傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S01-C01 “Arrival At The Capital”

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Volume Two Section 1 The Capital Karroll


Chapter One – Arrival At The Capital

The Kaya Empire was the largest country on Luska’s Radiance Continent. It had vast lands, a strong army, many powerful experts as leaders. All of this supported the empire’s thousand years of prosperity and strength. One had to admire a country who could prosper and not decline for over a thousand years.

The capital, Karroll, was the largest city in the Kaya Empire, and the largest on Radiance Continent. The three famous merchant houses were located here, and controlled the economic pulse of the empire. Due to this, this city was also the busiest and most prosperous city .

The city core was thousands of acres large, and was formed in a triangle which divided the entire city into three districts.

The east was the main base of one of the ancient four great magister families, the Qin Family. In the west was the most famous school on the continent, an enormous structure which took up thousands of acres, the magister school of the imperial empire. In the north was the imperial court of the Kaya Empire, the imperial palace.

These three places were the most famous places in Karroll.

The nobility and powerful figures preferred using lion-vultures as their method of transportation. The flow of people at the lion-vulture station at the busiest market in the capital never stopped. On this afternoon, under a sunny day and blue skies, a perfect day for travel, many people were lined up in long lines at the lion-vulture station.

Some people were chatting idly to pass the time. A swordsman dressed in armor suddenly raised his head, his eyes wide as he pointed at the sky and shouted, “Heavens! Such a large group of lion-vultures!”

Due to this shout, people all looked to the sky. On the distant horizon, a group of more than twenty black dots were coming closer.

“Who can hire so many lion-vultures at once?” Everyone started to discuss. Other than the imperial court, one needed special permits to use more than five lion-vultures at once. Twenty together meant the status of their riders was uncommon.

The lion-vulture troop quickly landed, and a scholarly middle-aged man walked out from where the lion-vultures landed with a group of young people. From a distance, the crowd could see the badge signifying the status of the man. Three small swords within a five point star — three-sword celestial magister!

And the young people behind him all wore different magister badges. The entire group were all second rank and above, all of them magisters, and some of the young people at the front were already rank three spirit magisters.

Many people who had been dozing off looked blearily and were frightened awake.

“Heavens, so many magisters!”

“This must be the training squad the Qin Family sends out annually. Ah, I really admire the powerful families.”

In Karroll, the training squads that the Qin Family sent out each year was a common bit of gossip. Many people made the connection and looked over respectfully. In the capital, the status of any Qin Family member surpassed ordinary magisters. When related to the word “Qin”, almost no one dared to offend them, just like the nobility of the Kaya Empire and the students of the Imperial School.

The guards dressed in silver armor walked forward, their right hands raised to their left chest and their heads bent as they bowed. The guard captain said enthusiastically, “Your Excellency Qin Jian, welcome back. I have ordered carriages to be prepared for you to take you directly back to the Qin Family estate.”

This was the Qin Family’s training squad who managed to return to Liscia after more than a month and then flew on the vultures from Liscia to the capitol. The lion-vultures were as fast and had covered a trip of weeks in two days of flight.

“Thank you.” Qin Jian smiled gently and nodded at the guard. Then he asked a youth beside him with a smile, “How about it, isn’t it a good feeling to return to Karroll?”

There were two people beside Qin Jian who did not wear any badges. One was a handsome man dressed in tight black robes who looked as nimble as a panther, and the other a handsome youth in long black robes with an ethereal presence. These two did not look ordinary at all. Except for Qin Jian, the celestial magister, these two were the most eye catching in the group.

People who had connections to the Qin Family would be powerful. People could not help but speculate on their origins. Even the guard captain couldn’t resist looking again at them.

“So many years, how can I remember things from my childhood? I only have a few memories from that time,” Aofeng shook her head and smiled. Her black eyes looked around and she lamented, “So vast. I thought the Fortress of Neversetting Sun was large, but compared to Karroll, it was just tiny.”

When the lion-vultures had been flying in the sky, Aofeng had been astounded inside. Karroll was too vast, even from the sky, she could not see the edge of the city. From the east of the city to the west, she estimated it would take a day to cross on the fastest horned horses, much less on foot.

The city of Karroll also had a dignified and solemn presence. The European style buildings were vast and wide, and the marble which were sanded to a shine covered every corner of the city. The well-trained guards stood with their backs straight, and the dragonknight flying in the sky were the law enforcers unique to the empire. When people looked up and saw the dragonknight, all of them were filled with respect.

“Of course, the City of Neversetting Sun is the largest city in the south, but its size is not rare in the north. All the capitals of the four strongest countries are larger than Neversetting Sun. Our capital is best among the four capitals,” Qin Jian said proudly. He pointed down and said, “Let’s go, we will ride the best horned horses and reach the Qin Family by afternoon. Admission day at the Imperial School is in a few days, we can relax for a few days at home.”

Aofeng’s eyes flashed and she frowned slightly. “Teacher Qin Jian, I do not want to go to the Qin family. Could you deliver a message to Uncle and my big brother for me. Yufeng and I will find a place in the city to rest.”

Qin Jian stilled and then shook his head with a grimace, “Child, I do not know what to do with you. I know you are stubborn. Alright, we will first return to the Qin Family to report on our mission. Go around the city, and then go to Blue Jade Fragrance for a room. Many of the students reporting to the Imperial School will go live there before admission day, it will be easy for us to find you.”

“Blue Jade Fragrance?” Lei Yufeng’s eyes flashed and he smacked his lips. “It has been a long time since I drank the Blue Jade Fragrance Wine there, I’ve really missed it. It is called the best Karroll drink for nobility. But it belongs to the Hyde Corporation, and it also includes a residence.”

“Right, I heard that Brother Aotian also likes the blue jade wine at Blue Jade Fragrance. Maybe he is there and you will run into him.” Qin Aohai clapped his hands and chuckled.

“How can there be such a coincidence,” Aofeng shook her head and laughed. “Alright, then let’s meet at Blue Jade Fragrance.”

“Wait for me. I will soon bring my father to find you.” Qin Aohai patted Aofeng’s shoulder and then left with the Qin Family group.

Aofeng and Lei Yufeng exchanged a smile, walking along the street towards the market. They left behind the people to sigh and lament.

Aofeng did not worry about the cleer Qin Jian. While she had not reminded him, he urged the people of the training squads to swear not to leak Aofeng’s news. These people all had connections in the Qin family. If they accidentally misspoke, Aofeng’s days would be filled with trouble.

After the battle at the city of Neversetting Sun, the name of “Zhui Yun” was famed far and wide. After Qin Jian heard about the traits of the youngest spirit magister on the continent, “Zhui Yun,” he knew that this Zhui Yun was one hundred percent Aofeng. If Aofeng revealed her strength immediately, intelligent people would immediately connect this mysterious leader to Aofeng.

The descriptions were too similar. The youngest celestial magister on the continent, a regent beast tamer, it was just that AoFeng was a stronger version of “Zhui Yun Daren” who had disappeared.

Not to hide it forever, but hiding it for as long as possible.

After they walked into the city, they could feel the grandeur of the city even better. Neversetting Sun could not compare to here. The width of the streets were four times that of the city of Neversetting Sun. Towers towered along the two sides of the streets filled with a sea of people. All kinds of high ranking horned horse carriages passed through and it was unusually busy.

Aofeng and Lei Yufeng walked casually along the street. Many of the noble ladies and young women they passed would look back with surprise at the pair. They were enchanted by this handsome and cool duo and threw flirtatious glances.

“I haven’t been back for some years, the capital is still like this, no change, women are still just as daring and shallow.” Lei Yufeng rolled his eyes and spoke. It appeared that he had been the subject of flirting many times in the past.

Aofeng laughed. “You really do not seem to be a member of a prestigious family, you have none of their bad habits.”

“Of course, I am a clean and innocent good man, I never even went to the Fragrance and Jade.” Lei Yufeng shrugged and said, “My grandfather and my father supervised me strictly on these matters. They never gave me a chance to develop a bad habit. They both only had one wife, and told me, it is enough to have just one woman you like the most. If you are fickle, you are not a man.”

“So this is a tradition of the family.” Aofeng smiled and said with a nod, “The woman that marries you will be very fortunate.”

“The man that marries me will also be very fortunate … …” Lei Yufeng suddenly glanced at Aofeng and smiled strangely. Aofeng sweated as she smiled. While she knew it was a joke, this brother was really daring to say such a thing in public.

Lei Yufeng’s joke did not attract any attention. Gasps and screams suddenly came from up ahead. The crowd scattered as an enormous giant bear broke through a building. The roar was deafening as it chased after the fleeing crowds.

“It is a killer! Enforcers, save me!”

“They dare to make trouble in the capital, do they not want to live?” Lei Yufeng frowned and exchanged a look with Aofeng. The pair nodded and jumped forward.

The sound of the buildings collapsing and the screams of the people created a scary and eerie atmosphere. Aofeng and Lei Yufeng jumped onto the top of a high rise for a better vantage, to observe the chaotic situation.

Editor’s note: dragonrider > dragonknight. Wyhcwe can elaborate.

Translator Ramblings: Originally, dragon riders made sense since … person on a dragon. But they have oaths and an organization and titles so dragonknights is more accurate.

Volume One Section 20 Chapter 3 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 2

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