Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 30 “Desperation”

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Chapter Thirty: Desperation

Shock, fear, disbelief…. Many extreme emotions came from most of those present. From a certain point of view, the lives of all of them here in the train of carriages could not compare in importance to this young person in the carriage.

Because this person was Fu Su, the heir to the Qin Dynasty.

Only now did most among them understand why Ding Ning and Zhangsun Qianxue wanted to deal with Sima Cuo first. Because Sima Cuo was akin to Fu Su’s protection.

But being able to take Fu Su hostage from so many grandmasters working together was a miracle in itself.

When the world here calmed down, when the wind and snow quieted because Zhangsun Qianxue’s power was used up, thinking back to those perfect sword essences, all the cultivators could not help but feel waves of coldness.

Looking at Ding Ning who still had his face covered, they seemed to glimpse that person from the past. But right now, Ding Ning was stronger than that person when he first walked into Changling, and was even younger.

Back then, that person’s sword essence had only been perfected after the wars against the Zhao, Wei and Han. But his heir was so young, and his sword essence showed sighing of surpassing.

Many of the people in this train carriage were of high status. Originally, in their hearts, even if that person had left behind an heir, then he was just more important as a symbol and as a call to summons. That person’s heir may cause many rebels to start planning again. But now, they clearly realized that the other was not just a symbol, but had grown up into a terrifying existence.

Many flakes of black snow fell on Fu Su. His body suddenly froze, a thin layer of ice appeared. His vital energy could not flow in his body, he could not even move his tongue at all.

Ding Ning coughed softly, coughing up some small blood clots. Then he looked up at Emperor Yuanwu.

Time seemed to pass slowly at this time. Everyone was waiting for Emperor Yuanwu’s decision. But Emperor Yuanwu was silent for a long time. People felt they were suffocating.

“When Wang Jingmeng had just entered Changling, he had been fighting with some gangsters, and this Lonely One coincidentally met him……”

When he started to speak, many people were shocked.

Before this, even whenever Emperor Yuanwu mentioned Wang Jingmeng, he would just use “that person” to refer to him. But this time, he mentioned Wang Jingmeng’s name.

“So I know better than anyone everything about him, his talent, his cultivation tactics, and his comprehension of sword essences.”

Emperor Yuanwu looked deeply at Ding Ning’s face. His tone was calm but his expression grew strange. “His talent was very good, and could be called the best in the world. But everyone in the world felt that he was invincible because of his innate talent. But that is absurd. Because I know, other than talent, he was very hard working on his cultivation.”

“Something like a dual, when you are far stronger than your opponent, if this occurs once every few days, it is like a rest. You can relax and at the same time, enjoy countless clear and admiring gazes, as well as fame to establish yourself in Changling. But if you fight frequently, it is a tiring thing, especially when you are confident of the victory.”

Emperor Yuanwu was silent for a moment and then said, “When you are not confident, you have to study the other’s cultivation tactics and their weak points, and also spend a lot of energy on predicting how to win. He used this method to force himself. Sometimes, he would not rest for many days because of studying a sword move. Sometimes, to study a normal sword move, he would repeat it countless times each day, regardless of how dull it was.”

“It is because this Lonely One knows his cultivation path, and how he grew, so this Lonely One is certain that even if people can surpass his talent, they cannot surpass his efforts manifold over. So no one can be many times faster than him in terms of comprehension of the sword path.”

Emperor Yuanwu took a deep breath. He looked at Ding Ning who had been listening quietly and said, “Even if you started to cultivate from birth, at such an age, you have finished the path he took a life to walk. Your skill in the sword path surpasses him when he died in battle, how could you be so manifold? Methods and sword manuals can be passed down, but the skill in the sword path and comprehension, that kind of sword sense that is created through practicing countless times cannot be passed down.”

“So you should not be his heir, you should be him reborn.”

When Emperor Yuanwu’s words sounded, uncontrolled gasps rose in a wave. That endless shock and great disbelief caused many people to freeze as stiff as Fu Su was right now. If someone was going to attack with a sword right now, many among them may be assassinated by someone of far lower cultivation because they were so dazed. Such words were too stunning.

Ding Ning frowned deeply. He looked directly at Emperor Yuanwu in the eyes and said with slight scorn, “Is there something like rebirth in the world?”

Emperor Yuanwu said coldly, “Then maybe it is living by another method.”

Before Ding Ning spoke again, his gaze landed on Zhangsun Qianxue and the Donghu monk. Then he said, “Their emotions cannot be disguised. This Lonely One has said such things… then it means that this Lonely One’s words are not incorrect. To this Lonely One, regardless of the method of rebirth, even if it is because of the Nine Death Silkworm, you have inherited his memory, his cultivation experience, and even his comprehension of the sword, then you are him reborn. The method may be different, but the result is the same.”

Countless people stopped breathing. Other than the sound of the wind and the snow, the sound of the heart beats were so clear. Many people could not help but think, if such a speculation spread, if such information spread, what a shock would this cause in the world?

Ding Ning did not admit nor refute. He looked at Yuanwu and sneered.

“Why are you saying so much?” He sneered and then said, “You have said so much, and made such a speculation, you are not speaking to me, you are speaking for Zheng Xiu to hear. You just need to create a reason that you must kill me now. Only such a reason, even if Fu Su was to be sacrificed, she will be able to accept it.”

“So, what you need right now is a reason to sacrifice Fu Su,” Ding Ning said slowly, emphasizing each word.


An enormous sound rang out in the sky. It was like thunder breaking the sky.

Emperor Yuanwu narrowed his eyes, and his lips pressed together slightly.

“Even now, when you have become who the people call the best emperor in the history of the Qin, you still have to rely on her power, still have to endure her, still fear that you will anger her into splitting with you.” Ding Ning was even calmer. He looked at the other man and asked, “Then have you ever thought, if I am like you say, him reborn, and I have advanced even further, then what do you feel right now, facing me? Yuanwu, you are so good at enduring.”

Emperor Yuanwu’s lips curved up slightly, like he was proud, but his lips minutely trembled. He looked up, far into the distance, but did not make a sound.

But the roars in the sky grew louder. Everyone present knew that his decision could not be changed, and his killing intent was set.

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