傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S13-C03 “Those With More Beasts Bully Those With Less”

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Chapter Three – Those With More Beasts Bully Those With Less

“Tun Xiao, come out!”

A five pointed silver star appeared under the black-clothed man’s feet. As expected, Lei Yufeng had the five pointed celestial star of a celestial magister. If he appeared anywhere on the continent, he would create great waves!

Lei Yufeng was not a greenhorn who had just became a celestial magister. He was an experienced two-sword celestial magister. His magus beast, a magnificent Gold Winged Roc, covered the sun when it appeared. Aofeng felt a suffocating pressure when this Gold Winged Roc appeared.

While Lei Yufeng was slightly arrogant, he did have astounding strength. Cautious and wary of unknown dangers, he would not allow anything unexpected to occur. Even when facing Aofeng, a “useless youth,” he did not attack immediately. He summoned his magus beast to guarantee his safety. In the forest of Neversetting Sun, only those who were careful survived.

Soon, Lei Yufeng rejoiced at his carefulness.

When the Gold Winged Roc appeared, it exchanged a look with Meng Yan. The two gasped in unison, “Ah! Divine beast!”

The two magus beast’s status as divine beasts were confirmed as they spoke in the human language. They didn’t dare to relax. One was a Dark type divine beast, the other was a top-class divine beast among flying type magus beasts. Their star levels were about the same, and they should be evenly matched.

“What! Divine beast?”

After the two magus beasts, Aofeng and Lei Yufeng shouted in shock as they stared at each other.

Aofeng became even more bewildered at Lei Yufeng’s background. This man possessed a divine beast as a two-sword celestial magister at such an age, an impossibility unless he had a high sword level celestial magister or magus scholar as his backer. Yet the surname Lei did not belong to the four great magister families.

Lei Yufeng hadn’t thought that this fragile youth possessed a divine beast. No wonder this person, who was most likely a young master of a noble family, dared to steal from him! How could this person not know of him, who was famed in Neversetting Sun? Maybe the other had come to make trouble for him especially!

When he thought of this, Lei Yufeng smiled coldly with a dark expression. “Nice, boy. As I expected, you have some skill. However, did you think you can challenge me with one divine beast? Let me tell you how stupid your thoughts are!”

The silver energy flashed again, accompanied by Lei Yufeng’s shout. “Dian Liu! Come out!” An enormous Electric Leopard appeared in front of Aofeng, shaking its head.

The Electric Leopard belonged to feline type magus beasts like the Thunder Leopard and the two possessed similar amounts of potential. However, this Electric Leopard had clearly mutated, the spots on its body become elegantly mottled. This was a nine-star sacred beast!

“Two magus beasts!” Aofeng stilled and then exclaimed in shock. She hadn’t expected Lei Yufeng to have two powerful magus beasts. Nine-star sacred beasts were invincible against those below divine beast level. Where did this guy come from?

“Yes.” Looking coldly at Aofeng, Lei Yufeng smiled mockingly. “You are so ignorant. You only know that I have one divine beast and have come to seek your death. You do not know that I have a magus beast that I rarely use. No matter which family you are from, having challenged me, Lei Yufeng, do not think you can leave without paying the price! In the Forest of Neversetting Sun, even if you die, your family will not be able to investigate.”

Aofeng heard this and felt a wave of humor. She gave a meaningful and mocking smile. “What, is having two high ranked magus beasts so special? Those with more beasts bullying those with less?”

Meng Yan seemed to think of something funny. He swelled as he tried to keep his laughter in.

Meng Yan admired this person’s daring. He dared to compete with Master who had more magus beasts!

“So what, powerful magisters naturally will have many high ranking magus beast. Ignorant boy, do you not know that the number of magus beasts itself is a measure of how strong a magister is? A celestial magister that possessed two magus beast would have much more offensive power than a celestial magister who possessed only one magus beast of such power. Even a mere nine star magus beast can determine victory.” Lei Yufeng stood on top of the Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon, his mouth in a disdainful smile, the two magus beasts around him ready to attack.

“So those with more beasts can bully those with less.” Aofeng nodded thoughtfully and said coolly, “Since that’s the case, then I will not be courteous.”

When she finished, Aofeng waved her hand. Ben Lei, Liao Ya, Si Jian and Mei Jun who had been put away into the Inexhaustible Life Ring appeared around her. Even Xiao Bing by her neck poked out its neck in anger, its eyes glaring at Lei Yufeng as it sqeaked.

Lei Yufeng’s confidence didn’t even maintain for a minute when he suddenly found two kittens, one black and one yellow, appear abruptly beside Aofeng along with a silver wolf and a small white fox. Before the divine beast Tun Xiao could warn him, he saw silver energy flash, and the small animals swelled up!

An enormous Four-Winged Silver Wolf, a Thunder Leopard, a Saber-Toothed Tiger King, a Three-Tailed Charm Fox. They displayed their ferocious true divine beast forms. The Nightmare Warhorse released its divine beast aura, displaying a pair of swirling ram-like horns, clouds on its hooves, and circle of dark red mist. The magus beasts surrounded Aofeng as they stared with hostility at Lei Yufeng.

“Uh … …” Lei Yufeng’s handsome face completely froze! His eyes almost popped out of his head with a spectacular expression.

If he could be said to be slightly surprised by the one divine beast, he was now shocked and terrified!

What person was this! So motherf**king freakish?

Lei Yufeng who had reached celestial magister level know that other than that seven-star spirit beast Ice Mouse, the other magus beasts all had sacred beast rank! While the Three-Tailed Charm Fox was not full-grown, the Thunder Leopard and the Four-Winged Silver Wolf was of decisive effect! Also … …

This boy was a nine-sword spirit magister!

Unless one reached the level of venerable swordsman and magus scholar, they could not maintain their youth. Therefore, Aofeng, a spirit magister, was not pretending to be young like those old people. Her age could be guessed from her appearance.

Lei Yufeng wanted to grab this person and ask, boy, which grave did you climb out of? Such a young nine-sword spirit magister, it was freakish!

“Tun Xiao, full-body armorization! Dian Liu, partial armorization!”

Lei Yufeng did not hesitate in waving his hand with a serious expression. Beautiful light blue shamanic power spread out of his body. Within the glowing light, the Gold-Winged Roc and the Electric Leopard turned into armor. The divine-rank colored armorization was extremely handsome. With Electric Combat Boots on his feet, Lei Yufeng was dressed in gold, his eyes and his straight shoulder-length hair completely turning gold. He appeared like the golden god of war from legend.

Yet Lei Yufeng did not finish his handsome armorization to fight with Aofeng. He turned, and activated the magus beast technique of the Electric Leopard. “Woosh!” He flew away! Even abandoning the Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon on the ground!

In the face of absolute power, who cared about face? Lei Yufeng knew that even though Aofeng was a nine-star spirit magister, the numerous sacred beasts were enough to “bully” him with their greater numbers. The Forest of Neversetting Sun was cruel. If he didn’t know how to adapt, then Lei Yufeng would have died a long time ago. The moment he saw Aofeng’s group of beasts, he decided to run away.

Aofeng had just experienced a defeated opponent running away. This time, she was more alert. She shouted rapidly, “Meng Yan, full-body armorization! Ben Lei, Liao Ya, Si Jian, Mei Jun, Xiao Bing, partial armorization!”

The silver light exploded. Aofeng used her mental power to control the spatial ring and move the corpse of the Sawtooth Spined Earth Dragon into it. Then she moved the silver wings and Thunder Boots that increased her speed to give chase!

Lei Yufeng sprinted for a while and thought he had left Aofeng behind. Just as he was about to sigh in relief, he suddenly heard the sound of wind behind him. When he turned back to look, his scalp turned numb and he swore,


That person’s hair blew freely in the wind, a snowy white mask on their face, their body encase in pitch black and refined armor. Behind were four great silver wings, on their feet were the Thunder Boots with their white clouds. The Saber-Toothed Tiger King had manifested into a gauntlet on the right hand. On her waist was a silver belt, and the three tassels that hang from it blew in the wind. This person was astounding handsome!

What caused Lei Yufeng to cry out wasn’t Aofengs handsomeness but that Aofeng had managed to catch up to him.

With his celestial magister-rank strength, and the support of a divine beast and nine-star sacred beast battle armor, normal people couldn’t touch his shadow. Aofeng, a spirit magister, couldn’t fly like a celestial magister. Even if the other used full-body armorization to speed up, the other wouldn’t be able to catch up due to the many obstacles on the ground. Lei Yufeng hadn’t dreamt Aofeng had valuable flying magus beast armor.

“Aerial magus beast armor, accelerating combat boots, it really is those with more beast bully those with less! You freak, let’s go!” Lei Yufeng gritted his teeth and swore. He saw Aofeng speeding up and closing the distance between them. He hardened his heart and threw out a curved blade made out of rainbow-colored metal. He turned around and then smashed to Aofeng, his shamanic power exploding!

A gold and a black figure collided in the sky! Aofeng’s gauntlet made from the Saber-Toothed Tiger King suddenly popped out three hard claws that caught on Lei Yufeng’s curved blade. While her strength was lesser than Lei Yufeng, under the effect of so many magus beast armor, she was his match.

Lei Yufeng’s golden eyes flashed harshly. He thought, it was fortunate that this person was not experienced enough, using full-body armorization, and not having a beast ambush him at his back, he should have a chance … …

Just as he thought this, he suddenly felt a strange pressure come behind him!

“Heavens! Mutant magus beast armor!” Lei Yufeng finally discovered Aofeng’s “scheme” with terror!

The long string of the three white tassels of the Three-Tailed Charm Fox could shrink and stretch on their own. When Aofeng collided with Lei Yufeng, the three strands had reached behind him, and then easily whipped down with a “snap!”

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Chapter 2 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 4

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