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Section Twenty To The Empire

Chapter One Vicious

The three giant rays of light reflected on the ashen faces of the people. The explosions echoed through the deep valleys.

Lan Xun was enraged by Lei Yufeng but he was an experienced fighter. When he felt the power vibrations behind him, his mind cleared. The Freedom Alliance also had a regent beast tamer Grand Commander! Who was a celestial rank expert who possessed a divine beast!

“As expected, a divine beast level celestial magic technique! Ah … …” Trapped between two celestial magic techniques, Lan Xun was terrified. He hurriedly ordered the Soaring Crab who was flying towards Mo Nan to flash to fly behind him to act as a meat shield. Fortunately, he reacted quickly, and the Soaring Crab darted behind him immediately.

However, would this block the celestial magic technique of a six-star divine beast?

Even the Crimson Gold Behemoth had suffered under this terrifying attack. As an ordinary divine beast, how could the Soaring Crab block the attack? The momentum of the Nightmare Demon Light pushed aside the Soaring Crab and then continued to smash towards Lan Xun who was fighting with Lei Yufeng and unable to move!

Lan Xun felt a burst of pain on his back and he lost his balance. He could not maintain his celestial magic technique, and was stuck face-on by Lei Yufeng’s Gold Roc light attack. The two celestial magic techniques collided with Lan Xun at the center, creating a terrifying explosion!


The dramatic change caused people to gape. The power at the center of the explosion spread outwards. The celestial magisters at the front hurriedly flew back. The other teams of magisters shouted and closed their eyes, throwing themselves to the ground. The powerful waves of air swept over their heads with great heat. Everyone felt as though their hair was burning.

After the terrifying collision, Lan Cheng’s screams sounded in the dust. “Your Excellency Lan Xun!”

The dust settled and everyone managed to make out the situation. They swallowed with difficulty. The collision in the air had affected even the ground. At the center, a round pit three meters wide sank into the ground. The surrounding grass had been ripped out, and the bare earth was exposed .

The sky and the earth were empty. Where was Lan Xun?

The winds swept past. The members of the Lan Family suddenly felt as though they were dunked in ice. In that terrifying explosion of power, a mountain had been destroyed. Even with the protection of the divine beast armor, if they were at the center of the explosion, there would only be one outcome–turned to dust! Without even leaving behind any bones!

“His Excellency Lan Xun … … is dead?” Qin Jian and the other celestial magister were stunned.

“Teacher … … Teacher Lan Xun is dead?” The group of young people from the Lan Family looked dumbly at the empty sky and earth in terror. They did not know how to react.

“Dead, His Excellency Lan Xun is dead! The only master beast tamer of our family is dead!” Lan Cheng almost fainted, his vision darkening. Lan Xun had died on a team he led. Lan Cheng could almost see how terrible his own outcome would be. This was a person who was the cause of the Lan Family’s unwavering prosperity!

After the shock faded, Lan Cheng went mad. He shouted in the direction of the rock wall that the black ray came from.” Bastard! Wait to experience our family’s revenge!”

“Idiots are idiots. Since I dare to kill Lan Xu, how could I fear your revenge?” A cold and clear voice came from that direction. A shadow flashed, and a handsome young youth dressed in black armor flew out. The surrounding people looked on in curiosity.

With a glance, everyone’s expressions froze.

They found this figure seemed slightly familiar … …

“That, that is … …” Lan Cheng felt as though lightning struck him on a clear day. He was stunned. His voice trembled, but he didn’t know if it was out of fear or anger.

“Aofeng? It’s Aofeng?” Lei Yufeng and Mo Nan were shocked but overjoyed. They had thought they would have a hard battle ahead of them when another terrifying celestial magister appeared. The duo had been puzzled where the other celestial magister had come from. When Aofeng appeared, they were both given a fright.

“Just now, that was a celestial magic technique! Aofeng became a celestial magister?” Mo Nan rubbed his eyes and made sure he was not seeing incorrectly. He shouted, “So strange! Monster!”

Lei Yufeng was overjoyed but he grimaced as he shook his head. “I am used to these shocks. Even if they tell me Aofeng killed the golden dragon alone, I will not be surprised.”

Qin Jian looked at Aofeng and felt greatly reassured. He grimaced from the side, “Not the Gold Giant Dragon, but Aofeng may have likely defeated the Crimson Gold Behemoth, the Gold Giant Dragon’s equal. Otherwise, Aofeng would not have returned.”

“Ugh … …” Lei Yufeng and Mo Nan sweated heavily.

The people in the sky were shocked, and the crowds below turned into chaos as they discussed Aofeng’s magnificent appearance.

“It is Qin Aofeng, that good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master of the Qin Family!”

“Is this correct? What good-for-nothing, that is clearly a celestial magister!”

“The Seventh Young Master of the Qin Family killed His Excellency Lan Xun? Heavens!”

Lan Cheng’s eyes were wide as his anger shot into his head. He pointed at the floating Aofeng and shouted, “Qin Aofeng! It is you! You killed the master beast tamer of our family, you are going to die! Even the Qin Family cannot withstand the anger of the entire Lan Family!”

“Idiot, why would I have to face your family’s anger?” Aofeng glance disdainfully at him. Murderousness flashed through her eyes. Her lips rose in an elegant curve as she sneered, “Just like Lan Xun said about Lei Yufeng, as long as the news does not spread, who would know?”

Hearing this, Lan Cheng suddenly felt a wave of cold shoot up his spine. He looked back and found the Saber-Toothed Tiger King and Lei Yufeng’s Gold Rock had started to stare at him with deadly gazes!

“Ah! You damned bastards, you dare … …” Before Lan Cheng finished speaking, Si Jian and Tun Xiao dove down at him in a lightning fast attack. Aofeng did not waste a word. She flew into the sky near the Lan Family members. Under everyone’s terrified gaze, she raised her hand. The nineteen swords above her head all shot down!

Screams rose one after another, and the crowd turned into a mess.

Detecting Aofeng’s intentions, the Lan Family members were terrified. They scattered to flee and escape being killed. Yet the strongest among them was a spirit magister who was not even three-swords in power. Who could stop the divine magic mediums enhanced with shamanic power? The flying swords flashed among the crowd and quickly repeated life after life.

Watching as his family members fall down and all be killed, Lan Cheng was filled with fear. He was almost driven mad by Aofeng’s unrelenting viciousness. He managed to withstand Tun Xiao and Si Jian’s attacks, and giving up his face, he pleaded with Liang Xuan and Xiao Ling.

“Excellencies, save the Lan Family, you swore to help us obtain the dragon egg.”

“The person we swore our oaths to, Lan Xun, is dead, the oath no longer binds us.” Xiao Ling stared coldly at him and said, “Also, the four families compete with each other. Lan Xun having us fight His Excellency Lei Yufeng for you was unhonorable, yet now you have the face to ask for help?”

Liang Xuan added, “You sought your death, you offended people you should not have, accept your fate!”

The two celestial magisters were experienced, how could they not see the situation clearly? Not only the Lan Family’s advantage had passed, they were unwilling to become enemies against Aofeng. This Qin Aofeng was terrifying! Disregarding Aofeng’s strength, the old patriarch of the Qin Family would do much to save a celestial magister of such a young age. Also, Aofeng’s personality was one that scared others. Aofeng killed decisively, and displayed what viciousness meant.

Even now, Aofeng took the lives of the Lan Family members with a cold and indifferent expression, not even flinching an eyebrow. It could be seen that Aofeng never had mercy on enemies.

So Liang Xuan and Xiao Ling instinctively chose Aofeng’s side and were not willing to become enemies.

Qin Jian sighed inside. As he expected. He knew this youth planned to extinguish the entire Lan Family when Aofeng had said those things to him. Aofeng’s viciousness was even greater than His Excellency Aotian. In the future, Aofeng would become more terrifying than His Excellency Aotian.

With a scream, Lan Cheng’s neck was torn out by the Saber-Toothed Tiger King. At the same time, everyone in the Lan Family group died. None of the Lan Family members who had come to Death Ridge would leave alive.

Murderousness filled the entire mountain valley. No one dared to speak, afraid of offending this person and being the next to die.

Aofeng did not care about what others thought. She flew next to Lei Yufeng and Mo Nan, and said with a smile, “You got it?”

“Haha, yes!” Lei Yufeng laughed at her. He moved his hand, an egg the size of two fists appeared in his hand. He gave it to Aofeng. “However, this egg is too small. We doubt that this is the egg of the Candia giant dragon.”

When he said this, Candia, who was gasping on the ground, screamed in fury. “Of course it is not my egg. How can the noble giant dragon have a strange egg like this! Because of this damned egg, my strength was greatly reduced. Otherwise, how could you have defeated me!”

“Ah? This is not your egg?” Everyone was surprised.

Lei Yufeng said curiously, “But someone saw you lay this egg!”

Candia was even more depressed. He sobbed loudly, “Of course not. I accidentally ate this egg in Death Ridge. I wasn’t able to digest it and excreted it out!

“I am a male dragon, have you ever seen a male dragon laying eggs?”

Translator Ramblings: A few more tallies in the death column for Aofeng.

Section 19 Chapter 5 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 2

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  2. Lan Cheng’s eyes were wide as his anger shot into his head. He pointed at the floating Aofeng and shouted, “Qin Aotian! It is you! You killed the master beast tamer of our family, you are going to die! Even the Qin Family cannot withstand the anger of the entire Lan Family!”

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