Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 82 “Defeat the Heart”

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Chapter Eighty-Two: Defeat the Heart

Crown Prince Yugou was the first to enter the dust mountains, but when he entered, the white energy surging off his body suddenly retracted. The white bone ship instantly disappeared, returning to his body and forming a terrifying white bone armor. Only his eyes were exposed, flashing with quiet fire. He looked like a demon god made from white bone.

When the Master of Fire entered this formation, he pulled back his flames. The bright red robe on his body flashed slightly, and even some of his energies as a cultivator was concealed.

Above the two, there seemed to be thunder ringing in the body of the old woman in yellow robes. Her energy surged in waves, like storms had been sucked into her body and was going to explode.

“It is Zheng An.”

The crane cry came from the sky. Such thunder could not be undetected. When the first crane cries sounded, Qing Yaoyin’s expression turned grave and he spoke quickly.

“From Jiaodong Commandery?” Qian Mu had never heard the name, but from Qing Yaoyin’s expression changes, he knew that who had come was no minor person.

“An old monster of Jiaodong Commandery, she has lived longer than anyone else in Jiaodong Commandery. When young, she cultivated in the South Sea Sword Temple. During a duel, she killed the sect leader.” Qing Yaoyin glanced at Qian Mu. “The sword of South Sea Sword Temple is very strange, and Jiaodong Commandery also has many strange tactics.”

Qian Mu immediately frowned deeply. For cultivators, if they could not cross the door to realm seven and eight, then what they could do was learn more and more ways to defeat the enemy. The longer one lived, the more strange tactics one learned. This was another kind of growth.

Sensing the thunder coming from the body of the old Jiaodong Commandery monsters in the sky, at least he was sure that the primal energies of the universe in the body of the old woman far surpassed ordinary cultivators.

When ordinary cultivators drew primal energies into the body, they were gentle and calm. When they were expressed out of the body, they could cause more primal energies to become strong and violent. However, the primal energies of the universe in the body of the Jiaodong Commandery monster was violent to begin with.

“You need to prepare to act. Alone, I may not be able to deal.”

At this time, Qing Yaoyin glanced at Tantai Guanjian, and said something that shocked Qian Mu even more.

While the descendant of that old imperial city academian had been dead when he fell, everyone had sensed his strength. Then Qing Yaoyin, who had killed him, was naturally even more powerful. But now, Qing Yaoyin did not have any confidence facing this old Jiaodong Commandery monster, and needed to work together with Tantai Guanjian.

How terrifying was this person?

Tantai Guanjian was going to nod when Ding Ning shook his head from the side and said softly. “To defeat a person, first defeat their heart. She used the soaring snakes to use up our vital energy so we will first use the soaring snakes to use up her energy.”

Qing Yaoyin stilled and then silently agreed.

Zhangsun Qianxue shook her sleeve slightly, and had the infant nether dragon sense her intentions.

No one had objections. Because in terms of detailing with the enemy, no one had more experience than Ding Ning, or more foresight.

Ding Ning looked up. In the sky above, the shadow of the crane had already appeared.

At the same time, the Jiaodong Commandery old monsters on the back of the white crane saw Ding Ning and the others.

Looking at the state of the Donghu monk, Zhangsun Qianxue and the others, this old woman in yellow robes was very satisfied. She did not want to waste time and did not want to talk to these people.

Following her wishes, the white crane under her gave an even more piercing cry. Amid this shrill sound that made people’s energy seas feel uncomfortable, a golden line of fire came from the mouth of this red-crowned crane.

There was only a slender golden ray, but a wild wind formed in the air. Even space seemed to be twisted out of shape by the energy contained within.

Qing Yaoyin narrowed his eyes slightly and waved his sleeve up. A bright sword energy shot out of his sleeve, and intercepted the line of fire from the sky.


With a muffled terrifying explosion, the line of fire was destroyed, turning into countless balls of fiery cloud which swept out. This unusual crane was attacked by the shock waves, and its figure could not help but go up a hundred feet into the air.

Qing Yaoyin was slightly bent at the knees. From this attack, they seemed to be evenly matched, but there was a dot of golden energy that had followed behind his sword energy, passing through the fiery clouds, and coming below the white crane and attacking the crane’s abdomen.

This white crane was a beast even stronger than the serpents, and naturally felt a fatal threat. The platinum feathers exploded. In this critical moment, it spat out a threat of golden fire from its mouth to attack that little bit of golden light.

The golden light flashed, avoided the line of fire, and flashing towards the other side of the crane.

The white crane was shocked, and spat fire again.

In a flash, the golden line of fire and the golden energy had fought several rounds, flashing and dodging in the air. They were like the flying swords of two powerful cultivates, shockingly fast, but at this time, no one could win against the other.

This golden light was naturally the Six Winged Gold Cicada Qing Yaoyin had raised. But at this time, Zheng An on the white crane did not split her attention to deal with it. The storm in her body was at a peak and about to surge out. She stretched out her hand, her wrinkled face flashing with a fanatic light.

A blue light appeared in her hand, just the size of a crane’s egg. But there was water and lightning spinning within, and there were even the shadows of many island and giant ships. This simple blue ball of light crudely left her hand and fell like a child throwing a rock.

“What method is this?”

When this blue ball of light left her hand, Qian Mu’s eyes were filled with shock. He was a grandmaster who people feared, but he was also a child. In his senses, within this blue ball of light, there were truly islands, giant ships, waves, and lightning.

“The World Holding Ball.”

Ding Ning quickly answered Qian Mu’s question. “A secret art of Jiaodong Commandery, but first, it needs the lifebond item forged from the “Zhe” in order to be used. The Zhe is a kind of deep underwater beast which can swallow the energy of a part of the world, regardless of whether the energy is good or not, or suitable to itself. For a cultivator, this is akin to swallowing the energy in a part of the world.”

Qian Mu immediately understood why this Jiaodong Commandery monster could hold so much primal energy in her body. This was using the core of a powerful beast as her lifebond item, and this was a means that ordinary cultivators could not imagine.

At this time, a dozen enormous figures appeared out of the dust mountains.

Sensing the power coming off these enormous dozen shapes, Zheng An paused in the air, and even the “World Holding Ball” stopped for a moment.

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