傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S17-C01 “Harvest”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng and her compatriots prepare to face enemies during the night.

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Section Seventeen Sacred Beast Legion

Chapter One Harvest

A Snow-Feathered Owl, one-star divine beast, evolved from the Blood-Feathered Owl. Their blood red feathers turned snow white as they evolved. Their hardened feathers could be used as projectiles. However, that would cost them. When those feathers were used up, it would take a long time to grow them again.

This Snow-Feathered Owl had just evolved not long ago and needed to replenish its energy. How would it give up on this group of humans coincidentally passing by?

The group passing by two days ago was too large. The Snow-Feathered Owl hadn’t dared to attach them. This time, the group had half as many people and i the Silver Clawed Vampire Bats had attacked distracted them. This Snow-Feathered Owl took his brothers along to also participate and carry away some of the “feast.”

“Have those brainless small bats go test them out, we will wait at the rear and act when there is no less risk,” the Snow-Feathered Owl said in human speech towards his brothers.

A divine beast could control sacred beasts within a small range but only a few. Without the control of a soul mark, if they were not close by, the sacred beasts could betray divine beasts at any time. However, these five brothers lived together since birth and managed to survive in Death Ridge together. Strength had been crucial but more important had been their unity.

“Big Brother, we understand, let’s just watch from here. The humans will not find us,” the other Blood-Feathered Owls said in magic beast speech to their brother with confidence.

In a place like Death Ridge, one would end up dead if they were the least bit careless. The humans which entered Death Ridge would not lack for power. There would be at least one celestial rank expert, and many other talented people. These brothers soon rejoiced at their wariness.

A large group of Silver Clawed Vampire Bats flew silently above the silent human camp with their dark membrane wings. The smug Silver Toothed Vampire Bat King, a two-star sacred beast, saw the scene and smugly ordered his subordinates to attack this camp. But as he led the group of Silver Claw Vampire Bats, the tent flaps were abrupted pushed aside. Scorching fiery arrows aimed at the bats from inside the tents and illuminated the entire camp!

Ambush! This was a trap!

“Shoot!” A cold and clear voice shouted. A youth dressed in black robes had appeared at some time at the top of a tent near the center. The bright firelight reflected on her handsome face as she directed the members of the camp to start a fierce attack on the surrounding vampire bats.

The vampire bats feared light. When the light of the fires hit their eyes, and they felt the threat of the special flames placed on the arrows, they descended into chaos.

“Woosh woosh woosh!” The arrows rained from the tents into the swarm of Silver Clawed Vampire Bats, forming a blinding spiderweb that created a storm of blood!

The arrows the adventurers of the forest carried were unusually sharp. They were all made out of black iron and could penetrate even the defenses of spirit beasts. Adding on that the Vampire Bats feared fire, if they hit the Vampire Bats, it was almost always fatal!

After the wave of arrows, while the Silver Claw Vampire Bats were still in chaos, the black-robed youth shouted clearly, “Magister squads, act of your own accord!”

More than twenty spirit magisters immediately stepped out of their tents, and armorized. They methodically led their squads to fight in the area under their command. This Freedom Alliance had been composed of more than a dozen magister squads to start with. Other than those stronger than seven-star spirit magister, other people rarely worked together. They were experienced and their cooperation and did not expose any openings.

In the blink of an eye, more than half of the Silver Claw Vampire Bat that had dove down were injured or dead!

“Ah! These damned humans!” The Silver Toothed Vampire Bat King furiously shouted inside. But he understood the situation was not good. The ambushers became the ambushed prey. If they lingered, all of them might die. He immediately sent out the order and furiously flapped his wings. He wanted to lead his fellows into the sky.

“Ke ke, little bats, come down.” The laughter of a human male sounded loudly. After a burst of silver energy, an enormous Leviathan Orangutan appeared in the sky.

The Leviathan Orangutan had half-recovered in the magus space. He beat his chest and roared. His fists were like fans made out of stone. With a swing and a swat, the Silver Clawed Vampire Bats that were fleeing into the air fell to the ground, stunned. Then they were killed by the waves of people who charged at them.

On the other side, a polar bear with snowy-white fur, rivalling the size of the Leviathan Orangutan, also gave a sky-shaking roar. Its enormous paws with its spurs could easily take away the lives of the vampire bats. Qin Aohai stood on the shoulder of the enormous bear and smiled disdainfully. As one of the members of the main Qin Family, and his father being a crafter, the family gave him a powerful seven-star sacred beast.

The two sacred beast reaped the lives of the Silver Claw Vampire Bats and caused the Silver Claw Vampire Bat King to jump in anger.

His silver fangs shown with eerie and silver light under the moonlight. The Silver Toothed Vampire Bat King wanted to fight back, but a wave of crimson gold flame suddenly rushed at him from underneath caused his expression to change. He hurriedly flapped his wings and dodged, his body shaking uncontrollably due to the pressure of the flames.

“Ah! What … … what flame is this?” The Silver Toothed Vampire Bat King was full of terror. A feeling that came from deep within his soul told him that if he touched any spark of this fire, he would be burned into ash! Innately fearful of fire, he was more sensitive to fire than any other sacred beast.This was his bane!

He stared at the black-robed youth floating in the air mischievously playing with a gold flame. The Vampire Bat King swallowed with difficulty as though he was facing a great enemy.

Aofeng was controlling the Heaven Fire for the first time and wasn’t practiced at it. She hadn’t expected the Vampire Bat King to to fear this so much. Her lips turned slightly and she said in a pressuring voice, “Silver Toothed Vampire Bat King, I am a regent beast tamer. Now, I am giving you a chance. Let yourself be captured, and I will spare your life!”

The Silver Toothed Vampire Bat King lost all resistance when looked upon by that pair of cold and deep eyes. He dispiritedly flew next to Aofeng.

Because Aofeng had not put away the Heaven Fire on her right hand, the Vampire Bat King trembled in terror. He allowed Aofeng to put the fingers of her left hand on his head, and tame him.

If he fought back, he would most likely be burned to ash by the strange fire in Aofeng’s hand. Out of helplessness, he decided to become a human’s magus beast. This was better than death. This time, he had misstepped and lost everything. The Vampire Bat King wanted to cry.

The mutant Vampire Bat King did not recognize it, but the Blood-Feathered Owls who were born as sacred beasts hiding in the shadows broke into a cold sweat.

“Heavens, that … … that’s Heaven Fire! Heaven fire that even divine beasts cannot defend against if they touch it!” The Snow-Feathered Owl’s eyes were wide and he subconsciously shuddered. He murmured fearfully, “So fortunately we did not provoke that human regent beast tamer. Let us leave quickly before they target us. Then we will not be able to escape the fate of being tamed.”

Just as the Snow-Feathered Owl finished speaking, rich laughter of a young male sounded behind the five sacred beasts. “Since you have come, why are you in such a hurry to leave? Stay here!”

The five brothers were so shocked their hearts almost jumped out of their chests!

The Snow-Feathered Owl turned his head back to look. A brawny sword master holding a broadsword, and a hale male wearing Electric Leopard Armor was mockingly them. The human seemed to be laughing at how their actions had been completely exposed and were still being arrogant.

“This … … this is impossible! Our concealment in the darkness is undetectable by humans, how did you find us?” The divine beast, the Snow-Feathered Owl, shouted in shock. He hadn’t expected that two celestial rank experts would sneak to their rear when the camp was still in a fight! They had wanted to be the oriole, who knew they accidentally became the mantis.

“There is nothing impossible in this world. So many experts in the world, how can you know all of them? As to what we did, that’s none of your business.” Lei Yufeng smiled coldly. He waved his hand. The Gold Winged Roc Tun Xiao, the Horned Nightmare Warhorse, and the Saber-Toothed Tiger King walked forward. With him and Mo Nan added in, it was five against five.

“Oh dear … …” The owls almost fainted.

Two top-class offensive divine beasts, one nine-star sacred beast, and two strong human experts. The Snow-Feathered Owl who had originally been calm and thought that he and his four brothers could escape immediately felt dizzy and foamed at the mouth in fear.

They were strong, but compared to their enemy that was almost a complete rank higher than them, they were nothing.

The result was determined. The three beasts and two people pummeled the five owls and dragged them back to the camp.

At this time, the people in the camp were going mad in joy. Under Bai Qing and Lian Ya’s leadership, they gathered their spoils of victory. They obtained several barrels of blood from the blood sacs of more than a hundred Silver Claw Vampire Bats. They naturally would not forget the valuable silver claws, fangs, and wings.

Also, their greatest gain was not this, but six high level magic beasts, including the divine beast Snow-Feathered Owl. Once these six high ranking magic beasts joined their ranks, their group would jump another rank in power!

“Aofeng! We are back!” When Lei Yufeng entered the camp, he immediately saw that dazzling yet even more cold black-robed youth.

Aofeng had one hand on her waist as she discussed something with Qin Aohai. The surrounding members of the alliance looked at her with reverent gazes. This battle tonight that had no fatalities could be a miracle in Death Ridge! The people recognized Aofeng’s strength once again.

Not just strength, but Aofeng’s foresight, ability to command people calmly in battle, that golden flame that frightened the Vampire Bat King into surrendering, and the high ranking magus beasts all astounded this group of people.

A regent beast tamer must be a magister, but after understanding that Aofeng had the strength of a nine-sword spirit magister, many people’s eyes rolled back in fear.

Lei Yufeng excitedly went to give Aofeng a hard hug. Though used to seeing valuable things, he could not control his joy and said with a laugh, “You are excellent! This is a great harvest, great harvest!”

“We’ve just entered the Death Corridor, there’s better rewards up ahead. Everyone worked together for this harvest,” Aofeng smiled and said. While she was happy, she was not proud. She knew that the victory was not just due to her alone.

If not for the adventurers’ experience and understanding of magic beast habits and weaknesses, no matter how much ability they had, they could not have been so effective.

“Grand Commander, do not be too humble. I’ve never seen a stronger youth than you in my life. Those young people from the four great families that come to gain experience are just little children. I think that even your big brother may not be better than you.” Mo Nan patted his hairy chest as though he was confirming the truth of his words.

“That may not be true.” Qin Aohai joked happily, “Big Brother Aotian is a true genius. Before I left, he has already become a sixth-sword celestial magister, much stronger than that Lan Cheng. Maybe when we get back, we will see Big Brother Aotian has become a seven-sword celestial magister! Of course, Aofeng is not any less. In terms of talent, Aofeng can be called number one on the continent right now.”

Aofeng laughed, “Stop this, let’s discuss how we are dividing the magic beasts this time. That is most important today.”

The first victory caused the group to be excited for a long time. When the magic beasts were mentioned, the camp finally calmed down slightly. The magisters surrounded Aofeng. Looking at the six sacred beasts and divine beast in a row with their heads low, the magisters’ hearts sped up.

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Section 16 Chapter Four | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter Two

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