Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 15 “Deal”

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Chapter Fifteen: Deal

“I feel that he is not the kind of person who only seeks his own interests.”

In the morning light, Qian Mu sat at the front of the ship, the silky white mist draping over him and causing his already pale face to look even whiter. He was speaking seriously to Ding Ning who was sitting not far from him. He was speaking of the Qi Emperor.

At this time, Ding Ning was having the ship slow down. The light was very bright in the east, and there was the shape of a large city, the Chu Capital. If they kept on going forward, the water way was not safe, they had to abandon the ship and go on land. Also, based on the newest information they received, their destination had changed.

“My master’s status in Qi was about the same as you in Changling back then. So the Qi Emperor cannot work together with Zheng Xiu just for some cities. He needs to care about more than just my feelings. So there must be an even more important reason.”

Qian Mu turned to look at Ding Ning and bowed his head slightly, “But I do not care what reason it is. He failed my master. If possible, I want to kill him with my own hands.”

Ding Ning nodded. He did not have many words, just said, “If possible, I will let you kill him with your own hands.”

This ordinary fishing boat slowly came near the shore and the bottom of the ship ran aground on the thick grass.

“We will reach the Nanquan Commanderies faster than they will.”

Tantai Guanjian was the first to come out of the ship. He glanced in the direction of Yangshan Commandery and could not help but say softly, “How will we go?”

He spoke of “them” meaning Consort Zhao Xiang and the remnants of the Chu army led by her and Xiang Yan. As to the “how will we go,” he referred to their way of appearing in the Nanquan Commanderies.

Hearing his words, Ding Ning smiled and said, “We will use the most simple and normal method.”

“I do not understand how you dare to invite me to meet you alone. You are too weak, you do not fear I will kill you with a blow? You should know, people like me can kill based on our feelings and with just a thought. I have killed many people like you.”

When the sun was high in the sky near noon, there was a small ship floating on a river far from the Chu capital. Su Qin was standing there alone and when he heard such a rebellious voice, he slowly turned around.

The waves which carried some murderous intent slammed on his ship, and Bai Shanshui, dressed in white robes, was looking at him with scorn from where she stood on the water.

Su Qin nodded in greeting, but his expression was slightly proud. He smiled faintly, “Whether a person is great or not, at many times, depending on whether his enemies are great or not. I rejoice at having a great enemy.”

Bai Shanshui frowned and said in scorn, “You only help Zheng Xiu do some things, you are the same as the yellow robes of Jiaodong Commandery. With your present status, you are not enough to call yourself our enemy.”

“I may not be now, but it may be so in the future.” Su Qin was not angry and gave a sunny smile. “It is hard to say what opportunities people get. Back then, I joined Li Lingjun and was humiliated and bullied. But the great Li Lingjun has now become ash in the Chu capital, and I am now the most powerful person in the Chu capital.”

Bai Shanshui sneered. “You may become a corpse floating on the river immediately.”

“Likely not.” Su Qin shook his head and said coolly, “You and I are not like Zheng Xiu and Ba Mountain Sword Field. There is no unsolvable grievance between us. Also, you should be interested in doing a deal with me.”

“Deal? Interesting. I like discussing deals with people.” Hearing Su Qin’s words, Bai Shanshui suddenly laughed.

Su Qin wanted to say a few more words, but looking at Bai Shanshui’s intense mirth, he felt a wave of cold. He knew, at least right now, there was still a great distance between him and a great rebel like Bai Shanshui. He took a deep breath to focus and said solemnly, “You must greatly desire to know the secret of why the Qi emperor is working with Zheng Xiu.”

Bai Shanshui’s gaze flashed. She put away her laughter and said simply, “I do.”

“The Twelve Shamans.”

Su Qin grew more serious and simple in his words. “The Twelve Shamans are cultivation diagrams, and each of them stands on its own. They are a special cultivation method. But when the records of the Twelve Shamans are connected together, they are the source for all the ghostly cultivation methods of the Qi Dynasty. In other words, many of the seemingly mysterious and powerful cultivation methods of the Qi sects are just branches from the Twelve shamans.”

“I have heard of this.” Bai Shanshui frowned. She looked into Su Qin’s eyes and said directly, “So you mean that Zheng Xiu gathered all Twelve Shamans, and made a deal with the Qi Emperor this time?”

Su Qin nodded and said, “Yes.”

“And then?” Bai Shanshui exhaled and said, “You mean you know the whereabouts of the Twelve Shamans?”

“I know, and I also think I can help you gain the Twelve Shamans. Since they can work with Zheng Xiu for these Twelve Shamans, then if you get them yourself, even if you cannot use them, you can make them do many things for you.” Su Qin narrowed his eyes and said.

“This deal is very good, but what do you want?” Bai Shanshui laughed.

“I want the Human Sovereign Jade Annulus.” Su Qin took a deep breath and said expressionlessly, looking at the raging river and not at Bai Shanshui.

“Human Sovereign Jade Annulus?”

“It is something that can make a person cultivate much faster. For realm seven grandmasters like you, it is not a treasure, but it is very useful to me.” Su Qin said calmly, “I control the Chu capital, and found many interesting things. The Chu emperor had the Human Sovereign Jade Annulus which he should have taken to the Deer Mountain, but he did not give it to Consort Zhao Xiang or Li Lingjun. And his death warrior, Li Yunrui, later went to Changling. So many things happened by coincidence. Help me find the Human Sovereign Jade Annulus, and I will help you get the Twelve Shamans. This is very fair, and a deal beneficial to us all.”

“I like making deals with people like you.” Bai Shanshui could not help but laugh again. “Proud enough, ambitious enough, and also smart enough.”

Su Qin bowed deeply and said sincerely, “Thank you for the praise, I will wait for your good news.”

Bai Shanshui turned around, taking a few steps and then turning back to say to him, “I do not kill you because I feel you are very interesting. If the world is full of boring people, and evil opponents, then it is very dull. But have you ever thought of what you really want?”

“I am very low in status, and cannot see far. I have not thought about it. But maybe in the future.” Su Qin smiled and showed his white teeth.

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