傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S16-C01 “Freedom Alliance”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng gains a powerful new weapon, makes a friend, and goes to rescue some people.

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V01-S16-C01 The Grand Commander of the Freedom Alliance

Chapter One – Freedom Alliance

A faint deep green light covered each of the fifteen sword blades flashed as they flew through the air. Aofeng channeled magic into the flying swords. The World’s End Sword Extermination required significant power. Swordsmen used sword energy, and magister used magic.

Under Aofeng’s control, the flying swords quickly spread out, and then surrounded the target before charging in!

They were fast!

The flying swords drew out afterimages as they streaked through the air. The fifteen flying swords struck simultaneously at one point, and under the Leviathan Orangutan’s terrified gaze, pierced into his enormous body like lightning!

“Boom!” An enormous explosion mixed with a wail. The dust rose into the air, waves of wind rippled outwards the surrounding people fell and cried out.

With the divine sword protecting her, Aofeng did not fear this wind. She flew over and found to her shock that the thick-skinned three-star sacred beast’s body was completely ruined with wounds everywhere as though they had exploded. The wounds were serious and blood sprayed out. The Leviathan Orangutan who had relatively strong defense compared to other sacred beasts wailed and twitched in pain. It was unable to climb back up after this attack.

So powerful! Unparalleled power!

The World’s End Sword Extermination technique wasn’t just controlling the swords to attack physically, power would be injected into the enemy to disrupt their bodies. No wonder Tian Ya said that this had the power of a celestial magic technique. Aofeng was extremely satisfied with this ultimate move. She believed that if she could use this with the blue shamanic power of a celestial magister, the attack would be greatly elevated.

A divine sword meant her strength had risen another level. Aofeng calculated that sacred beasts below seven-stars would not be a match for her. Even if it was a sacred beast above seven stars, she would have the ability to fight back.

The dust slowly dissipated. Aofeng did not hesitate. She waved her hand and threw the wounded Leviathan Orangutan into the Inexhaustible Life Ring. An adult sacred beast was a resource that could not wasted, no magister would think they had too many sacred beasts.

The flying swords became invisible again and she put them back around her. Aofeng was about to leave after defeating the Leviathan Orangutan when she suddenly heard someone below shout.

“Your Excellency, thank you for your rescue! May I ask, are you Qin Aofeng?”

His Excellency? Aofeng stilled in the air and immediately realised. With the swords invisible, she looked like a celestial rank expert floating in the air. Adding on how she had killed the sacred beast with one blow, she accidentally became a fake sword master.

Aofeng’s handsome brow raised. She asked, “How do you know of me?”

She only helped these people because they did not seem to be members of the four families and should not know who she was. Great, now someone recognized her. If the news leaked, how could she make trouble for Lan Xun and Lan Cheng’s behind their backs?

“You really are Qin Aofeng, wonderful!” The members laughed in shock and joy. They shouted up at Aofeng, “Your Excellency, His Excellency Lei Yufeng has ordered us, members of the Freedom Alliance, to search for you, it’s been three days. Please come back with us to see His Excellency Lei Yufeng. The alliance has already entered Death Ridge and are not in the adventurer base. We are scheduled to leave and join them today.”

Aohai immediately understood. When she calculated, she had left the adventurer camp for three days. Lei Yufeng and Qin Aohai must have panicked. It wasn’t strange they had spread news to search for her. However, what was this Freedom Alliance?

She flew down from the air and landed in front of these people. She swept around a look with her black eyes and found that this group was made up of experienced adventurers from their twenties to their forties. In total, there were seven people, six men and one woman. Two of them were one-sword spirit magisters, one was a middle-aged man in his forties, the other was the woman in her twenties. The others were high star second-rank professionals. Anyone that could survive in the depths of the Forest of Neversetting Sun had some skill.

But while a small squad like this could move within the Forest of Neversetting Sun, they were not enough to survive in Death Ridge.

The beautiful female who appeared clever and experienced looked at Aofeng with a respectful and burning gaze. She went forward and said understandingly, “Your Excellency, it is like this, after you disappeared that day, more members of the four families arrived on the second day. They formed an agreement and entered Death Ridge. But the Lan Family didn’t give any of us adventurers that came the chance to cooperate with them. We hope to explore together with them, but they kicked us out.”

When she said this, the other members had angry expressions. While they were not as strong as the four families, but they had not asked for payment from them. They only wanted to follow along, and wouldn’t ask for protection in times of danger. This was something that was of no harm, but because of their inferior status, the four families rejected them and looked down on them.

Most of the people who had come were not targeting the dragon egg. They wanted to use this chance when everyone was going into Death Ridge to hunt and kill some sacred beasts to earn a sum of money. If they went on their own, the chances of survival were low. Everyone moving together was much safer.

The woman took a deep breath and suppressed the anger inside. She said, “His Excellency Lei Yufeng said to wait for Your Excellency to return so he left the four families’ group. He gathered us free professionals in the adventurer base, and formed the Freedom Alliance with the intention of entering the ridge together. He also gave us the task of finding Your Excellency. However, no matter if Your Excellency was found or not, they would depart after three days. Today is the final day.”

Aofeng nodded and made a sound of acknowledgement. The four families’ group had left a step ahead of her. If she kept on delaying, they would not be able to catch up. Even if Lei Yufeng wanted to wait for her, as the founder of Freedom Alliance, he could not randomly leave. This was a matter of honor between the adventurers.

“I understand, lead the way, we will go immediately to Yufeng.”

“Alright, Your Excellency.”

The squad responded and looked at Aofeng with respect and lingering shock and amazement. After the conflict a few days earlier at the adventurer base, Lan Cheng seemed afraid that no one knew and spread the name of the “Qin Family’s Good For Nothing Seventh Young Master” everywhere. Everyone knew. Anyone that had stayed in that adventurer base knew of Qin Aofeng’s name.

Due to this, the present contract caused them to gape and feel ridiculous.

They thought of a sword master as a “good for nothing?” The Lan Family was really blind! His Excellency Qin Aofeng just didn’t care, but you became so proud over there. Look at the power in killing a three-star sacred beast with one blow. His Excellency Qin Aofeng was much stronger than you were! When you learn that you are not as good as the good-for-nothing you spoke of, what would your expression be?

They already had a negative impression of the four families. These adventurers naturally would scorn them. As they travelled , they told Aofeng what Lan Cheng had done, and then spat to express their anger.

The forest gradually thinned and the sun could be seen, the rays peeking through the treetops. From afar, they could see the large group of people gathered on a small hill.

Aofeng and the group walked through the crowd that parted before them and got to the front under people’s shocked gazes. With a look, she saw that outstanding man dressed in black robes and outlined in golden light by the sun.

At the highest point of the small hill, the handsome Lei Yufeng stood at the front of the group. He looked towards the rising sun, his slightly bleary eyes narrowed, and in a low mood.

He was wounded by Aofeng leaving without even saying farewell. On one hand , he complained that the other didn’t treat him as a friend and didn’t tell him anything, on the other hand, he worried something happened to the other and was afraid the other was wounded. While he knew in his mind that Aofeng wasn’t weak, he couldn’t help but worry. He hadn’t been able to rest in the past few nights. He had never been so worried for someone else in this lifetime.

“Damned bastard! If you don’t come back, I will beat you up the next time I see you!” Seeing the sun rise, Lei Yufeng waved his hand in frustration and anger as he shouted.

“Who do you want to beat up? Are you looking for another beating, a repeat of more beasts against fewer again?” A slightly cold voice suddenly sounded after this great shout. It wasn’t loud, but in Lei Yufeng’s ears, it was a bolt of lightning.

He turned his head back urgently and saw that handsome youth standing with a smile. Lei Yufeng’s feelings surged and his eyes even heated up. He excitedly shouted, “Aofeng!” and then charged over. He wrapped Aofeng up in a tight hug and completely forgot he had just said he wanted to beat a certain person up.

“Ugh … …” Aofeng hadn’t expected that he would be so excited. She stilled slightly and then gave a happy smile. The man’s chest was firm, and hot. She could feel that honest heart beating. She gently hugged back. Maybe this was the most primitive impulse.

The bright golden sun seemed to stop for a moment. The figures of the two embracing became one shadow outlined in gold, as pretty as a picture. The shocked crowd was silent. No one wanted to disrupt this kind of beauty.

Pausing, Aofeng patted the broad back and said, “Alright, nothing happened to me. I only went out for three days, don’t make it seem like a matter of life and death.”

“You dare to say that? Even if you went out, at least tell me? You left without a world, I thought you didn’t want me.” Lei Yufeng loosened his arms but still grabbed Aofeng’s shoulder as he glared. His tone was one of complaint.

People felt their hairs raise us. This man seemed like the one abandoned … …

Then, Aofeng said, “How could I, you are very strong. I learned this last time. I cannot find many that are stronger than you in this forest. If I don’t want you, who would I want.”

The surrounding people were stunned by this. Qin Aohai rushed over angrily and threw a punch towards Lei Yufeng. “F**k! How dare you do something like this to my brother! I hadn’t believed those rumors I heard. I didn’t expect you to be such a beast!”

Aofeng and Lei Yufeng stilled.and then realized how ambiguous what they had just said. They broke out in a sweat.

“What are you thinking, we are discussing bodyguards! I promised to be Aofeng’s bodyguard for three months!” Lei Yufeng hurriedly said, but was slightly guilty inside.

People had expressions of disbelief. They clearly decided the two were in “adultery” together. Many people thought, “Your Excellency Lei Yufeng, please be credible in your excuse. Who doesn’t know that you are always alone. You do not lack money, your family is a powerful one, what benefit did this Seventh Young Master of the Qin Family give you that you would be a bodyguard for three months? Do not explain, explaining is a cover up!

“Aohai, how come you stayed as well?” Aofeng asked in shock.

“I was worried when you didn’t return.” Qin Aohai smiled and patted Aofeng’s shoulder. Aofeng’s heart heated up at these words words. This cousin who was always good to her since childhood had chosen her over the family … …

“Your Excellency Lei Yufeng, since the person you had been waiting for as returned, may we depart?” A heavily-muscled man carrying a large broadsword on his back raised an eyebrow and reminded.

Aofeng finally noticed and examined this Freedom Alliance made out of the adventurers. About seventy people, the group was slightly larger than that of the four families, and these people were not weak. There were almost fifty second-rank professions, and about twenty third-rank professions. Almost all of the experts in the Forest of Neversetting Sun that could come had come. Among them, there was a one-star sword master about thirty years old, the male man who had just spoken.

This lineup could rival any of the four families, and would be even stronger than any single family. While they could not compare to the four families allying together, it was a significant force.

Lei Yufeng nodded and said with a grave expression. “Let us depart. We must hurry. Otherwise, when we get to the dragon nest, the Lan Family may have already gotten the dragon egg.”

Aofeng’s eyes flashed. She rubbed her chin and reminded, “Yesterday, I went to a mountain valley. There is a path connected to the inside of the mountain ride. We can take the shortcut.”

The sword master who had just spoken frowned. “No! Most of the paths and trails inside Death Ridge is dominated by powerful magic beasts. If we encounter one, our group will be damaged. We cannot play with anyone’s life.”

Aofeng said confidently, “You do not have to worry about this. I cleared that area yesterday, we will not encounter any magic beasts. Even if we use the main roads, we will also encounter high ranking magic beasts. Exploring Death Ridge still depends on luck.”

While she said this, Aofeng was certain that her “luck” was good. A super-divine beast had released his aura and fought with a human in that area a day ago. At this time, no magic beast would dare go over there. The area was a safe one.

“Listen to Aofeng. Aofeng, lead the way.” Lei Yufeng knew Aofeng’s strength and understood Aofeng’s personality. If Aofeng was confident, he would not hesitate in following.

Aofeng smiled at him and jumped down the hill. She was walking forward when a cold shout sounded behind her.

“Wait a moment!”

The man walked over swiftly with a cold expression, looking at Lei Yufeng, and said, “Your Excellency Lei Yufeng, while you are the leader of this mission, I do not accept your casual attitude. This is Death Ridge, how can you think of everyone’s safety as child play? What abilities does this Qin Aofeng have? A good-for-nothing of the Qin Family dared to order people around! You, I respect, but I will not accept this person ordering us through you!”

“Your Excellency Mo Nan, please do not wound people with your words! Aofeng would not raise the suggestion without any confidence!” Lei Yufeng’s expression darkened. He glanced back at Aofeng, afraid she would be wounded by the words “good-for-nothing.” It would not be easy forget the past, and he was not willing to see Aofeng unhappy in the slightest.

“Confidence? A mouth full of nonsense, a useless person who only knows to show off dares to say confidence?” Mo Nan seemed extremely angry. He said furiously, “I have endured for a long time, and not spoken up out of respect for Your Excellency Lei Yufeng, but this person has gone overboard! Our group has delayed for three days even before departure due to this person. If we had not delayed, why would we need to take the dangerous shortcut? He says that he entered Death Ridge two days ago to clean up a path, who believes something like this? How can this good-for-nothing of the Qin Family have the abilities to enter Death Ridge alone and kill herds of magic beasts? If you really insist on this path, then I will withdraw from the Freedom Alliance! I do not want to go to my death!”

When Mo Nan said this, the surrounding people agreed with him.

There were too many rumors about Aofeng these last few days in the adventurer base. In this world where strength was held in the highest place, it was clearly impossible for a group of powerful people to follow a good-for-nothing and go into a place of great danger such as Death Ridge!

“Your Excellency Mo Nan, I also withdraw, I would rather go with you rather than him.”

“Your Excellency Lei Yufeng, my apologies. I want to earn wealth, not to die. You can protect him, but can you protect all of us?”

The group expressed their opinions, and immediately formed another group. Other than the little squad that Aofeng had just saved, Aofeng, Lei Yufeng, and Qin Aohai, no one else believed Aofeng.

Lei Yufeng’s brow rose and he was slightly angry. Just as he wanted to say to them to do as they wished, Aofeng took a step forward and looked codly at Mo Nan. Her lips curled and she said, “Your Excellency Mo Nan, who told you I am a good-for-nothing? You saw this with your own eyes? If you do not see some things with your own eyes, it’s better not to believe too much in rumors.”

Mo Nan stilled. He unconsciously took a step back when stared at by that pair of eyes filled with pressure. When he realized his action, his face flushed. His self-esteem as an expert was greatly impacted. He said angrily, “So what members of your Qin Family say is false? Alright, since you do not admit you are a good-for-nothing and you cleared a safe path, than you will certain be able to defeat me, a one-star sword master? Unless you defeat me, I will not believe you!”

Aofeng smiled coldly and looked disdainfully at him. She snorted exaggeratedly, “Is it difficult to defeat you? Just a matter of waving my fingers!”

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