry. So the song in the chapter … … took a long time. Also, I have no knowledge of the game so the lyrics … … don’t really make sense to me.

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  1. Tian Ya 天涯 can mean “end of the world”. So the techniques are also Tian Ya’s Solitary Sword Extermination and Tian Ya’s Ten Thousand Sword Extermination. 
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