傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S17-C02 “Sacred Beast Corps”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng and the Freedom Alliance capture their first group of beasts.

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Chapter Two – Sacred Beast Corps

Aofeng’s gaze moved around in a circle and she said coolly, “Actually, no matter who gets them, there is no need to argue so much. As we move further in, there will be more magic beasts, and their rank will be higher. After growing stronger through battle, we will have an easier time catching high ranking magic beasts.”

Her slightly intimidating tone caused the hint of greed that had formed due to high level sacred beasts to dissipate. The people shook and woke up. Inside, they felt ashamed.

Aofeng understood people. People could not help but feel greed when dividing up spoils in groups like the Freedom Alliance where they would put effort in during the mission if not with their closest fellows. Only someone like Aofeng who was of high status and powerful could intimidate them.

“Grand Commander is right. Grand Commander, you should decide how we divide this, we will not have any objections.” The nine-sword spirit magister Li Jie said solemnly. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

“Yes, we are one group. Only when the entire group is powerful will each of us receive the greatest benefit. I hope everyone can remember this.” Aofeng smiled and said clearly. She knew what she needed to do was not intimidate them, but to pull together this temporary group.

Looking around, Aofeng said slowly, “Speaking from the perspective of the group, we need to increase the strength of the alliance to the greatest degree possible. The more magus beasts the better, the higher ranking the better. Then we will use this to determine priority, and start from the spirit magisters who don’t have their second magus beasts. Then it will be the magisters with the lowest-ranking magic beasts before moving up until the magisters of this entire alliance become a sacred beast corps!”

The firm and determined voice caused people to inhale sharply, their eyes bright!

A sacred beast company! What would this mean?

The Kaya Empire Imperial Dragonriders, called the strongest in the Kaya Empire, was made out of sacred beasts with dragon bloodlines such as earth dragons and lizard dragons. This dragonrider corps only had fifty people but was the greatest reason the Kaya Empire dominated the continent! Even the court protectors, the Seven Sword Masters, could only sigh when facing more than fifty sacred beasts.

Such a troop was no longer a dream under the leadership of their grand commander!

“Honorable human regent beast tamer, I represent my brothers in stating a condition. We will be willing to form covenants with human magisters if you agree.” The Snow-Feathered Owl who had been silent this whole time suddenly spoke, his eyes flashing with determined light.

“Let’s see,” Aofeng’s brow raised as she asked.

Daren, it is like this. Us five brothers grew up together and are extremely close. We do not want to be split up. If you want us to form covenants, I hope that we can be in the same squad, or relatives that are living with each other. Otherwise, us five are unwilling and will resort to killing ourselves.” The divine beast said. In truth, as a divine beast, he was not willing to easily bend his head to humans, but he could only surrender for his brothers.

“Five brothers?” Aofeng rubbed her head in helplessness. These fraternal feelings between magic beasts was moving, but where would she find five brothers for them?

“Grand Commander, I think that me and my elder brother can bond with these owls.” After a moment, the beauty Lian Ya suddenly stood up and pointed to Lian Cheng who was trying to pull her back. She said, “Us siblings are like Grand Commander, our mental power is far stronger than the average. Right now, I can bond with two magus beasts, my brother with three. However, we never had the conditions to purchase more magus beasts so we only each had one low-level spirit beast.”

Lian Ya smiled bitterly when she said this. Only people like them who had no background would risk life and death deep in the four forest. If they were from the four great families, they would have possessed their own sacred beast a long time ago based on their talent.

“Grand Commander, this is not appropriate.” Lian Cheng hurriedly came out and said, “Its … … too much for us siblings to get five high ranking magic beasts at once, and a divine beast as well. We … …”

“There is nothing too valuable!” Aofeng interrupted him with a wave of her hand and said confidently. “Or does Brother Lian Cheng think that you cannot capture a few sacred beasts after you get the divine beast to share with the others? Or you do not trust in my taming abilities?”

Lian Cheng hurriedly shouted, “Uh … … no no no, of course I trust Grand Commander.”

“Then this is decided.” Aofeng’s tone was steely. Lian Cheng bent his head with a grimace, intimidated by Aofeng’s authoritative aura.

This Grand Commander, young but authoritative, and people would follow. If the Grand Commander spoke, they would subconsciously comply without resisting. He didn’t know where the other got the charisma from.

Looking at the youth’s young face, Lian Cheng seemed to decide something. He suddenly inhaled deeply, walked in front of Aofeng and knelt down on one knee. His right hand raised to the left of his chest as he gave a full bow full of respect. He said loudly, “My sister and I cannot repay Grand Commander for your great favor today. In the future, if Grand Commander has need of us, speak. I, Lian Cheng, will do as you order! If I break this oath, let me be condemned by the Heavens!”

Aofeng’s eyes flashed, her eyebrows moving slightly. However, she did not dodge the pledge, but stood and accepted his oath.

An oath of allegiance! This was a type of fealty!

Lian Ya, momentarily stunned, seemed to be decide and hurriedly walked over to solemnly bow and swear as well.

The blinding silver pattern of a covenant rose from their feet. After the ceremony, the duo finally stood. From this moment on, they could be considered “Aofeng’s people.”

In truth, everyone knew there were no free meals in this world. Without putting in any effort, they would feel nervous about the hidden strings after receiving help.

The adventurers were clever to have survived in the depths of the forest for so many years. They had detected Aofeng’s intentions towards this alliance to some degree. At the start, they would have thought about it. But as they saw Aofeng’s abilities, and Aofeng’s actions earned their respect. By now, they were not opposed to becoming Aofeng’s followers. In the view of many, becoming the follower of a powerful regent beast tamer was a glory in itself. However, what they gave in exchange was their freedom.

“Do not worry, I will not have you go into danger. With my strength, there are not many places I need help. Do what you need to do, and you do not need to follow me.” Aofeng said casually, “I only hope that after this journey, Freedom Alliance will continue. If there is a day when I truly need your power, I will come find you.”

Hearing that Aofeng did not need them following at all times, and gave them the greatest amount of freedom possible, Lian Cheng and Lian Ya were both surprised and joyed. In truth, they were not willing to give up on their unrestrained forest life. The two bowed and thanked Aofeng for her generosity.

This reinforced other people’s thoughts. The magister who formed a covenant with the Vampire Bat King also swore an oath.

After taming the magus beasts for Lian Cheng, his sister, and another magister who originally had a low level magus beast, the members of the alliance divided up the blood they harvested from the blood sacs of the vampire bats. This substance was a stimulant. When used in appropriate doses, people’s minds and physical endurance would increase. However, this was not of great effect to people of high levels, where spirit items such as the Fire Dragon Fruit were much more effective.

After resting for a night where they were, the group stepped on their journey once again. Their goal was clearer this time.

Aofeng and the others learned of the surrounding regions from the Snow-Feathered Owl who lived here. They learned of the resting places of some sacred beasts and small dens of beasts. Aofeng took everyone to swept clean those nests after their collective strength increased. They moved like a storm, their numbers growing. When the large group of sacred beasts moved together, they were magnificent in appearance.

Those that obtained sacred beast all swore to become Aofeng’s followers without exception.

While Aofeng could not make covenants on a mass scale at present, Aofeng still obtained a sacred beast corps through this method. However, they did not encounter any more divine beasts, and they only got two sacred beasts that were seven-stars. One was a Purple Crystal Spider, the other a Mountain Army Ant.

After seven days of hunting, twenty people changed their sacred beasts. Adding on Aofeng, Lei Yufeng, and Qin Aohai’s magus beasts, the entire group had more than thirty sacred beasts. On this afternoon, they finally exited Death Corridor.

“The giant dragon’s nest is over there.” Li Jie pointed at a vast mountain valley shrouded in thin mist. He was a steady person. Even though he hadn’t received a magus beast yet, he was not impatient. He knew that the level of magus beast would increase as time went on. As a nine-star spirit magister, maybe only divine beasts could move him.

“Grand Commander, there is a situation!” Lian Cheng who was using the owls to scout suddenly made a sound of surprise and shouted at Aofeng.

“Xue Yu has reported a battle occurring in a nest off the giant dragon next in the Komodo Dragon Valley. That is definitely the magisters of the four great magister families. Those people are targeting a dozen Komodo Dragons. That Komodo Dragon King is a five-star divine beast, and is being attacked by five human celestial magisters together.”

Lian Cheng’s report caused people to become alert, their eyes exploding with sharp light.

Liu Dong laughed exaggeratedly. “We finally caught up to them! Haha, they drive me out because they had a master beast tamer, so amazing!”

Aofeng’s eyes narrowed into lines as she smiled elegantly and said, “Do you remember our slogan from our departure?”

Everyone’s expression paused. They rubbed their fists and gnashed their teeth, “Steal all their magic beasts!”

“Very good.” Aofeng maintained her elegant smile but her tone was full of darkness. “Brothers, our sacred beast corps is coincidentally lacking a dozen sacred beasts. Do not be polite, release your sacred beasts, let those Lan Family members see the power of a sacred beast corps!”

Translator Ramblings: One animal = one loyal follower. Aofeng is making a killing.

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