傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S17-C04 “Lan Xun Spitting Blood”

Last chapter recap: The Freedom Alliance raids the Lan Family for magic beasts.

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Chapter Four – Lan Xun Spitting Blood

After the shout, Aofeng arrogantly flew on her sword next to Lei Yufeng and Mo Nan. She sent a smile to the duo with her eyes and put a hand on the giant head of the Komodo Dragon King. The latter had lost all resistance after being attacked by Lan Xun and the others. The reason it had managed to survive until now was due to its stubbornness. When Aofeng and the others appeared, the Komodo dragon actually felt a sense of joy.

Aofeng seemed to have a grudge against the bastards who attacked them, and could be said as getting revenge for them. The Komodo Dragons felt their resistance to form covenants with Aofeng and the others lessen.

The Komodo Dragon King narrowed its enormous eyes and allowed Aofeng to recite the Magus Divinity Spell. It did not resist as the magic flowed through his body, and the entire process was unusually smooth.

A burst of gentle wind passed. Aofeng opened her black eyes, and a laughter-filled shout came from under the mask.

“Li Jie! Come get your dragon!”

The nine-sword spirit magister Li Jie shook upon hearing this. In this moment, his steady heart was filled with excitement. After waiting for so many days, Aofeng gave him a valuable five-star divine beast! This meant that he would enter the ranks of first-class experts!

Li Jie shouted back loudly, “Coming, Grand Commander!”

The man’s nimble body flew out from the rear. Li Jie was a nine-sword spirit magister but he only possessed one magus beast. After releasing his original magus beast, he immediately bonded with the Komodo Dragon King Aofeng handed him. The blinding silver light exploded and the covenant successfully formed. A terrifying divine dragon magister appeared in this world.

“I thank Grand Commander for your grace.” Li Jie’s eyes were burning as he knelt down on one knee. Just like the other magisters who obtained magus beasts, he respectfully swore his oath of fealty.

Aofeng laughed softly and motioned for him to move back. Then she shouted, “The next one.”

“Haha, Grand Commander, I’m next!” A man shot out from the back of a giant turtle at the center of the sacred beast herd. Mo Nan dragged over another komodo dragon. Aofeng waved a hand and the entire process occurred again.

Just like this, under everyone’s eyes, Aofeng tamed one komodo dragon after another. Then the magisters at the rear jumped out and bonded with this high star-level sacred beasts. The people of the four great magister families could only gape as they watched as though their souls had left their bodies. Other than the arrogant laughter, nothing else sounded in the mountain valley.

By the time the celestial magister recovered, and shouted “Heavens!”, Aofeng and the others had cleaned up all of the Komodo Dragons.

All of them, not leaving behind even a dreg!

Lan Xun’s thin skull-like face twitched and he almost spit out blood!

“You … … you … …”

Lan Cheng and Lan Xun trembled, their faces purple, and they didn’t even know to speak. Being humiliated in public like so, the members of the Lan Cheng wanted to hide in the ground.

On purpose! They were definitely doing it on purpose!

Publicly stealing their magic beasts, taming them in front of Lan Xun, a master beast tamer, and immediately having people form covenants. Wasn’t this trying to kill them in anger?

Lan Xun was spitting blood but the members of the Freedom Alliance were extremely excited.

So pleasing! Extremely pleasing!

Seeing this damned old man from a few days ago now appear as though he had ate a fly, everyone felt extremely good. The difference in emotion all exploded in this moment like water overflowing a dam. Each person was extremely pleased.

Of course, they also knew that all of this was brought to him by Aofeng.If not for Aofeng, they might be picking up magus beast corpses behind the four families in order to sustain themselves. But now, they could stand in front of the Lan Family and anger them.

Other than anger, another powerful emotion attacked the minds of the four families. Shock.

“This … … Your Excellency, you … … you are a regent beast tamer?” The celestial magister in blue robes who looked extremely scholarly asked. He was Liang Xuan, the teacher from the Liang Family. He had an extremely good relationship with the leader of the Xiao Family, Xiao Ling.

Seeing Aofeng able to tame one five-star divine beast and a large group of high star-level sacred beasts in such a short amount of time, the other three celestial magisters were stunned. They imperceptibly moved a few paces away from the two Lan Family celestial magisters.

Liang Xuan talked in a questioning tone, but this was almost certainly true. Lan Xun, a master beast tamer, could only tame one sacred beast a day. But this “Grand Commander” finished taming in the span of a few breaths, before Lan Xu could even make a sound. How could they be on the same level?

“Yes, I am a regent beast tamer.” Aofeng nodded coolly, pointing at Lan Xun and saying, “I have no enmity towards the four families, so I have stopped my followers from attacking you. But I do not like this old person having his eyes always on the top of his head, two days ago, he dared to reject my disciples, so today, I will steal from him! Do any of you want to help him?”

The words “regent beast tamer” caused shocks to rise from the crowd. The members of the four families suddenly realized, so this was a regent beast tamer! Then it was no wonder the people of the Freedom Alliance suddenly had so many sacred beasts.

Qin Jian and the other two celestial magisters head this, and secretly cursed Lan Xun.

Idiot! A true idiot! We urged you then. While the people of the Freedom Alliance were mostly adventurers with no background, but they also had young masters from the families out to gain experience. If you offend one of them, you would not have an easy time. You kicked all of them out, and offended a monster out of nowhere. Your retribution has come!

It is all you old man, who caused us to be in fear along with you! Fortunately this “Grand Commander” is benevolent and did not immediately attack us. Otherwise, you would have killed us all!

“Your Honorable Excellency Regent beast tamer, we are only acting in concert in order to have more safety in this dangerous place. What the Lan Family did has nothing to do with us. Our families will not participate. Your Excellency does not have to worry.” Qin Jian hurriedly bowed with a respectful expression and said. The status of regent beast tamers among magisters was even higher than that of the King’s Three Venerable Swordsman of the Kaya Empire.

Liang Xuan and Xiao Ling said in unison, “Same for us.”

“Bastards! How can you be so immoral. The four families are on the same side, and this old man has also tamed sacred beasts for you! You also swore an oath of heaven and earth!” Lan Xun heard these people decisively cutting ties and almost spat blood. If the four families worked together, they might be able to manage it, but if only him and Lan Cheng, they wouldn’t be a match.

The middle-aged woman in formal dress smiled coldly and said in a clear voice, her expression darkening, “Your Excellency Lan Xun, please understand. We only swore to help you get the dragon egg, nothing else! You were dishonorable first, your enemies have found you. We have been extremely honorable and generous in not blaming you for the great trouble your conduct has caused, yet you want us to suffer losses with you as well?”

Lan Xun and Lan Cheng were wordless. In truth, they knew it was unrealistic to ask the members of the other families to put their lives on the line for this. But they feared this terrifying enemy too much. The Lan Family was alone, and their present situation wasn’t any better than a woman whose clothing was being torn off.

As they simmered in their unease, they heard Aofeng said,

“Your Excellency Lan Xun, do not fear, I will not do anything to you. The Lan Family is a prominent family. I do not fear you, but I do not want to form such deep grudges with you.”

When the words were said, everyone sighed in relief. But Aofeng’s next words caused Lan Xun who had just calmed to spit blood again.

“However, you dared to bully my followers and punishment is needed. I cannot control other places, but within this Death Ridge, your Lan Family will not be able to get one more magus beast!”

She flicked her long white sleeve, and the sharp gaze under the mask swept across the members of the Lan family. It showed her determination and arrogance. However, no one thought that these were empty words. The valley was silent, only the sound of Aofeng’s voice echoing.

Qin Jian and the others sighed inside. The Lan Family hit a metal board this time.

“Let’s go!”

After settling this, Aofeng waved a hand and ordered. The large group quickly left again. Coming quickly and leaving easily like wind. They cleaned out the Lan Family’s magic beasts and left behind a furious Lan Xun who wanted to die.

Lan Xun was full of regret. But the matter was done, what could he do now?

What he worried about most at the moment was not Aofeng and the others stealing away his magic beasts. But if these free adventurers would also want the Candia Giant Dragon or even the dragon egg after rapidly growing strong.

“Your Excellency Qin Jian, I hope that you will not say similar words when we are fighting for the dragon egg. Do not forget, your swore an oath of heaven and earth!” Lan Xun’s expression was black as he snarled. He flicked his sleeve and returned to among his family members. After this matter, some cracks had formed between the four family groups.

When the dragon egg was mentioned, Qin Jian, Xiao Ling and Liang Xuan’s hearts sank, and they frowned. Yes, they could not easily withdraw from the fight for the dragon egg. They could not go back on their oath of heaven and earth. Otherwise, they would be killed by the rules of the universe!

Liang Xuan shook his head and grimaced. “Walk a step and see. We are five celestial magisters, they have many sacred beast but only three celestial rank experts. If we use celestial magic techniques against them, it will be a bloody battle.”

The valley was deep and the end of the black path was covered in layers of dark clouds as though it was premonition of the great battle for the dragon egg about to occur.

Translator Ramblings: Verbal loopholes in oaths are important and should be exploited at all costs.

Chapter Three | Table of Contents | Glossary | Section 18 Chapter One

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