傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S19-C04 “Fighting A Strong Enemy”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng faces the golden behemoth to defend the other Qin family members.

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Chapter Four – Fighting A Strong Enemy

Arthurus was not afraid, just shocked.

A celestial magister not even twenty years old was already freakish enough, but this person possessed divine beasts! Not just one divine beast, but two! And one of them was a offensively powerful darkness type six-star divine beast!

This this this … … this was inhumanely freakish!

When he was at the peak of his power, Arthurus would not fear the Double Horned Nightmare Warhorse. While they were all top magic beasts, the dark type divine beast would have to step aside for the bloodline of the behemoths. However, he was in his shedding stage and his abilities greatly reduced. He would have to expend some effort to defeat the two beasts and a celestial magister.

Arthurus regretted giving chase. Why did the human boy have to be such a freak? Did the other desire to fool me? If Candia could not hold on, it would not be fun if those celestial magister defeat us!

As he thought this, Aofeng started to act in the distance.

“Meng Yan, full-body armorization!” Aofeng put away the long robe she wore to reveal short robes as she shouted.

Light blue shamanic power immediately spread. The Nightmare Warhorse turned into exquisite divine beast armor that covered Aofeng completely under her neck. The handsome black divine beast armor made her appear like a war god of darkness.

Amazement swirled in people’s eyes as they looked dazedly at her.

Arthurus was still jumping when he suddenly discovered a great pressure lock onto him from ahead. That black-robed youth’s star-like eyes were focused on him as they flashed with ruthlessness. Behind him, the shadow of an enormous Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse formed!

The blue shamanic power flooded out as though it did not cost anything. A pitch black ball of lightning giving off terrifying power formed between the horns of the Nightmare Warhorse shadow. Aofeng raised her right hand and pointed at the Crimson Gold Behemoth. Her voice rang out in the air!

“Celestial magic technique, Nightmare Demon Light!”

“F**k! Starting with a celestial magic technique, did you have to be so insane? I ran over from so far away, give me a chance to breathe!” Arthurus shouted exasperatedly. However, the unexpected celestial magic technique came too quickly and too unexpectedly. By the time the crimson gold behemoth detected it, he could not dodge in time. He hurriedly covered his head with his arms and rammed it with his head.

Even the enormous body of the Crimson Gold Behemoth could not tolerate the terrifying charge of the Nightmare Demon Light. Like a leaf in a storm, the black ray of light threw him into the sky!

The body of the behemoth could not compare to the Candia giant dragon. Also, the celestial magic technique of a six-star divine beast was much stronger than spirit beast like the one Liang Xuan had. This was why such a scene occurred.

“Ah!” Poor Arthurus wailed loudly as he was thrown into the air. His body already was under great pressure. The Nightmare Demon Light also contained a mental attack. Arthurus felt as though there was a circlet tightening around his head. He felt waves of pain and nausea.

In this moment, the usually smart Arthurus was full of regret. “I was too careless. If I was careful, I definitely could have dodged it.”

In usual situations, celestial magister held back their celestial magic technique as lifesavers. Who would eagerly use up all of their strength at the very start of battle? Once one released a celestial magic technique, they could not easily cast a second one after. If they could not kill the enemy with the attack, an opponent would defeat them in the counter-attack. A celestial magister that could not cast a celestial magic technique could not threaten an opponent like the Crimson Gold Behemoth.

“Boom!” An enormous roar. The dust turned up by the powerful attack dissipated, and everyone focused on the distant wall of the mountain. They gulped in unison. Aofeng’s Nightmare Demon Light had pushed the Crimson Gold Behemoth deep into the rock wall, forming a human-shaped hole. The scene made people’s hearts speed up, and their breathing difficult.

Aofeng stood coldly in the air, her eyes locked onto that enormous hole. She did not relax at all. She knew a seven-star divine beast would not be so easily defeated.

As expected, with a burst of cracks, the Crimson Gold Behemoth who had sunk in deep jumped out viciously with a “bam.” His large eyes glared viciously at Aofeng, his wild anger terrifying strong. If a glare could kill, Aofeng would have died more than ten thousand times.

Arthurus had none of his previous elegancy. His crimson red hair stood up straight off his head. Several wounds covered his arms and calves due to their directly contact with the celestial magic technique. One leg had been broken and was twisted horrifically. The behemoth was strong, but his defense was not as strong as the giant dragon. A celestial magic technique from a six-star divine beast was a threat to him. If it hit his weak points, he would have died.

Aofeng had the upper hand in this first round!

“Human! You dare wound the noble behemoth. You will pay for your actions!”

The enormous roar rang into his sky. The Crimson Gold Behemoth balled his hammer-like fists. He pushed hard against the ground with his remaining good leg and swung his fist towards Aofeng.

“It is the opposite. You should pay for coming to make trouble for me!” Seeing Arthurus’s leg wounded, and his speed reduced, Aofeng felt no more fear as she said confidently.

Arthurus laughed wildly, “You? You can stop my punch?”

“I cannot, but you have to hit me for that!” Aofeng sneered back. A layer of light left her body. She suddenly released the full-body armorization of the Nightmare Warhorse and shouted, “Si Jian, full-body armorization, Meng Yan, partial armorization.”

The silver light flashed, and Aofeng quickly appeared once again in another dazzling state. Tiger-patterned full-body armor, her eyes and hair orange-yellow. She wore the black Nightmare combat boots of the Nightmare Warhorse. Two black clouds under her feet to enhance her speed. The Crimson Gold Behemoth watched as Aofeng suddenly dart away just as his fist was about to make contact!

Magisters could change their armorization at any time for many variations to adjust their offensive and defensive power. This was a trademark to magisters with many magus beasts. Six-star divine beasts have powerful celestial magic techniques. Aofeng used Meng Yan’s full-body armorization. But now, she needed speed so the Crimson Gold Behemoth could not keep up to her. So she used Meng Yan’s partial armorization. Meng Yan was a speed-type magus beast and his partial armorization was, of course, combat boots.

Just as Lei Yufeng said, magisters with multiple magus beasts were terrifying when strong. When they had one full armor protecting themselves, the partial armorization variations they had were a headache for their enemies.

Arthurus’s powerful attack missed, and he almost choked. He chased furiously after Aofeng, but no matter what, he could not even touch a hair. The Nightmare combat boots were faster than the Thunder Boots. If Arthurus hadn’t been injured by the celestial magic technique, he would easily catch up, but he could not right now.

“You you you, stand still! If you have balls, do not run!” Arthurus who could not catch Aofeng started to curse.

“Not run and wait for you to hit me? You think everyone is as stupid as you?” Aofeng moved rapidly to dodge Arthurus’s fists. Her eyes flashed with light as she said coldly, “If one cannot hit the target, even the greatest of force is ineffective. But if the smallest of force can hit its target, when it adds up, it will be strong. Arthurus, taste this!” Nineteen flying swords shot towards Arthurus as his eyes turned shocked. They swirled and twisted around each other as they pierced the air!

The blinding sword light wove an enormous net that wrapped around the Crimson Gold Behemoth.

The swords were made from the horn of a super-divine beast. With Aofeng enhancing the swords with light blue shamanic power, its sharpness was much greater than in the past. Even though it could not create a mortal attack, they left wounds on Arthurus’s hide.

“Ah! Bastard!”

Arthurus almost went mad. He did not know how to fight Aofeng. He felt as though countless bugs were biting all over his body. Those flying swords could not fatally wound him, but they were a kind of torment which accumulated. One bug bite might not feel like anything, but when thousands of bugs bit you, it was a calamity!

In just a few moments, Arthurus was covered in blood from the countless wounds on his body. None of his vitals had been wounded, but he lost a great deal of blood and felt faint.

Damn it! He made an almost impossible mistake!

Arthurus wanted to throw up blood. He, a seven-star divine beast, was being defeated by a human one-sword celestial magister. Also, he hadn’t even managed to touch the other. This was an incredible embarrassment!

“If you have balls, stop and receive my punch! I am wounded now, but you will not be able to stop me from leaving. If you can withstand my punch, I’m willing to surrender!” Arthurus roared with great frustration. He was extremely frustrated that none of his punches landed and he would not die in peace!

Originally, Arthurus did not have any hopes about this cunning human. He had not expected Aofeng to actually stop and put away the flying swords. Aofeng stood in the air.

The youth’s handsome face carried an ambiguous smile. Aofeng asked, “You are sure you will admit defeat if I withstand your punch?”

“Sure! The noble behemoth will never go back on his word!” The Crimson Gold Behemoth said, his head proudly held high.

“Then come! I will force you to submit” Aofeng waved her hand grandly, her battle armor once again shifting. She put on the Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse’s black armor. The Crimson Gold Behemoth felt some admiration for the handsome figure.

I respect you as a warrior and will be slightly gentle and spare your life! Arthurus thought inside. On his single leg, he jumped off the ground. He used a charging punch that he was most skilled with. However, he aimed for Aofeng’s legs and avoided the weak points.

But before Arthurus could feel any smugness, his expressions froze once again in terror.

Because, he once again felt that terrifying pressure. His large golden eyes clearly saw an enormous Double-Horned Nightmare Warhorse shadow appear once again behind Aofeng. The black ray of light formed and the youth pointed at him with one pale finger.

“Celestial magic technique, Nightmare Demon Light!”

“Damn damn damn damn damn! Two successive celestial magic techniques, you are more of a beast than I am!” The wail was consumed instantly. Poor Arthurus was once again struck by the Nightmare Demon Light. He was pushed back into that rock wall along his previous path. The enormous human-shaped figure sank deep into the hole and almost could not be seen.

Silence, terrifying silence!

No wild roars from the behemoth, only the wound of wind blowing. The Qin Family members below who had watched the entire battle were speechless. Their eyes were dazed, their expressions astonished. They could not believe that this was true.

“I … … my eyes do not fool me? His Excellency Aofeng defeated that seven-star magus beast by himself?” Qin Fei’er asked, seemingly in a dream.

Qin Aohai also blinked in amazement. He pinched his face and swallowed before saying with a grimace, “I also feel that I am dreaming, but pity, I feel pain, this is not a dream!”

People started to wake up, and then cheered after their shock passed.

“Heavens! So handsome! His Excellency Aofeng is so handsome!”

“Fighting a seven-star divine beast alone, as if it is nothing. His Excellency Aofeng is only fifteen!”

The enthusiastic cheers sounded. Aofeng sighed in relief. She had appeared confident, but she had been nervous about every step just now. If she faced Arthurus head on and did not lure him to face two of her celestial magic techniques, she could not have truly defeated Arthurus.

But Arthurus fell for her trap from the start, almost being led by the nose. His defeat was unjust.

Adjusting her state, Aofeng flew towards the rock wall where Arthurus was. The Crimson Gold Behemoth was just climbing out of the rock wall, his body completely bloodied, his expression dispirited. This was his first time having been defeated so badly. Even though he was not at the peak of his strength, he admitted his defeat.

Arthurus said dispirited, “I will not run away, kill me. I hope you will not sell my corpse to those nobles. Oh, but right now, I have no right to ask this … ..”

Aofeng rolled her eyes and said, “Who told you I am going to kill you? I am a regent beast tamer, I want you to be my magus beast, are you willing?” Some divine beasts were not willing to submit to humans even on pain of death. Aofeng saw how Arthurus had been merciful in his attack. This magic beast was extremely honorable. If he really wasn’t willing, Aofeng did not want to force him.

“Ah, so I do not have to die?” Arthurus head this, and became slightly more energized. He patted his chest and said, “The noble behemoth do not lie. Since I lost, I will surrender to you.”

Translator Ramblings: Poor Arthurus, he just wanted to tease the dragon and ended up defeated by mere humans.

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