傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S13-C02 “Steal From Me”

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Last chapter recap: Aofeng goes deep into the forest of Neversetting Sun and encounters an earth dragon.

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Chapter Two – Steal From Me

While Aofeng was fighting a sacred beast on her own for the first time, Aofeng had improved greatly was full of confidence in herself. Inky green, almost black, magic spread out of her body and wrapped around the thin blade. When the blade sliced through the air, due to its speed, it gave off ear piercing pops and cracks.


The strong wind reached the Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon and cut viciously before the sword even reached its destination! With a “pzzt” sound, a long and narrow wound appeared on the Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon’s back.

At the same time, Aofeng forcefully pushed off the ground and jumped several meters into the air. She slightly dodged the sharp claws of the earth dragon. The dust thrown up by the claws of the enormous earth dragon settled as she appeared elegantly on the top of a small hill. She looked down imperiously, without a hair out of place.

Blood swelled out of the wound. The Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon howled in pain. He hadn’t thought this weak-looking human was so powerful. Even the defense he was so proud of was defeated! The savagery inside the earth dragon magnified. His nimble tail snapped and swept towards Aofeng!

“Tsk, this guy’s defense is really terrifying.” Aofeng seemed to not see the dragon tail sweeping towards her. Her brow furrowed slightly as she looked over the Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon.

She had used seven-tenths of her strength in that sword strike. She could split a nine-star spirit beast with that blow but barely made a cut on the earth dragon. Even if she used all of her power, she might not be able to give the earth dragon a fatal blow. The dragon race really were powerful. Just a trace of the blood lineage was already so terrifying.

The Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon was overjoyed when he saw the human didn’t try to dodge his tail swipe. His tail was the strongest part of his body and was covered in spikes like a mace. Even a sacred beast would suffer receiving such a blow.

But just as he saw the dragon tail about to touch that person and his plan about to succeed, he found that human’s lips curve in a teasing smile and the figure suddenly disappear!

Nine Palace Eight Trigram Steps, Flash Step!

Inky green magic gathered under her feet, the Nine Palaces Eight Trigram Steps reached another level of speed. Straight Step, Horizontal Step, Slant Step, Short Step, Spin Step, they formed a set of flash steps. Aofeng appeared behind the head of the Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon like a ghost.

The Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon was puzzled by Aofeng’s sudden disappearance. Seeing her appear beside him, his shock was great!

“No matter how strong your defenses are, I don’t believe that you can shield your eyes!” the voice said coldly. Aofeng suddenly spun her body, and used her momentum to push the power of the Cicada Wing to its peak. “Woosh!” She swung the sword horizontally! In a flash, blood sprayed out!

“Argh!” A great wail rang into the sky. The blow cut the Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon’s eyes. He became blinded. He only realized how terrifying this enemy was when the pain came.

Calm, powerful, seemingly unconcerned, but having already found his weakness a long time ago, a person who would not move easily, but would deliver a fatal blow when they did.

Facing such a powerful earth rank expert, the Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon felt a rare fear. He disregarded his animosity at having his eyes blinded. He feinted by swinging his tail and then turned and used his large hooves to jump into the air and fly away.

“No! Meng Yan, stop him!” Aofeng hadn’t expected the guy to flee the battle, and using flight as well. Without Liao Ya’s armorization, she could not fly and catch up to the enemy. She also couldn’t find a place to jump off. She could only land helplessly on the ground and commanded Meng Yan mentally.

Meng Yan received the order and immediately roared ferociously towards the sky. His divine beast domain spread and the lightning-like blood shadow appeared again.

An extremely fast ray of light struck the Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon who had fled to the edge of the horizon with a “boom!”. The Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon could not withstand an attack from a three-star Dark type divine beast and died midair. The blood rained down into the forest. A horse-shaped magus beast was even faster than a panther. People could not imagine Meng Yan’s speed at full gallop.

“Master, you are too ferocious, you even frightened away the savage Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon. You are even more savage than the earth dragon!” Seeing this scene, Ben Lei shouted and cheered from a distance. Aofeng shook when she heard this. Why did this sound so awkward? Was this praising her or deriding her?

Liao Ya reminded with a chuckle, “Master, sacred beasts can fly. They have a great advantage facing earth rank experts. If they cannot win, they will fly and flee. Master, when you fight a sacred beast next time, jump onto its back. Just like the two human experts did back at the City of Neversetting Sun.”

Aofeng did not have enough experience at fighting sacred beasts, allowing him to escape at the last second. Aofeng noted this down. She got back on Meng Yan’s back to get to the earth dragon’s landing spot. The earth dragon had travelled far in the space of several breaths. Aofeng had to admit the earth dragon flew fast, but he was unfortunate to encounter Meng Yan.

Aofeng saw the earth dragon’s enormous body but when she came close, Meng Yan suddenly stopped and said in surprise, “Human! Master, it’s a celestial magister!”

“Oh?” Aofeng’s brow raised slightly. This was her first encounter with someone in celestial rank after she left Qin City. She did not fear this, but she didn’t want to cause trouble. With a wave of her hand, she put the beasts into the Inexhaustible Life Ring. Meng Yan, the only one left, walked forwards in the appearance of a normal horse.

Zhui Yun had become famous in Neversetting Sun. She could not expose her identity. Aofeng tried to be careful to avoid Chi’s enemies.

“I’m so lucky today, picking up a dead sacred beast for spoils. A rare earth dragon, excellent!” The laughter of a young male came from the earth dragon.

Aofeng looked through the trees and saw a twenty-four or so year old man dressed in tight black clothing standing on top of the earth dragon. He had a bandanna tied around his head, his long hair falling to his shoulder, his features handsome and sharp as a knife. He was smiling as he held a knife and went to dig out the magic crystal from the earth dragon.

“Wait!” Aofeng who rode Meng Yan out of the trees said. Under the male’s puzzled gaze, she came next to the earth dragon and pointed at the enormous body. “Friend, my apologies, I killed this earth dragon. I think that means the spoils belong to me.”

As she spoke, Aofeng examined the male with slight shock. This world was filled with strong people. People called Jun Luoyu the greatest genius of Radiance Magus Church, but there were also many unknown experts of astounding talent. This man was twenty-four or so, but he already reached celestial magister rank. He might not be any less compared to Jun Luoyu.

The male was examining Aofeng as well and frowned.

“You say that you killed this earth dragon, but no one else was here when I arrived. If you killed him, why didn’t you stand guard and take the spoils? You have no way to prove that this is yours. Prey in the Forest of Neversetting Sun belong to the strongest. I urge you to give up your idea.”

In the male’s view, Aofeng looked too young. How could this person have the strength to kill this earth dragon, a sacred beast famed for its defense abilities? This person most likely desired to “rob” him due to the value of the earth dragon. Things like this occurred frequently in the Forest of Neversetting Sun, and he had encountered many. If he didn’t see that this person was so young, he would be discussing life with this youth and teach the youth to treasure life.

When the male said this, Aofeng stilled. She immediately understood–she was being underestimated!

Any and all wonders existed in the world. This person who was stealing was calling himself the victim and dared to underestimate her. How dare he! Aofeng felt if she didn’t do something, she would be unworthy of this dude’s praise.

Therefore, Aofeng snorted and put on the mannerisms of a bandit. “Move when I tell you, what are you dawdling for? This earth dragon is mine!”

“You dare steal from me?” the black-clothed male heard her shout and was even more sure of the youth being a “bandit.” His eagle-like eyes narrowed sharply and he said coldly, “Young Person, you need a life to enjoy spoils. The Great Forest of Neversetting Sun is filled with strong people. If you aren’t careful, you will trip.”

“So Sir also knows that there are many experts. I also urge you to not underestimate me. I’m very strong.” Aofeng stared coolly at the man and didn’t give an inch.

The male felt a burst of humor. How able could a youth that didn’t even look sixteen be? He boasted so realistically, did he think all people would be fooled?

“Boy, don’t pretend. I’ve grown tired of lowly tricks like yours in the forest!” The male snorted a laugh, “Have you heard of the Lei Yu Feng of the forest? If you know, then leave of your own accord!”

“What Lei Yu Feng of the forest? I’ve never heard of it! I’m Qin Aofeng of the Forest!” Aofeng snorted.

Lei Yufeng erupted in fury when he heard the other person dismiss him and “make up” such a terrible name to laugh at him. “You brat! You really want to pick a fight?”

“You’re the one that wants to pick a fight!” The two stared at each other, the mood becoming tense.

“Very good! Very good!” Lei Yufeng laughed icly, his cold gaze focused intently on Aofeng. “Since you do not treasure yourself, why should I be considerate? Brat, you are unfortunate to have encountered me today!”

Silver energy flashed. Lei Yufeng summoned his magus beast in anger!

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