傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S18-C03 “The Advancement of a Freak”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng talks with Qin Jian to discuss how to advance further.

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Chapter Three – The Advancement of a Freak

Her eyes narrowing slightly, Aofeng sat down cross-legged in the tent. She first memorized the spell, and then slowly sank into her inner perspective according to the spell.

The meridians in her body were still as clear as before with inky green magic flowing within them to form an enormous net. The meridians were completely full like the time she had eating the Fire Dragon Fruit.

The Magus Divinity Power Source shone with light in her empty energy center. Aofeng found that it seemed even brighter than the last time she saw it. It gave off more light which almost filled the energy center.

Aofeng was troubled. “According to the spell the Qin Family forebears left behind, I should transform shamanic power in the energy center. But right now, the Magus Divinity Power Source has taken over the energy center, will there be a problem?”

The Magus Divinity Power Source was her biggest secret and she did not dare to ask Qin Jian. Thinking, she decided to first try.

Her mind shifted, and her inner circulation stilled slightly. Under Aofeng”s control, threads of pure power gathered like the tide towards the energy center.

When a few threads of inky green magic entered the energy center, they flew towards the Magus Divinity Power Source. As Aofeng started the spell, a furious whirlpool formed with the Magus Divinity Power Source at the center. Without Aofeng needing to compress the magic, the magic started to swirl around the Magus Divinity Power Source. The white ball of the Magus Divinity Power Source grew brighter, and some faint blue threads of light was already coming off the center!

The power in her body had been suppressed for many days. Now that they suddenly found a vent, more and more magic flooded towards the Magus Divinity Power Source. The energy center turned into a furious storm, the white ball of light at the center like a bottomless hole that sucked in all the magic in every inch of Aofeng’s body and then releasing light blue shamanic power.

Aofeng gaped as she saw at this. She felt that wild absorption force suck all power into her energy center. That narrow space could not contain it all. Her body felt too full and that narrow space would explode!

“Stop!” Aofeng’s mind was shocked. She tried to stop all this but found she was ineffective. The transformation spell continued, and the Magus Divinity Power Source was like an extremely thirsty person who furiously wanted to drink, regardless of whether he would die or not.

A problem really occurred!

The swollen feeling became more clear. Aofeng’s forehead broke out in a fine sweat. She gritted her teeth and looked in fear at the threads of power transform in that space. Since she could not stop it, she would try to control the light blue shamanic power coming out of the Magus Divinity Power Source. She sealed off the openings where the magic was coming through to avoid an explosion actually occurring.

As expected, shamanic power and magic were completely different. They could not merge into each other, and upon contact, which was more powerful was clear. The thin shamanic power played a crucial role and stopped the majority of explosive magic. Even so, a proportion of magic flooded into the energy center.

Pain came in waves, sweat soaked her clothes. However, Aofeng felt extremely pleased. While some accident and danger had occurred, she managed to take control of the situation, and benefited from her misfortunate. Using the weird Magus Divinity Power Source, she had transformed all of the magic in her body.

“Teacher Qin Jian, what is going on with Aofeng?” Inside the tent, Qin Aohai looked on as Aofeng’s brow furrowed in pain and asked in panic.

Qin Jian looked uncertainly at the air rippling uncontrollably around Aofeng and said in confusion, “I do not know. Transforming shamanic power using this method is not an instant event. It should take a few months to complete. Aofeng should have just tested this, why are there such strong power vibrations?”

“Will there be any dangers?” Qin Aohai was frightened.

“Let’s watch and see. If we panic, we cannot help Aofeng. Wait.” Qin Jian was also nervous as well. While Aofeng did not acknowledge it, the Qin bloodline flowed in Aofeng’s veins. Qin Jian definitely did not want to see such a genius go mad in cultivation. Many experts did not die in battle, but because they were too impatient when levelling up.

The two waited in anxiousness. Time passed in seconds.

The night was deep and no sounds came from outside the tent when Aofeng’s breathing gradually slowed. Her sweat also receded slightly. She opened her black eyes and jumped up. She said, “I’m going out now, do not alarm the people from the Lan Family, I am levelling up right now.”

“What! Levelling up?” Qin Jian and Qin Aohai almost went mad in fright. What kind of person was this? Levelling up in a blink. Terrifying!

These two had worried greatly. Aofeng finally woke up but this freak frightened them immediately.

“Do not suspect this, it is true, but the process was slightly frightening,” Aofeng said, still filled with lingering fear. She could feel that the shamanic power conversion in her body had reached the end. There was only a tiny bit of magic left in her body. When this was complete, she would attack the barrier, and the Rules of the Universe would come down.

Qin Jian was the first to recover. He grabbed Qin Aohai and Aofeng, flying out of the tent and the camp. When he was sure no one could find them, he put the two down on a small mountain.

Taking a deep breath, Aofeng did not hesitate. She sat down again and looked internally.

Her meridians were filled with thin light blue shamanic power and there were no more signs of inky green magic. Her energy center had changed greatly. With the Magus Divinity Power Source as the center, thin light blue shamanic power spun rapidly around it. The power flickered and spat, growing even brighter like a small blue star. This was like a special product of that wild spell.

“A whirlpool forming in my energy center like an universe, always in motion and never stopping.” Aofeng saw this change and was both surprised and joyed. This change was for the good. A great ability to produce meant that her endurance was strong. In other words, she was like an invincible juggernaut. She would rapidly recover in battle and her power would not easily run out.

“Since the power has already transformed, it is time!” Aofeng thought as she directed the newly formed light blue shamanic power to charge towards that barrier!

Shamanic power was powerful. With just a pause, she blew past the barrier. Aofeng felt a cool power suddenly enter her limbs. She felt relaxed all over. A burst of black energy was expelled out of her body by the light blue shamanic power. Her handsome face relaxed. When she opened her eyes, her black eyes were more energized.

Silver light flashed, and the Rules of the Universe descended!

Just like last time, the four point spirit star appeared under Aofeng’s feet. The four points slowly squeezed together and a new position appeared. Inside an empty point, one silver little sword was inscribed. In a flash, the five point celestial star representing a celestial magister appeared.

Following after, Aofeng’s advancement affected the magus beasts that were bonded to her. The Rules of the Universe descended again. Other than Chi who had a lifebond covenant, all of Aofeng’s other magus beasts appeared in the surroundings. Meng Yan, Si Jian, Liao Ya, Ben Lei, Mei Jun, Xiao Bing. They appeared one after each other, wrapped in the silver light. The enormous magis beasts caused Qin Jian and Qin Aohai to be struck dumb.

“Damn, freak! Aofeng, you are a freak!” Qin Aohai had never dreamt that Aofeng had so many magus beasts. He couldn’t help but jump and shout. From the appearances, these magus beasts were mostly sacred beasts, and Meng Yan, who he had seen before was a divine beast.

Because the name of Zhui Yun had not spread into the depths of the forest, Qin Jian and Qin Aohai were only shocked at the number of magus beasts Aofeng possessed.

Qin Jian also found this Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse slightly familiar . When the Komodo Dragons had been stolen, this Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse had been at the front. The experienced Qin Jian immediately understood that the so-called “Grand Commander” was most likely Aofeng! Other than being a regent beast tamer, who else could get so many high star-level magus beasts?

Qin Jian did not know what Aofeng used back then to fly, but Aofeng had too many traits that were fantastical. He was almost numb. Even if Aofeng grew two more heads tomorrow, Qin Jian would probably say, “Oh, the little guy was freakish again!”

“Master! Master, I levelled up!”

“Master, I jumped several levels, haha!”

“Master, I finally became a sacred beast, I can talk to you!”

As the silver patterns passed, Aofeng was mentally barraged with a string of excited voices. The magus beasts jumped and roaed in joy. They clearly had benefited greatly.

Waving her hand to quiet the magus beasts, Aofeng looked and was also frightened by her great advancement.

Meng Yan had jumped three star levels and become a six-star divine beast. Si Jian had reached divine beast level and become a one-star divine beast. Liao Ya and Ben Lei became eight-star and nine-star sacred beasts respectively. The little fox Mei Jun jumped into adulthood and became a seven-star sacred beast. Even Xiao Bing became a three-star sacred beast.

Aofeng’s eyes were wide as she murmured, “It should not be so exaggerated … …”

“You think that a celestial magister is so easy to become!” Qin Jian rolled his eyes at Aofeng and said with a smile, “The barrier to celestial rank is the hardest to cross. The benefit your magus beasts get in this advancement is also the greatest. My magus beast shot to nine-stars from a one-star spirit beast. This is the reason that celestial magisters rarely have spirit beasts, their partners advance greatly as well.”

Translator Ramblings: I’m so curious some times how power systems work. For examples, are “levels” a physical constant defined by the universe to have a certain range of power ( like the speed of light) or some human made system like school grades.

Chapter 2 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Section 19 Chapter 1

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