傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S03-C01 “The Danger In The Family”

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Chapter One – The Danger In the Family

Qin Aotian knew that Aofeng was female, and so was especially protective of Aofeng.

Starting from birth, because her parents were absent, and because she could not appear as a female, she had been denied much of the affection that she should have had as a girl. So Qin Aotian, as the older brother, wanted to compensate, he wanted to give her all the good things in the world, and treat her like a girl. In the eyes of outsiders, he was acting outrageous, and many people even said that Qin Aotian had a “brother complex” …

Aofeng had an inexplicable attachment to his warm embrace. She hugged him back and said, “Big Brother, I’ve missed you all this time so I came to find you.”

Right now, Aofeng could be considered to be the same person as the previous Qin Aofeng in some ways. She had the previous Qin Aofeng’s memories and emotions, and had strong bonds towards the closest people in this world.

Brother and sister warmly hugged for a long while. Qin Aotian sat with Aofeng on the sofa with her across his legs. Aofeng’s face flushed with heat and she glared at him.

“Big Brother, I am not a child any longer.”

“In Big Brother’s eyes, regardless of how old you are, you are my younger sister, and I will protect you,” Qin Aotian said protectively as he held Aofeng and smiled. Yes, in his eyes, Aofeng was still that young baby that childishly called him “Brother, Brother”, his most beloved sister.

Aofeng pouted. “I am not that good for nothing any longer. I can protect myself.”

“So what?” Qin Aotian raised an eyebrow and responded without leaving any room for discussion. He rubbed her head, his unusually sharp eyes locked onto her as he spoke, “Xiao Feng, you have to know, when you were born, Big Brother swore that I would protect you using my life, no matter if you were weak or strong. Big Brother will not leave you. Originally, I planned to meet the old fogey’s demands of becoming a magus scholar and then leave to get you. I had not expected you to come to Karroll and find me.”

Aofeng stilled. Warmth flowed across her heart. She was extremely moved. Qin Aotian was too good to her, his emotions pure. He could not bear for her to be harmed in the slightest. This kind of protection was not one that any young woman could refuse.

“I understand, Big Brother.” Aofeng nodded and smiled. She stopped her refusal. Leaning against Qin Aotian’s arms, she asked, looking up, “Will today’s events bring Big Brother trouble?”

Qin Aotian usually was coldhearted and clever. Through the expressions and speech, he learned his younger sister’s present personality. He was shocked at the great change in her. He also wondered about how Uncle had told him that Aofeng was still slightly timid and weak. But she did not look weak and delicate right now compared to eight years ago. She had her own views and ideas, and he did not need to keep some things from her.

Aofeng also gained a general understanding of Aotian’s personality through observing him. Just as Kai Ge had said, he really was similar to her. She had to say that she and Qin Aotian really had karma. She seemed more like Qin Aotian’s younger sister than the original Qin Aofeng.

Qin Aotian frowned and nodded, “Some considerable trouble. Not to me, but the family has been turbulent recently. Little Uncle and Eldest Uncle’s competition for the position of patriarch has reached a crucial time. The elders with power in the inner yard and the visiting scholars all have chosen their sides. The votes are currently even. Because I have always been on Little Uncle’s side, Eldest Uncle will not do anything to me if I disrespect him. However, if we cause problems, we will drag down Little Uncle.”

“Little Uncle and Eldest Uncle are fighting for the position of patriarch? I came back with the Qin Family training squad. How come Aohai did not tell me this?” Aohai couldn’t help but frown when she heard this.

“So you met Aohai already.” Qin Aotian made a sound of acknowledgment and then said, “However, when he left on the trip, the situation was not as tense. Things have changed in these last few months. Seeing Eldest Uncle about to formally win the position of patriarch, the old patriarch, our grandfather, suddenly changed his attitude, and mentioned that Little Uncle is also a member of the main branch so Little Uncle should be given a fair chance. Little Uncle accepted the candidacy for the position of patriarch and this has led to the recent family conflict.”

“Ah!” Aofeng clapped her hands in realization, her eyes flashing as though she understood something. “The old patriarch summoned Little Uncle back to Karroll for the competition for patriarch?”

“Smart!” Qin Aotian praised and caressed her hair. He said with a small smile, “Little Uncle’s status as a crafter is outstanding. He does have the power to compete with Eldest Uncle. And I usually am on Little Uncle’s side, and recently reached seven-sword celestial magister. The elders in the inner yard who have supported me all this time also support Little Uncle so there is now a deadlock. But today, after our incident, I think that they will make a big fuss about this.”

Aofeng agreed with Qin Aotian’s opinion and pouted, “How could they miss the chance to step on us? Are those inner yard elders very strong?”

Qin Aotian had a solemn expression as he nodded. “There are eight elders in the inner yard with voting power. They are all celestial magisters from seven-sword to nine-sword. There are two visiting scholars at magus scholar rank. Half support us, and the other half feel that Eldest Uncle is stronger than Little Uncle so they vote for Eldest Uncle. There are only two people who are illogically supporting Eldest Uncle. One is Fourth Elder, a eight-sword celestial magister, and the other is Eighth Elder, a seven-sword celestial magister. I think that these two will act if they want to make trouble for us.”

Hearing about the Qin Family’s terrifying forces, Aofeng inhaled in shock. Her head immediately cleared. Ignoring that famed old patriarch, just the inner yard and the visiting scholars were ten of the strongest experts on the continent. She was just a two-sword celestial magister!

“Then, what about the enforcer troops of the Qin Family?” Aofeng couldn’t help but ask.

Qin Aotian answered with as mile, “There are about fifty people in the enforcers. They are our equivalent to the dragonriders. So in the capital, the Kaya Empire’s court and the Qin Family are evenly matched and are at odds with each other. Also, the Imperial School has many experts. But while they are strong, they restrict their students actions and rarely appear in the city of Kaya Empire. Otherwise, the capital would be in chaos.”

Aofeng felt her heart speed up, her eyes widening in incredulity. She found it hard to believe that there were so many experts in Karroll. There were more than one hundred and fifty people at the celestial rank, and adding on the strongest of the experts, would there be more than two hundred? Such a terrifying number!

But she thought about it. The capital held the great majority of the empire’s experts. There were billions of people in the country. Even with so many experts, the ratio was still low.

Sighing, Aofeng shook her head and said, “I am too impulsive. I should have just intimidated them. Wounding someone gave them an excuse to target us.”

In this half year, her strength had increased greatly. She had been too proud and did not know her limits. If Qin Aotian had not come at this time, she might have been stung by a hornet’s nest she kicked.

“If it comes, you cannot escape it. Eldest Uncle has wanted to defeat Little Uncle for a long time. Let’s just wait and see,” Qin Aotian patted her shoulder and comforted her. He couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Xiao Feng, I just heard Eldest Uncle say you wounded an enforcer of the family. What happened? You really became a celestial rank expert?”

Qin Aotian had arrived relatively late, only when Qin Lu had been lecturing Aofeng and the others. When he spotted Aofeng’s figure, he had rushed over and did not see Aofeng fight.

“Big Brother, do you know of the Magus Divinity Power Source?” Aofeng”s mind shifted and she asked something she had been puzzled by for a long time.

“Mother left that to you.” A hint of pain flashed across Qin Aotian’s face. “At the time, Mother … … said to me that that thing can only stay in the body of a female. Many people wanted it, and because of it, she and Father had could not avoid a calamity. So she told me to never let you expose that you are female. You have been greatly neglected for many years, but I do not know its use. Was this the reason you became a celestial rank expert in such a short amount of time?”

Aofeng’s eyes flashed. She nodded and said, “Yes, it was because of it. I do not know how to use it, but it has constantly helped me absorb power quickly. A while ago, I reached celestial rank … …”

When she said this, a fine scream came suddenly from her soul. “Ah! Sob sob, Master … …”

This was Xiao Bing’s voice!

Aofeng was startled and almost jumped up. She hurriedly pulled Xiao Bing out of her sleeve and onto her hand. The small thing appeared to be in pain, rolling around a few times before gradually calming.

“Xiao Bing, what happened?”

“Sob sob, so painful! That person is so strong!” Xiao Bing sobbed, “Master, I listened to your orders and used some clones to spy on the person who had fled. He was extremely wary, and circled the city several times before sneaking into an inn. But when my clone entered the in, a powerful mental force discovered me and crushed my clone. They also attacked my mind directly. So scary!”

That Black Magus Church had such a powerful expert?

Aofeng said in shock, “Did you see who it was?”

“I did not have the time to see what he looked like but I saw that person’s eyes,” Xiao Bing said, still scared, “A pair of purple eyes, the coldest and evilest I have ever seen.”

“Big trouble.” Aofeng felt a headache. She originally wanted to use Xiao Bing to test the depth of Black Magus Church and hadn’t imagined drawing trouble to her. If that person’ mental power was so strong, maybe he would find where Xiao Bing was!

Qin Aotian saw her expression was wrong and hurriedly asked, “Xiao Feng, what is it?”

“My pet is having digestion problems. Big Brother, let’s rest a day and return to the Qin Family to see Little Uncle tomorrow.” Aofeng casually shook her head. When she did not know the strength of the other, she did not want to pull Qin Aotian in. With the situation being what it was, she had to return to the Qin Family.”

“No problem,” Qin Aotian responded and looked warmly at her. “Xiao Feng, Big Brother will not force you to tell some secrets. But if there is something I can help with, you have to tell me.”

Section 2 Chapter 4 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 2


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