傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S12-C04 “The Inexhaustible Life Ring”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng and the mercenaries celebrate their victory at outlasting the siege.

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Chapter Four – The Inexhaustible Life Ring

The eastern sky was turning bright as the people who had celebrated for the entire night snored from where they were on the ground. Some of the mercenaries standing guard napped. This time was when people’s guard was lowest.

A black figure flashed out of the tent under the grey sky. One cat on each shoulder, a silver wolf and a handsome black horse following behind her. She looked back yearningly at the tent and then moved to walk away.

“Wait, Brother Zhui Yun!”

A soft call came from behind her. The young man with a broadsword ran over with a smile as he said, “Aiya, I managed to find you in time. Milord Father said he knew you would leave in the night so he had me come. Who would have thought that your tent was already empty. Luckily, I came to check Young Captain Rong’s tent. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have seen you.”

This black-robed figure planning to sneak away was Aofeng.

Luo Fei came close and blinked. He asked in slight astonishment, “Brother Zhui Yun, why do I feel your presence is slightly stronger? You levelled up again?”

Aofeng’s face was rosy and she didn’t look as though she was injured. She seemed to give off some power in her movements. Luo Fei felt pressured by the tiny bit of power that leaked out.

“Yes, I just levelled up. I cannot control the power in my body well.” Aofeng smiled apologetically at her. Last night, she had tamed the Giant Mammoth, the Dragon-Lizard, the Caden Tiercel, the Saber-Toothed Tiger King, and the Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse standing next to her. She had jumped from a three-sword spirit magister past the important hurdle of seven-sword directly to become a nine-sword spirit magister. Not being used to her power level was normal.

“Brother Zhui Yun is really strong. No wonder Milord Father told me to come early to recruit you.” Luo Fei joked.

“Castellan Luo Li is cunning.” Aofeng smiled slightly and shook his head. “But I will not remain here.”

“We know, so I came alone to find you without any of my retinue.” Luo Fei blinked happily at her. “Do not worry, I do not want to keep you here. Milord Father wanted me to deliver some things to you.”

Aofeng was surprised by what he said, “Deliver some things to me?”

“Yes, Milord Father said this is a gift from someone in your past, and he was just safekeeping it. This has to be given to you before you leave.” Luo Fei waved what he held in his hand. This was a blue ribbon that gave off a soft and faint light. Aofeng’s heart shook and she had an expression of joyful surprise.

Something Mama Su Ya had left her!

Aofeng reached out to take it. She caressed it with a gentle expression and said gratefully, “Thank Castellan Daren for me. This item does have significant meaning to me.” In both lifetimes, she was an orphan. Aofeng especially treasured having a gentle and beautiful mother who cared greatly for her. In her heart, she truly thought of Mistress Su Ya as her mother.

“Don’t be in a hurry to thank me. This is also yours.” Luo Fei gave a bright smile. He spread his hand, and an exquisite blue diamond ring entered Aofeng’s view.

Luo Fei pointed at the blue diamond ring. “Yesterday night, we had a meeting at the rear. You came late so you didn’t hear. Last time, didn’t I tell you the hero who contributed to the siege would be gifted an unimaginable treasure? This is it!”

“Spatial ring? I do not lack this. You should take it back.” Aofeng stilled and then said with a frown and a shake of her head. Spatial rings were valuable but she already had two. What was the use in having one more?

“Hey, let me finish.” Luo Fei pulled her and said urgently, “Other people are green in jealousy. You, on the other hand, refuse this! This is an extremely valuable magic medium! My father knew a master crafter in the past so he managed to obtain this magic medium, the “Inexhaustible Life Ring”. This work is one of the best works of that master crafter, it can almost rival the works of many Celestial Fire crafters.” This ring is made from ten space-type magic beast cores. This can contain life. Both humans and magus beasts can be put into it, and the space is so enormous it forms its own ecosystem. The space is about the size of a city and you can hold thousands of sacred beasts. How about it? Do you still feel it is a normal spatial ring?”

“Uh … …” Aofeng’s eyes widened as she listened to Luo Fei. Her gaze became different as she looked at the ring. She said in shock, “I hadn’t though someone like this could exist. Magic medium, they really come in all forms and kinds.”

Normally spatial rings definitely could not contain life. This ring wasn’t just big, it could also contain life. One could carry an army of a few thousand in this ring. This ring would be of terrifying effect if it was used in war.

Luo Fei said with a sigh, “Yes, magic mediums are astounding powerful and the user does not have to be a magister. Any person can use this. Pity, just like beast tamers, the requirements to becoming a crafter is stringent. There are not enough crafters on the continent. Speaking of that, Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s flying sword is a top magic medium. Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya himself is a Celestial Fire crafter.”

“He’s so strong?” The hemp-robed male’s carefree and lonely figure appeared again in Aofeng’s mind as she said in astonishment.

“Of course, Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya is a legend, how can he not be strong?” Luo Fei shoved the Inexhaustible Life Ring Life into Aofeng’s hand and said, “But you are not any less, the youngest spirit magister on the continent, and a master beast tamer as well. If your advancement is as vast in the future as now, you may be the second Tian Ya.”

Conversations with Luo Fei were always relaxed. Aofeng laughed softly, “Yes, I can also tame beasts!”

“Yes, Zhui Yun, you are a master beast tamer, with a life ring like this, if you encounter a high ranking magus beast, just throw it in. When you reach a city, deliver them to the underground auction, and the money will come rolling in. Right, my father also put the little fox you won from Ba Tuke in there.” Luo Fei laughed and sighed. Then he said gravely, “Also, the signature magus beasts you have, the silver wolf and this black cat, it would be better if you concealed them for a while.”

Aofeng’s expression darkened, and she understood his meaning. She sighed softly. She put the ring on her left middle finger, and dripped blood on it to imprint it. She spoke, “I understand. Castellan Daren thinks so highly of me. If you have any trouble in the future, I will not stand by and watch.”

While Castellan Luo Li was clearly trying to form ties, he also was planning for Aofeng as well. While Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya had killed Li Qing, Radiance Magus Church would definitely pin this on her head. Also, they would try to recruit those with potential, but if they couldn’t or if they had animosity, they would erase that person. This was the reason she was in a hurry to leave.

Originally, Aofeng had been worried Ben Lei and Liao Ya were too attention-catching. Now that she had this Inexhaustible Life Ring, everything was resolved.

“I do not know the extent of my father’s plans, but I am your good friend. I feel that this thing is more useful with you rather than with us. There’s no need to remember any favors.” Luo Fei looked at Aofeng and felt some reluctance to leave.”Zhui Yun, remember to come visit me when you come to Neversetting Sun in the future!”

“I will! Of course!” Aofeng chanted in her mind and took off Xiao Bing’s armorized state. She looked at Luo Fei and smiled with her true appearance. Then she waved her hand, and put Liao Ya, Ben Lei, and Si Jian1, the sabertooth tiger, into the Inexhaustible Life Ring. She got onto Meng Yan’s back, turned her head to nod and then rode off on the horse.

Luo Fei watched dazedly at the person who moved towards the Forest of Neversetting Sun on the horse and gradually disappeared. He felt slight anticipation, “When we meet again, Zhui Yun, you will be famed over the continent. I believe you can do it!”

Rong Luo woke up from his dreams when the sun was high in the sky. His hangover was extremely evident. He walked into Aofeng’s tent after washing up and found no one was there.

Rong Luo immediately felt something was odd and asked Thetan and the others who seemed to have just woken up as well.

“Thetan, did you see Zhui Yun?”

“Zhui Yun Daren? No, last night, he went back to his tent to sleep after helping Young Captain to yours.” Thetan’s brow shifted and he said nervously, “Is Zhui Yun Daren not there?”

Rong Luo sighed softly and said soullessly, “I knew he wouldn’t stay for long. I hadn’t expected such an early departure.”

“It’s good for Young Brother Zhui Yun to leave. Did you forget who had caused the death of Li Qing from Radiance Magus Church? Radiance Magus Church has always been vicious and Young Brother Zhui Yun is a person who desires freedom. If he meets Radiance Magus Church, there will be trouble. He must have known this and left. He worried he wouldn’t bear to part from you so he departed in the night.” Lu Feng patted Rong Luo’s shoulder and said with a laugh, “We should leave as well. Zhui Yun was closest to you in this period of time, maybe he left something for you. Why don’t you look?”

Rong Luo seemed to be reminded of this. He nodded, and ducked back into the tent to search for traces of Aofeng.

After searching for a while, Rong Luo found a letter between layers of clothing. He spread the letter and read:

“Big Brother Rong, when you see this letter, I will have already left.

“Forgive me for not bidding farewell to you. I fear I would encounter too much trouble, not just the Radiance Magus Church, there are also some mysterious and uncertain factors. These uncertain factors are at an untouchably high level. I do not want to bring danger to you.

“I like what I feel when I am with you, I like this time that we spent fighting together. While this was not a long period of time, I believe that this time will always remain in my memories. At Qin City and here, your protection and your wide shoulders always make me feel safe and warm. When I think of Neversetting Sun, the first person I think of will be you.

“Big Brother Rong, you are a seven-sword spirit magister now. You should be able to bond with a second magus beast. Originally, I wanted to leave the Saber-Toothed Tiger King to you. But due to the bet, he can only recognize me as master. At the rear of the camp are three tamed sacred beasts. My taming method can actually increase the level of magic beasts. That Caden Tiercel is already a seven-star sacred beast. The Giant Mammoth is a four-star sacred beast. The Dragon-Lizard is a six-star sacred beast. I hope that they can help you and Crimson Forge.

“Big Brother Rong, you will forever be my big brother. The friendship between us will never be erased by time.

“There are no gatherings that do not end. Do not search for me. If there is fate, we will meet again!

“At that time, Aofeng will still fight shoulder to shoulder with you!”

Rong Luo gripped the letter gently with a serious expression. After reading all this, what he first thought of was not the three sacred beasts that he and Crimson Forge were now in possession of, but the “uncertain factors” Aofeng mentioned.

An uncertain factor that even Aofeng, who possessed a super-divine beast, couldn’t fight against. How terrifying was it? More terrifying than Radiance Magus Church!

Endless terror rose in Rong Luo’s mind!

The handsome man suddenly ducked out of the tent, raised his hand and shouted, “Crimson Forge, gather! Prepare to return to the Phisto main company headquarters!”

“Young Master, why are you in such a hurry to return to Headquarters?” Thetan and the others asked in puzzlement.

“I am going to the battle hall of Headquarters to train,” Rong Luo said coolly.

“What! Battle hall?” the crowd exclaimed in shock. “Young Master, are you mad? Only the past company captains, after they became celestial magisters, could enter the battle hall! Aren’t you asking for death going in now?”

“I need to become stronger.” His tone was unusually determined. Rong Luo looked up, his eyes extremely bright as though nothing could stop him. “Strong enough that no matter what, I can lend my shoulder to him, still make him feel safety and warmth, strong enough to protect him!”

Thetan and the others trailed off. They knew who the “he” Rong Luo spoke of was. They couldn’t help but have a strange feeling. Had Young Captain gone onto a “different path?” Why was he outrageously good to Zhui Yun Daren? Ah, when Young Captain’s temper was up, no one could persuade him. They wished that it was not true … …

After Aofeng, Crimson Forge, and Wolf Pack Mercenary Companies left the City of Neversetting Sun. This enormous banquet finally ended.

Inside Radiance Magus Church’s headquarters, the chief elder of the Holy Radiance Hall Li Zhen had a black face after learning from a message-type magic medium that Li Qing was killed. Li Qing was his only son, and a genius just below Jun Luoyu in Radiance Magus Church. After he completed this mission, he would have formally received a position. Li Zhen had been happy at this, but then he received the news of Li Qing’s death!

Archbishop Daren! Archbishop Daren!” Li Zhen charged into the divine palace inside Radiance Magus Church headquarters and screamed with grief and fury.

“Alright, stop shouting! He’s dead, what’s the use in shouting?” At the center of the divine palace, a tall man dressed in the white robes of a priest, with long silver hair and a solemn expression said softly. His unaffected tone made it evident he had heard of Li Qing’s news already.

This man was the highest ranked person of Radiance Magus Church, the Archbishop Ling Bing.

“Archbishop Daren, my only son died like this!” Li Zhen had not detected Ling Bing’s attitude and said hatefully, “Please, Archbishop Daren, get revenge for my son!”

“Revenge? How should we get revenge? Find Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya?” The Archbishop turned coldly. His handsome face that was usually expressionless carried a rare anger. “Offending someone without knowing who they are, how much trouble has he made for Radiance Magus Church. Your good son offended a master beast tamer with a super-divine beast and endless potential! Now, you want this archbishop to find the strongest on the continent, Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya, and avenge your son? Why don’t you go!”

“No no no, of course not.” Li Zhen felt the Archbishop’s anger and hurriedly closed his mouth. He suppressed his anger and said, “Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s appearance was just an accident. That Zhui Yun is the one who really caused my son’s death!”

Of course Li Zhen was not so stupid to make trouble for Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya. That was akin to seeking death. However, he could make trouble for Aofeng. Speaking from the basics, if Aofeng hadn’t had a conflict with Li Zhen, this matter wouldn’t have occurred.

“This archbishop knows Li Qing’s personality. You must have also investigated this matter. He was the one who made trouble for that Zhui Yun, his death cannot be blamed on anyone else! This Zhui Yun is a rare one-in-a-hundred-year genius. He has a super-divine beast and is also a master beast tamer. If Radiance Magus Church can recruit him, we will be able to soon eliminate the Black Magus Church!” the archbishop said coolly as though he didn’t think much of Li Qing’s life and death.

Li Zhen’s heart jumped and he panicked. “Then, then my son’s death will just end like this?”

“He made his own decisions. He gambled away the sacred beast that this archbishop gave him. This archbishop has not yet asked to settle that matter, and you dare to call this an injustice for him? Who is the one in charge of Radiance Magus Church, you or me?” The archbishop swept his sleeve and looked pressingly at Li Zhen. The latter shuddered in cold and almost suffocated.

“No, this subordinate has no intention of offending. I will abide by the archbishop’s decision.” Li Zhen hurriedly lowered his head and spoke. He then asked, unwilling to give up, “What if that Zhui Yun refuses us?”

The archbishop’s expression turned cold and he said icily.

“Then we will try to kill him at all costs! If we cannot use such a great genius, he will become a great threat to us sooner or later! Send the order out. All magus churches search for Zhui Yun. Once he is found, have the Chief Elder Arbitrator go to recruit him, no delays are allowed!

Li Zhen heard this and was slightly depressed. His relationship with Chief Elder Arbitrator had never been good. The other was sure to not give any face to him, and would do all he could to recruit that damned Zhui Yun.

Giving a sound of acknowledgement, Li Zhen turned to leave but he had his own plans inside. The Magus Church Holy Hall Warriors were under his control. He could search for Zhui Yun on his own, and kill that person before Chief Elder Arbitrator found them. Then he would report back that Zhui Yun hadn’t been willing to join Radiance Magus Church. With his reputation of many years and status in Radiance Magus Church, Archbishop Daren would not do anything to him.

When he thought of this, Li Zhen shouted lowly in fury, “Damned Zhui Yun! This old man will capture you, and burn you to ashes!”

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